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Biomedicine Review

Author : Catherine Follis DC
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NEW and UPDATED Second Edition!!! This comprehensive review manual, test prep and study guide by Dr. Catherine Follis is designed for acupuncture students who are preparing for the Biomedicine portion of their NCCAOM Certification Exam or their state licensing examination (for example, the California Acupuncture Licensing Exam). Acupuncturists and East Asian Medicine Practitioners currently in practice will also find a review of these topics helpful in the clinical setting. Topics covered include: Anatomy and Physiology Obtaining a Patient History The Physical Examination of All Body Systems Abnormal Examination Findings Imaging, Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests Common Diseases and Pathologies Red Flags of Medical Conditions Communicable and Infectious Diseases Pharmaceuticals Nutrients and Nutritional/Herbal Supplements Safety Practices in the Clinical Setting Charting and Coding Referral Guidelines Practice Management PLUS- over 350 practice test questions!

Biomedicine Review

Author : Catherine Follis
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This review manual will assist Acupuncture students as they prepare for the Biomedicine portion of their certification exam. It is also useful for Acupuncturists currently in practice who may wish to review Biomedical concepts. This manual contains a review of the anatomy and physiology of all systems of the body, pathologies and common red flags, the physical exam and history taking, abnormal physical examination findings, imaging and diagnostic tests, orthopedic tests, laboratory tests (blood, urine, fecal), pharmaceuticals, nutrition and supplements, safety practices in the clinical setting (OSHA, universal precautions), CPR and First Aid, and practice management (insurance, SOAP charting, HIPAA, CPT codes, ICD codes, E&M codes, referral guidelines, scope of practice). The manual also contains over 350 practice test questions.

Review and Pretest for NCCAOM

Author : Sidong Chen
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The Hastings Center s Bibliography of Ethics Biomedicine and Professional Responsibility

Author : Hastings Center
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Lists books and journal articles published through 1982. Certain sections have been expanded to conform with current interest. Classified arrangement. Many entries are annotated. Author index.

Review of NASA s Biomedical Research Program

Author : National Research Council
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The 1998 Committee on Space Biology and Medicine (CSBM) report A Strategy for Research in Space Biology and Medicine in the New Century assessed the known and potential effects of spaceflight on biological systems in general and on human physiology, behavior, and performance in particular, and recommended directions for research sponsored over the next decade by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The present follow-up report reviews specifically the overall content of the biomedical research programs supported by NASA in order to assess the extent to which current programs are consistent with recommendations of the Strategy report for biomedical research activities. In general, NASA programs concerned with fundamental gravitational biology are not considered here. The committee also notes that this report does not include an evaluation of NASA's response to the Strategy report, which had only recently been released at the initiation of this study. Review of NASA's Biomedical Research Program summarizes the committee's findings from its review of (1) NASA's biomedical research and (2) programmatic issues described in the Strategy report that are relevant to NASA's ability to implement research recommendations.

Infertility treatments for women a review of the bio medical evidence full report

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Ethics and the Business of Biomedicine

Author : Denis G. Arnold
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During the last thirty years we have witnessed sweeping changes in health care worldwide, including new and expensive biomedical technologies, an increasingly powerful and influential pharmaceutical industry, steadily increasing health care costs in industrialised nations, and new threats to medical professionalism. The essays collected in this book concern costs and profits in relation to just health care, the often controversial practices of pharmaceutical companies, and corruption in the professional practice of medicine. Leading experts discuss justice in relation to business-friendly strategies in the delivery of health care, access to life saving drugs, the ethics of pharmaceutical company marketing practices, exploitation in drug trials, and undue industry influence over medicine. They offer guidance regarding the ethical delivery of health care products and services by profit-seeking organisations operating in a global marketplace, and recommend pragmatic solutions to enhance organisational integrity and curb medical corruption in the interest of patient welfare.

The Ageless Generation

Author : Alex Zhavoronkov
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Over the past 20 years, the biomedical research community has been delivering hundreds of breakthroughs expected to extend human lifespan beyond thresholds imaginable today. However, much of this research has not yet been adopted into clinical practice, nor has it been widely publicized. Biomedicine will transform our society forever by allowing people to live longer and to continue working and contributing financially to the economy longer, rather than entering into retirement and draining the economy through pensions and senior healthcare. Old age will become a concept of the past, breakthroughs in regenerative medicine will continue, and an unprecedented boom to the global economy, with an influx of older able-bodied workers and consumers, will be a reality. A leading expert in aging research, author Alex Zhavoronkov provides a helicopter view on the progress science has already made, from repairing tissue damage to growing functional organs from a single cell, and illuminates the possibilities that the scientific and medical community will soon make into realities. The Ageless Generation is an engaging work that causes us to rethink our ideas of age and ability in the modern world.

