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Biology of Damselfishes

Author : Bruno Frédérich
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Damselfishes (Pomacentridae) are highly conspicuous, diurnal inhabitants of mainly reef areas, capturing the attention of many scientists. Their high diversity and the many interesting characteristics dealing with their way of life (sound production, breeding biology, sex change, farming and gregarious behavior, settlement, diet, habitat) easily explain how this group is continually kept in the limelight and is the subject of numerous studies. This book gathers the data dealing with damselfish morphology, physiology, behavior, ecology and phylogeny.It contains 14 chapters written by renowned scientists.

Evolution Development and Ecology of Anemonefishes

Author : Vincent Laudet
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Anemonefishes, one of the most popular and recognizable of fishes in the world, are much more than film characters; they are also emerging model organisms for studying the biology, ecology, and evolution of coral reef fishes. They are a group of 28 species often employed to study patterns and processes of social organization, intra- and inter-specific competition, sex change, mutualism, dispersal and connectivity of fish populations, habitat selection, pigment pattern formation, lifespan and predator-prey interactions. This multi-authored book covers all these areas and provides an update on the research done with this model and the perspective it opens for the future. Key Features Contains basic and up-to-date information on an emerging fish model Allows non-specialist readers to grasp the relevance of a wide research area Provides accurate and easy to access information on each of the 28 species Includes guidance for establishing a breeding colony Documents that anemonefishes are useful model organisms for ecological, developmental and climate research

Oceanography and Marine Biology An Annual Review Volume 39

Author : R. N. Gibson
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Interest in oceanography and marine biology and the relevance of those fields to global environmental issues creates a demand for authoritative reviews that summarize recent research. Oceanography and Marine Biology: an Annual Review has catered to this demand since its foundation, by the late Harold Barnes, more than 35 years ago. It is an annual

Oceanographic and Biological Aspects of the Red Sea

Author : Najeeb M.A. Rasul
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This book includes invited contributions presenting the latest research on the oceanography and environment of the Red Sea. In addition to covering topics relevant to research in the region and providing insights into marine science for non-experts, it is also of interest to those involved in the management of coastal zones and encourages further research on the Red Sea

Damselfishes of the World

Author : Gerald R. Allen
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Diversity of Coral Associated Fauna

Author : Simone Montano
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Coral reefs are acknowledged for the beauty of their organisms, which has made this natural ecosystem one of the most appreciated on Earth. It is believed to be the richest in terms of species diversity and species interactions, at least in theory since there is yet much documentation work to be done. Indeed, the paradox is that of the estimated one million species living in this ecosystem globally, only 10% of them have been described. To date, most of the coral reef studies have focused on the most peculiar and fabulous groups, such as corals and fishes, although most of the diversity is usually represented by small, colored, camouflaged, hidden, and crypto organisms from all kingdoms of life. The mystery of their diversity, ecology, biology, and importance in the functioning of coral reefs motivate many scientists to dive, all around the world, in order to discover, name, and appreciate such a fascinating, but unfortunately overlooked, component of nature. This book is a very nice illustration of the charm of the coral-associated fauna.

Ecological Studies in Tropical Fish Communities

Author : Ro McConnell
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The result of compiling widely scattered research on fish in tropical rivers, lakes and seas. A comprehensive overview of the ecology of fish communities in freshwater as well as marine environments.

Oceanography And Marine Biology

Author : Harold Barnes
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A good quality annual review series that provides an important service to the sciences for both the general and the specialist reader. Oceanography and Marine Biology has succeeded in producing one admirably for more than 35 years. The quality of the paper, the printing and the presentation is excellent.--Times Higher Education Supplement

Advances in Marine Biology

Author :
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Advances in Marine Biology was first published in 1963. Now edited by A.J. Southward (Marine Biological Association, UK), P.A. Tyler (Southampton Oceanography Association, UK), C.M. Young (Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution, USA) and L.A. Fuiman (University of Texas, USA), the serial publishes in-depth and up-to-date reviews on a wide range of topics which will appeal to postgraduates and researchers in marine biology, fisheries science, ecology, zoology, oceanography. Eclectic volumes in the series are supplemented by thematic volumes on such topics as The Biology of Calanoid Copepods. Includes over 25 tables and 34 illustrations Covers such topics as reef fishes, crustacea in the arctic and antarctic, fisheries in the Northeast Atlantic, and more 4 reviews authored by experts in their relevant fields of study

Oceanography And Marine Biology An Annual Review

Author : Alan Ansell
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Oceanography and Marine Biology: an Annual Review considers basic areas of marine research, returning to them when appropriate in future volumes, and deals with subjects of special and topical importance in the field of marine biology. The thirty-sixth volume follows closely the objectives and style of the earlier well recieved volumes, conti