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Blockchain The Business Perspective

Author : Trevor Clohessy
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Blockchain, the technology which underpins the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, is a versatile beast. The technology's potential business use applications go beyond electronic payment system functionality. Blockchain: The Business Perspective provides a hand-on introduction to blockchain technologies. By the end of chapter 1, you will understand the abstract nature of blockchain, outline the positives and negatives of blockchain technologies, be able to discuss the characteristics of blockchain technologies and differentiate the nuances between permissionless (public) and permissioned (private) blockchains. The chapters include real-world case studies with content that is suitable for higher education students and lecturers, chief information officers wanting insights on blockchain solutions, business people interested in migrating to blockchain technologies and information technology professionals seeking information and knowledge about blockchain fundamentals. You will learn specifics about blockchain characteristics, smart contracts, tokenization, GDPR, decentralized applications, business models and much more.

Business Innovation Through Blockchain

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This book explores the main challenges and trends related to the use of blockchain technology for digital business innovation with the aim of providing practitioners with stimulating insights and ideas. Readers will find a unified survey of current scientific work on blockchain and related phenomena, such as bitcoin, from a range of perspectives, including information systems, technology management, innovation research, computer science, and engineering. In this way, the book links research and industry practices suitable for use by practitioners in their day-to-day activities and also provides an update on what academia may offer in terms of industry proposals. The contents are divided into three parts. After discussion of blockchain technology and management, including impacts on value chains and systems, governance, and security issues, the bitcoin phenomenon and main technological trends in the use of blockchain are addressed. The final part presents examples of business innovation using blockchain that are drawn from across the globe. Throughout, the author adopts a methodologically rigorous approach while ensuring that the text is readily understandable for readers, regardless of their degree of acquaintance with blockchain.

Blockchain for Business with Hyperledger Fabric

Author : Nakul Shah
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Step-by-step guide to understand the business implementation of Hyperledger Fabric DESCRIPTION In 2016, enterprise “blockchain” was a new concept. There were very few players in the private permissioned blockchain space. The advent of Hyperledger Fabric has since brought its tech in front of the likes of multi-national companies across various sectors like banking, insurance, retail, and more. Corporations and startups, across the globe, have started moving towards Hyperledger Fabric to find new use cases to support business requirements efficiently. As a result, relevant technical expertise and knowledge is required to build and support solutions on Hyperledger Fabric. This book aims to equip you with enough knowledge of enterprise blockchain platforms in conjunction with skills to use Fabric in order to succeed in the role of a Blockchain developer or Subject Matter Expert. The book starts with a brief introduction to the world of blockchain. The book will cover all aspects of fabric ranging from network setup, to use case deployment and testing. Several examples have been covered in this book which will provide you a hands-on understanding of the subject. You will also learn to use the basic functions, libraries and packages required in a Fabric business network deployment. KEY FEATURES Learn the basics of blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology from a business and enterprise perspective Understand the advantages of Hyperledger Fabric and get acquainted with its architecture and tools used Acquire skills to create, deploy and interact with Chaincode in Node.js Learn to set up a new Hyperledger Fabric network Demystify Chaincode, in Fabric, for developers and operators Develop knowledge to invoke Chaincode from Fabric SDK and create APIs Get acquainted with the production environment for Fabric business networks WHAT WILL YOU LEARN This book will help the reader learn techniques for developing enterprise applications using Hyperledger Fabric. It will also help understand why blockchain is being regarded as a game changing technology within the business world. Reader will learn to deploy Fabric based business networks and chaincodes, and will come across case studies to put their knowledge to practice and solve real-life business problems using Hyperledger Fabric. WHO THIS BOOK IS FOR The book is intended for anyone looking for a career in blockchain, all aspiring Hyperledger Fabric SMEs who want to learn the most powerful innovation of the current time or working professionals who want to switch their career to blockchain by using Hyperledger Fabric – one of the most commonly used business platforms for blockchain. While no prior knowledge of Blockchain or Fabric is assumed, it will be helpful to have some programming experience. Table of Contents Blockchain and Decentralization Introduction to Hyperledger and Composer Basics of Hyperledger Fabric Frameworks, Network Topologies and Modelling Chaincode in Hyperledger Fabric Fabric SDK: Interaction with Fabric Network Fabric SDK: Building End-to-End Application with Fabric Network Fabric in Production

