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Author : Donald Craig Miller
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Trailing the Bloody Footprints Danger is Detective Jake Jezreel's business. In the first-century AD, Jake's profession as a private detective makes him a rare breed. Jake lives in the very large shadow of his famous detective father who has provided investigative services for King Herod and, more recently, for the Romans. Making a name for himself as a detective is all-important to Jake to live up to his renowned father's reputation. As Jake sits at his desk, one fateful day, a very politically powerful client comes to hire him. From that moment on, Jake is plunged into the supreme case of his life when he is hired by the pompous, self-righteous Jerusalem Pharisee named Obadiah. The Pharisee wants Jake to dig up as much dirt as possible about a dangerous and mysterious troublemaker named Jesus of Nazareth. After listening to the charges leveled at Jesus by Obadiah, Jake accepts the case. The next day, the adventure of his life begins as Jake accompanies a group of Pharisees, who are traveling to Galilee, to investigate firsthand the disturbing rumors about the mysterious Jesus. From this point on, Jake is swept up into the swirling onslaught by the religious leaders to crush Jesus. The investigation comes to an explosive apex when a major conflict detonates between Jesus and the Pharisees when the Nazarene heals a man on the Sabbath. The enraged Pharisees immediately begin plotting how they can murder Jesus. Jake realizes he has been dragged into this vicious vendetta against Jesus by the powerful religious leaders. And he can feel their icy fingers clutching at him like a pawn of their malicious political machine. How will Jake proceed in his investigation, knowing that Jesus is innocent of any crimes and is the target of the deadly religious/political machine? What can he do to protect this good and godly man he has been hired to destroy? The religious leaders want results from their detective. They are squeezing him hard to deliver the incriminating clues they salivate for. Only a final, unimagined finish can answer these frightful questions.

Violence Against Women

Author : Pauline B. Bart
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Violence against women permeates our society at every level, in every setting. Murder, rape, intimidation, pornography, workplace harassment, incest are all part of a general belief built into the roots of patriarchal society: Women are proper targets of male violence. The chapters in this book, contributed by some of the most prolific contemporary writers on women's issues, explore this culture of violence and oppression, examining its ideological underpinnings and its structural supports in the social, political and legal systems that protect the violent by blaming the victim.

Valley Forge

Author : Lorett Treese
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More than four million people a year visit Valley Forge, one of America's most celebrated historic sites. Here, amid the rolling hills of southeastern Pennsylvania, visitors can pass through the house which served as Washington's Headquarters during the famous winter encampment of 1777–1778. Others picnic and jog in the huge park, complete with monuments, recreated log huts, and modern visitor center, all built to pay tribute to the Valley Forge story. In this lively book, Lorett Treese shows how Valley Forge evolved into the tourist mecca that it is today. In the process, she uses Valley Forge as a means for understanding how Americans view their own past. Treese explores the origins of popular images associated with Valley Forge, such as George Washington kneeling in the snow to seek divine assistance. She places Valley Forge in the context of the historic preservation movement as the site became Pennsylvania's first state park in 1893. She studies its "Era of Monuments" and the movement to "restore" Valley Forge in the spirit of Rockefeller's enormously popular colonial Williamsburg. Treese describes a Valley Forge fraught with controversy over the appropriate appearance and use of a place so revered. One such controversy, the "hot dog war," a brief but intense battle over concession stands, was spawned by Americans' changing perceptions of how a national park was to be used. The volatile Vietnam era prompted the state park commission to establish its "Subcommittee on Sex, Hippies, and Whiskey Swillers" to investigate park regulation infractions. Even today, people differ over exactly what happened at Valley Forge during the winter of 1777–1778. The modern visitor sees the remains of over a century of commemoration, competition, and contention. The result, Treese shows, is a historic site that may reveal more about succeeding history than about Washington's army. This book will give its readers a new way to look at Valley Forge—and all historic sites.

The Bloody Footprints

Author :
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Damn Slavers

Author : Robert James Warner
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The History of the Sea, Lake, and River Battles of the Civil War, is an expose, a denunciation, a condemnation of the lies, the distortions, the deceits, the misrepresentations, and the slanders of the biased civil war historians, the biased movie makers, and the biased makers of TV Specials, who write distorted books, distorted movies, and make distorted TV Specials about the civil war. For example, President Grant is slandered as the butcher of the civil war, when the real butcher is the traitor Robert E. Lee by an actual count of the men he killed in the battles he fought! Another example is the big lie that the Monitor and Merrimac battle was a draw when it was a clear cut victory for the Monitor! There are two classes of people in The Damn Slavers: The people in the 22 Loyal states and in the 11 traitor states: the Loyalists: the victims; and the people in the 11 traitor states and in the 22 Loyal states: the traitors: the villains! One of the biggest vile lies of the civil war is the depraved lie the traitors won most of the battles! The author counted hundreds of the bigger land battles and the sea, lake, and river battles! This battle count is what Damn Slavers is all about! Surprise, Surprise! The Loyalists won most of the bigger land battles of the civil war by a ratio of about 2 to 1 from the start of the civil war and won most of the sea, lake, and river battles too, by an overwhelming margin!! If you want to learn some real truths about the civil war, read Damn Slavers! A History of the Sea, Lake, and River Battles of the Civil War!

