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Body Friendly Golf

Author : J. D. Dill
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This book is designed to help the golfer play pain-free and to take strokes off his or her game.

Lose Weight Have More Energy be Happier in 10 Days

Author : Peter Glickman
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A low cost way to regain health and lose weight that has passed the test of time - more than 30 years - without drugs or expensive special meals.

Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office

Author :
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Sandy Parr at the 19th Hole

Author : Mohamed Noorani
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When Mohamed Noorani writes, he uses the nom de plume of Sandy Parr. Sandy Parr writes mostly on golf. He loves golf, but he is not the typical, ardent, or fanatic golfer who habitually watches the World Golf Ranking. Instead, Sandy spends his time writhing and agonising just to understand why the incorrigible weekend golfers (including him) find it so hard to shave off their handicap. He never pretends that he has the answer, or is even near to it. Nonetheless, he knows from observation that the touring pros are way ahead of the weekend golf nuts, simply because of their prowess in reaching the greens in regulation, their superiority in the delicate chipping and pitching shots, and their confidence in putting. In other words, the pros are superior in everything. This book is a compilation of what Sandy Parr had noted about golf as seen from the eyes of a weekend golfer. Sandy would advise that the easiest shots to shave off your score are found in the short game. Chipping, pitching, and putting don't require tremendous swing speed or physical ability. Plus, they can be practiced in your backyard or living room. Having a reliable tee shot that land in the fairway is important as well. Finding the short grass off the tee is much more important than distance, especially for high handicappers.

The 500 Round of Golf

Author : John F. Purner
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By the author of The $100 Hamburger! TAKE OFF, TOUCH DOWN, TEE OFF! If you’re a pilot who loves to golf, too, here’s a book that lets you combine your passions – and make the most of your time. The $500 Round of Golf lists the best places to land your plane for a quick round of golf, with every airstrip and golf course recommended by pilots for pilots. Written by a long-time aviator and golf enthusiast, The $500 Round of Golf amuses, informs, and: * Includes runway information: service, location, etc. * Provides golf-course details: quality, style, price, transportation options, and operations * Covers the best places to land and golf in all 50 states * Reveals how flying to a round of golf offers a bigger, better tax write-off than lunch alone * Delivers 50 sure-fire tips to winning weekend golf * And much, much more So the next time you want to fly out and hit the links, hit this book first – The $500 Round of Golf!

Mental Game

Author : Karl Morris
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The Golf Connoisseur

Author : Robert R. McCord
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This is a concise, handy compendium of invaluable information about the best courses, products, organisations, museums, travel sources, and more -- compiled with the serious golfer in mind. The book provides golfers with the information they need to learn the game, plan golf itineraries, collect golf memorabilia, and enjoy this most elegant and frustrating game. Primarily a source listing of current names, addresses, and telephone and fax numbers -- including listings of museums, societies, golf destinations, suppliers and resource people -- this is a comprehensive guide for every golfer's bookshelf.

How to Beat Your Husband at Golf

Author : Squyer, Lorna
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This humorous gem contains great tips to help women beat him at his own game along with a Pilates routine for all golfers that will enhance strength, flexibility, balance and focus.

Environmentally Friendly Golf Courses

Author : National Golf Foundation
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Learn how environmentally sound principles & practices are applied to the development & management of golf courses. The 68 articles in this collection discuss environmental benefits, environmental programs, financial & economic issues in course development, course design, legal issues, wildlife preservation, & water & wetlands issues. Many environmentally friendly courses are profiled. Some of the more specialized subjects covered are: the AmerAquatic Bird Survey, environmental design work by various course architects, cactus forest transplanted, total ecosystems, biotechnology, a goose pond, drainage problems, IPM, managing endangered & threatened species, Environmental Steward Award, desalination, & irrigation of arid land. This is a NGF InfoPac publication. InfoPacs are bound collections of full-text articles, compiled & copied from various golf industry magazines, newsletters, & journals.


Author : Ramsay McMaster
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The Inner Game of Golf

Author : W Timothy Gallwey
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How to improve your game and discover your true potential by increasing your concentration, willpower and confidence Every golfer, whether amateur or pro, who has ever picked up a club knows what it's like to get the yips - that feeling when you inexplicably lose control of your shot, and become overwhelmed by self-doubt, tension, fear of failure and anxiety. With a new introduction from golf performance pro Peter Hudson, the multi-million bestselling The Inner Game of Golf resolves this mental interference. It is not a book about how to play golf; it is a book about how to learn golf, and its lessons can be applied to any sport. Putting aside the mechanics of golfing technique and laborious debates about strategy, this classic handbook for golfers of all levels tackles the psychological aspects of the game and reveals how you can perform to your true potential for more than brief moments at a time. Using only his Inner Game principles, without taking a single lesson and playing only once a week, Timothy Gallwey knocked 15 strokes off his game in a year. There is no physical reason why you can't hit perfect drives or sink long putts more consistently. By applying the Inner Game approach to your own game, you too can see phenomenal improvements to your scorecard.

Golf Forever

Author : Jackson T. Stephens
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Peter Alliss Golf Heroes

Author : Peter Alliss
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The voice of golf, offers his insights and reminiscences of all golf's big names.

Ben Hogan

Author : Tim Scott
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Ben Hogan's accomplishments on the golf course are the stuff of legends, but his life off it was exceedingly private. In this biography, author Tim Scott demonstrates why such public perception was not representative of Hogan's personality, offering a firsthand glimpse into the famous golfer's humor and sensitivity. Hogan wasn't perfect, and many of his fine qualities were never made public until now, as Tim Scott shares his personal experience with Hogan as well as Hogan's friends, family, and acquaintances. Along the way, a clearer picture emerges of Hogan as a man, a golfer, a friend, and a husband.

Golf Course Management

Author :
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The Complete National Golf Manual

Author : Mike Adams
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Playing better golf is not so much a sporting goal as a lifelong ambition. This manual explores the skills and techniques of the game to enable golfers of all levels to build their own perfect swing. Stop-action photographic sequences enhance in-depth analysis of the swings of leading PGA Tour stars such as John Daley, Corey Pavin and Paul Azinger. Hints, tips and training drills written by coaches who have spent over two decades of advising the pros, stars and the general public provide a step-by-step blueprint for becoming a master at this intense and challenging game.

The Complete Book of Golf

Author : John Allan May
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Discusses how to choose the right clubs and accessories, how to play a links course, basic techniques, and famous courses and players

Medicine Sport and the Body

Author : Neil Carter
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What role does sports medicine play in today's society? Is it solely about treating sports injuries? Should it only be concerned with elite sport? This book provides a history of the relationship between sport, medicine and health from the mid-19th century to today. It combines the sub-disciplines of the history of medicine and the history of sport to give a balanced analysis of the role of medicine in sport and how this has evolved over the past two centuries. In an age where sports medicine plays an increasingly prominent role in both elite and recreational sport, this book provides a timely and clear analysis of its rise and purpose.

The PGA European Tour Guide to Better Golf

Author : Mark Wilson
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Play Better Golf for Women

Author : Mike Adams
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