Analytics for the Sharing Economy Mathematics Engineering and Business Perspectives

Author : Emanuele Crisostomi
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The book provides an encompassing overview of all aspects relating to the sharing economy paradigm in different fields of study, and shows the ongoing research efforts in filling previously identified gaps in understanding in this area. Control and optimization analytics for the sharing economy explores bespoke analytics, tools, and business models that can be used to help design collaborative consumption services (the shared economy). It provides case studies of collaborative consumption in the areas of energy and mobility. The contributors review successful examples of sharing systems, and explore the theory for designing effective and stable shared-economy models. They discuss recent innovations in and uses of shared economy models in niche areas, such as energy and mobility. Readers learn the scientific challenging issues associated with the realization of a sharing economy. Conceptual and practical matters are examined, and the state-of-the-art tools and techniques to address such applications are explained. The contributors also show readers how topical problems in engineering, such as energy consumption in power grids, or bike sharing in transportation networks, can be formulated and solved from a general collaborative consumption perspective. Since the book takes a mathematical perspective to the topic, researchers in business, computer science, optimization and control find it useful. Practitioners also use the book as a point of reference, as it explores and investigates the analytics behind economy sharing.

Quantum Computing and Blockchain in Business

Author : Arunkumar Krishnakumar
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Fintech veteran and venture capitalist, Arunkumar Krishnakumar, cuts through the hype to bring us a first-hand look into how quantum computing and Blockchain together could redefine industries and life as we know it. Key Features Take a practical perspective on quantum computing and Blockchain technologies and their impacts on key industries Gain insights from experts who are applying quantum computing or Blockchain in their fields See where quantum computing and Blockchain are heading, and where the two may intersect Book Description Are quantum computing and Blockchain on a collision course or will they be the most important trends of this decade to disrupt industries and life as we know it? Fintech veteran and venture capitalist Arunkumar Krishnakumar cuts through the hype to bring us a first-hand look into how quantum computing and Blockchain together are redefining industries, including fintech, healthcare, and research. Through a series of interviews with domain experts, he also explores these technologies’ potential to transform national and global governance and policies – from how elections are conducted and how smart cities can be designed and optimized for the environment, to what cyberwarfare enabled by quantum cryptography might look like. In doing so, he also highlights challenges that these technologies have to overcome to go mainstream. Quantum Computing and Blockchain in Business explores the potential changes that quantum computing and Blockchain might bring about in the real world. After expanding on the key concepts and techniques, such as applied cryptography, qubits, and digital annealing, that underpin quantum computing and Blockchain, the book dives into how major industries will be impacted by these technologies. Lastly, we consider how the two technologies may come together in a complimentary way. What you will learn Understand the fundamentals of quantum computing and Blockchain Gain insights from the experts who are using quantum computing and Blockchain Discover the implications of these technologies for governance and healthcare Learn how Blockchain and quantum computing may influence logistics and finance Understand how these technologies are impacting research in areas such as chemistry Find out how these technologies may help the environment and influence smart city development Understand the implications for cybersecurity as these technologies evolve Who this book is for This book is for tech enthusiasts – developers, architects, managers, consultants, and venture capitalists – working in or interested in the latest developments in quantum computing and blockchain. While the book introduces key ideas, terms, and techniques used in these technologies, the main goal of this book is to prime readers for the practical adoption and applications of these technologies across varies industries and walks of life.

