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Big Data Analytics Systems Algorithms Applications

Author : C.S.R. Prabhu
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This book provides a comprehensive survey of techniques, technologies and applications of Big Data and its analysis. The Big Data phenomenon is increasingly impacting all sectors of business and industry, producing an emerging new information ecosystem. On the applications front, the book offers detailed descriptions of various application areas for Big Data Analytics in the important domains of Social Semantic Web Mining, Banking and Financial Services, Capital Markets, Insurance, Advertisement, Recommendation Systems, Bio-Informatics, the IoT and Fog Computing, before delving into issues of security and privacy. With regard to machine learning techniques, the book presents all the standard algorithms for learning – including supervised, semi-supervised and unsupervised techniques such as clustering and reinforcement learning techniques to perform collective Deep Learning. Multi-layered and nonlinear learning for Big Data are also covered. In turn, the book highlights real-life case studies on successful implementations of Big Data Analytics at large IT companies such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Microsoft. Multi-sectorial case studies on domain-based companies such as Deutsche Bank, the power provider Opower, Delta Airlines and a Chinese City Transportation application represent a valuable addition. Given its comprehensive coverage of Big Data Analytics, the book offers a unique resource for undergraduate and graduate students, researchers, educators and IT professionals alike.

Deep Learning and Big Data for Intelligent Transportation

Author : Khaled R. Ahmed
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This book contributes to the progress towards intelligent transportation. It emphasizes new data management and machine learning approaches such as big data, deep learning and reinforcement learning. Deep learning and big data are very energetic and vital research topics of today’s technology. Road sensors, UAVs, GPS, CCTV and incident reports are sources of massive amount of data which are crucial to make serious traffic decisions. Herewith this substantial volume and velocity of data, it is challenging to build reliable prediction models based on machine learning methods and traditional relational database. Therefore, this book includes recent research works on big data, deep convolution networks and IoT-based smart solutions to limit the vehicle’s speed in a particular region, to support autonomous safe driving and to detect animals on roads for mitigating animal-vehicle accidents. This book serves broad readers including researchers, academicians, students and working professional in vehicles manufacturing, health and transportation departments and networking companies.

Edge Learning for Distributed Big Data Analytics

Author : Song Guo
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Introduces fundamental theory, basic and advanced algorithms, and system design issues. Essential reading for experienced researchers and developers, or for those who are just entering the field.

Intelligent System Algorithms and Applications in Science and Technology

Author : Sunil Pathak
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The 21st century has witnessed massive changes around the world in intelligence systems in order to become smarter, energy efficient, reliable, and cheaper. This volume explores the application of intelligent techniques in various fields of engineering and technology. It addresses diverse topics in such areas as machine learning-based intelligent systems for healthcare, applications of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, intelligent data analytics techniques, intelligent network systems and applications, and inequalities and process control systems. The authors explore the full breadth of the field, which encompasses data analysis, image processing, speech processing and recognition, medical science and healthcare monitoring, smart irrigation systems, insurance and banking, robotics and process control, and more.

The Routledge Handbook of Accounting Information Systems

Author : Erik Strauss
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The Routledge Handbook of Accounting Information Systems is a prestige reference work offering a comprehensive overview of the state of current knowledge and emerging scholarship in the discipline of AIS. The pace of technological-driven change is rapid, and this revised edition provides a deeper focus on the technical underpinnings and organisational consequences of accounting information systems. It has been updated to capture the changes in technology since the previous edition. It now includes chapters and scholarly thought on artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and data visualisation, among others. Contributions from an international cast of authors provide a balanced overview of established and developing themes, identifying issues and discussing relevant debates. The chapters are analytical and engaging. Many chapters include cases or examples, and some provide additional resources for readers. The chapters also provide a reflection on where the research agenda is likely to advance in the future. This is a complete and indispensable guide for students and researchers in accounting and accounting information systems, academics and students seeking convenient access to an unfamiliar area, as well as established researchers seeking a single repository on the current debates and literature in the field.

Data Ethics and Challenges

Author : Samiksha Shukla
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This book gives a thorough and systematic introduction to Data, Data Sources, Dimensions of Data, Privacy, and Security Challenges associated with Data, Ethics, Laws, IPR Copyright, and Technology Law. This book will help students, scholars, and practitioners to understand the challenges while dealing with data and its ethical and legal aspects. The book focuses on emerging issues while working with the Data.

