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Blues Rhythms You Can Use

Author : John Ganapes
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(Guitar Educational). Focuses on developing rhythm playing chops via 21 progressive lessons covering a variety of blues styles and techniques, including: basic theory and blues rhythms; major and minor blues; 8th, 16th and triplet rhythms; extensions; passing chords and chord fragments; lead-rhythm style; funky blues; jump blues; blues rock; and more. The book features standard notation and tab, and the CD includes 42 full-band tracks.

Rhythm and Blues You Can Use

Author : John Ganapes
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(Guitar Educational). This comprehensive book/CD pack focuses on developing your classic R&B rhythm and lead chops, with 18 progressive lessons covering a variety of R&B styles and techniques. Teaches: soul, funk & doo-wop styles; authentic riffs and licks; basic chord/scale thery; classic chord progressions; time signatures; using added tones and chord varieties; syncopation; different song forms; and more all in notes & tab. The CD contains 37 full-band tracks.

Blues You Can Use Book of Guitar Chords Music Instruction

Author : John Ganapes
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(Guitar Educational). A reference guide to blues, R&B, jazz, and rock rhythm guitar, with hundreds of voicings, chord theory construction, chord progressions and exercises and much more. The Blues You Can Use Book of Guitar Chords is useful for the beginner to advanced player.

Chicago Blues Rhythm Guitar

Author : Dave Rubin
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(Guitar Educational). As rhythm guitarist for blues legend Muddy Waters, Steady Rollin' Bob Margolin has gained invaluable experience in the art of Chicago blues rhythm guitar. And now in this exclusive and comprehensive book with video, Bob Margolin and blues author/historian Dave Rubin bring you the definitive instructional guitar method on the subject, featuring loads of rhythm guitar playing examples to learn and practice, covering a variety of styles, techniques, tips, historical anecdotes, and much more. To top it off, every playing example in the book is performed by Bob Margolin himself!

Playing the Blues Blues Rhythm Guitar

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This in-depth blues rhythm guitar text is core curriculum of the University of Southern California's Studio Guitar Department, which is part of the prestigious Flora L. Thornton School of Music, located in Los Angeles, California. It features eighteen twelve-bar blues rhythm guitar accompaniments in the style of guitarists such as Chuck Berry, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Nine of the songs use a shuffle feel and nine use a straight eighth note feel. the play along CD contains two versions of each of the eighteen songs in the book. the first version has the guitar part and the second version is without the guitar. This gives you the ability to play along with the guitar part as a guide and also to play along with the track as the only guitarist.The examples are written using traditional musical notation and tablature. Included for each song is a short description of the important points to consider when learning each example. the book presents songs that will expand the guitarist's vocabulary by presenting a variety of different ways a guitarist can play through the twelve bar blues. A number of different chord variations, keys and tempos are used in demonstrating these eighteen idiomatic rhythm guitar parts that have been used by the masters.

Your Personal Book of Solo Fingerstyle Blues Guitar 1 Fundamental

Author : Scott Su
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This book is the fundamental chapter of solo fingerstyle blues guitar. This first book introduces basic elements of Blues music, specifically on chord, scale, rhythm, expressions and etc to do simple practices and trials. And integrated melodic demo practices are designed in a later section, allowing readers to play real Blues through the previous elements. Two-voice fingerstyle Blues practices are available in the end. For beginner guitar-learning friends who are curious and interested in Blues music, you may be able to experience and play it through the contents of this Book ONE. If you have more and deeper interests, you may also read the later Book TWO for playing and practices. If you want to learn more about how to enrich your fingerstyle blues guitar playing as well as improvisation, Book TWO will be your next choice. You can also choose the Paperback version of "Your Personal Book of Solo Fingerstyle Blues Guitar : Fundamental, Advanced & Improvisation" which contains these chapters is definitely worthwhile for your collection. Paperback version (eBook1 + eBook2) ★ Great volume of 12-measure exercises, 75 demo songs, arrangements, and MP3 downloads,…more in-depth experiences in the beauty of Blues music. ★ Various types of theme-oriented Blues trainings on melody, harmony, rhythms and fingerstyle,…more diverse and rich Blues playing. ★ Step-by-step hands-on impromptu playing methods make your freestyle Blues improvisation dream comes true! > Facebook Page: (Welcome leave any message if you have any question about this book) > Demo Songs on Youtube: === TABLE OF CONTENT === Chapter ONE - Learning of Blues Basics (eBook1) - Blues Music - Blues Chords - Form of Blues Music - Rhythm of Blues - Most Often Used Keys in Blues Music for Fingerstyle Guitar - Blues Notes - Blues Expressions - Etudes - Fingerstyle Playing Practice Chapter TWO - Enriching Your Blues Playing (eBook2) - Various Styles of Blues Rhythm - Applications of Open String Notes - Applications of Inversion Chords - Accompaniment and Riffs - Integrate Performance Etudes Chapter THREE - Advanced Blues Thinking & Improvisation (eBook2) - Turnaround - Blues in Minor keys - Blues in Major keys - Flexible Variations in Blues Melody - Blues Improvisations - Practical Applications & Improvisations of Blues Fingerstyle Performance - Unaccompanied Blues Improvisation Playing Conclusions

