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Birth Pattern Psychology

Author : Tamise Van Pelt
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Birth Pattern Psychology presents a new method of personality assessment. Human needs, attitudes, and behaviors define the book's content. By blending the pioneering concepts of Jung, Horney, and Freud with the contemporary insights of Maslow, Perls, and Sartre, the author provides a context for understanding what people communicate through actions and words. Part One: A Synthesis presents the concepts and measurement techniques basic to birth pattern psychology. It includes numerous birth patterns and provides all the materials essential for learning birth pattern assessment. Part Two: Analysis explores the strengths and vulnerabilities of specific patterns. It is designed to stimulate self-analysis.

Readings in the Theory of Individual Psychology

Author : Steve Slavik
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Readings in the Theory of Individual Psychology presents an overview of the central theoretical tenets and specific fundamental concepts of Individual Psychology, framed on terms that make it possible to verify empirically many of these theoretical foundations. Sections of the book are organized into subject areas such as social interest, creative self, lifestyle, and family constellation, each containing seminal articles by Adler, Dreikurs, and other founding thinkers, and introduced with an original essay by a contemporary scholar. Readings in the Theory of Individual Psychology informs the reader of the recent and current theory in Individual Psychology, presented in order to generate new empirical research and future directions for development. Slavik and Carlson have pulled together a truly unique source for current thinking and theorizing in the field, providing the next generation of researchers, scholars, and scientists with the tools to move Individual Psychology into its next phase of refinement.

Birth Order

Author : Linda Blair
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On the basis of over 25 years' clinical experience and psychological research, Linda Blair reveals how your birth order position, as well as the spacing between you and your siblings and the sex of your siblings, impact your childhood, your adult life and your relationships. Packed with new research and written in a lively, personal style, Birth Order will inform and intrigue. By reading this unique book you will quickly understand yourself, your family and your partner better. It will also shed light on the dynamics of your other relationships, explain why you may repeat patterns within relationships, and suggest helpful strategies for dealing with other people. Chapters cover birth order and what being the eldest, middle, or youngest child reveals about you, the effect of large or small age gaps between you and your siblings, family size, the sex of your siblings, parental attitudes to each child, being an only child, being a twin, the impact of step-siblings, and much more.

Z rich 95 Open Questions in Analytical Psychology

Author : Mary Ann Mattoon
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The Zurich Congress marked a return to the origins of Analytical Psychology: here it was that C. G. Jung lived for the first six decades of this century and developed the school of psychology he came to be known for. Here, too, is where many of today's Jungian analysts from all over the world received their training, and their initiation into the profession. As this collection of the complete proceedings attests, the theme of "open questions" drew a bountiful array of intriguing responses, and this to the largest gathering of Jungian analysts ever: more than 800 in all.

A Primer on Adlerian Psychology

Author : Alex L. Chew
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Adlerian psychology balances theory and practical application for easy use by counselors, teachers, and parents who need to understand and communicate effectively with young children. Children are perceived as individuals with the creative capacities to decide and choose according to their private logic. Some Adlerian concepts explained are: active, passive, constructive and destructive behavior patterns, the four goals of misbehavior, punishment vs. logical consequences, and personality/lifestyle development. Alfred Adler, a contemporary of Freud and Jung, was among the first child psychologists and his innovative perceptions of a child's personality development remain timely.

Dictionary of Theories Laws and Concepts in Psychology

Author : Jon E. Roeckelein
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A fully cross-referenced and source-referenced dictionary which gives definitions of psychological terms as well as the history, critique, and relevant references for the terms.

The Psychology of Childbirth

Author : Aidan Macfarlane
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Looks at such psychological dilemmas as the impact of a woman's emotional attitude on labor and delivery and the psychological effects of pain-killing drugs on mother and child

Child Health Psychology

Author : Barbara G. Melamed
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This unique text offers an interdisciplinary collection of the most current articles concerning the scientific study of Child Health Psychology. The subjects of many articles are applicable to pediatrics, family medicine, child nursing, developmental, clinical child, and pediatric psychology. Emphasizing the scientific basis of the field, this empirical research is invaluable to the specialist, teacher, or student seeking the most contemporary research methods used to study psychological aspects of children's health care.

Psychology and Kabbalah

Author : Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi
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Using Jungian and Freudian psychology, the author illuminates the many psychological processes that relate to the structure and dynamics of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. Includes issue encountered by the developing individual, as well as those of madness and pure mystical experience. Formerly titled KABBALAH AND PSYCHOLOGY.

Schizophrenia Bulletin

Author :
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