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Boardroom Reports

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Talking Sustainability in the Boardroom

Author : Heiko Spitzeck
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A Global CEO study by Accenture and the UN Global Compact has shown that 94% of CEOs think that their board should discuss sustainability. And yet there is a real danger that boards are not living up to expectations on sustainability, paying lip-service to the concept rather than fully embedding social and environmental issues into their strategies and operations. Talking Sustainability in the Boardroom sets out why this is the case, identifies the obstacles, and then explains the opportunities for the long-term performance of the organisation that can arise through focusing on social and environmental issues. Written by two leading specialists in sustainability who have significant experience of working directly with boards, this book presents a very practical framework for embedding sustainability into board conversations and strategies. Steps include identifying and prioritising the social and environmental issues that are most pertinent to the organisation and will have the biggest impact on business, presenting the competences and skills to enable this, guidance on how to structure board meetings to ensure that these conversations truly take place, and the development of action plans and tools for measurement.

Putting Total Quality Management to Work

Author : Marshall Sashkin
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Boardroom Reports 88

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Boardroom Reports 87

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Boardroom Reports 89

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Nurse on Board Planning Your Path to the Boardroom

Author : Connie Curran
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The nurse's voice is essential and critical to the governance of healthcare organizations. After all, nurses represent the largest professional group in healthcare, account for the greatest human resources expense, and—most importantly—are closest to patients and their families, physicians, and the community. But why do nurses hold only a small fraction of positions on healthcare boards? It’s time that NURSES get on boards! With years of board leadership to her credit, author Connie Curran expertly provides the tools you need to attain and succeed in your first board role—or advance into ever-greater board responsibilities. Nurse on Board skillfully guides readers by sharing: Best practices, data, and advice from seasoned board leaders Explanations of different types of boards, how they work, and the required skills and experiences How boards recruit new members and how you can best position yourself as a candidate How to develop, nurture, and leverage your personal and professional networks to ensure you are on the radar screen when board roles become available

Challenging Boardroom Homogeneity

Author : Aaron A. Dhir
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Uses interviews with corporate board directors in Norway and analysis of US corporate securities filings to investigate quotas and disclosure in hiring practices.

Financial Managerial Accounting

Author : Carl S. Warren
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Give your students a solid foundation in core accounting concepts while helping learners develop a true appreciation for why accounting is important to business and a prosperous society. Warren/Reeve/Duchac’s FINANCIAL AND MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING, 14E clearly demonstrates how accounting is much more than simply data and black and white rules. Instead, students see how accounting provides key information used to make critical business decisions. A new chapter schema provides context for how each chapter’s content fits into the big picture. The book focuses on why accounting is important and consistently reinforces connections to the big picture by connecting journal entries to the accounting equation. Fresh organization progresses from the simplest to the more complex topics with reorganized and fully integrated coverage of the new Revenue Recognition standard, reorganized coverage of adjustments, and reorganized managerial accounting chapters Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Icarus in the Boardroom

Author : David Skeel
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Americans have always loved risktakers. Like the Icarus of ancient Greek lore, however, even the most talented entrepreneurs can overstep their bounds. All too often, the very qualities that make Icaran executives special-- self-confidence, visionary insight, and extreme competitiveness--spur them to take misguided and even illegal chances. The Icaran failure of an ordinary entrepreneur isn't headline news. But put Icarus in the corporate boardroom and, as David Skeel vividly demonstrates, the ripple effects can be profound. Ever since the first large-scale corporations emerged in the nineteenth century, their ability to tap huge amounts of capital and the sheer number of lives they affect has meant that their executives play for far greater stakes. Excessive and sometimes fraudulent risks, competition, and the increasing size and complexity of organizations: these three factors have been at the heart of every corporate breakdown from 1873, when financial genius Jay Cooke collapsed, to the corporate scandals of the early 21st century. Compounding the scandals is an ongoing cat-and-mouse game between regulators' efforts to police the three factors that lead to Icarus Effect failures and efforts by corporate America to evade this regulation in the name of efficiency and flexibility. These efforts to side-step oversight can rapidly spiral out of control, setting the stage for the devastating corporate failures that punctuate American business history. But there is also a silver lining to the stunning failures: the outrage they provoke galvanizes public opinion in favor of corporate reform. The most important American business regulation has always been enacted in response to a major breakdown in corporate America. Today's business environment poses unprecedented perils for the average American as for the first time ever, more than half of Americans now own stock. Identifying the problems of the past, Skeel offers a strikingly new diagnosis of the fundamental flaws in corporate America today, and of what can be done to fix them.