Applications of Big Data Analytics

Author : Mohammed M. Alani
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This timely text/reference reviews the state of the art of big data analytics, with a particular focus on practical applications. An authoritative selection of leading international researchers present detailed analyses of existing trends for storing and analyzing big data, together with valuable insights into the challenges inherent in current approaches and systems. This is further supported by real-world examples drawn from a broad range of application areas, including healthcare, education, and disaster management. The text also covers, typically from an application-oriented perspective, advances in data science in such areas as big data collection, searching, analysis, and knowledge discovery. Topics and features: Discusses a model for data traffic aggregation in 5G cellular networks, and a novel scheme for resource allocation in 5G networks with network slicing Explores methods that use big data in the assessment of flood risks, and apply neural networks techniques to monitor the safety of nuclear power plants Describes a system which leverages big data analytics and the Internet of Things in the application of drones to aid victims in disaster scenarios Proposes a novel deep learning-based health data analytics application for sleep apnea detection, and a novel pathway for diagnostic models of headache disorders Reviews techniques for educational data mining and learning analytics, and introduces a scalable MapReduce graph partitioning approach for high degree vertices Presents a multivariate and dynamic data representation model for the visualization of healthcare data, and big data analytics methods for software reliability assessment This practically-focused volume is an invaluable resource for all researchers, academics, data scientists and business professionals involved in the planning, designing, and implementation of big data analytics projects. Dr. Mohammed M. Alani is an Associate Professor in Computer Engineering and currently is the Provost at Al Khawarizmi International College, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Dr. Hissam Tawfik is a Professor of Computer Science in the School of Computing, Creative Technologies & Engineering at Leeds Beckett University, UK. Dr. Mohammed Saeed is a Professor in Computing and currently is the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Research at the University of Modern Sciences, Dubai, UAE. Dr. Obinna Anya is a Research Staff Member at IBM Research – Almaden, San Jose, CA, USA.

Social Big Data Analytics

Author : Bilal Abu-Salih
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This book focuses on data and how modern business firms use social data, specifically Online Social Networks (OSNs) incorporated as part of the infrastructure for a number of emerging applications such as personalized recommendation systems, opinion analysis, expertise retrieval, and computational advertising. This book identifies how in such applications, social data offers a plethora of benefits to enhance the decision making process. This book highlights that business intelligence applications are more focused on structured data; however, in order to understand and analyse the social big data, there is a need to aggregate data from various sources and to present it in a plausible format. Big Social Data (BSD) exhibit all the typical properties of big data: wide physical distribution, diversity of formats, non-standard data models, independently-managed and heterogeneous semantics but even further valuable with marketing opportunities. The book provides a review of the current state-of-the-art approaches for big social data analytics as well as to present dissimilar methods to infer value from social data. The book further examines several areas of research that benefits from the propagation of the social data. In particular, the book presents various technical approaches that produce data analytics capable of handling big data features and effective in filtering out unsolicited data and inferring a value. These approaches comprise advanced technical solutions able to capture huge amounts of generated data, scrutinise the collected data to eliminate unwanted data, measure the quality of the inferred data, and transform the amended data for further data analysis. Furthermore, the book presents solutions to derive knowledge and sentiments from BSD and to provide social data classification and prediction. The approaches in this book also incorporate several technologies such as semantic discovery, sentiment analysis, affective computing and machine learning. This book has additional special feature enriched with numerous illustrations such as tables, graphs and charts incorporating advanced visualisation tools in accessible an attractive display.

Research Anthology on Big Data Analytics Architectures and Applications

Author : Management Association, Information Resources
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Society is now completely driven by data with many industries relying on data to conduct business or basic functions within the organization. With the efficiencies that big data bring to all institutions, data is continuously being collected and analyzed. However, data sets may be too complex for traditional data-processing, and therefore, different strategies must evolve to solve the issue. The field of big data works as a valuable tool for many different industries. The Research Anthology on Big Data Analytics, Architectures, and Applications is a complete reference source on big data analytics that offers the latest, innovative architectures and frameworks and explores a variety of applications within various industries. Offering an international perspective, the applications discussed within this anthology feature global representation. Covering topics such as advertising curricula, driven supply chain, and smart cities, this research anthology is ideal for data scientists, data analysts, computer engineers, software engineers, technologists, government officials, managers, CEOs, professors, graduate students, researchers, and academicians.

New Frontiers in High Performance Computing and Big Data

Author : G. Fox
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For the last four decades, parallel computing platforms have increasingly formed the basis for the development of high performance systems primarily aimed at the solution of intensive computing problems, and the application of parallel computing systems has also become a major factor in furthering scientific research. But such systems also offer the possibility of solving the problems encountered in the processing of large-scale scientific data sets, as well as in the analysis of Big Data in the fields of medicine, social media, marketing, economics etc. This book presents papers from the International Research Workshop on Advanced High Performance Computing Systems, held in Cetraro, Italy, in July 2016. The workshop covered a wide range of topics and new developments related to the solution of intensive and large-scale computing problems, and the contributions included in this volume cover aspects of the evolution of parallel platforms and highlight some of the problems encountered with the development of ever more powerful computing systems. The importance of future large-scale data science applications is also discussed. The book will be of particular interest to all those involved in the development or application of parallel computing systems.