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The Chronicles of a Stink Chicken

Author : Kevin Munro
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“Stink” in Australian slang means a “fight” or something or someone that is not welcome. The Chronicles of a Stink Chicken: Episodes Second Edition features eight short stories and poetry describing the madness and wildness of thoughts and actions resultant from use of illicit drugs. It challenges unsuspecting readers with insets of respected philosophic pretext that asks real questions regarding health authority involvement with ranges of customers in the community, as social changes recreate the society they are created from. It is disarmingly presented within the same context of wild humours and contains spun encounters with insanity. The stories are about some of the author’s school friends who are mainly deceased due to substance abuse. The book also includes health and legal issues, financial truths, and the social negativities that come with using drugs. Humour is used to show how easily a user’s mind may be led into absurd beliefs. Author Kevin Munro says his short stories cover a wide period of his life that are re-weaved and spun. “Therefore, the Stink Chicken is probably myself, however in a somewhat creative and remodeled world. You would be surprised how many elements and events in these absurd stories verging upon the surreal are actually true.”

More Than Bipolar

Author : Lizabeth D. Schuch
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A valuable book, fresh with insights. Pete Earley, author of Crazy: A Fathers Search Through Americas Mental Health Madness Until she experienced her first manic episode at the age of seventeen, author Lizabeth D. Schuch had little knowledge of mental illness. From that point on, her life would never be the same. In her memoir, More Than Bipolar, she discusses her twenty-five years of experience with bipolar disorder, sharing the wisdom attained to break the hold of stigma, shame, and fear surrounding this illness. Schuch reveals the full reality of what living with this illness looks like. She shares the truth, from its manic and depressive extremes to the life lessons of understanding and maturity necessary to live well in recovery. More Than Bipolar also provides information about the importance of getting a proper diagnosis, working with the medical providers, trusting your own instincts about your care, and having the insight to know when the warning signs are leading you in the wrong direction. More Than Bipolar focuses on knowledge gained and strength restored on the path of a complete bipolar journey. It shows that living well with bipolar disorder is possible and may indeed be a part of the diagnostic picture.

Samuel Kings and Chronicles I

Author : Athalya Brenner-Idan
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In this volume scholarly voices from diverse contexts and social locations are gathered together to bring new or unfamiliar facets of biblical texts to light, focusing on issues of intertextuality. Samuel, Kings and Chronicles I sheds light from new perspectives on themes in these so-called historical books including Asian American and Chinese readings, issues of land, genealogy and maleness. The authors challenge us to consider how we deal with cultural distances between ourselves and these ancient writings - and between one another in the contemporary world. These goal of these essays is de-centre the often homogeneous first-world orientation of much biblical scholarship and open to up new possibilities for discovery of meaning and method.

The Bipolar Chronicles

Author : Stephanie Florano
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"The Bipolar Chronicles" is a book about Stephanie's journey through life as a bipolar woman. She writes about love, heartbreak, life, rape, and what it's like to be bipolar. Get a first hand experience of what it's like to live with the disorder.

The Bipolar Coaster Chronicles

Author : Pablo McFee
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A collection of poems through the eyes of the Bipolar Coaster.

Yearbook of Experts Authorities Spokespersons 2022 Edition

Author : Mitchell P. Davis
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The Yearbook of Experts, Authorities & Spokespersons started in 1984 as the Talk Show Guest Directory. Mitchell P. Davis won the Georgetown University Bunn Award for Excellence in Journalism and graduated from their business school. Started his PR business in 1984 with publication of the Talks Show Guest Directory. Served on the board of the National Association of Radio Talk Show Hosts. Now in it’s 37 annual edition the Yearbook of Experts, Authorities & Spokespersons has been requested by tens of thousands of journalists. See and download a free copy of the 37th Yearbook of Experts at -- his website: hosts all the expert profiles and hundreds of thousands of news releases. His resources are loved by the new media. --- The New York Times called it: 'Dial-an-Expert.' The Associated Press called it: 'An Encyclopedia of Sources,' and PRWEEK called it: 'a dating service of PR.' He also founded The News Council, to help non-profit groups use the power of his networking.