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Author : Library of Congress. Copyright Office
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Hush Little Babies

Author : Donald A. Davis
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A killing so brutal it shocked the police and left the nation grieving, Hush Little Babies is the appalling true story of Darlie Routier, the neighborhood's most wonderful mom, who one night, coldly, calculatingly and brutally stabbed her two sons and watched them die in a pool of their own blood... Darlie claimed an intruder has come through the window, fatally stabbed her sons, six-year-old Devon and five-year-old Damon, slashed her throat with same knife, then fled, while her husband and infant son slept upstairs. At first Darlie's heartfelt testimony evoked fear and sympathy in her safe Dallas community. Then police became suspicious after these troubling questions were raised: Why, according to a police report, didn't Darlie make any attempt to help her dying sons? Why, when she called 911, did she tell the dispatcher that her own fingerprints would be on the murderer's knife because she had picked it up? Why did the trail of blood left behind contradict Darlie's testimony? From the dark forces that drove her to kill her own flesh and blood, to the evidence that snared her in her own twisted web, here is a chilling account of homemaker, loving wife, mother of three, and cold-blooded killer--Darlie Routier.

How I Became A Ghost

Author : Tim Tingle
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A Choctaw boy tells in his own words the story of his tribe’s removal from the only land its people have ever known, and how their journey to Oklahoma led him to become a ghost — one with the ability to help those he left behind. Isaac leads a remarkable foursome of Choctaw comrades: a tough minded teenage girl, a shape-shifting panther boy, a lovable five-year-old ghost who only wants her mom and dad to be happy, and Isaac’s talking dog, Jumper. The first in a series, How I Became a Ghost thinly disguises an important and oft-overlooked piece of history.

Medical Moulage

Author : Bobbie J Merica
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Here’s an easy-to-use guide to creating over 300 special effects for clinical simulations! Simple recipes with over 1,200 vibrant, full-color illustrations provide step-by-step directions that use readily available ingredients. Heighten the realism in your simulations whether using manikins or live actors!

The O J Simpson

Author : Ronald Williams
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The O. J. Simpson step-by-step murder investigation. Lets talk about the search warrant. On Monday, Judge Ito returned from a short rest and fishing trip. Now it was time to start the pretrial hearing in the Simpson and Goldman murder case.

Science and the Detective

Author : Brian H. Kaye
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Who killed Napoleon? Were the witches of Salem high on LSD? What do maggots on a body tell us about the time of death? In his unique, engaging style, Brian Kaye tells the story of some spectacular cases in which forensic evidence played a key role. You'll also read about the fascinating ways in which scientific evidence can be used to establish guilt or innocence in today's courtroom. The use of voice analysis, methods for developing fingerprints and for uncovering art forgeries, and the examination of bullet wounds are just a few topics considered. In a special section on fraud, the author takes you into the world of counterfeit money. There's no solving crime without science. Written for everyone interested in whodunnits, this book explains the basis of the analytical techniques available for studying evidence in offenses ranging from doping in sports to first-degree murder.

My Own Blood

Author : Ashley Bristowe
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Mothering under normal circumstances takes all you have to give. But what happens when your child is disabled, and sacrificing all you've got and more is the only hope for a decent future? Full of rage and resilience, duty and love, Ashley Bristowe delivers a mother's voice like no other we've heard. When their second child, Alexander, is diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, doctors tell Ashley Bristowe and her husband that the boy won't walk, or even talk--that he is profoundly disabled. Stunned and reeling, Ashley researches a disorder so new it's just been named--Kleefstra Syndrome--and she finds little hope and a maze of obstacles. Then she comes across the US-based "Institutes," which have been working to improve the lives of brain-injured children for decades. Recruiting volunteers, organizing therapy, juggling a million tests and appointments, even fundraising as the family falls deep into debt, Ashley devotes years of 24/7 effort to running an impossibly rigorous diet and therapy programme for their son with the hope of saving his life, and her own. The ending is happy: he will never be a "normal" boy, but Alexander talks, he walks, he swims, he plays the piano (badly) and he goes to school. This victory isn't clean and it's far from pretty; the personal toll on Ashley is devastating. "It takes a village," people say, but too much of their village is uncomfortable with her son's difference, the therapy regimen's demands and the family's bottomless need. The health and provincial services bureaucracy set them a maddening set of hoops to jump through, showing how disabled children and their families languish because of criminally low expectations about what can be done to help. My Own Blood is an uplifting story, but it never shies away from the devastating impact of a baby that science couldn't predict and medicine couldn't help. It's the story of a woman who lost everything she'd once been--a professional, an optimist, a joker, a capable adult--in sacrifice to her son. An honest account of a woman's life turned upside down.

