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Beyond Basketball

Author : Jake Maddox
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Juniper Jackson is the tallest girl on the team. She might also be the least interested. But with her dad as the coach and the kind of height that gives her a serious advantage -- Juniper needs to figure out how to find something to love about the game.

Crazy Basketball

Author : Charley Rosen
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Crazy Basketball is the story of Charley Rosen's unlikely and crazy basketball journey--from the CBA to his role as commentator for

Geno Auriemma

Author : John Fredric Evans
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Today, top recruits know that Connecticut embodies excellence in women's basketball. But before Geno Auriemma began his unprecedented run to 11 national championships, the Huskies only brought out bleachers for the biggest games. Auriemma established a culture that would become a model for sports programs. His players learn to put their personal point totals aside and work together for wins, in the process unlocking their fullest potential as people. This two-time Olympic gold medal winner gives a great interview because he tells us what he truly believes, and he's a great coach for the same reason. His players know exactly what he expects from them, and stars do not get special treatment. He demands more from those with the most to give. This biography details the remarkable story of an immigrant who rose from poverty to become synonymous with success in sports, developing leadership principles invaluable to any team.

I Should Be Dead By Now

Author : Dennis Rodman
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Whether it was helping Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls win three consecutive NBA titles in the 1990s, or showing up to a book signing in a dress and full makeup, Dennis Rodman has always distinguished himself as one of the great and most polarizing personalities in the sports world. The controversial and flamboyant former basketball star is back in the national spotlight once again with I Should Be Dead By Now. This riveting book from the two-time best-selling author details Rodman’s struggles in life since he stopped playing in the NBA, including the breakup of his marriage to movie and TV star Carmen Electra, and his problems with alcohol. I Should Be Dead By Now is a look at the life of one of America’s most recognizable sports stars as he journeys beyond the court and into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame.

Teaching to Close the Achievement Gap for Students of Color

Author : Theodore S. Ransaw
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This volume highlights approaches to closing the achievement gap for students of color across K-12 and post-secondary schooling. It uniquely examines factors outside the classroom to consider how these influence student identity and academic performance. Teaching to Close the Achievement Gap for Students of Color offers wide-ranging chapters that explore non-curricular issues including trauma, family background, restorative justice, refugee experiences, and sport as determinants of student and teacher experiences in the classroom. Through rigorous empirical and theoretical engagement, chapters identify culturally responsive strategies for supporting students as they navigate formal and informal educational opportunities and overcome intersectional barriers to success. In particular, chapters highlight how these approaches can be nurtured through teacher education, effective educational leadership, and engagement across the wider community. This insightful collection will be of interest to researchers, scholars, and post-graduate students in the fields of teacher education, sociology of education, and educational leadership.

Against the Wall

Author : Elijah Anderson
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Selected by Choice magazine as an Outstanding Academic Title Typically residing in areas of concentrated urban poverty, too many young black men are trapped in a horrific cycle that includes active discrimination, unemployment, violence, crime, prison, and early death. This toxic mixture has given rise to wider stereotypes that limit the social capital of all young black males. Edited and with an introductory chapter by sociologist Elijah Anderson, the essays in Against the Wall describe how the young black man has come to be identified publicly with crime and violence. In reaction to his sense of rejection, he may place an exaggerated emphasis on the integrity of his self-expression in clothing and demeanor by adopting the fashions of the "street." To those deeply invested in and associated with the dominant culture, his attitude is perceived as profoundly oppositional. His presence in public gathering places becomes disturbing to others, and the stereotype of the dangerous young black male is perpetuated and strengthened. To understand the origin of the problem and the prospects of the black inner-city male, it is essential to distinguish his experience from that of his pre-Civil Rights Movement forebears. In the 1950s, as militant black people increasingly emerged to challenge the system, the figure of the black male became more ambiguous and fearsome. And while this activism did have the positive effect of creating opportunities for the black middle class who fled from the ghettos, those who remained faced an increasingly desperate climate. Featuring a foreword by Cornel West and sixteen original essays by contributors including William Julius Wilson, Gerald D. Jaynes, Douglas S. Massey, and Peter Edelman, Against the Wall illustrates how social distance increases as alienation and marginalization within the black male underclass persist, thereby deepening the country's racial divide.

Be Your Own Hero

Author : Schwartzen Precil
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Foster care was Schwartzen Precil's home since he was one years old. He endured many extreme hardships including an encounter with the criminal justice system as a teenager. He used that obstacle as an opportunity to start over. Despite a traumatic childhood, Schwartzen remained hopeful as he developed a resilient spirit. Through the game of basketball, he enhanced his leadership skills which earned him college scholarship. After graduation, he went on to empower and inspires youth and young professionals with his story as he searched for his long lost family. "Many people struggle with acceptance, identity, and emotional instability their entire lives. I decided to stop blaming others and take full responsibility. I became my own hero." -Schwartzen Precil

Thirteen Women Strong

Author : Robert K. Wallace
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In 1974, Nancy Winstel joined the women's college basketball team at Northern Kentucky University as a walk-on. She had little basketball experience, never having played on a high school team—her high school didn't even have girl's basketball. Despite her inexperience, Winstel served NKU as a talented student athlete, but her legacy didn't end there. Appointed head coach at NKU in 1983, she gained a reputation as one of the most successful coaches in women's college basketball history with more than 500 wins. Winstel garnered these victories in an athletic landscape vastly different from the one she knew as an NKU undergraduate. Many of the student-athletes on her twenty-first-century squads have been playing organized basketball for most of their lives. In a post–title IX America, more women than ever are involved in team sports and their teams attract a large following of enthusiasts. NKU professor Robert K. Wallace, one of many passionate fans of the Norse, has brought his appreciation for the team's players and their accomplishments to Thirteen Women Strong: The Making of a Team. Chronicling the 2006–07 season of twelve remarkable student-athletes and their legendary coach, Wallace was granted unprecedented access to the team. Sitting in on closed meetings and practice sessions, he follows the players through grueling training drills, intensely close games, exhilarating wins, and anguished losses. During the 2005–06 season, a squad of NKU women with no seniors achieved unanticipated success, earning a 27–5 record that led to a Great Lakes Valley Conference championship. The entire team returned the following season to expectations of even greater success, but their 2006–07 season was plagued by injuries and other major obstacles. After a string of tough losses, the women mounted a comeback to earn a 21–8 record and reach the NCAA Division II Tournament once again. The team's story is one of loss, triumph, and personal growth. Thirteen Women Strong profiles each member of the team, including the coach. Wallace provides keen insight into the emotional and physical demands of high-level competition. Exploring the impact of Title IX legislation on women's collegiate sports with the critical eye of a scholar and the love of a fan, Wallace documents the story of how thirteen women faced high expectations and difficult trials to come together as a team, their growth culminating in the 2007–08 national championship. Thirteen Women Strong is a fascinating study of this dynamic group of female student-athletes and their renowned leader.

The Blue Divide

Author : Johnny Moore
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A complete look at the storied basketball rivalry between the Duke Blue Devils and North Carolina Tar Heels, this guide is penned by two authorities on the subject—Art Chansky, a bestselling author and sports reporter who has covered the famed match up since his days as a student reporter at UNC and Johnny Moore, who has been intimately involved with Duke athletics for nearly four decades. Segmenting the various commonalities the Blue Devils and Tar Heels have shared for more than 60 years and nearly 250 meetings on the court, each chapter covers a distinct aspect of the rivalry between these two schools that stand a mere 10 miles apart. This book offers new details on long-forgotten stories as well as a chance to better understand where the pride and passion of today comes from between the two contiguous competitors.


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