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Biological Adhesive Systems

Author : Janek Byern
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J. Herbert Waite Like many graduate students before and after me I was There are so many species about which nothing is known, mesmerized by a proposition expressed years earlier by and the curse of not knowing is apathy. Krogh (1929) – namely that “for many problems there is Bioadhesion is the adaptation featured in this book, an animal on which it can be most conveniently studied”. and biology has many adhesive practitioners. Indeed, This opinion became known as the August Krogh Prin- every living organism is adhesively assembled in the ciple and remains much discussed to this day, particu- most exquisite way. Clearly, speci? c adhesion needs to larly among comparative physiologists (Krebs, 1975). be distinguished from the opportunistic variety. I think The words “problems” and “animal” are key because of speci? c adhesion as the adhesion between cells in the they highlight the two fundamental and complementary same tissue, whereas opportunistic adhesion might be the foci of biological research: (1) expertise about an animal adhesion between pathogenic microbes and the urinary (zoo-centric), which is mostly observational and (2) a tract, or between a slug and the garden path. If oppor- mechanistic analysis of some problem in the animal’s life nistic bioadhesion is our theme, then there are still many history or physiology (problem-centric), which is usually practitioners but the subset is somewhat more select than a hypothesis-driven investigation. before.

Adhesion in Biological Systems

Author : Richard Manly
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Adhesion in Biological Systems summarizes the knowledge of adhesion in the presence of moisture, a condition required in almost all biological systems. Organized into four parts with a total of 17 chapters, this book begins with the principles of adhesion in biological systems. Then, it describes the various biological adhesives, as well as the adhesives for soft and hard tissues. Scientists in a number of fields, including physics, chemistry, zoology, botany, engineering, medicine, and pharmacy, will benefit from this book.

Biological and Biomimetic Adhesives

Author : Romana Santos
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Due to their impressive performance biological adhesives have inspired the development of superior industrial adhesives. Biological adhesives often provide elegant solutions to engineering and biomedical requirements and are expected to inspire future technological innovations for adhesives for use in hostile conditions. Containing a selection of papers presented at the 1st International Conference on Biological and Biomimetic Adhesives, this book will showcase the latest advances in the chemical and structural characterisation of adhesives, the mechanical testing of adhesives and theory, fabrication and applications of biomimetic adhesives. Following the work of COST Action TD0909, the aim is to gain greater understanding of the mode of action of biological adhesives to allow successful development of improved synthetic counterparts. Appealing to a wide range of researchers in biology, chemistry, physics and engineering, the title provides the background and drive to improve scientific and technological progress in this important area.

Biological Adhesives

Author : Andrew M. Smith
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Many creatures use adhesive polymers and structures to attach to inert substrates, to each other, or to other organisms. This is the first major review that brings together research on many of the well-known biological adhesives dealing with bacteria, fungi, algae, and marine and terrestrial animals. As we learn more about their molecular and mechanical properties we begin to understand why they adhere so well and with this comes broad applications in areas such as medicine, dentistry, and biotechnology.

Adhesion and Friction in Biological Systems

Author : Stanislav Gorb
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This book is a collection of experimental studies demonstrating structure-function relationships in various biological systems having particular surface specialization to increase/decrease friction and adhesion. Studies on snake skin, adhesive pads, wing-interlocking devices and sticky mouthparts of insects as well as anti-adhesive and adhesive surfaces of plants are included in the volume containing four main subsections: (1) adhesion, (2) friction, (3) attachment-devices, (4) attachment-related behavior. Numerous experimental methods for characterizing tribological properties of biological surfaces at macro-, micro-, and nanoscale levels are demonstrated. This book is an excellent collection of publications on biotribology for both engineers and physicists working with biological systems as well as for biologists studying friction and adhesion. Inspirations from biology reported here may be also potentially interesting for biomimetics.

