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Between the Worlds

Author : Stuart Myers
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To embark on the magical path as a Witch is to walk between the worlds of the known and the unknown. Between the Worlds, The Cabbalist and the Witch meet to celebrate the mysteries of life between the worlds, within a magical circle where the veil between the seen and unseen is thin, in a place where the Tree of Life can take root in our souls, and act as a guide and companion in our lives.

The Well Between the Worlds

Author : Sam Llewellyn
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Eleven-year-old Idris finds his life taking a dramatic turn when, after a near-drowning incident, he is accused of being allied to the feared sea monsters of Lyonesse and is rescued from a death sentence by a mysterious and fearsome stranger.

Between the Worlds

Author : Sian Reid
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The movement toward Neo-Paganism is a much maligned and often misunderstood one. 'Between the Worlds' investigates this trend toward pre-monotheistic worship on its own terms. This book focuses on what Neo-Paganism practitioners tend to focus on; not the doomsday message of Adventist-type cults, but the desire to find the female in the divine. For the first time ever, this book unites essential readings by leading academics and well-known practitioners all over the world, including Canada. It features the work of Starhawk, Ronald Hutton, Michael York, Graham Harvey, Jenny Blain, Helen A Berger, Wendy Griffith, alongside contemporary Canadian scholars including Lucie Marie-Mai DuFresne, Lori G Beaman and Barbara Jane Davy.

The Web Between the Worlds

Author : Charles Sheffield
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Rob Merlin was the best engineer who had ever lived. That was why "The King of Space" had to have him for the most spectacular construction project ever - even though Rob was a potentially fatal threat to his power... Thus begins a breakthrough novel by the former President of the American Astronautical Society, about an idea whose time has come: a shimmering bridge between Earth and space that mankind will climb to the stars!

Riding Between the Worlds

Author : Linda Kohanov
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In this powerful follow-up to her groundbreaking work The Tao of Equus, Linda Kohanov introduces provocative new theories about the human-horse connection, theories supported by in-depth experience. “Horses,” she maintains, “model an embodied spirituality, one that is both fully present in this world and deeply connected to the soul’s divine origins.” Kohanov explores how these animals support us on both levels, leading us to unexpected realizations about fear, intuition, awareness, empowerment, and above all, authenticity.

The Shield Between the Worlds

Author : Diana L. Paxson
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The continuing adventures of the Celtic poet-warrior take him to the land of Faerie, where he must battle a dragon and a horde of goblins, save the lovely Donait of the Sidhe, and win the glorious Hazel Shield. Reprint.

The House Between the Worlds

Author : Marion Zimmer Bradley
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Fenton was only a 'tweenman, without body or shadow; his body lay back in the laboratory where Dr Garnock was experimenting with a new drug. Yet Fenton was in the fairy world of the Alfar, helplessly watching the Faerie Queen of the Alfar attacked and caputured by the hideous, goblinlike ironfolk. And he was fading, irresistibly being drawn back to his body. He had to return to save the Faerie Queen - and to save his own world from the ironfolk. But not even Sally Lobeck would believe him. Garnock refused him more drug and confiscated the talisman that would have let him return in his body as a worldwalker, free to move through the Gateways between worlds. His only hope lay in findinf the mysterious House between the Worlds. But the House could only be found when and where it wanted. And apparently it didn't want Fenton to find it!

Between the Worlds

Author : Caeia March
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A woman returning to Penzance meets up again with teenage friends, and becomes involved in the fight to save an experimental women-only community, and in a passionate new relationship. By the author of THREE PLY YARN, THE HIDE AND SEEK FILES and REFLECTIONS.

Walking Between the Worlds

Author : Gregg Braden
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Between the worlds

Author : Astrid Evelt
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Eine weitere Ansammlung wirrer Gedanken - alte wie neue... von Blogs, Grußkarten und Merkzetteln, etc. Vielleicht kann nicht jeder meine Gedanken nachvollziehen, aber das ist meine Welt und wenn auch nicht alles in der richtigen Form ist - entweder zu lang oder zu kurz und in starken Bildern - so ist es meine Art mich auszudrücken. Ich will niemanden zu nahe treten, lediglich meine Gedanken kreativ umsetzen. Die Werke sind in Englisch und in Deutsch verfasst.

