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Bible Smuggler

Author : Louise A. Vernon
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A fictional account of William Tyndale's struggle against the church and crown of sixteenth-century England to translate and print the Bible into English.

Memoirs of a Bible Smuggler

Author : Jeana Kendrick
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This is the story of a young Texas couple who helped smuggle thousands of Bibles to persecuted Christians behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War.

Bible Smuggling 101

Author : Charlie McReynolds
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Bible Smuggling 101 is a story of life from a boy dreaming on top of a haystack, working to raise a family, being transformed by God's love, and then seeking a way to help others that do not have a Bible and then getting up an going to give them one in many countries.

Smuggler s Treasure

Author : Robert Elmer
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Berlin, spring 1989. Life is good in West Germany, and even the Cold War seems to be thawing in the warmer weather. As Liesl works on a class project about the history of the wall, she stumbles onto a startling secret no one will talk about. Will she ever learn the whole story?


Author : Lloyd Sparks
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This is the story of the author’s excursion into the complex and contradictory world of the Bible smuggler in the 1970s. In it the author relates how he became involved through his church as a courier one summer and advanced to full time involvement in developing underground information and distribution networks. It is the chronicle of several trips into each of the then Iron Curtain countries in which the author reveals the diverse spectrum of personalities and forces that made up the Bible smugglers, Eastern European Christians and the unregistered churches in the Communist countries before the collapse of the Soviet Union. It is an exciting, humorous, poignant and ultimately tragic account of a young man’s experience at a pivotal point in history and his own life.

A Smuggler s Bible

Author : Joseph McElroy
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In its depth of vision and omnidirectional grasp of the rhythms and textures of modern life. A Smuggler's Bible marked the debut of one of contemporary fiction's most compelling and original authors. Upon its first publication in 1966, it drew a chorus of critical acclaim and comparisons to William Gaddis's The Recognitions and Malcolm Lowry's Under the Volcano. Used once upon a time to convey contraband, the familiar hollowed-out bible reappears transformed as a metaphor for the earnest attempt, perhaps futile, by David Brooke to project his life into the lives of those who have affected him to varying degrees of residual puzzlement, fascination, profit, frustration, and damage. These people -- a reserved English bookseller in Brooklyn Heights, the bizarre tenants of a Manhattan rooming house, his mother on a day of haunting insight, a mercurial and narcissistic professor of history, and finally his own father confronting death -- are the subject of David's vaunted "projections," the eight pseudo-autobiographical manuscripts he has written, now housed safely aboard a transatlantic liner on their way to a mysterious old man in London. David is the reader of his life, and as he broods over the stories, attempting to conjure his identity from its disjointed parts, yet another voice intercedes, a cunning interlocutor who alternately guides and thwarts his attempts to find a pattern of meaning in the profuse details of life. Book jacket.

Perilous Journey

Author : Deborah Kaine Thompson
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In 1977, Christians in Romania are jailed, tortured, and committed to mental institutions. Despite this, the church continues to meet in secret. Previous attempts to offer aid by Christians in the western world have failed. Who can penetrate the Iron Curtain? Who will answer the fervent prayers of the persecuted church? In this true story, a young American couple accepts the mission to smuggle thousands of Bibles into Romania at the height of the Cold War. With no map to guide them, they rely solely on God to lead them to one man living in the capital city. They reach their destination only to find their contact is gone. Other arrangements have to be made -- and quickly. In a country where the brutal secret police are everywhere and neighbors betray neighbors, whom can they trust?

God s Smuggler

Author : Brother Andrew
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Bestselling, Timeless Classic Now Abridged for Young Readers With over 10 million sold, this classic work is now available in a new edition for young readers ages 9 to 12, complete with riveting illustrations. The exciting narrative follows the dangerous true-life mission of Brother Andrew, a Dutch factory worker who goes undercover to transport Bibles across closed borders. The courage of this young man will thrill a new generation of readers. They will meet one of the heroes of the faith--and discover the miraculous ways in which God provides for those who trust him. Let Brother Andrew's powerful adventure story, which has awed millions, inspire the young people in your life. Through its pages they will grow in knowledge of the mission field and understand more clearly what it means to risk everything to follow God's heart.

The inscrutably Chinese Church

Author : Nathan Faries
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The "Inscrutably Chinese" Church will move readers nearer to the Chinese Christian experience, help foreign readers to see more clearly how Chinese Christians view their government and themselves in relation to those ruling powers. It is the division between insider points of view and those from the outside to which the subtitle of this book refers, and this is a gap in understanding which this book attempts to close.