The Foot prints of Satan

Author : Hollis Read
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The Arma Christi in Medieval and Early Modern Material Culture

Author : Lisa H. Cooper
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The Arma Christi, the cluster of objects associated with Christ’s Passion, was one of the most familiar iconographic devices of European medieval and early modern culture. From the weapons used to torment and sacrifice the body of Christ sprang a reliquary tradition that produced active and contemplative devotional practices, complex literary narratives, intense lyric poems, striking visual images, and innovative architectural ornament. This collection displays the fascinating range of intellectual possibilities generated by representations of these medieval ’objects,’ and through the interdisciplinary collaboration of its contributors produces a fresh view of the multiple intersections of the spiritual and the material in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. It also includes a new and authoritative critical edition of the Middle English Arma Christi poem known as ’O Vernicle’ that takes account of all twenty surviving manuscripts. The book opens with a substantial introduction that surveys previous scholarship and situates the Arma in their historical and aesthetic contexts. The ten essays that follow explore representative examples of the instruments of the Passion across a broad swath of history, from some of their earliest formulations in late antiquity to their reformulations in early modern Europe. Together, they offer the first large-scale attempt to understand the arma Christi as a unique cultural phenomenon of its own, one that resonated across centuries in multiple languages, genres, and media. The collection directs particular attention to this array of implements as an example of the potency afforded material objects in medieval and early modern culture, from the glittering nails of the Old English poem Elene to the coins of the Middle English poem ’Sir Penny,’ from garments and dice on Irish tomb sculptures to lanterns and ladders in Hieronymus Bosch’s panel painting of St. Christopher, and from the altar of the Sistine Chapel to the printed prayer books of the Reformation.

Not a Happy Family

Author : Shari Lapena
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The chilling Sunday Times bestseller perfect for fans of Knives Out. 'In this fast-paced, twisted family saga, Shari Lapena keeps you guessing until the very last page...' PAULA HAWKINS The new unputdownable thriller from the multi-million-copy bestselling author of THE COUPLE NEXT DOOR. In this family, everyone is keeping secrets - even the dead. In the quiet, wealthy enclave of Brecken Hill, an older couple is brutally murdered hours after a tense Easter dinner with their three adult children. Who, of course, are devastated. Or are they? They each stand to inherit millions. They were never a happy family, thanks to their vindictive father and neglectful mother, but perhaps one of them is more disturbed than anyone knew. Did someone snap after that dreadful evening? Or did another person appear later that night with the worst of intentions? That must be what happened. After all, if one of the family were capable of something as gruesome as this, you'd know. Wouldn't you? 'Nobody does a vicious family circle like Shari Lapena. Highly recommended' Cara Hunter 'Queen of the modern crime novel, Shari Lapena, is back with another tale of murder... Shari will keep you guessing until the very end' Sunday Express 'A cross between Big Little Lies and Miss Marple' Woman's Weekly '[A] dramatic, tense and satisfying murder mystery' My Weekly

And Then There Was Reasonable Doubt

Author : Jack Barnhart
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And Then There Was Reasonable Doubt: The State of Ohio v. Charles “Keith” Wampler is about a true crime that occurred in Moraine, Ohio, in February 1982. The investigation in 1982 lead to an innocent sixteen-year-old boy being wrongfully convicted of murdering Robert “David” Rowell, a thirteen-year-old boy, whose nude and mutilated body was discovered in a field along I-75. This books covers the police investigation, the trial, and the reinvestigation of this case in 2

Criminal and Forensic Evidence

Author : Robert J. Goodwin
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This unique casebook adopts a modern, comprehensive approach to the study of evidence issues that arise in the context of criminal trial litigation. It covers evidentiary issues associated with the admission of forensic evidence, including expert testimony, as well as traditional evidence issues, such as evidence of prior bad acts offered for purposes other than to prove propensity, and evidence of a rape victim's prior sexual behavior. The materials are presented in two parts that allow for a Criminal Evidence course focused solely on forensic science, solely on traditional criminal evidentiary issues, or a combination of both topics. The Third Edition provides students the most current and comprehensive examination of the Supreme Court's Sixth Amendment Confrontation Clause jurisprudence emanating from its recent decisions in Crawford v. Washington, Davis v. Washington, Giles v. California, and Melendez-Diaz v. Massachusetts. The new edition includes an extensive analysis of how federal and state courts post-Crawford have applied the Supreme Court's "testimonial" evidence and "primary purpose" tests for determining whether the admission of hearsay statements violates the Sixth Amendment right of confrontation. Forensic science issues are also updated and include materials on the scientific reliability and admissibility of traditional forensic techniques generated by the release of the 2009 National Academy of Science's report on Strengthening Forensic Science in the United States: A Path Forward. Forensic science issues include: • How courts have applied the Daubert test in criminal cases to determine the admissibility of both scientific and non-scientific forensic techniques; • debate over the reliability and admissibility of traditional forensic techniques such as fingerprint evidence; • issues related to the admissibility of DNA evidence; and • The admissibility of syndrome and profile evidence, including rape trauma, child abuse and battered woman syndromes. This eBook features links to Lexis Advance for further legal research options.

