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Blue Urbanism

Author : Timothy Beatley
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What would it mean to live in cities designed to foster feelings of connectedness to the ocean? As coastal cities begin planning for climate change and rising sea levels, author Timothy Beatley sees opportunities for rethinking the relationship between urban development and the ocean. Modern society is more dependent upon ocean resources than people are commonly aware of—from oil and gas extraction to wind energy, to the vast amounts of fish harvested globally, to medicinal compounds derived from sea creatures, and more. In Blue Urbanism, Beatley argues that, given all we've gained from the sea, city policies, plans, and daily urban life should acknowledge and support a healthy ocean environment. The book explores issues ranging from urban design and land use, to resource extraction and renewable energy, to educating urbanites about the wonders of marine life. Chapters delve into topics like the emerging practices of “community supported fisheries” and aquaponics, incentives for increasing use of wind and tidal energy as renewable options to oil and gas extraction that damages ocean life, and how the shipping industry is becoming more "green." Additionally, urban citizens, Beatley explains, have many opportunities to interact meaningfully with the ocean, from beach cleanups to helping scientists gather data. Ultimately, he explains that we must create a culture of "ocean literacy" using a variety of approaches, from building design and art installations that draw inspiration from marine forms, to encouraging citizen volunteerism related to oceans, to city-sponsored research, and support for new laws that protect marine health. Equal parts inspiration and practical advice for urban planners, ocean activists, and policymakers, Blue Urbanism offers a comprehensive look at the challenges and great potential for urban areas to integrate ocean health into their policy and planning goals.

Ethical Water Stewardship

Author : Ingrid Leman Stefanovic
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Blue Biophilic Cities

Author : Timothy Beatley
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There is a growing recognition of the contact we need with nature to be happy, healthy and to lead meaningful lives. We need that nature daily, if not hourly, and so it must be nearby to where we live and work. This is central to the concept of ‘biophilic cities’ which is emerging as a global movement and guiding framework for city design and planning. Blue Biophilic Cities is about the promise of this movement and a kind of biophilic urbanism that is possible for cities perched on the edge of harbours and seas. In blue biophilic cities, much of the nearby nature is to be found in the marine realm. This book explores the efforts underway in a number of cities to foster new marine connections through a variety of innovative programs and initiatives. It also discusses a number of design ideas, from dynamic shoreline edges and floodable parks to living breakwaters, in order to emphasise the possibility of designing for resilience while also supporting marine biodiversity and strengthening biophilic connections to the marine world.

Handbook of Biophilic City Planning Design

Author : Timothy Beatley
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What if, even in the heart of a densely developed city, people could have meaningful encounters with nature? While parks, street trees, and green roofs are increasingly appreciated for their technical services like stormwater reduction, from a biophilic viewpoint, they also facilitate experiences that contribute to better physical and mental health: natural elements in play areas can lessen children's symptoms of ADHD, and adults who exercise in natural spaces can experience greater reductions in anxiety and blood pressure. The Handbook of Biophilic City Planning & Design offers practical advice and inspiration for ensuring that nature in the city is more than infrastructure—that it also promotes well-being andcreates an emotional connection to the earth among urban residents. Divided into six parts, the Handbook begins by introducing key ideas, literature, and theory about biophilic urbanism. Chapters highlight urban biophilic innovations in more than a dozen global cities. The final part concludes with lessons on how to advance an agenda for urban biophilia and an extensive list of resources. As the mcomprehensive reference on the emerging field of biophilic urbanism, the Handbook is essential reading for students and practitioners looking to place nature at the core of their planning and design ideas and encourage what preeminbiologist E.O. Wilson described as "the innate emotional connection of humans to all living things."

Now Urbanism

Author : Jeffrey Hou
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After more than a century of heroic urban visions, urban dwellers today live in suburban subdivisions, gated communities, edge cities, apartment towers, and slums. The contemporary cities we know are more often the embodiment of unexpected outcomes and unintended consequences rather than visionary planning. As an alternative approach for rethinking and remaking today’s cities and regions, this book explores the intersections of critical inquiry and immediate, substantive actions. The contributions inside recognize the rich complexities of the present city not as barriers or obstacles but as grounds for uncovering opportunity and unleashing potential. Now Urbanism asserts that the future city is already here. It views city making as grounded in the imperfect, messy, yet rich reality of the existing city and the everyday purposeful agency of its dwellers. Through a framework of situating, grounding, performing, distributing, instigating, and enduring, these contributions written by a multidisciplinary group of practitioners and scholars illustrate specificity, context, agency, and networks of actors and actions in the re-making of the contemporary city.

Urbanism Archaeology and Trade

Author : Timothy Insoll
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An unadulterated report on the results of excavations and surveys in the area around Gao, Mali in western Africa. This volume should be studied alongside the report on earlier work at the site ( Islam, Archaeology and History: The Gao Region of Mali BAR S647, 1996), and focuses on the environmental and artefactual remains: botanical evidence, fauna, molluscs, fish bones; beads, lithics, spindle whorls, metal and miscellaneous finds. This project has brought a better understanding of this area of Africa and of the importance of Gao as a trade centre in the early second millennium AD.

