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Birds of Stone

Author : Luis M. Chiappe
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When fossils of birds from China’s Jehol region first appeared in scientific circles, the world took notice. These Mesozoic masterpieces are between 120 and 131 million years old and reveal incredible details that capture the diversity of ancient bird life. Paleontologists all over the world began to collaborate with Chinese colleagues as new and wondrous fossil-related discoveries became regular events. The pages of National Geographic and major scientific journals described the intricate views of feathers as well as food still visible in the guts of these ancient birds. Now, for the first time, a sweeping collection of the most interesting of Jehol’s avian fossils is on display in this beautiful book. Birds of Stone makes visible the unexpected avian diversity that blanketed the earth just a short time (geologically speaking) after a dinosaur lineage gave rise to the first birds. Our visual journey through these fossils is guided by Luis M. Chiappe, a world expert on early birds, and Meng Qingjin, a leading figure in China's natural history museum community. Together, they help us understand the "meaning" of each fossil by providing straightforward narratives that accompany the full-page photographs of the Jehol discoveries. Anyone interested in the history of life—from paleontologists to inquisitive birders—will find Birds of Stone an irresistible feast for the eyes and mind.

Birds and a Stone

Author : Anastasia Novykh
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People are like birds and stones. For some, just a hint, a single word is enough to be prompted to the spiritual height. And their awakened essence will soar towards perception of the infinite universe. While others... Well, a stone is merely a stone.Three captivating stories of this book: "Duty", "Everything is so simple" and "Birds and a stone" tell about unusual people who reconsider their life values. All these people are united by a legendary personality of Sensei. Interesting facts about a human from the point of view both of modern science and ancient civilizations. Amazing information how thoughts are "born" and how to control them. Interesting information about "Jesus' Prayer", Saint Agapit, the Elder Antony. And many other useful things for thoseWho are on the spiritual way and strive to become a Human!

Two Birds one Stone

Author : Denis Towers
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Tower presents this work which he says proves a biological Adam and Eve to betrue and the organic evolution of the species to be false.

Three Birds One Stone

Author : Kim Smith
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If you're been looking for more freedom with food, the Three Birds, One Stone system invites you to find it here! By outlining a framework and creating an inventory of the meals you already know and love, you can create a joyful new ritual to bring ease to your days and enjoyment to your life. Author Kim Smith lives an intermittent fasting lifestyle, so eating one main meal a day is her norm, but even for those with a traditional eating pattern, this book offers the ability ...

Two Birds with One Stone

Author : Sigrid Vansandt
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It's a beautiful summer and the busy village of Marsden-Lacey, England, has murder on its mind. Someone just whacked everyone's least favorite villager, Sir Carstons, on his villainous head. That's when American expats, paralegal Martha Littleword and book expert Helen Ryes, find themselves knee-deep in Yorkshire murder. Spirited empty-nesters, they throw their newbie detective hats into the ring, only to discover that a murder mystery can quickly turn from adventurous lark into personal peril. With a dash of Southern charm and humor, and the help of a few quirky villagers, the girls just might survive. They'll also have to figure out how to handle the local catch-of-the-day, Piers Cousins, and the cantankerous Chief of Police, DCI Johns. Will they or won't they? If they do, they might solve a murder, or two, along with a hundred-year-old mystery involving a Bronte sister and a famous piece of English history."

Black Stone Birds

Author : Victoria King
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Powerful and moving poetry illustrated with full-colour images of paintings and sculptures by artist and writer Victoria King. This evocative work draws inspiration from the birds of Bruny Island, Tasmania and makes connections between the environment, people and wildlife; place and displacement; reciprocity and stewardship.

Key West Two Birds One Stone

Author : Mac Fortner
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KEY WEST: TWO BIRDS ONE STONE When a cruise ship, bound for Key West, is robbed of twenty-million-dollars in jewels, all fingers point at Cam Derringer. Cam faces his most difficult challenge yet-staying a free man. Events become worse when Cam is charged with dealing in drugs and then murder. Someone wants him behind bars and will stop at nothing to see him there. Cam knows something is amiss when he is visited by two clients, each looking for the other. Both he discovers to be lying about their identity and their intent. With Jack Stiller, watching his back and three of the most powerful women in Key West on his team, Cam fights for his life. With a new twist around every turn, Derringer decides to become the hunter, instead of the hunted. When his daughter is kidnapped, he loses sight of his mission and sinks further into the trap. What they don't realize is that Cam will stop at nothing to protect the women he loves and they will never let anyone harm their man.

The Stone Bird

Author : Jenny McCartney
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It might look like a pebble from the beach, but Eliza knows this is an egg. And one night when she hears cracking, she discovers the Stone Bird. It might still look like a stone to her mum, but Eliza knows it's alive. Step into the magical world of one child's imagination in this stunning debut by exciting new author Jenny McCartney, illustrated by luminary of children's books Patrick Benson.

The Priest The Princess 2 Birds 1 Stone Book 6

Author : A. J. Kretzmar
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When Ryker met Tiara a connection, a spark, ignited between them that is erupting into blazing hot emotions all around them. Tiara is concerned about keeping her marriage intact, but her husband Sasha sees the world in only absolutes - Black, or White. Ryker is on the trail of Tiara, watching to keep her safe while she is in Sasha's vengeful hands. Gold bullion coins, the biggest stash in recent history, have been grabbed by Sasha, and his counterfeiting days are over. He has the Gold, unique, one-of-a-kind coins, and believes that he can entice Tiara's love again. But Tiara has been down that road many times with him, and proves more headstrong that he gives her credit for. Spurned, Sasha devises a set-up that will implicate Tiara, but when Ryker is discovered, Sasha decides the time has come to tidy up the loose ends - and get rid of Tiara and Ryker with one foul swoop.


