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The Book of Herbal Wisdom

Author : Matthew Wood
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Matthew Wood is recognized world wide as one of the United States' most reknown herbalists. His previous book, Seven Herbs: Plants as Healers, was a watershed in teaching herbal healing as a part of total wellness. In The Book of Herbal Wisdom, this is continued and enlarged in wonderful detail. This is a must-read for anyone working in the natural health field or interested in self healing with herbs. For those of us who consider not only our physical relationships to the herbs, but also the metaphysical ones, this book is invaluable. It affirms that when we work closely with nature, and the energies of the herbs and herbal medicine, we all are much better off. This is a work that empowers the reader and gives them a very deep knowledge of the herbs discussed.

Essential Herbal Wisdom

Author : Nancy Arrowsmith
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Popular author and healing practitioner Nancy Arrowsmith takes readers on a fascinating in-depth exploration of the herbal arts. Arrowsmith's friendly voice and vast knowledge of herbal applications, history, and folklore shine through in this herbalism reference work. As entertaining as it is practical, this comprehensive illustrated herb guide covers everything from herb gathering prayers and charms to signatures for fifty powerful herbs. Each herb is described in detail, with tips on growing, gathering, drying, and storing these marvelous plants, as well as their culinary virtues, cosmetic properties, medicinal merits, veterinary values, and household applications. Along with thought-provoking bits of folk history and literary and spiritual references to herbs and nature, this directory includes step-by-step instructions on cooking with herbs and preparing herbal remedies, as well as gardening hints and seed-saving tips.

Oriental Herbal Wisdom

Author : Masaru Toguchi
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Herbal Wisdom

Author : Roni Jay
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Unlock the powers of the zodiac -- and benefit fully from the healing properties of herbs. Following the 12 astrological signs, this practical, visually striking, and spiritually uplifting guide features an abundance of plants and herbs associated with the zodiac, along with their traditional uses; contribution to our physical, psychic, and emotional well-being; mystical significance; and folklore. Featured are no-fail methods for companion planting and gardening in tune with the waxing and waning moon, as well as instructions for making herbal compresses, creams, essential oils, potpourris, and teas. Experience the joys of cooking with herbs -- because when it comes to the kitchen, their sweet aroma only adds to the heart of the house.

Elixir Life Modern Nutrition Meets Ancient Herbal Wisdom

Author : Malcolm Saunders
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Learn how to craft your own nourishing herbal beverages. A beautiful and enlightening book featuring over 30 warm, cool, sweet & savory Elixir recipes to elevate your health that you can make at home.

The Earthwise Herbal Repertory

Author : Matthew Wood
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Internationally known herbalist Matthew Wood takes the guesswork out of the application of medicinal plants and provides an invaluable cross-reference of constitutional types, energetic categories, and specific symptoms that helps the herbalist narrow down the number of possible remedies for a specific condition. Unlike many reference books in which medicinal plants are defined simply by condition or disease name, this book contains tools to differentiate between remedies and analyze each case in a holistic fashion. While this system of cross-referencing is well known to homeopaths, it is less frequently used by herbalists; The Earthwise Herbal Repertory seeks to bridge the gap between different systems, incorporating knowledge from ancient Greek and traditional Native American medicine, nineteenth-century botanical medicine, homeopathy, and modern biomedical research. This definitive repertory proves useful for homeopaths and herbalists, professionals and home practitioners alike.

Herbal Emissaries

Author : Steven Foster
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Describes forty-four medicinal plants, shows how to cultivate them, and explains their medicinal use

Herbal Plants

Author :
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Herbal Pearls

Author : Wenwei Miao
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Herbal Horse Health

Author : Hetty Tapper
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The main purpose of this book is to show how we can all learn to help and heal our horses. The aim is to bring healing back to where healing belongs "with everybody." Understanding behaviour and communicationis important as they are expressions of energy and are crucial to learning to understand others. In this book, you will discover natural, gentle, and supportive therapies that work in harmony with the healing system to help restore and maintain health. Healing will occur when we work with, not against, the forces of nature that exist within the body. Animals are our teachers and very often they lead us to on a path of discovery that we would not have embarked on without them in our lives. This book will help our descendants and their horses towards a better understanding and a greater mutual respect between the species. Take responsibility for your horse's health and wellbeing. You will find that they not only feel and look better; they will achieve much more and avoid disease and ailments caused by lifestyle and bad diets. Give your horses the happy, healthy, and vibrant lives they deserve Topics covered include: Herbs Essential Oils Essences Tissue Salts Materia Medica"