The Bible Smuggler

Author : Louise A. Vernon
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William Tyndale wants to translate the Bible into English. He feels the common people of sixteenth-century England should be able to read the Scriptures for themselves. The church and government violently disagree with him. Collin Hartley, an English boy, works with Tyndale on his dangerous project. Tyndale has to flee to Europe for his life. Collin goes along. Tyndale's enemies follow him and try to catch him, but Tyndale manages to complete the translation. Then he has the English-language Bibles printed and smuggles them into England. Along with Collin Hartley, you will participate in all the important events of this story. For 9- to 14-year olds.

X perience It

Author : Julia Taves
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Here are 26 creative activities to engage students with meaningful and exciting role-plays and simulations! Correlated with Bible-in-Life and Echoes curricula for Units 1-12, this book is loaded with innovative ideas, as well as Scripture references and teacher tips. It provides great alternatives for Bible-in-Life Step Three activities. This handy resource fits well with any curriculum or can be used for stand-alone activities. Turn true-to-life scenarios and historical what-ifs into intriguing, heart-changing experiences for 9- to 11-year-olds with this collection of simulations and role-plays. Activities include problem-solving situations, whodunits, mock trials, and much more. Each emphasizes important biblical truths. Students choose the direction of the story to overcome obstacles and respond to others’ actions. It’s a gripping experience tweens won’t soon forget! Designed as a David C Cook disciple-shaping resource, these exciting new Bible FunStuff books include 26 fully reproducible activities guaranteed to keep classrooms buzzing with creative fun.

X Perience It

Author :
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Tweens experience real-life situations, historical what-ifs, whodunits, family scenarios, mock trials, and much more in this collection of biblically based simulations and role-plays.

One Miracle After Another

Author : Greg Budd
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Pavel Goia knew when he was 5 years old that God had called him to speak for Him. Yet by the time Pavel reached his teens, having a good time with friends was far more important to him than his familys religion. And communist Romania wasnt exactly friendly to Christians.But God got his attention one fateful night, and his life took that proverbial U-turn. Pavel made a covenant with God, and his dedication to that covenant was tested almost immediately. But he stayed true, and miracle after miracle followed in behalf of this one young man who trusted every aspect of his life completely to God.

The Kingdom of God Has No Borders

Author : Melani McAlister
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Award of Merit, 2019 Christianity Today Book Awards (History/Biography) More than forty years ago, conservative Christianity emerged as a major force in American political life. Since then the movement has been analyzed and over-analyzed, declared triumphant and, more than once, given up for dead. But because outside observers have maintained a near-relentless focus on domestic politics, the most transformative development over the last several decades--the explosive growth of Christianity in the global south--has gone unrecognized by the wider public, even as it has transformed evangelical life, both in the US and abroad. The Kingdom of God Has No Borders offers a daring new perspective on conservative Christianity by shifting the lens to focus on the world outside US borders. Melani McAlister offers a sweeping narrative of the last fifty years of evangelical history, weaving a fascinating tale that upends much of what we know--or think we know--about American evangelicals. She takes us to the Congo in the 1960s, where Christians were enmeshed in a complicated interplay of missionary zeal, Cold War politics, racial hierarchy, and anti-colonial struggle. She shows us how evangelical efforts to convert non-Christians have placed them in direct conflict with Islam at flash points across the globe. And she examines how Christian leaders have fought to stem the tide of HIV/AIDS in Africa while at the same time supporting harsh repression of LGBTQ communities. Through these and other stories, McAlister focuses on the many ways in which looking at evangelicals abroad complicates conventional ideas about evangelicalism. We can't truly understand how conservative Christians see themselves and their place in the world unless we look beyond our shores.

Transnational Anti Communism and the Cold War

Author : Stéphanie Roulin
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How was anti-communism organised in the West? This book covers the agents, aims, and arguments of various transnational anti-communist activists during the Cold War. Existing narratives often place the United States – and especially the CIA – at the centre of anti-communist activity. The book instead opens up new fields of research transnationally.

The Art of Excess

Author : Tom LeClair
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'The Art of Excess' combines intensive literary scholarship and wide-ranging multidisciplinary though to restore the meaning of criticism - evaluation - to the study of recent American fiction.

Federal Government s Handling of Soviet and Communist Bloc Defectors

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Governmental Affairs. Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations
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Bible Smuggler

Author : Louise A. Vernon
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A fictional account of William Tyndale's struggle against the church and crown of sixteenth-century England to translate and print the Bible into English.

What in the World Is God Doing

Author : C. Gordon Olson
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Veteran missionary and missiologist C. Gordon Olson has distilled his knowledge and experience to produce an introductory text to missions that is marked by its balance between theory and practice.

God s Smuggler

Author : Elizabeth Sherill
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This edition has been repackages and resized to coincide with the B format publication of Brother Andrew's latest best-seller SECRET BELIEVERS. God's Smuggler has thrilled and inspired readers now for almsot forty years. It tells the true story of how a young Dutchman risked his life to bring faith and hope to believers behind the Iron Curtain.