Managing menopause a review of the bio medical evidence

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How to Publish in Biomedicine

Author : Jane Fraser
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Getting published is crucial for professional success in biomedicine. This book provides fresh practical tips which can be applied immediately. It answer the quesitons writers actually ask. It includes essential topics such as how biomedical publishing works; how to write scientific papers abstracts review articles and book chapters; how to write clearly concisely and correctly; up-to-date advice on hardware and software for writers; resources on the internet; and overcoming writer's block.

NMR Imaging in Biomedicine

Author : P Mansfield
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NMR Imaging in Biomedicine: Advances in Magnetic Resonance discusses significant advances in NMR imaging and its application to the field of biomedicine. This book is organized into 10 chapters that cover the classification, methods, imaging regimes, and the potential use of NMR imaging in medicine. After discussing the basic theoretical ideas of NMR and its application to NMR imaging, this book presents mathematical analyses of the various NMR techniques, focusing primarily on the comparison in terms of imaging speed and data-acquisition rate. It also covers a number of practical ranges or imaging regimes in terms of sensitivity, sample size, and operating frequency. Significant topics on potential application of NMR imaging in medicine, apparatus requirements in the instrumentation of NMR imaging machines, and the principles of biomagnetic effects are discussed in other chapters. The considered biomagnetic effects are categorized into three main groups: the effects of static magnetic fields, the effects of relatively slow varying time-dependent fields, and radio-frequency magnetic fields. This book is of great value to radiologists, medical physicists, neuroradiologists, anatomists, physiologists, and postgraduate students of NMR imaging.

Data Mining Systems Analysis and Optimization in Biomedicine

Author : Onur Seref
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Gainesville, FL, U.S.A. 28-30 March 2007

Biomedicine and Alternative Healing Systems in America

Author : Hans A. Baer
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Examining medical pluralism in the United States from the Revolutionary War period through the end of the twentieth century, Hans Baer brings together in one convenient reference a vast array of information on healing systems as diverse as Christian Science, osteopathy, acupuncture, evangelical faith healing, Santeria, southern Appalachian herbalism, and Navajo healing. In a country where the dominant paradigm of biomedicine (medical schools, research hospitals, clinics staffed by M.D.s and R.N.s) has been long established and supported by laws and regulations, the continuing appeal of other medical systems and subsystems bears careful consideration. Distinctions of class, Baer emphasizes, as well as differences in race, ethnicity, and gender, are fundamental to the diversity of beliefs, techniques, and social organizations represented in the phenomenon of medical pluralism. Baer traces the simultaneous emergence in the nineteenth century of formalized biomedicine and of homeopathy, botanic medicine, hydropathy, Christian Science, osteopathy, and chiropractic. He examines present-day osteopathic medicine as a system parallel to biomedicine; chiropractic, naturopathy, and acupunctur

IETE Technical Review

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St Thomas Law Review

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Review and Pretest for Nccaom and California Exams in Biomedicine

Author : Philip Lee
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This book is intended to aid students preparing for the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) in the Biomedicine module and California Acupuncture Licensing Examination. It is a concise review of Biomedicine and is intended to help students recall material taught during the study at Acupuncture schools. It is not intended to substitute any of the comprehensive textbooks. The material is organized and divided into ten chapters and two appendixes. The book covers Cardiovascular, Pulmonary, Gastrointestinal, Endocrine, Reproductive, Urinary, Nervous/Musculoskeletal system, Hematology, Dermatological conditions, and Psychiatry/Addiction. The knowledge points are summarized by words, clearly and concisely, with appropriate charts or pictures attached. Numerous practice questions reflecting the content and format of the NCCAOM exam in the Biomedicine module are included after each chapter, and six comprehensive examinations are located at the end of the book. These questions can be used as a pretest to identify areas of weakness or as a post test to determine mastery.

Index to Scientific Reviews

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Semiannual. "An international interdisciplinary index to the review literature of science, medicine, agriculture, technology, and the behavioral sciences". Includes literature appearing in about 75 full coverage source journals, articles with 40 or more references, and marked review references in Science citation index data base. SCI format, with citation, source, permuterm, corporate, patent, and anonymous indexes; also journal lists.

American Sociological Review

Author : Frank Hamilton Hankins
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Includes sections "Book reviews" and "Periodical literature."

Some Characteristics of the Structure of the Literature of Biomedical Science

Author : Daniel Newton Obaka
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Greater Than the Parts

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The history of orthodox biomedicine in the twentieth century is usually depicted as one of icreasing reductionism and dependence on laboratory sciences and technology. Holism today is commonly regarded as an alternative to regular healing and a reaction to it. In fact, in the interwar years, clinicians and basic scientists in Europe and North America responded to what they perceived as the increasing reductionism, routinizing and mechanization of the biomedical sciences and clinical practice by creating holistic models of the body's activities and models of healing based the whole, individual sufferer. Holistic responses were also visible in public health and epidemiology. The essays collected here explore this previously neglected area. They show how the holistic turn in orthodox medicine in the interwar years was a reaction to the scietific reductionism and the specialization and division of labor and medicine. In addition, all show how this movement was part of a more general response to modernity itself, political, idealogical and cultural upheaval of the years between the wars.