Walkers Between the Worlds

Author : Caitlín Matthews
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Beneath the orthodox religions that lay claim to the soul of Western man runs an esoteric current that has preserved the lore and hermetic traditions of our ancestors. Walkers Between the Worlds explores the ancient earth wisdom of the shaman, and the Gnostic and Egyptian mysteries of the East. Practical exercises drawn from these traditions are included.

A Way between Worlds

Author : Melanie Crowder
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Griffin and Fi continue on their quest to save all worlds from invasion in this fantastical follow-up to The Lighthouse between the Worlds, which Kirkus Reviews called “a fast read that ends too soon.” There is more than just one world—and all of them are in grave danger. After a narrow escape from the battle-torn world of Somni, Griffin and his fierce, newfound ally Fi find themselves at the center of a war that threatens not only the people of Earth, but those of other worlds entirely. Connected by the lighthouse that acts as a portal, each world harbors a unique kind of magic that the greedy rulers of Somni are determined to capture for themselves. Unless Griffin and Fi can find a way to stop these would-be conquerors, everything they hold dear will be lost. Navigating magical worlds of mist, water, vines, and fire in search of an answer, the two friends will have to discover their own gifts before they can save not only themselves but the worlds—every single one of them.

The Way Between The Worlds

Author : Ian Irvine
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The alliance has failed. There is a dark full moon on mid-winter's day - sign that the foretelling has come to pass. Karan is held captive in desolate Carcharon tower. Karan's lover, Llian, is in chains, falsely accused of betraying her to the enemy. Rulke the Charon is unstoppable now, and plans to open the Way between the Worlds. If he succeeds the world will be overwhelmed by the dread armies of the void and an endless night will fall... For more information on this or any other Orbit title, visit the Orbit website at

Traveling Between the Worlds

Author : Hillary S. Webb
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For anyone who’s ever had the desire to look at the world through the eyes of our indigenous ancestors, here is a unique opportunity. Traveling between the Worlds is a treasure trove of insight and exploration into the ancient spiritual wisdom of such diverse cultures as Ireland, Africa, and the Americas. The keeper of this wisdom is the shaman--a man or woman who can, at will, enter into altered states of consciousness in order to acquire extrasensory knowledge and healing power. In this important book, Hillary S. Webb invites us to eavesdrop on her conversations with some of today’s most influential teachers and writers of shamanism. While the conversations cover a variety of topics pertaining to the shaman’s path and practice, this book explores how we in the modern world can use these ancient teachings to help ourselves, each other, and the world around us. Included in this book are conversations with:Renowned author and environmentalist John Perkins, who brings corporate executives to the Amazon to teach them the value of merging business and eco-philosophy.Rabbi Gershon Winkler, who uses the beliefs and techniques of the Jewish shamanic tradition to bring Israelis and Palestinians together on common, and more peaceful, ground--their indigenous roots.“Renegade” shaman Ken Eagle Feather of the Toltec tradition, who explains how modern technology can help us evolve into the next level of perception.Peruvian shaman Oscar Miro-Quesada, whose ideas on life and death may alter your view of reality itself. And that is just the beginning.

Way Between the Worlds

Author : Alys Clare
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'A must for historical mystery afficionados' - Booklist Starred Review Come to me! I need you! These are the words that bring apprentice healer Lassair awake one morning in the spring of 1092, shaking and trembling, covered in sweat despite the chill night. It is not the first time she has had such a dream, and Lassair – who is growing more aware of the strange power within her – knows that something in the spirit world is trying to reach her. Something increasingly insistent and threatening. Soon, Lassair is certain that one of her loved ones is in terrible danger – but who? Travelling from Cambridge, where she is studying under the tutelage of an extraordinary man, she returns to her backwater Fenland village – to hear the dreadful news that a nun at Chatteris Abbey has been murdered. The same nunnery where her beloved sister, Elfritha, lives. Could the urgent summons have come from her? Lassair immediately sets off, full of fear, but the danger she will have to face may be greater than she is ready for . . .