The Mythic Moons of Avalon

Author : Jhenah Telyndru
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Discover a System of Personal Evolution, Foster a Relationship with the Goddesses of Avalon, and Build a Powerful Connection to the Holy Isle Reclaim your sovereignty and unlock your greatest potential through an inner journey of self-discovery. The Mythic Moons of Avalon presents an innovative practice, supported by herbs and guided by the phases of the moon, that leads to soul healing and spiritual transformation. Harness the energies of the thirteen moons of the year, including total lunar eclipses and blue moons, to reveal a path of healing. Delve into Welsh mythology, connect with transformative goddesses, create herbal elixirs, and undertake meditative journeys that promote emotional and spiritual wholeness. This book examines Avalon as a place of psycho-spiritual healing and rebirth—a place where you'll find deep wisdom and personal empowerment by aligning with lunar rhythms. Jhenah Telyndru helps you develop meaningful relationships with goddesses and herbal allies as you walk the inner pathway to the sovereign self within. Praise: "A beautifully comprehensive, cohesive, and brilliant approach to transformation through lunar energies, herbal workings, and the tales of the Avalonian goddesses."—Tiffany Lazic, registered psychotherapist and author of The Great Work

The Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese Tonic Herbs

Author : Ron Teeguarden
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Physical health, this book explains, is irrelevant if it is accompanied by unhappiness and failure. Herbal expert Ron Teeguarden explains how to apply natural Chinese herbal medicine in order to lead a full and energetic life.

The Herbalist s Way

Author : Nancy Phillips
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This updated edition of The Village Herbalist provides a complete guide to the art and practice of herbalism, as well as an introduction to the herbalist's role in family and community life. Inspirational profiles of practicing herbalists from across the country add a human touch to the authors' wealth of practical herbal knowledge. The Herbalist's Way includes time-honored healing wisdom from many cultures, as well as information on: • Roles and responsibilities of herbalists in their communities • Herbal workshops, conferences, and education centers • Growing, drying, and preparing medicinal herbs • Learning to listen to clients and recommend holistic treatments for healing and continued wellness • Licensing, marketing, and other legal and business issues facing modern herbalists • Comprehensive resources and suggestions for building your herbal library

A Treasury of Herbal Wisdom

Author : Jesse Hardin
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Edited by Jesse Wolf Hardin & Kiva Rose Foreword by Paul Bergner"By my count, in the last year, articles have appeared in Plant Healer Magazine by the founders of more than twenty North American herbal schools – fourteen of these are represented in the Treasury of Herbal Wisdom, representing every region in the country. Another fourteen herbalist practitioner/teachers appear in this collection, each with their own creative voice and accumulated experience. Plant Healer is the only resource available today, in print, on the internet, or at any conference, where you can encounter this diversity from among the innovators, the cutting edge thinkers, writers, teachers, and practitioners who are driving the creative evolution of herbalism in North America today." –Paul Bergner (North American Institute of Medical Herbalism)Presenting a collection of intriguing and information-packed articles for the students and practitioners of herbalism at every level, as gleaned from that esteemed quarterly: Plant Healer Magazine. Here is much of what you need to provide effective health care to your family, friends, or paying clients, covering a wide range of topics from herbal history and cosmology to using your intuition and “how to think outside the box,” from making assessments to which herbs to use for broken bones, pain or the immune system, from making herbal tinctures and unguents to enjoying herbal aphrodisiacs, and from tips for self nourishment to tips for launching your own successful herbal related business.There has never been a book like this one, featuring 50 in-depth contributions from 35 leading-edge herbalists: Paul Bergner • Matthew Wood • Rosemary Gladstar • 7Song • Jim McDonald • Phyllis Light • Sean Donahue • Kiva Rose • Robin Rose Bennett • Guido Masé • Christa Sinadinos • Sam Coffman • Charles “Doc” Garcia • Juliet Blankespoor • Katja Swift • Mélanie Pulla • Dara Saville • Henriette Kress • Rebecca Altman • Rosalee de la Forêt • Corinne Boyer • Aviva Romm • Wendy Hounsel • Sabrina Lutes • Cat Lane • Erin Piorier • Michelle Czolba • Lisa Ferguson Crow • Beth Perry • Christophe Bernard • Merihelen Nuñez • Dave Meesters • Catherine Skipper • Nicole Telkes • Jesse Wolf Hardin After decades of herbalism being both trivialized and criticized by the mainstream, there's now an “herbal resurgence” underway – the long awaited reawakening, growth, and advancement of natural health knowledge and skills... and the coming together of a purpose-driven tribe. The Herbal Wisdom Treasury will equip you with more of what you need on your continuing path of learning, practicing, and healing.