Inside the Boardroom

Author : Richard Leblanc
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Distinguished governance experts offer cures for what ails our boards of directors In light of corporate malfeasance in recent years, the governance of corporations has been receiving great attention from regulators, researchers, shareholders, and directors themselves. Based on Richard Leblanc's in-depth five-year study of 39 boards of directors of both for- and not-for-profit organizations, Building a Better Board goes behind the scenes to reveal the inner workings of boards of directors, including how they make decisions. Recently chosen as one of Canada's "Top 40 Under 40"(TM), Dr Richard Leblanc is an award-winning teacher and researcher, certified management consultant, professional speaker, professor, lawyer and specialist on boards of directors. He can be reached at [email protected] James Gillies, PhD (Toronto, Ontario, Canada), is Professor Emeritus at the Schulich School of Business, York University, where he serves as Chair of the Canada-Russia Corporate Governance Program.

Books and Periodicals Online

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Linebacker in the Boardroom

Author : Marvin A. Russell
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Welcome to My Impact Zone! My book is not a sports book, nor just a book about leadership, nor only about my time playing Notre Dame football. Linebacker in the Boardroom discusses the demand for excellence and accountability in all things we do. I talk about how those demands translate into lessons in our successes and failures in life. This book has leadership at its foundation. It is a search for our leadership inspirations. It's an examination of and a demand for personal and professional accountability, and shows you how to search for your individual opportunities to make a difference: what I call Impact Zones . To help you search for and define your Impact Zones, I developed 3E Leadership: Essential, Exceptional, and Ethical Leadership . It's a model for behavioral competencies and tools to help you transform yourself into a high-performer. On the field, in your cube, or in your office, on the factory shop floor, at your school desk, or in the boardroom, you can make an impact. Whether you view this book from a personal or professional perspective, whether you read it as a member of a work team, a community-based organization, athletic team, or religious group, whether you pick it up as the leader of a multi-billion-dollar company or as someone just starting out on your career journey, you will see how my thoughts and inspirations, successes and failures, philosophies and real-life experiences can and will have an impact on you. Welcome to the Impact Zone! Welcome to my world of 3E Leadership ! Become the Essential, Exceptional, and Ethical Leader!

A Woman s Place is in the Boardroom

Author : P. Thomson
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There are relatively few women in senior executive positions and on the boards of major companies. Based upon research and in the context of contemporary management debates the authors argue the business case for promoting women to these positions in order to create more value for shareholders. The book draws upon interviews with chairpersons and chief executives and includes case study material.

Rising from the Mailroom to the Boardroom

Author : Bruce R. Turner
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Boards and business leaders expect their key advisors to deliver fresh insights, and increasingly expect them to demonstrate foresight. To achieve what is expected, it is crucial to understand the dynamics of conversations in the boardroom and around the audit committee table. This book provides those unique perspectives. The journey from the ‘mailroom to the boardroom’ follows the story of a young banker who moved into the internal auditing profession as part of the ‘new breed’, then rose through the ranks into senior leadership and chief audit executive roles, before assuming audit committee and board roles that had an immense influence on governance, risk, compliance, and audit professionals. Success does not always follow a smooth and uneventful trajectory, and this story reflects insights from both the ups and the downs of the journey. Each chapter shares insights, better practices, case studies, practical examples, and real-life challenges and draws them together into 101 building blocks, each one providing crucial career-long learnings. The storytelling provides insights to people at all levels on the importance of positioning oneself to step into leadership roles, helps them understand how to evaluate and pursue potential career growth opportunities, provides tips on how to holistically manage and advance their career, and inspires higher-level thinking that enhances governance, risk, compliance and audit practices.


Author : Paul Levesque
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Many people set out to achieve a dream-starting a business or learning to play the piano or publishing a book-but they don't succeed, and the dream fizzles away. In many cases, these people have lots of skills and expertise, such as deep knowledge of the business or career they are interested in, so why don't they succeed? Paul Levesque and Art McNeil have discovered that making a dream come true requires cultivating skills of a higher order-macroskills-that inevitably spell the difference between success and failure no matter what the specifics of a person's dreams are. These are the skills Dreamcrafting outlines in detail.

Administration in Mental Health

Author : National Institute of Mental Health (U.S.)
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Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office

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Index of Trademarks Issued from the United States Patent and Trademark Office

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Family Planning Services and Population Research Act Extension of 1978

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Human Resources. Subcommittee on Child and Human Development
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