Traces of Trauma

Author : Boreth Ly
File Size : 84.1 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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How do the people of a morally shattered culture and nation find ways to go on living? Cambodians confronted this challenge following the collective disasters of the American bombing, the civil war, and the Khmer Rouge genocide. The magnitude of violence and human loss, the execution of artists and intellectuals, the erasure of individual and institutional cultural memory all caused great damage to Cambodian arts, culture, and society. Author Boreth Ly explores the “traces” of this haunting past in order to understand how Cambodians at home and in the diasporas deal with trauma on such a vast scale. Ly maintains that the production of visual culture by contemporary Cambodian artists and writers—photographers, filmmakers, court dancers, and poets—embodies traces of trauma, scars leaving an indelible mark on the body and the psyche. His book considers artists of different generations and family experiences: a Cambodian-American woman whose father sent her as a baby to the United States to be adopted; the Cambodian-French film-maker, Rithy Panh, himself a survivor of the Khmer Rouge, whose film The Missing Picture was nominated for an Oscar in 2014; a young Cambodian artist born in 1988—part of the “post-memory” generation. The works discussed include a variety of materials and remnants from the historical past: the broken pieces of a shattered clay pot, the scarred landscape of bomb craters, the traditional symbolism of the checkered scarf called krama, as well as the absence of a visual archive. Boreth Ly’s poignant book explores obdurate traces that are fragmented and partial, like the acts of remembering and forgetting. His interdisciplinary approach, combining art history, visual studies, psychoanalysis, cultural studies, religion, and philosophy, is particularly attuned to the diverse body of material discussed in his book, which includes photographs, video installations, performance art, poetry, and mixed media. By analyzing these works through the lens of trauma, he shows how expressions of a national trauma can contribute to healing and the reclamation of national identity.

The Binding Volume 1

Author : John Parham
File Size : 65.77 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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What happens when a 5,000-year-old Starman, a Voodoo Queen, a sarcastic, telepathic cat, and a motley crew of former Louisiana Creole military veterans join forces to save America from a mutating Nano virus? New Orleans is Ground Zero for the Russian Mafia’s most sinister plot yet. But their plan to release a Nano virus that mutates and kills food crops is missing one vital component… water. Lucky for them, The Big Easy has plenty to spare! A band of untamed and unfettered misfits join forces to stop the Russians or watch as they destroy crops from coast-to-coast. With amazing skills, highly volatile personalities, unadulterated chaos, and more drama than a soap opera, the crew of unlikely allies must achieve the impossible. Can they do it without creating another disaster or will it be chaos? Find out in this Sci-fi Action-Adventure novel!

Specter of an Accident

Author : Wade Powers
File Size : 70.61 MB
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Specter of an Accident is set against the backdrop of Access Air flight 41 from Houston to Pittsburgh The main character is an emotionally distraught twirty-two-year-old Civil Servant named Alexander LaRae, a man whose life is an emotional wreck. Haunted by the memory of his recently-deceased wife, reality has left Alex to be both father and mother to his two young daughters. Alex's job as an air traffic controller does nothing to alleviate his anxiety level. At the workings of his high school friend, Matt Johnson, Alex takes a jaunt to his and Matt's old high school stomping ground because Matt has arranged for a little meeting between his friend and Jill Murray, who happens to be Matt's ex-wife. On the flight to the steel city, Alex meets up with Captain Douglas Rayborn, a pilot that is less than two years from retirement and Charlie O'brien, a good-natured jokester pilot who also exists as an emotional time bomb. Fate has them meeting again and the three men come across evidence that the accident of flight 41 was no accident at all. The double cross, that is instigated by a powerful drug lord, leads to murder and a colossal act of terrorism on U.S. soil. A fatal piece of the puzzle, however, ends up in Charlie's possession and the chase begins. Amidst a stolen F117 Nighthawk, a hijacked Boeing 767, and numerous attempts on the foursome's lives, Alex and Jill manage to find love. Or do they? You'll have to read the book to find out the unpredictable ending. Specter of an Accident is wall-to-wall excitement peppered with passion. The reader will be rewarded by the smart, witty, and thought-provoking plot.