Advances in E Business Engineering for Ubiquitous Computing

Author : Kuo-Ming Chao
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This book presents the latest trends in scientific methods and enabling technologies to advance e-business. It consists of selected high-quality papers from the 16th International Conference on E-Business Engineering (ICEBE 2019), held in Shanghai, China, on 11–13 October 2019. ICEBE is a leading international forum for researchers, engineers, and business specialists to exchange cutting-edge ideas, findings, and experiences in the field of e-business. The book covers a range of topics, including agents for e-business, big data for e-business, Internet of Things, mobile and autonomous computing, security/privacy/trust, service-oriented and cloud computing, software engineering, blockchain, and industry applications.

Business Transformation through Blockchain

Author : Horst Treiblmaier
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The second volume of this edited collection offers a number of contributions from leading scholars investigating Blockchain and its implications for business. Focusing on the transformation of the overall value chain, the sections cover the foundations of Blockchain and its sustainability, social and legal applications. It features a variety of use cases, from tourism to healthcare. Using a number of theoretical and methodological approaches, this innovative publication aims to further the cause of this ground-breaking technology and its use within information technology, supply chain and wider business management research.

Cross Industry Use of Blockchain Technology and Opportunities for the Future

Author : Williams, Idongesit
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Blockchain is a technology that transcends cryptocurrencies. There are other services in different sectors of the economy that can benefit from the trust and security that blockchains offer. For example, financial institutions are using blockchains for international money transfer, and in logistics, it has been used for supply chain management and tracking of goods. As more global companies and governments are experimenting and deploying blockchain solutions, it is necessary to compile knowledge on the best practices, strategies, and failures in order to create a better awareness of how blockchain could either support or add value to other services. Cross-Industry Use of Blockchain Technology and Opportunities for the Future provides emerging research highlighting the possibilities inherent in blockchain for different sectors of the economy and the added value blockchain can provide for the future of these different sectors. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics such as data privacy, information sharing, and digital identity, this book is ideally designed for IT specialists, consultants, design engineers, cryptographers, service designers, researchers, academics, government officials, and industry professionals.

Blockchain Economics Implications Of Distributed Ledgers Markets Communications Networks And Algorithmic Reality

Author : Swan Melanie
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This practical introduction explains the field of Blockchain Economics, the economic models emerging with the implementation of distributed ledger technology. These models are characterized by three factors: open platform business models, cryptotoken money supplies, and Initial Coin Offerings as a new and official form of financing. The book covers a variety of approaches from a business and academic perspective, ranging from financial theory, complexity, and open innovation networks to behavioral economics, self-determination theory, public policy, and financial inclusion.Unlike existing titles, this book draws on worldwide blockchain industry experts to define the new discipline of Blockchain Economics and provide novel theoretical and conceptual resources for the future of this fast-developing economy. The primer also highlights the wider theme of blockchain as an institutional technology, in that many value transfer interactions might be shifted to automated networks, decreasing the number of human-operated institutions.As well as stimulating further research, and implementation by business innovators and public policy strategists, the book can also be used as a foundational textbook in courses on Blockchain Economics. remove

Is the consumer willing to adopt the innovative cryptocurrency Bitcoin as a payment method

Author : Liutauras Rokas
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Master's Thesis from the year 2019 in the subject Computer Sciences - Cryptocurrency, grade: 2.7, , course: INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT, language: English, abstract: Is the consumer willing to adopt the innovative, blockchain based cryptocurrency Bitcoin as a payment method? The aim of this work is to assess the European consumer’s intention to use Bitcoin for payments. Bitcoin is not yet defined in many ways. The Role of the consumer is important as consumers play a significant role in technology adoption. In this work, Bitcoin is investigated from the consumer’s perspective as an available innovative payment method. A literature reviewed allowed characterizing Bitcoin and to outline factors that have an effect on the consumer’s intention to adopt this innovative technology for payments. These factors, compatibility (as in Innovation Diffusion Theory) and perceived risk, were integrated with a theoretical research model (Technology Acceptance Model) and its constructs perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness and behavioral intention, in order to predict the consumer’s intention to use Bitcoin for payments. The proposed model was empirically tested using data collected from a survey of European consumers. The Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) technique was used to evaluate this research model and a Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) was performed to test the reliability and validity of the proposed measurement model.