Author : Lynn M. Stone
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Describes the appearance, habits, daily life, nesting, infancy, and enemies of this nocturnal bird.

Bird Studies at Old Cape May

Author : Witmer Stone
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Birds of Algonquin Legend

Author : Robert E. Nichols
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A linking of legend, language, and natural history, which supplies one of the few literary appreciations of the oral literature of the Algonquin peoples

Bringing Birds Through Stone

Author : Dennis Hock
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"The poems in Dennis Hock's Bringing Birds Through Stone are searching for the beauty of this earth as they explore both the highs and lows of human existence. Moving from soup kitchens and bus stations to comet watching and campfires, the poet's eye focuses on people both fortunate and frail. While the tone is as varied as the subject matter, beneath the surface Hock is always asking us what matters, revealing a man who hungers for a mystical moment." --book jacket.

Birds in Sanskrit Literature

Author : K. N. Dave
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In his monumental research in ancient sanskrit literature the author has restored gaps in lexicons and removed doubts in the later sanskrit works about the identity of a very large number of birds of the Indian sub-continent. The ancient sages of India were great lovers of nature with keen powers of observation and an extraordinary sensitivity about aninal behaviour. The Vedas Puranas, Epics and Samhitas are full of descriptions of birds, animals and plants but the exact identification of names had got lost or confounded over the centuries.

A Passion for Birds

Author : Mark Barrow
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In the decades following the Civil War--as industrialization, urbanization, and economic expansion increasingly reshaped the landscape--many Americans began seeking adventure and aesthetic gratification through avian pursuits. By the turn of the century, hundreds of thousands of middle-and upper-class devotees were rushing to join Audubon societies, purchase field guides, and keep records of the species they encountered in the wild. Mark Barrow vividly reconstructs this story not only through the experiences of birdwatchers, collectors, conservationists, and taxidermists, but also through those of a relatively new breed of bird enthusiast: the technically oriented ornithologist. In exploring how ornithologists struggled to forge a discipline and profession amidst an explosion of popular interest in natural history, A Passion for Birds provides the first book-length history of American ornithology from the death of John James Audubon to the Second World War. Barrow shows how efforts to form a scientific community distinct from popular birders met with only partial success. The founding of the American Ornithologists' Union in 1883 and the subsequent expansion of formal educational and employment opportunities in ornithology marked important milestones in this campaign. Yet by the middle of the twentieth century, when ornithology had finally achieved the status of a modern profession, its practitioners remained dependent on the services of birdwatchers and other amateur enthusiasts. Environmental issues also loom large in Barrow's account as he traces areas of both cooperation and conflict between ornithologists and wildlife conservationists. Recounting a colorful story based on the interactions among a wide variety of bird-lovers, this book will interest historians of science, environmental historians, ornithologists, birdwatchers, and anyone curious about the historical roots of today's birding boom.

Birds of Antarctica

Author : Lynn M. Stone
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Describes the behavior, habitat, and physical characteristics of the birds that live in Antarctica.

Building Stone Walls

Author : John Vivian
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Rustic and charming or stately and proud, a well-built stone wall can add personality and beauty to your property. John Vivian’s lively approach and step-by-step instructions encourage you to transform a pile of rocks into an enduring landscape feature with gates, retaining walls, or stiles to suit your needs. Whatever unique challenges come with your site — poor drainage, sloping ground, or low-quality rubble material — Vivian offers innovative designs and reproducible methods to help you build a beautiful, long-lasting wall.

How to Kill Twelve Birds with One Stone Help for the Working Pastor

Author : Dale Seaman
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How to Kill Twelve Birds with One Stone is to help the working pastor and to help others consider bivocational ministry. It is to encourage them to see the potential in this type of a ministry. The reader will be challenged with the "how to" as well as "the why." He will also see how to avoid some of the pitfalls in a bivocational ministry. There are many practical examples from the author's bivocational ministry to "flesh out" how it works. There is direction for the pastor, the church and his family. The reader will get a well-rounded view of bivocational ministry. You may laugh, you may cry, but hopefully you will be encouraged to consider bivocational ministry for the glory of God. Pastor Dale Seaman grew up in a pastor's home and has been in the ministry for 42 years, the last 28 years as pastor of Calvary Baptist Church of Porterville, California. He has been a substitute teacher for 25 years of those 28 years. He and his wife, Jane have 3 sons. He has a BA in Bible and an MA in Church Administration from Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC. He also has a BS in General Studies from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA and a Doctor of Ministry from Newburgh Theological Seminary in Newburgh, IN.

The Soapstone Birds of Great Zimbabwe

Author : Edward Matenga
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Beautifully produced and illustrated, this study of the Zimbabwean birds is more than a description or history of the eight soapstone carvings found at the Great Zimbabwe historical site. It offers an insight into an aspect of the cultural heritage of Zimbabwe and an interpretation of the important site of Great Zimbabwe from which it is inherited. The story of the birds is used to explore themes in Zimbabwean historiography. By focusing on the religious symbolism of the birds, the author argues that the Great Zimbabwe site was both a political and religious centre. Practically the work illustrates the central symbolic meaning of the birds to the people and nation of Zimbabwe. And the work is in the context of the construction of an authentic national history. In a foreward, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Zimbabwe says that the birds are constitutents of a living tradition embodying the body spirit of the modern national state of Zimbabwe.

Walker remodelled a new critical pronouncing dictionary of the English language

Author : Benjamin Humphrey Smart
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