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Blues Ideology and Afro American Literature

Author : Houston A. Baker
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Relating the blues to American social and literary history and to Afro-American expressive culture, Houston A. Baker, Jr., offers the basis for a broader study of American culture at its "vernacular" level. He shows how the "blues voice" and its economic undertones are both central to the American narrative and characteristic of the Afro-American way of telling it.

How Britain Got the Blues The Transmission and Reception of American Blues Style in the United Kingdom

Author : Roberta Freund Schwartz
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This book explores how, and why, the blues became a central component of English popular music in the 1960s. It is commonly known that many 'British invasion' rock bands were heavily influenced by Chicago and Delta blues styles. But how, exactly, did Britain get the blues? Blues records by African American artists were released in the United States in substantial numbers between 1920 and the late 1930s, but were sold primarily to black consumers in large urban centres and the rural south. How, then, in an era before globalization, when multinational record releases were rare, did English teenagers in the early 1960s encounter the music of Robert Johnson, Blind Boy Fuller, Memphis Minnie, and Barbecue Bob? Roberta Schwartz analyses the transmission of blues records to England, from the first recordings to hit English shores to the end of the sixties. How did the blues, largely banned from the BBC until the mid 1960s, become popular enough to create a demand for re-released material by American artists? When did the British blues subculture begin, and how did it develop? Most significantly, how did the music become a part of the popular consciousness, and how did it change music and expectations? The way that the blues, and various blues styles, were received by critics is a central concern of the book, as their writings greatly affected which artists and recordings were distributed and reified, particularly in the early years of the revival. 'Hot' cultural issues such as authenticity, assimilation, appropriation, and cultural transgression were also part of the revival; these topics and more were interrogated in music periodicals by critics and fans alike, even as English musicians began incorporating elements of the blues into their common musical language. The vinyl record itself, under-represented in previous studies, plays a major part in the story of the blues in Britain. Not only did recordings shape perceptions and listening habits, but which artists were available at any given time also had an enormous impact on the British blues. Schwartz maps the influences on British blues and blues-rock performers and thereby illuminates the stylistic evolution of many genres of British popular music.

American Health Care Blues

Author : Irwin Miller
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Making novel use of the sociology of organizations and pragmatic philosophy, Irwin Miller sheds new light on the nature and evolution of both the Blues and American health care voluntarism and reform. He shows how Walter McNerney, one of the primary health policy shapers over the past forty years, used ideological and utopian rhetoric to help move Blue Cross into HMO development. This case study of institutional and leadership behavior uses firsthand interviews, archival documents, oral histories, and other materials to present an unusually concrete and readable narrative account as to how health care leaders engage in creative institution building, or health care reform.

Spiritual Blues and Jazz People in African American Fiction

Author : A. Yemisi Jimoh
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Jimoh (English, U. of Arkansas-Fayetteville) investigates African American intracultural issues that inform a more broadly intertextual use of music in creating characters and themes in fiction by US black writers. Conventional close readings of texts, she argues, often miss historical-sociopolitical discourses that can illuminate African American narratives. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Women and Music in America Since 1900

Author : Kristine Helen Burns
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This two-volume reference describes the role of women in all types of music in the U.S. since 1900. The alphabetically-arranged entries cover important individuals (chosen for the significance of their contributions rather than for their popularity), biographical overviews, gender issues, education, music genres, honors and awards, organizations and professions. Entries (ranging from half a page to several pages in length) conclude with a short list of further readings, and about 100 are accompanied by a b & w photograph. A historical overview and a chronology are also included. Annotation (c)2003 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

American Blues Jazz Soul Food 2Nd Edition

Author : Ron Rudison
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AUTHOR REVEALS A CENTURY OF SOUTHERN COMFORT FOR THE MIND, BODY & SOUL A survey of diverse soul food, blues and jazz establishments throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southern United States A book like no other, American Blues, Jazz and Soul Food, by Ron Rudison, features diverse soul food, blues and jazz establishments throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southern United States. It surveys the music and the food across a landscape that is virtually a century-wide timeline. His thorough research, spanning 20 years, provides an intimate glimpse of the history, products, services and strategies that have resulted in success and widespread acclaim for the venues that have been highlighted. The best soul food restaurants have always been anchors of their respective communities, and for this reason, the establishments in this book have been selected as much for their cultural ambiance as for the quality of their food and the selection on their menus.-Ron Rudison Celebrating three art forms that are embroidered within our culture, American Blues, Jazz and Soul Food also honors the entrepreneurs that have nourished these art forms. Owing to their vision, dedication and expertise, they continue to provide wonderful platforms from which scintillating blues and jazz performances and mouthwatering soul food are presented to the public. In a creative departure from other books of this genre, the authors Hall of Memories recalls hidden treasures, outstanding soul food restaurants and blues or jazz venues .. receded from memory, recalled only by old timers and cultural historians. Harlem's Cotton Club, the Howard Theatre in Washington D.C., the Royal Peacock Club in Atlanta and the Dreamland Ballroom of Little Rock where you could hear and see legendary artists such as Bobby "Blue" Bland, Billie Holiday, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Albert King, and many, many more.

African American Blues Rhythm and Blues Gospel and Zydeco on Film and Video 1924 1997

Author : Paul Vernon
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First published in 1999, the main part of this reference consists of an alphabetical listing of many hundreds of artists, with details on band personnel, instrumentation, location, titles performed, sources, and other relevant notes included in each listing.

The Routledge Introduction to African American Literature

Author : D. Quentin Miller
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The Routledge Introduction to African American Literature considers the key literary, political, historical and intellectual contexts of African American literature from its origins to the present, and also provides students with an analysis of the most up-to-date literary trends and debates in African American literature. This accessible and engaging guide covers a variety of essential topics such as: Vernacular, Oral, and Blues Traditions in Literature Slave Narratives and Their Influence The Harlem Renaissance Mid-twentieth century black American Literature Literature of the civil rights and Black Power era Contemporary African American Writing Key thematic and theoretical debates within the field Examining the relationship between the literature and its historical and sociopolitical contexts, D. Quentin Miller covers key authors and works as well as less canonical writers and themes, including literature and music, female authors, intersectionality and transnational black writing.

Long Lost Blues

Author : Peter C. Muir
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The first comprehensive examination of the early blues industry and the music it produced

American Foodie

Author : Dwight Furrow
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Dwight Furrow examines the contemporary fascination with food and culinary arts not only as global spectacle, but also as an expression of control, authenticity, and playful creation for individuals in a homogenized, and increasingly public, world.