Blockchain for Decision Makers

Author : Romain Tormen
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Understand how blockchain works and explore a variety of strategies to implement it in your organization effectively Key Features Become familiar with business challenges faced by companies when using blockchain Discover how companies implement blockchain to monetize and secure their data Study real-world examples to understand blockchain and its use in organizations Book Description In addition to cryptocurrencies, blockchain-based apps are being developed in different industries such as banking, supply chain, and healthcare to achieve digital transformation and enhance user experience. Blockchain is not only about Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies, but also about different technologies such as peer-to-peer networks, consensus mechanisms, and cryptography. These technologies together help sustain trustless environments in which digital value can be transferred between individuals without intermediaries. This book will help you understand the basics of blockchain such as consensus protocols, decentralized applications, and tokenization. You'll focus on how blockchain is used today in different industries and the technological challenges faced while implementing a blockchain strategy. The book also enables you, as a decision maker, to understand blockchain from a technical perspective and evaluate its applicability in your business. Finally, you'll get to grips with blockchain frameworks such as Hyperledger and Quorum and their usability. By the end of this book, you'll have learned about the current use cases of blockchain and be able to implement a blockchain strategy on your own. What you will learn Become well-versed with how blockchain works Understand the difference between blockchain and Bitcoin Learn how blockchain is being used in different industry verticals such as finance and retail Delve into the technological and organizational challenges of implementing blockchain Explore the possibilities that blockchain can unlock for decision makers Choose a blockchain framework best suited for your projects from options such as Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric Who this book is for This book is for CXOs, business professionals, organization leaders, decision makers, technology enthusiasts, and managers who wish to understand how blockchain is implemented in different organizations, its impact, and how it can be customized according to business needs. Prior experience with blockchain is not required.

Business Process Management Blockchain and Robotic Process Automation Forum

Author : Aleksandre Asatiani
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Halal Cryptocurrency Management

Author : Mohd Ma'Sum Billah
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The growth of Islamic finance today is significant, making it timely to meet the market demand across the world and particularly for Muslim countries by producing a cryptocurrency model under the Shari’ah ethical principles. This book addresses core components of cryptocurrency within the Maqasid al-Shari’ah in enabling students, academics, users, traders, issuers, promoters, facilitators, managers, regulators, decision makers, blockchain technology providers, financial authorities, and other relevant professionals to understand Shari’ah cryptocurrency and its practical mechanisms. Among the issues covered are corporate understanding, global phenomena and world view, the Shari’ah model, SWOT analysis, innovation, conventional practices and the Halaldichotomy, regulatory standards, blockchain and its technological paradigm, practicality, establishment, and operational mechanisms, Zakat and Waqf through cryptocurrency, risk factors, and takaful solution. This book establishes a Halal alternative model of cryptocurrency management within the Maqasid al-Shari’ah to meet the contemporary global market demand.

Architectures and Frameworks for Developing and Applying Blockchain Technology

Author : Shi, Nansi
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The blockchain revolution has drastically impacted global economics and the strategic practices within different industries. Cryptocurrency specifically has forever changed the face of business and the implementation of business online. While innovative, people are still in the early stages of building and developing blockchain technology and its applications, and it is critical that researchers and practitioners obtain a better understanding of this global phenomenon. Architectures and Frameworks for Developing and Applying Blockchain Technology is an essential reference source that presents the technological foundation, recent research findings, developments, and critical issues associated with blockchain technology from both computer science and social science perspectives. Featuring topics such as artificial intelligence, digital economy, and network technology, this book is ideally designed for academics, researchers, industry leaders, IT consultants, engineers, programmers, practitioners, government officials, policymakers, and students.