Instant Urbanism

Author : Schweizerisches Architekturmuseum
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World Urbanism

Author : Philip M. Hauser
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On Landscape Urbanism

Author : Dean Almy
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This issue of CENTER focuses on the confluence of urbanism and landscape architecture over the past 40 years. According to the introduction, 'landscape urbanism proposes an alchemical relationship between the disciplines, one that is meant to be truly transformative in a tactical sense, capable of engaging the vast marginalized landscapes of the 21C American city.' In addition to a series of essays (by McHarg, Spirn, Kwinter, Koolhaas, and others) which the editors consider foundational to the discipline, it includes new contributions by Frederick Steiner, Andrew Thurlow & Maia Small, Charles Waldheim, and many others.

Urbanism and Transport

Author : Helmut Holzapfel
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Helmut Holzapfel’s Urbanism and Transport, a bestseller in its own country, now available in English, examines the history and the future of urban design for transport in major European cities. Urbanism and Transport shows how the automobile has come to dominate the urban landscape of cities throughout the world, providing thought-provoking analysis of the societal and ideological precursors that have given rise to these developments. It describes the transformation that occurred in urban life through the ongoing separation of social functions that began in the 1920s and has continued to produce today's phenomenon of fractured urban experience – a sort of island urbanism. Professor Holzapfel examines the vital relation between the house and the street in the urban environment and explains the importance of small-scale, mixed-use urban development for humane city living, contrasting such developments with the overpowering role that the automobile typically plays in today's cities. Taking the insights gained from its historical analysis with a special focus on Germany and the rise of fascism, the book provides recommendations for architects and engineers on how urban spaces, streets, structures and transport networks can be more successfully integrated in the present day. Urbanism and Transport is a key resource for architects, transport engineers, urban and spatial planners, and students providing essential basic knowledge about the urban situation and the challenges of reclaiming cities to serve the basic needs of people rather than the imperatives of automobile transport.

Food and Urbanism

Author : Susan Parham
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Cities are home to over fifty percent of the world's population, a figure which is expected to increase enormously by 2050. Despite the growing demand on urban resources and infrastructure, food is still often overlooked as a key factor in planning and designing cities. Without incorporating food into the design process – how it is grown, transported, and bought, cooked, eaten and disposed of – it is impossible to create truly resilient and convivial urbanism. Moving from the table and home garden to the town, city, and suburbs, Food and Urbanism explores the connections between food and place in past and present design practices. The book also looks to future methods for extending the 'gastronomic' possibilities of urban space. Supported by examples from places across the world, including the UK, Norway, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Romania, Australia and the USA, the book offers insights into how the interplay of physical design and socio-spatial practices centred around food can help to maintain socially rich, productive and sustainable urban space. Susan Parham brings together the latest research from a number of disciplines – urban planning, food studies, sociology, geography, and design – with her own fieldwork on a range of foodscapes to highlight the fundamental role food has to play in shaping the urban future.

Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism

Author : Dominique Gauzin-Müller
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Since the mid-1980s, and in particular the 1992 environmental summit in Rio de Janeiro, sustainability has become a global issue and the subject of international debate. In the context of architecture sustainability implies the use of intelligent technology, innovative construction methods, ecologically friendly materials and use of environmentally-friendly energy resources. This book begins with an overview of the various approaches and developments in sustainable architecture, followed by an in-depth section on urbanism looking at several European towns. In the third section the technologies, materials and methods of ecological architecture are examined. Concluding the volume are 23 sophisticated and innovative European case studies. The author and architect Dominique Gauzin-Müller has specialised on energy and environmental issues and ecological architecture for over 15 years.

Green Community

Author : Susan Piedmont-Palladino
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Green Community is a rich, fact-filled, and up-to-date collection of today's critical environmental issues and how to deal with them. It is invalubale. Roberta Brandes Gratz author of The Living City: Thinking Smell in a Big Way and Cities Back from the Edge: New Life for Downtown.

Urbanism Past Present

Author :
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The Blue Creek Project

Author : W. David Driver
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Some Working Women in Mexico City

Author : Brian Edward Arthur Moore
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Blue Monday

Author : Robert Sumrell
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AUDC's first book captures three moments in modern culture that offer glimpses into our increasingly perverse relationship to architecture, cities, and objects. The first, Ether, explores Los Angeles telecom hotel "One Wilshire," a 39 story building of utter banality and complete mystery. The second, the Stimulus Progression, looks at the strange story of the Muzak Corporation and the invention of a culture of horizontality. The third, Swarm Intelligence, visits Quartzsite, Arizona, a desert town of some 3,000 people that annually swells to over a million residents as a horde of modern nomads descends upon it in their Recreational Vehicles. AUDC ÝRobert Sumrell and Kazys Varnelis¨ explores the strange reality around us in a lively mix of philosophy, photography, architectural drawings and models, and new media.

The Blue Guide to Cuba

Author :
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Demographic study

Author : Miles Richard Cramer
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Urbanism in World Perspective

Author : Sylvia Fleis Fava
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