Arts and Humanities

Author : Brenda Jo Brueggemann
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This volume in The SAGE Reference Series on Disability explores the arts and humanities within the lives of people with disabilities. It is one of eight volumes in the cross-disciplinary and issues-based series, which incorporates links from varied fields making up Disability Studies as volumes examine topics central to the lives of individuals with disabilities and their families. With a balance of history, theory, research, and application, specialists set out the findings and implications of research and practice for others whose current or future work involves the care and/or study of those with disabilities, as well as for the disabled themselves. The presentational style (concise and engaging) emphasizes accessibility. Taken individually, each volume sets out the fundamentals of the topic it addresses, accompanied by compiled data and statistics, recommended further readings, a guide to organizations and associations, and other annotated resources, thus providing the ideal introductory platform and gateway for further study. Taken together, the series represents both a survey of major disability issues and a guide to new directions and trends and contemporary resources in the field as a whole.

Bipolar Chronicles

Author : Diana Grippo
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Diana Grippo's Bipolar Chronicles: From Mad to Metaphysical is a memoir about going crazy and coming out the other side. Diana Grippo deals with hallucinations, delusions, depression, and substance abuse. She gets better only to relapse, and this cycle continues for many years. She lives on the streets and goes in and out of hospitals. Ultimately, Diana Grippo heals, using a spiritual practice which includes The Twelve Steps, music therapy, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy. She becomes a high school teacher, a Founder and Executive Director, and ultimately works for Apple Against all odds, she survives. She tells us how she does it and offers hope to those who suffer and insight to family members. Moving, harrowing, and ultimately uplifting, Bipolar Chronicles: From Mad to Metaphysical is a classic testimony to the ravages of mental illness and the power of perseverance and courage.

The Chronicles of the Kings of Judah

Author : Yigal Levin
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The book of Chronicles, the last book of the Hebrew Bible and a central historical book of the Christian Old Testament, has in recent decades gone from being “the Cinderella of biblical studies” to being one of the most researched books of the Bible. The anonymous author, often simply called “the Chronicler” by modern scholars, looks back at the old Israelite monarchy, before the Babylonian Exile, from his vantage point in the post-exilic early Second Temple Period, and attempts to “update” the older historiographies of Samuel and Kings in order to elucidate their meaning to the people of his own time. In The Chronicles of the Kings of Judah, Yigal Levin does the same for the modern reader. He offers a brand-new translation and commentary on 2 Chronicles chapters 10-36, tracing the “sacred history” of the monarchy from the division of Solomon's kingdom to the final exile and return. Each chapter is translated from the original Hebrew into an English that is both faithful to the original and easy for the modern reader to follow. Extensive footnotes provide full explanations of the translator's choices and of linguistic and literary issues, taking note of alternative versions offered by a wide array of ancient and modern versions and translations. The comprehensive commentary on each section provides historical background and explains the text both on a literary and a historical level, making full use of the most up-to-date research on the text, literature, history, geography and on the archaeological background of the biblical world. The Chronicles of the Kings of Judah is to be followed by The Chronicles of David and Solomon on 1 Chronicles 10 – 2 Chronicles 9, and then by The Chronicles of All Israel on the genealogies of 1 Chronicles 1-9 and including comprehensive essays on the book of Chronicles, its time, purposes, methods and meanings.

Living with Bipolar Disorder

Author : Karen R. Brock, M.D.
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"Bipolar" means more than mood swings and chemical imbalances. It is a genetic brain regulation malfunction causing not only mood but behavioral symptoms. Severity and symptoms vary along a spectrum of disease presentations, from a happy, positive personality, to a moody temperament, to chronic and recurrent depressions, to classic manic-depressive illness. It is a chronic disease with periods of illness as well as remission. Keeping the disease under control requires daily maintenance and vigilance for emerging symptoms. The goal of this book is to help the bipolar person successfully manage his or her illness and live a full and meaningful life. First, the reader will learn all about bipolar disorder: how it presents, how it is diagnosed, how it is passed down in families, and how it affects women as compared to men. Next, the various types of treatment and the logistics of daily maintenance are discussed in detail. Finally, the advantages and disadvantages of bipolar disorder are explored and the lives of interesting and outstanding historical and current bipolar individuals are examined.