Legal Perspective on Blockchain Theory Outcomes and Outlooks

Author : Andrea Borroni
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Bitcoin Blockchain and Cryptoassets

Author : Fabian Schar
File Size : 44.85 MB
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An introduction to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology; a guide for practitioners and students. Bitcoin and blockchain enable the ownership of virtual property without the need for a central authority. Additionally, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies make up an entirely new class of assets that have the potential for fundamental change in the current financial system. This book offers an introduction to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology from the perspective of monetary economics.

The Phoenix Encounter Method Lead Like Your Business Is on Fire

Author : Ian C. Woodward
File Size : 34.86 MB
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A radical new leadership strategy to transform business as we know it—from a dream team of INSEAD professors and mega-bestselling author Ram Charan The business landscape is littered with the wreckage of companies that crashed and burned when an apocalypse came—in the shape of new competitive technologies, upstart entrants, demographic shifts, and new world orders. Who can feel safe in firestorm change? The authors of The Phoenix Encounter Method don’t advise safety. In fact, their method of leadership thinking requires you to imagine burning your business to the ground—throwing yourself into a firestorm change—and turning the upheaval to your organization’s advantage. It can then rise, phoenix-like, from the ashes, stronger and more powerful than ever. Written with a sense of urgency and purposefully radical provocation, The Phoenix Encounter Method represents the forward thinking of legendary business guru Ram Charan and professors from the senior global leadership program of INSEAD, one of the world’s top graduate business schools. The resulting methodology, based on analysis of thousands of articles, studies, reports, and academic and business practice, was field tested in real-life Phoenix Encounters conducted with more than fifteen hundred senior executives—from startups and family businesses to legacy companies—representing a broad range of industry and sectors in both developed and developing economies. Whatever your sector or industry, if you’re responsible for your organization’s ability to use change as a transformative opportunity, you’ll appreciate the dramatic impact The Phoenix Encounter Method will have on you, your leadership, and your organization.

Hashgraph VS Blockchain The Future of Cryptocurrency

Author :
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Author : Matthieu Quiniou
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The dominance of trusted intermediaries could be weakened by blockchain, a distributed ledger technology, one of the functions of which is to constitute timestamped proofs by replacing inter-individual trust with algorithmic trust. Blockchain self-executing smart contracts allow us to rethink the practice in the domain of e-commerce, interbank communication, fundraising (and ICOs), justice (timestamping evidence, acts authenticated by blockchain) and businesses in numerous sectors (entertainment, AI, health, real estate, tourism, transport, etc.) which attempt to propose new services by benefiting from blockchains. This book aims to put into perspective the technical innovations and the uses brought about by blockchain, by identifying that which has a medium- or long-term impact, all while taking into account the social, economic, judicial and administrative resistances that are likely to develop.

A Case Study on Business Model Innovations Using Blockchain Focusing on Financial Institutions

Author :
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Abstract : Purpose: Blockchain is a distributed ledger, in which the blocks containing transaction details are connected chronologically to form a series of chains, thus raising the possibility of improving the process and innovating business model for the financial institutions. The purpose of this paper is to study the actual cases of Blockchain applied in Korea in 2017, so that a vision of business model innovation of financial institutions can be drawn. Design/methodology/approach: The financial institutions in Korea are in the technology verification stage to introduce Blockchain technology. Since there is an insufficient amount of actual measurement data, case study method was adopted. The authors interviewed ICT officers of major banks in Korea. The purpose of the interview was to understand the relationship between Blockchain and business models of financial institutions, and the effects and challenges that Blockchain has on the business model of financial institutions. Findings: From the perspective of financial institutions, the emergence of Blockchain does not just have technical significance – emergence of highly efficient database system – but has the possibility that if the business model of existing financial intermediaries disappears or get reduced, the financial services relying on them can disappear altogether, or some of them can be replaced, and financial transaction patterns of consumers can be changed. As a case studies researched for this paper, it was discovered that the distributed characteristic of Blockchain cannot be applied when actually developing financial services.