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The Many Faces of Biblical Humor

Author : David A. Peters
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The Many Faces of Biblical Humor examines how the Bible writers intentionally used humor, irony, and sarcasm to argue their points concisely. This work begins with the dysfunctional families of Genesis, continues delightfully through every book of the Bible, and ends with a glorious fulfillment in Revelation. Along the way, the reader is presented humorous stories, pathetically funny characters, and poignant quips and quotes from prophets, poets, and principals. The author paraphrases each biblical text in an engaging prose that highlights the humor of that passage_humor that may not have been previously noted by the reader. Between the paraphrases, the author sets the historical and linguistic setting, allowing the reader to see how the humor (and puns) of the text enrich the biblical understanding of God's message. Also included are applications of these marvelous passages to our daily lives as we see our own foibles portrayed in the biblical characters. In many ways, this is a Bible commentary with an accent on the humorous. In another sense, it is simply a delightful book that makes the Bible come alive through the latent humor of its characters and their stories. This revised edition contains corrections of typographical errors in the first edition as well as some clarifying material to make the humor more enjoyable.

Illuminating Humor of the Bible

Author : Steven Walker
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Humor smiles and chuckles and sometimes laughs so loud in virtually every book of the Bible, so it's remarkable how readers manage to overlook it. It's also unfortunate. Humor graces biblical texts at so many levels that to miss the humor is to miss not only much of the emotional impact of the Bible, but much of its meaning. Illuminating Humor of the Bible shows how--and how much--comic elements contribute to understanding the most vital book in our culture. Biblical humor has been seriously underestimated. We have not begun to appreciate why humor winks with such unexpected frequency and understated significance from this revered text. It's time to shine a spotlight on scriptural wit to illuminate the ways humor refracts biblical meaning. Unveiled by the frank perspective of humor, Bible texts reveal implications that will surprise the most informed readers. The reader-response lamp of humor lights up dark corners of biblical significance inaccessible until now. Awareness of the irony and wit and satire and slapstick enables not just better readings, but better ways to read. Go where no Bible reader has gone before. Try eight fresh and relevant methods of reading the Bible better through the lens of its humor.

Discovering Humor in the Bible

Author : Howard R. Macy
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Some folks are surprised to find humor in the Bible; they don't think it has any. Others are embarrassed; they worry about being sacrilegious. Some laugh and don't tell anyone; others laugh out loud and share it with those around. However people respond, the Bible does, in fact, use humor. This book examines why it's there, why it matters, what it looks like, how to look for it, and what to do with it when you find it. The author's goal is to help people become better Bible readers, growing in both skill and insight. So the book doesn't just display a collection of museum pieces, showing the treasures of other explorers. Instead, it offers readers tools and field guides to become explorers discovering on their own. It's a fun how-to manual, dealing with what is routinely overlooked in teaching about biblical interpretation. Individuals will enjoy reading it, but it's also a rich resource for reading groups, Bible study groups, and classes.

Humor in the Gospels

Author : Terri Bednarz
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Humor in the Gospels offers a comprehensive history of the various scholarly approaches to the study of humor in the Gospels over the past 150 years. It explores the barriers, insights, and advances in the field of biblical humor and offers an extensive bibliography for further study.

Comedy and Feminist Interpretation of the Hebrew Bible

Author : Melissa Jackson
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This book explores the Hebrew Bible for evidence of comedy and further asks how reading the Hebrew Bible through a comic "lens" might positively inform feminist interpretation. The exploration is conducted with a number of Hebrew Bible narratives, all of which prominently involve female characters.

Library of Congress Subject Headings

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Library of Congress Subject Headings

Author : Library of Congress. Office for Subject Cataloging Policy
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Library of Congress Subject Headings P Z

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Library of Congress Subject Headings

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Your God is Too Somber

Author : Christopher Dreisbach
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Your God is too somber if your posture before him lacks a spirit of joy and a commitment to rejoice as much as possible. While life has its sadness and tragedy, the good news of Jesus Christ is that God's kingdom has won; and the suffering we face for a time is shorter compared with the endless delight that God promises. So, "Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice!" (Phil 4:4). Your God is too somber if you embrace a theology of tears, rather than a theology of laughter. Of course, salvation and Christ's sacrifice are serious business, and we should engage in moments of penitential reflection, confession, and atonement. But all of this so we can shake off the shackles of our shortcomings and celebrate God fully and joyfully. Your God is too somber if you fail to see the humor in the Bible: the calls to joy, paradox, irony, burlesque, play, and wordplay. God laughs, sometimes with us, sometimes at us, and Jesus's humor is evident in parables and sayings, with the goal of teaching us the truth. Is your God too somber? This book aims to help you answer that question.