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Birth Pattern Psychology

Author : Tamise Van Pelt
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Birth Pattern Psychology presents a new method of personality assessment. Human needs, attitudes, and behaviors define the book's content. By blending the pioneering concepts of Jung, Horney, and Freud with the contemporary insights of Maslow, Perls, and Sartre, the author provides a context for understanding what people communicate through actions and words. Part One: A Synthesis presents the concepts and measurement techniques basic to birth pattern psychology. It includes numerous birth patterns and provides all the materials essential for learning birth pattern assessment. Part Two: Analysis explores the strengths and vulnerabilities of specific patterns. It is designed to stimulate self-analysis.

Readings in the Theory of Individual Psychology

Author : Steven Slavik
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Individual Psychology, a movement pioneered by Alfred Adler around the turn of the (20th) century, has gradually claimed its place as an established school of psychotherapy and counseling.

Abnormal Psychology in Context

Author : Nadine Pelling
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Abnormal Psychology in Context focuses on Australian and New Zealand perspectives, showcasing local research, statistics and resources.

A Primer on Adlerian Psychology

Author : Alex L. Chew
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Adlerian psychology balances theory and practical application for easy use by counselors, teachers, and parents who need to understand and communicate effectively with young children. Children are perceived as individuals with the creative capacities to decide and choose according to their private logic. Some Adlerian concepts explained are: active, passive, constructive and destructive behavior patterns, the four goals of misbehavior, punishment vs. logical consequences, and personality/lifestyle development. Alfred Adler, a contemporary of Freud and Jung, was among the first child psychologists and his innovative perceptions of a child's personality development remain timely.

Dictionary of Theories Laws and Concepts in Psychology

Author : Jon E. Roeckelein
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A fully cross-referenced and source-referenced dictionary which gives definitions of psychological terms as well as the history, critique, and relevant references for the terms.

Elsevier s Dictionary of Psychological Theories

Author : J.E. Roeckelein
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In attempting to understand and explain various behaviour, events, and phenomena in their field, psychologists have developed and enunciated an enormous number of ‘best guesses’ or theories concerning the phenomenon in question. Such theories involve speculations and statements that range on a potency continuum from ‘strong’ to ‘weak’. The term theory, itself, has been conceived of in various ways in the psychological literature. In the present dictionary, the strategy of lumping together all the various traditional descriptive labels regarding psychologists ‘best guesses’ under the single descriptive term theory has been adopted. The descriptive labels of principle, law, theory, model, paradigm, effect, hypothesis and doctrine are attached to many of the entries, and all such descriptive labels are subsumed under the umbrella term theory. The title of this dictionary emphasizes the term theory (implying both strong and weak best guesses) and is a way of indication, overall, the contents of this comprehensive dictionary in a parsimonious and felicitous fashion. The dictionary will contain approximately 2,000 terms covering the origination, development, and evolution of various psychological concepts, as well as the historical definition, analysis, and criticisms of psychological concepts. Terms and definitions are in English. *Contains over 2,000 terms covering the origination, development and evolution of various psychological concepts *Covers a wide span of theories, from auditory, cognitive tactile and visual to humor and imagery *An essential resource for psychologists needing a single-source quick reference

Psychology and Kabbalah

Author : Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi
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Using Jungian and Freudian psychology, the author illuminates the many psychological processes that relate to the structure and dynamics of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. Includes issue encountered by the developing individual, as well as those of madness and pure mystical experience. Formerly titled KABBALAH AND PSYCHOLOGY.

The Birth Of A Mother

Author : Daniel N Stern
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As you prepare to become a mother, you face an experience unlike any other in your life. Having a baby will redirect your preferences and pleasures and, most likely, will realign some of your values.As you undergo this unique psychological transformation, you will be guided by new hopes, fears, and priorities. In a most startling way, having a child will influence all of your closest relationships and redefine your role in your family's history. The charting of this remarkable, new realm is the subject of this compelling book.Renowned psychiatrist Daniel N. Stern has joined forces with pediatrician and child psychiatrist Nadia Bruschweiler-Stern and journalist Alison Freeland to paint a wonderfully evocative picture of the psychology of motherhood. At the heart of The Birth of a Mother is an arresting premise: Just as a baby develops physically in utero and after birth, so a mother is born psychologically in the many months that precede and follow the birth of her baby.The recognition of this inner transformation emerges from hundreds of interviews with new mothers and decades of clinical experience. Filled with revealing case studies and personal comments from women who have shared this experience, this book will serve as an invaluable sourcebook for new mothers, validating the often confusing emotions that accompany the development of this new identity. In addition to providing insight into the unique state of motherhood, the authors touch on related topics such as going back to work, fatherhood, adoption, and premature birth.During pregnancy, mothers-to-be talk about morning sickness and their changing bodies, and new mothers talk about their exhaustion, the benefits of nursing or bottle-feeding, and the dilemma of whether or when they should return to work. And yet, they can be strangely mute about the dramatic and often overwhelming changes going on in their inner lives. Finally, with The Birth of a Mother, these powerful feelings are eloquently put into words.

Literature Search

Author : National Library of Medicine (U.S.)
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The Concise Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology and Behavioral Science

Author : W. Edward Craighead
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Edited by high caliber experts, and contributed to by quality researchers and practitioners in psychology and related fields. Includes over 500 topical entries Each entry features suggested readings and extensive cross-referencing Accessible to students and general readers Edited by two outstanding scholars and clinicians