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Body Femininity and Nationalism

Author : Marion E.P. de Ras
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This social and cultural history of girls in the German youth movements in the pre-Nazi era brings fascinating new light to bear on the history of the German youth movements. It contributes to our wider understanding of girlhood in the period, and investigates how mentalities, collective identities and German nationalism developed in the three decades before the Nazi period.

Women States and Nationalism

Author : Sita Ranchod-Nilsson
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Women, States and Nationalism counters this attitude and examines the many and contradictory ways in which women negotiate their places in 'the nation'. The volume includes theoretical essays that explore the multiple ways in which the very concept of 'nation' is based upon notions of family, sexuality and gender power which are often overlooked of downplayed by 'male-stream' scholarship. It gathers together an outstanding panel of feminist scholars and area studies specialists, who, through a series of focused case studies, analyse diverse issues which include; *gender and sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland *the paradox of Israeli women soldiers *women, civic duty and the military in the USA *the Hindu Right in India *power, agency and representation in Zimbabwe *political identity and heterosexism. This timely volume is a highly valuable resource for students and scholars of Nationalism, Internationalism Studies and Women's Studies.

Dangerous Women

Author : Barbara Ching
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First Published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Disappearing Acts

Author : Diana Taylor
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Taylor uses performance theory to explore how public spectacle both builds and dismantles a sense of national and gender identity. Here, nation is understood as a product of communal "imaginings" that are rehearsed, written and staged - and spectacle is the desiring machine at work in those imaginings. Taylor argue that the founding scenario of Argentineness stages the struggle for national identity as a battle between men - fought on, over, and through the feminine body of the Motherland. She shows how the military's representations of itself as the model of national authenticity established the parameters of the conflict in the 70s and 80s, feminized the enemy, and positioned the public - limiting its ability to respond.

Women Press and Politics During the Irish Revival

Author : Karen Steele
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Women, Press, and Politics explores the literary and historical significance of women writing for the most influential body of nationalist journalism during the Irish revival, the advanced nationalist press. This work studies women’s writings in the Irish national tradition, focusing in particular on leading feminine voices in the cultural and political movements that helped launch the Eater Rising of 1916: Augusta Gregory, Alice Milligan, Maud Gonne, Constance Markievicz, Delia Larkin, Hanna Sheehy Skeffington, and Louie Bennett. Karen Steele argues that by examining the innovative work of these writers from the perspective of women’s artistry and women’s political investments, we can best appreciate the expansive range of their cultural productions and the influence these had on other nationalists, who went on to shape Irish politics and culture in the decades to come.

Women and ETA

Author : Carrie Hamilton
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Drawing on a unique body of oral history interviews, archival material and published sources, this book shows how women’s participation in radical Basque nationalism has changed from the founding of ETA in 1959 to the present. It analyses several aspects of women’s nationalist activism: collaboration and direct activism in ETA, cultural movements, motherhood, prison and feminism. By focusing on gender politics Women and ETA offers new perspectives on the history of ETA, including recruitment, the militarization of radical Basque nationalism, and the role of the media in shaping popular understandings of ‘terrorism’. These arguments are directly relevant to the study of women in other insurgence and terrorist movements. The book will be of interest to scholars and students of history, Hispanic studies, gender studies, anthropology and politics, as well as to journalists and readers interested in women’s participation in contemporary conflicts and terrorist movements.

Women Ethnicity and Nationalisms in Latin America

Author : Natividad Gutirrez Chong
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The relationship between gender and nationalism is a compelling issue that is receiving increasing coverage in the scholarly literature. With case studies covering Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia and Mexico, this is the first book to explore these links in the context of Latin America. It includes contributions from Latin American scholars to offer a unique and revealing view of the most important political and cultural issues. The work opens by outlining four dimensions in the relationship between gender and nationalism. These are: the contribution of women to nation building and their exclusion from it by the state and its institutions; the role of women in contemporary ethnic and nationalist movements; the place of the female body in the myths and traditions surrounding the nation; and the role of women in forging the intellectual and artistic culture of the nation. It then provides both theoretical and empirical explorations of these themes, with chapters covering the debate on multiculturalism and gender in the construction of the nation, the struggles of ethnic women to participate politically in their communities and studies of the first Mexican filmmaker, Mimi Derrba and the indigenous heroine Dolores Cacuango from Ecuador.

Shattering Silence

Author : Begoña Aretxaga
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Presents a feminist ethnography of the violence in Northern Ireland, providing an analysis of a political conflict through the lens of gender. The case in point is the Catholic resistance to British rule in Northern Ireland.

Women Nationalism and the Romantic Stage

Author : Betsy Bolton
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This 2001 book examines how Romantic women performers and playwrights used theatrical conventions to intervene in politics.

Between Woman and Nation

Author : etc.
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An examination of nationalism and gender.