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Big League Brothers

Author : Jim LeBuffe
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Big League Brothers is a joy for baseball fans of all generations. It tells the story of the rare occurrence when two or even three brothers have significant careers in Big League baseball. Included are today’s Boone, Molina, Benes, Giambi, Leiter, Martinez and Guerrero brothers. Yesterday’s stars, going back to 1940, include the DiMaggio, Alou, Ripken, Brett, Perry, Throneberry, Gwynn, Waner, Torre, Boyer, Dean, Forsch and Aaron siblings. Big League Brothers is Jim LeBuffe’s third baseball book, following Parallel Hitters (2002) and Baseball Fathers and Sons (2001). All are available on-line from, or or by calling toll free 1-877-823-9235.

Big League Trivia

Author : Madison McEntire
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Big League Trivia - Facts, Figures, Oddities, and Coincidences from our National Pastime is a unique trivia book divided into twenty-four chapters dealing with various areas of the great game of major league baseball. Chapters include: All-Star Game, Award Winners, Ballparks, Coincidences, Debuts, Family, Golden Oldies, Home Run Feats, League Leaders, Managers, Milestones, Moment of Glory, No-Hitters, Oddities, One and Only, Opening Day, Pitching Feats, Runs Batted In, So Close, Teams, Triples, Two of a Kind and World Series and Playoffs. Rather than using a simple question-and-answer format, the material in Big League Trivia is presented in sentence form varying in length from a single line to an entire paragraph to give more detailed information on various items from major league baseball. The items covered in Big League Trivia span from the beginning of the modern baseball era in 1900 through the 2005 season and include everything from the most famous moments in baseball history to unusual coincidences and quirky statistical oddities that only baseball can produce.

The Boyer Brothers of Baseball

Author : Lew Freedman
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This the story of the seven baseball-playing Boyer brothers from western Missouri who signed professional contracts in the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. Led by oldest brother Cloyd, a pitcher, third baseman Ken and third baseman Clete, three of the seven brothers reached the majors. This book recounts their hardscrabble upbringing and how they fought their way to success. Initially discouraged by arm injuries that curtailed his big-league career, Cloyd became a coach and manager at the minor and major league levels, and remained in the game for nearly half a century. The most accomplished, Ken, became a perennial National League All-Star, and was the 1964 Most Valuable Player. In the 1960s, he was the face of the St. Louis Cardinals, and after his playing days ended he returned to manage the team. Clete gained prominence as a regular for the American League champion New York Yankees, and competed in five World Series before starring in the National League and concluding his career in Japan. While they did not make it to the top, the other four brothers enrich the story with their own baseball histories, and help illustrate how the closeness of the family helped each of them succeed.

Major League Dads

Author : Kevin Neary
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Baseball is America's favorite pastime and one of the best ways for fathers and sons to bond. Major League Dads is an inspirational look at such connections through a collection of heartfelt essays from interviews with 150 of the top players in Major League Baseball, such as David Wright, Carlos Pena, Brad Lidge, and Derek Jeter. Through personal recollections, you can read firsthand what their dads meant to them growing up and how they coached them to success both on and off the field.

Big Leagues

Author : Stephen R. Fox
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Discusses the evolution of baseball, football, and basketball and offers new perspectives on established legends

Cardboard Gods

Author : Josh Wilker
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Captures the experience of growing up obsessed with baseball cards and explores what it means to be a fan of the game as the author marks the stages of his life through the cards he collected as a child.

Diamonds Around the Globe

Author : Peter C. Bjarkman
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Looks at the history of baseball in a variety of countries, including Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Cuba, and includes profiles of each country's teams and top players.

The Rank and File of 19th Century Major League Baseball

Author : David Nemec
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With this volume, David Nemec completes his remarkable trilogy of 19th-century baseball biographies, covering every major league player, manager, umpire, owner and league official. It provides in-depth information on many figures unknown to most historians. Each detailed entry includes vital statistics, peer-driven analysis of baseball-related skills, and an overview of the individual’s role in the game. Also chronicled are players’ first and last major league games, most important achievements, movements from team to team, and much more. By bringing attention to these overlooked baseball personalities, this reference work immeasurably enriches our knowledge of 19th century major league baseball.

Hank Aaron

Author : Charlie Vascellaro
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Presents the life and accomplishments of one of the most important figures in Major League Baseball history who achieved over three thousand career base hits and is the all-time home run leader.

The Ferrell Brothers of Baseball

Author : Dick Thompson
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Here is the baseball history of three brothers. George was the eldest of the trio and the local hero. He played, managed and scouted in professional baseball for 50 years. Rick was the cerebral baseball brother. He devoted 60 years to the game in such capacities as college player, eight-time major league all-star, coach, scout and major league executive. Wes was the natural. He was as talented as anyone who ever set foot on a baseball diamond and as good as any pitcher who ever threw a ball. This work chronicles the Ferrell family history with a major emphasis on George, Rick, and Wes; all the baseball doings; and includes numerous photographs. An appendix offers a year-by-year statistical look at the baseball careers of all seven Ferrell brothers including date of birth, height, weight, league, team, position, and averages, among other data.