Drums For Dummies

Author : Jeff Strong
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Explore techniques that develop your rhythm Learn the tips and tricks of different drumming styles Follow the steps to set up and tune a drum kit Dreaming of drumming? Here's where to start! Do you find yourself tapping on the tabletop whenever music plays? It's time to turn table-drumming into the real thing. The simple, easy-to-follow advice in this book gets you going, whether your goal is to start a band or just to play for your own enjoyment. Conquer the basics of the drums while you discover the different rhythms of rock, blues, Latin, and other music styles. You'll also find advice on playing other percussion instruments, buying and maintaining a drum set, performing for an audience, and much more. Inside... Begin with basic rhythms Learn fundamental techniques Choose the perfect drum set Find out how to tune drums Explore rhythms from around the world Discover how drums are used in different musical styles

John Mccarthy s Master Blues Guitar

Author : John McCarthy
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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(Rock House). With this blues course designed by renowned guitarist John McCarthy, you will develop general guitar basics and a solid foundation for playing the blues. Learn essential blues chords, scales and lead techniques like string bending, vibrato and hammer-ons, pull-offs. John teaches full blues scales with tri-tones, the B.B. Box and how to construct a 12 bar blues progression. He challenges you to learn complete blues solos, riffs and syncopated rhythm progressions. Learn the talk back effect, expansion on a main theme and how to fuse jazz into blues music. Master techniques such as rakes, pick & finger and advanced bending. John shows you blues endings, turnarounds, melodic blues, the circle of fourths, slide techniques and many blues rhythms. See, Hear, and Apply Each Lesson On the high density DVD, find two full programs on one one disc! John teaches and illustrates each playing example through easy-to-follow close-up views of each hand. He slowly breaks down all the lessons so you can easily follow along to get the hand positions correct. The included video also allows you to hear how the examples are supposed to sound and most important how John applies them in a musical sense. Lifetime Web Membership for Lesson Support & Download Backing Tracks You get free membership to The Rock House Method support system on the web. Use the member number found inside this book to register for lifetime support at Use this fully interactive Lesson Support site to download backing tracks to play the examples over, enhance your learning experience, link with instructors and connect with a community of people around the world who are also learning.

African American Blues Rhythm and Blues Gospel and Zydeco on Film and Video 1924 1997

Author : Paul Vernon
File Size : 39.36 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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First published in 1999, the main part of this reference consists of an alphabetical listing of many hundreds of artists, with details on band personnel, instrumentation, location, titles performed, sources, and other relevant notes included in each listing.

Harmonica For Dummies

Author : Winslow Yerxa
File Size : 30.87 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Are you hankering to play the harmonica? Harmonica For Dummies is an easy-to-read practice guide that gives you step-by-step instructions and gets you making music in no time! Even if you’re an experienced harmonica player, this jump-in-anywhere reference is packed with tips and playing techniques that will take your skills to the next level. This fast, fun, hands-on guide helps you choose your first harmonica and shows you how to hold it, make your first sounds, and keep it clean and working well. Helpful diagrams show you how to shape sounds using your tongue, throat, and hands. Before you know it you’ll be playing melodies, chugging out rhythms, and bending notes with ease. You’ll also pick up some basics of music theory and learn how to read the notation and tablature for all the music in the book. Discover how to: Play right out of the box with little or no experience using an inexpensive diatonic harmonica in the key of C Make that wonderful wailing sound Create exciting rhythms and play solo Understand how the harmonica works Play all of the music on the Bonus CD Read tablature, educate your eye, and develop your ear Breath correctly while playing Bend notes up and down Play one harp in many keys Develop your style in blues rock, country, folk, and more Play with other musicians Work with a microphone to create great sounds So stop dreaming and start playing! Harmonica For Dummies will get you wailing in no time! Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.