Biological Micro and Nanotribology

Author : Matthias Scherge
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By employing a combination of approaches from several disciplines the authors elucidate the principles of a variety of biomechanical systems that rely on frictional surfaces or adhesive secretions to attach parts of the body to one another or to attach organisms to a substrate. This account provides an excellent starting point for engineers and physicists working with biological systems and for biologists studying friction and adhesion. It will also serve as a valuable introduction for graduate students entering this interdisciplinary field of research.

Journal of Experimental Biology

Author :
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Marine Biological Materials of Invertebrate Origin

Author : Hermann Ehrlich
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The work is a source of modern knowledge on biomineralization, biomimetics and bioinspired materials science with respect to marine invertebrates. The author gives the most coherent analysis of the nature, origin and evolution of biocomposites and biopolymers isolated from and observed in the broad diversity of marine invertebrate organisms and within their unusual structural formations. The basic format is that of a major review article, with liberal use of references to original literature. There is a wealth of new and newly synthesized information, including dozens of previously unpublished images of unique marine creatures and structures from nano- to microscale including high-resolution scanning and transmission electron micrographs. The material is organized effectively along both biological (phyla) and functional lines. The classification of biological materials of marine origin is proposed and discussed. Much of the pertinent data is organized into tables, and extensive use is made of electron micrographs and line drawings. Several modern topics e.g. “biomineralization- demineralization-remineralization phenomena”, or “phenomenon of multiphase biomineralization”, are discussed in details. Traditionally, such current concepts as hierarchical organization of biocomposites and skeletal structures, structural bioscaffolds, biosculpturing, biomimetism and bioinspiration as tools for the design of innovative materials are critically analyzed from both biological and materials science point of view using numerous unique examples of marine origin. This monograph reviews the most relevant advances in the marine biomaterials research field, pointing out several approaches being introduced and explored by distinct laboratories.

Prospects in Cell Biology

Author : A. V. Grimstone
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Plastics Materials in Surgery

Author : Bernard Bloch
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Author : John M. Lawrence
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Among the most fascinating animals in the world’s oceans are the more than 2,000 species of starfish. Called "Asteroids" by scientists who study them (after their taxonomic name, Asteroidea)—or sea stars in some parts of the world—starfish are easily recognized because of their star-like form. Starfish is a comprehensive volume devoted to the integrative and comparative biology and ecology of starfish. Written by the world's leading experts on starfish, the integrative section covers topics such as reproduction, developmental biology and ecology, larval ecology, and the ecological role of starfish as a group. The comparative section considers the biology and ecology of important species such as Acanthaster planci, Heliaster helianthoides, Asterias amurensis, and Pisaster ochraceus. Replete with detailed, scientifically accurate illustrations and the latest research findings, Starfish examines the important role of these invertebrates in the marine environment, a topic of great interest because of their impact on the food web. As major predators that are able to evert their stomach and wrap it around their prey, starfish can have a significant impact on commercial fisheries. Starfish are of interest not only to echinoderm specialists but also to marine biologists and invertebrate zoologists in general and, increasingly, to the medical community. A starfish’s ability to regenerate body parts is almost unequalled in the animal world, making them ideal models for basic science studies on the topic. Contributors: Charles D. Amsler, Bill J. Baker, Mario Barahona, Michael F. Barker, Maria Byrne, Juan Carlos Castilla, Katharina Fabricius, Patrick Flammang, Andrew S. Gale, Carlos F. Gaymer, Jean-François Hamel, Elise Hennebert, John H. Himmelman, Michel Jangoux, John M. Lawrence, Tatiana Manzur, James B. McClintock, Bruce A. Menge, Annie Mercier, Anna Metaxas, Sergio A. Navarette, Timothy D. O’Hara, John S. Pearse, Carlos Robles, Eric Sanford, Robert E. Scheibling, Richard L. Turner, Carlos Renato R. Ventura, Kristina M. Wasson, Stephen A. Watts

Functional Surfaces in Biology

Author : Stanislav N. Gorb
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This book is devoted to the rapidly growing area of science dealing with structure and properties of biological surfaces in their relation to particular function(s). This volume, written by a team of specialists from different disciplines, covers various surface functions such as protection, defense, water transport, anti-wetting, self cleaning, light reflection and scattering, and acoustics. Because biological surfaces have a virtually endless potential of technological ideas for the development of new materials and systems, inspirations from biology could also be interesting for a broad range of topics in surface engineering.

