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Blending Leadership

Author : Stephen J. Valentine
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An organizational approach to more effective school leadership, online and off “Leadership, especially in a school setting, is too important to be merely intuitive. In this generous book, Steve and Reshan outline a new way of thinking for a new kind of leader. Recommended.” Seth Godin, author of What to Do When it’s Your Turn (and it’s Always Your Turn) "If you're a school leader, Blending Leadership is the book you need to guide your thinking in today's increasingly networked educational environment. Your students and staff may have varying degrees of comfort with technology, but this book will give you solid guidance on how to lead them both online and offline and chart a path to the future.” Daniel H. Pink, author of Drive Blending Leadership provides all school leaders with a unique approach to utilizing technology for more effective learning and leadership. As the online aspects of schools become just as important as their brick-and-mortar counterparts, leaders must be as effective screen-to-screen as they are face-to-face. Drawing from research, experience, and real-world examples, this book explores and unpacks six core beliefs necessary for the blended leader to succeed. Between email, websites, apps, updates, tweets, attachments, infographics, YouTube, and unceasing notifications, most people are inundated with digital detritus, and they either grow to ignore it or get swept under it. Effective blended leaders see these distractions as spurs to action, models, test cases, remixable commodities, and learning opportunities. Blending Leadership gives you the perspective you need to excel and the knowledge to leverage the tools at your disposal.

The Reading Leadership Academy Guidebook

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"Presentations and resources about scientifically based reading research"--Cover.

Leadership in Diverse Learning Contexts

Author : Greer Johnson
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This book presents the outcomes of research and practical endeavour in some of the diverse contexts in which learning takes place: classrooms, schools, professional development settings, community projects and service sector agencies. It invites the reader to engage with two related questions of contemporary concern in the leadership field: "What can we learn about the important influence of different contexts on leadership practice and how are people brought together as collective human agents in different patterns of distributive leadership?" In doing so, this collection emphasises three of the critical concepts at play when leadership is viewed, not as position, but as activity. The three concepts are purpose, context and human agency. When this view of leadership is understood, it is always about achieving shared goals with people power, no matter the circumstances in which they are gathered together.

The Daily Disciplines of Leadership

Author : Douglas B. Reeves
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Presents leadership advice for school leaders, discussing such topics as strategic planning and accountability structures.

Christ Centered Leadership

Author : David L. McKenna
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"If a leader is a Christian, what difference does it make?" Giant strides have been made in secular leadership theory toward a Christian viewpoint. Priority is now given to character as well as competence, accountability as well as power, transformation as well as transaction, and servanthood as well as success. But these qualities apply to secular as well as to Christian leadership. So, the question remains, "What difference does it make?" David McKenna finds the answer in the Incarnation of Jesus Christ--a divine act for him and a defining attitude for us. Philippians 2:11-15 sets the standard and gives the details. "Your attitude should be the same as Jesus Christ" means following his call to the cross, where we die to self and sacrifice all self-interest in position, power, and prestige in order to serve obediently, faithfully, and humbly for the good of others and the glory of God. Christ-centered leadership is not an extension of the highest and best of human leadership. Radical obedience to the call of Christ and utter dependence upon the Holy Spirit make a substantive difference. In the most practical terms, Incarnation continues in us when we live fully, lead freely, and go where he wants us to go.


Author : John R. Schermerhorn
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"8th ed. update has expanded theme: Personal management : a career focus" -- Memorandum.

Leadership for Social Justice

Author : Catherine Marshall
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This reader on key issues in Social Justice is written by well-known experts in the area and edited by the leading authorities in the field. The book is divided into 3 distinct parts: Re-defining Leadership for Social Justice; Preparing Social Justice Leaders; and Next Steps, to mobilize to action as well as to make information accessible and useful. This book challenges leaders, educators and researchers to be effective advocates for social justice. It demonstrates how the current realities in educational leadership training and in school practices re-create inequities. It provides an array of ways of understanding the effects of exclusionary practices as well as constructive exercises and materials for those who will lead students and staffs to create equitable practices.

Blending Colors from Life

Author : Charisa A. Smith
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Church Advocate

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The Hybrid Leader

Author : Trudy Bourgeois
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Unleash your employees' greatest potential! 80 percent of today's workers feel so undervalued, unappreciated and disengaged that they hate to come to work in the morning. According to Gallup research, employee absences cost American businesses between $257 and $312 billion dollars a year. Twenty-first century workers need a leader who combines the strengths of both the male and female "leadership styles" - a Hybrid Leader! This insightful book describes how you can change your leadership approach and positively impact the bottom line by:- Achieving a diversity breakthrough - Learning to nurture and serve employees - Understanding what motivates employees beyond money - Forming collaborative teams - Teaching and not telling employees - Building authentic relationships

Business Leadership In China

Author : Frank T. Gallo
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There are thousands of books that have been written on business leadership. Many of these have been translated into Chinese and many have been swallowed up by Chinese business people. China has an enormous need to improve the quality of its leadership and current and future leaders are starving for more information to help them get to the top. But what we are also hearing is that while they find these Western works intellectually stimulating, there is always something missing. It is naive for anyone to think that they can just take Western concepts and practices on leadership and make them work in China. They still need work. In fact, it is fair to ask whether these Western practices can actually be applied in China. This book provides the bridge between Western ideas and concepts with the Chinese thoughts and wisdom.


Author : Lorna Clancy Miller
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Cracking the Wall

Author : Patricia Turner Mitchell
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Armed Forces Comptroller

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People Management

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Race Gender and Leadership

Author : Patricia S. Parker
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Much has been written about a model of leadership that emphasizes women's values and experiences, that is in some ways distinct from male models of leadership. This book redirects the focus to a view of leadership as a multicultural phenomenon that moves beyond dualistic notions of "masculine" and "feminine" leadership, and focuses more specifically on leadership as the management of meaning, including the meanings of the notion of "organizational leader." This volume focuses on leadership "traditions" revealed in the history of Black women in America and exemplified in the leadership approaches of 15 African American women executives who came of age during the civil rights and feminist movements of the 1960's and 1970's and climbed to the top of major U.S. organizations. It advances a vision of organizational leadership that challenges traditional masculine and feminine notions of leadership development and practice, providing insights on organizational leadership in the era of post-industrialization and globalization. Additionally, by placing African American women at the center of analysis, this book provides insights into the ways in which race and gender structure key leadership processes in today's diverse and changing workplace. It is a must-read for scholars and researchers in organizational communication, management, leadership, African American studies, and related areas.

The Catholic priesthood and its challenges in our contemporary Nigerian society

Author : Tongshinen Yohanna Wadak
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Thrust for Educational Leadership

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Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations

Author : John Moore Bryson
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When it was first published more than sixteen years ago, John Bryson's "Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations" introduced a new and thoughtful strategic planning model. Since then it has become the standard reference in the field. In this completely revised third edition, Bryson updates his perennial bestseller to help today' s leaders enhance organizational effectiveness. This new edition: Features the Strategy Change Cycle-- a proven planning process used by a large number of organizations Offers detailed guidance on implementing the planning process and includes specific tools and techniques to make the process work in any organization Introduces new material on creating public value, stakeholder analysis, strategy mapping, balanced scorecards, collaboration, and more Includes information about the organizational designs that will encourage strategic thought and action throughout the entire organization Contains a wealth of updated examples and cases

Feminist Collections

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