The Crack Between the Worlds

Author : Maggie Kast
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A car crashes, and Maggie Kast, at the peak of a modern dance career, loses a three-year-old daughter. Raised without religion and now mired in grief, she senses a persistent connection to the little girl, a love somehow more powerful than the brute fact of death. This awareness leads her, over three years, to the Catholic Church. After the accident, her marriage is greatly stressed by the entrance of religion into married life, and she and her husband each accuse the other of being too religious or too secular at various times. Despite conflict, dialogue keeps the marriage intimate and vital. Following study of liturgy at Catholic Theological Union, she teaches and tours sacred dance nationally and internationally, exploring the arts as a spiritual path. Moving forward and looking back at once, she discovers early hints of religious experience in childhood celebrations, encounters with art, and marriage. Her husband dies. Now a single parent of a ten-year-old and a developmentally disabled teenager, as well as college-aged sons, she continues her search.

Woman Between the Worlds

Author : Apela Colorado
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Apela Colorado shares her knowledge and experiences of indigenous wisdom and promotes an understanding between the indigenous and modern world perspectives. A journey back in time to preserve a connection to the ancestors, open a door to indigenous wisdom and healing and reclaim a Creation story for the future. 'Apela is the original and world leader in trying to bring together indigenous and modern Western perspectives' - Brian Bates, author and former Chairman of Psychology, University of Sussex, UK Inspirational world authority on indigenous wisdom Apela Colorado works internationally to preserve the wisdom of indigenous elders from around the world. In this powerful and inspirational book, she weaves together an intricate and beautiful insight into the way that indigenous people see the world. She shares her experiences as a Native American woman growing up in rural Wisconsin, who stepped out of her tribe to become one of the first Native American women to study at Harvard. Her passion for the indigenous way of life leads her to travel the world, meeting indigenous elders and setting up projects to promote understanding between the indigenous and Western world view. This powerful book contains a unique and magical glimpse into the minds of those elders and will inspire us all to reconnect more closely with our own ancestral wisdom.

The Imagicators and the Wind Between the Worlds

Author : Brad Marshland
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Praise for The Imagicators "Pure Imaginative Magic. A terrific read for any lover of fantasy, The Imagicators takes a new spin on magic: You don't need spells or wands. All you need is to exercise your imagination to its fullest. And the author has done just that." "This fantasy is truly fantastic. Adults and children alike will enjoy this marvelously woven page-turner." -Los Alamos Monitor Now, in The Imagicators and The Wind Between The Worlds, Spenser and Elaine return to Windemere to find a crumbling landscape overrun with nightmares. They must head for the Blank Spot on the Map to rediscover the power of their own imaginations-and join in a battle for the fate of two worlds.

Between the Worlds

Author : Andrée Chedid
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'Between The Worlds' vividly evokes a host of characters living very different lives in Europe and the Middle-East, all the time teasing out insights into the nature of friendship, family and conflict.


Author : Ya'acov Darling Khan
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The 'how-to' guidebook that blends stories from Ya'acov Darling Khan's experiences as a shamanic teacher with transformational exercises and rituals designed to bring shamanism into the 21st century. Blending stories from Ya'Acov Darling Khan's own experiences as a renowned and highly respected shaman with exercises and rituals that the reader can try for themselves, Shaman opens up the road to deeply spiritual, ancient practices and how we can implement them in a changing modern landscape. In this book, readers will find a step-by-step experiential journey through what is called the 5 Dimensions of Engaged Shamanic Practice. These are: * 1st dimension: our relationship with the Self * 2nd dimension: our one-to-one relationship with others * 3rd dimension: our relationship with the community or the Web of Life * 4th dimension: our relationship with the imaginal world and the spirits * 5th dimension: our relationship with the Great Spirit or Source Starting with a short history of shamanism, the book goes on to support the reader to understand and experience how rituals can be useful in their day-to-day lives. The core purpose of the book is to educate the reader about how to use the practice of ritual consciously in order to change their experience of life. Illustrated with real-life stories and guided by Ya'acov's extensive experience over several decades of teaching and practice, Shaman presents a series of principles, structures, and inspirations through which readers can design their own organic rituals for their individual circumstances. By reading this book, readers will find a new way to connect to the cycle of life in a way that is meaningful to them--creating their own rituals suited to 21st century living, regardless of belief, faith or superstition.