Mechanics of Biological Systems and Materials Volume 4

Author : François Barthelat
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Mechanics of Biological Systems and Materials, Volume 4: Proceedings of the 2013 Annual Conference on Experimental and Applied Mechanics, the fourth volume of eight from the Conference, brings together contributions to this important area of research and engineering. The collection presents early findings and case studies on a wide range of areas, including: Structure-Function & Design of Soft Biological Tissues Soft Tissue Biomechanics: Nanoscale to Physiological Control Bone Mechanics Biomimetic Materials Residual Stresses in Biological Materials Cells Cellulose Materials

Mechanics of Biological Systems and Materials Volume 5

Author : Barton C. Prorok
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Mechanics of Biological Systems and Materials, Volume 5: Proceedings of the 2012 Annual Conference on Experimental and Applied Mechanics represents one of seven volumes of technical papers presented at the Society for Experimental Mechanics SEM 12th International Congress & Exposition on Experimental and Applied Mechanics, held at Costa Mesa, California, June 11-14, 2012. The full set of proceedings also includes volumes on Dynamic Behavior of Materials, Challenges in Mechanics of Time-Dependent Materials and Processes in Conventional and Multifunctional Materials, Imaging Methods for Novel Materials and Challenging Applications, Experimental and Applied Mechanics, MEMS and Nanotechnology and, Composite Materials and Joining Technologies for Composites.

The Biological Bulletin

Author : Frank Rattray Lillie
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Vols. 17, 21-105 contain Annual reports of the Marine Biological Laboratory for 1907/08-1952.

Studies on Intraoral Adhesion

Author : Malcolm D. Jendresen
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Handbook of Adhesives and Sealants

Author : Edward Petrie
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The Handbook of Adhesives and Sealants, 2nd Edition is primarily written to assist all those who have a permanent or temporary interest in adhesives and sealants. For those new to the field, the Handbook will provide a fundamental knowledge base of materials and processes as well as reasons why they work and (more importantly) why they don’t work. To the more experienced reader, the breadth and thoroughness of the Handbook will provide a way to reduce time spent on trial and error development or on searching for the optimal recommended process. For the academic, the Handbook will connect the important theories regarding surface science, polymeric materials, and mechanics with practical products and applications of commercial significance. This edition includes major new sections on radiation curable adhesive, biological and naturally occurring adhesives, inorganic adhesives, role of bulk properties of the adhesive, non-destructive testing, and industrial application methods. A completely new chapter is devoted to adhesives used in various industries such as automobile, electrical / electronic, construction, packaging, aerospace, household do-it-yourself, and medical.

Short Protocols in Cell Biology

Author : Juan S. Bonifacino
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Providing condensed descriptions of more than 500 methods compiled from Current Protocols in Cell Biology, this text thoroughly explores cell biology in an easily accessible, hands-on format. Short Protocols in Cell Biology is an authoritative and indispensable guide for all life scientists and researchers who are looking to improve their understanding of cell biology methods. Key Features: Designed to provide quick access to step-by-step instructions for the essential methods used in every major area of cell biological research Contains methods from every aspect of cell biology?everything needed to study the basic structure and functions of cells at both the molecular and cellular levels

Handbook of Adhesives

Author : Irving Skeist
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"This volume ... seeks to provide the knowledge needed for optimum selection, preparation, and utilization of adhesives and sealants. The information is detailed and explicit with several hundred illustrative formulations." Thirty-five chapters "are devoted to chemically distinct families of adhesives materials ... Other chapters deal with theory, economics, application, testing, and key end products." Pref. Indexed.

Fouling of Heat Transfer Equipment

Author : E. F. C. Somerscales
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