Wisdom of the Plant Devas

Author : Thea Summer Deer
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Consulting plant spirits for spiritual and psychological guidance and healing • Reveals how, by communing with the deva or spirit of a plant, we can call forth its medicine without even needing to ingest it • Includes wisdom from the devas of 13 herbs, such as rosemary, datura, and uva ursi • Empowers readers with the tools to develop their own inner resources for healing in relationship with the plant devas around them Each plant has a story to share with us, a healing story to guide us in trying times, a spirit medicine for the New Earth that is presently unfolding. Herbs are some of the most powerful allies we have for these transitional times--we just need to learn how to listen as they share their knowledge with us. In Wisdom of the Plant Devas, Thea Summer Deer reveals a new dimension of herbal medicine, one where the plant’s spirit is consulted for guidance and healing beyond the physical. Examining the botany, modern and traditional uses, history, and folklore of 13 special herbs, such as rosemary, uva ursi, and datura, she shares divinations and messages from their devas, or plant spirits, explaining how these stories carry the herbs into our lives, letting them work their magic on us. Exploring herbal medicine from an energetic perspective, she reveals that by communing with the deva of a plant, we can call on the plant’s physical, psychological, and spiritual medicine and guidance--without ingesting it or even being in its presence. Detailing the sacred space of a Medicine Wheel Garden, whether in a backyard or our imaginations, she connects us with the devas and empowers us to seek our own answers with their much-needed spiritual guidance and divinatory advice. Creating a bridge between botanical medicine and plant spirit medicine, she shows how by coming into community with the devas and co-creating with the world of nature, we can gain tremendous insights to help heal our hearts, our minds, and our spirits and consciously evolve as together we birth the New Earth.

Healing Herbal Wines Vinegars Syrups

Author : Joyce A. Wardwell
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Since 1973, Storey's Country Wisdom Bulletins have offered practical, hands-on instructions designed to help readers master dozens of country living skills quickly and easily. There are now more than 170 titles in this series, and their remarkable popularity reflects the common desire of country and city dwellers alike to cultivate personal independence in everyday life.

A Herbal Book of Making and Taking

Author : Christopher Hedley
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A distillation of thirty-five years of experience and experimentation, A Herbal Book of Making and Taking is a collection of essential wisdom for the aspiring herbalist. Put together by one of the most loved and respected teams in modern herbal medicine, the book is filled with clear, concise instructions and detailed recipes trialled over decades of practice. Originally intended as a teaching aid for herbal students, this is a comprehensive guide to the craft of medicine making for the modern herbalist. Including exercises and tasks for the interested student, the book covers everything from growing and harvesting herbs to using them in internal and external medicines. From infusions and tinctures to syrups, soups, and suppositories, this is a gift to future herbalists drawing on a lifetime of study.

Principles and Practices of Naturopathic Botanical Medicine

Author : Anthony Godfrey
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Principles & Practices of Naturopathic Botanical Medicine is a landmark three-volume publication designed to serve the needs of botanical medicine students in the classroom and practitioners in the clinic. To be published one volume each year from 2010-2012. Volume 1: Botanical Medicine Monographs More than 250 botanical medicine monographs, based on the most current research, are presented in a handbook and CD format, searchable by body system, constituent, action, and indication. This volume includes all herbs identified for study for the Naturopathic Licensing Examinations (NPLEX II), provides an independent prescribing reference, and serves as the companion text for Volume 2: Fundamentals of Naturopathic Botanical Medicine and Volume 3: Advanced Botanical Medicine.

Earth Magic

Author : Claire Nahmad
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This treasury of pagan beliefs and herbal lore tells of remedies and charms, weather signs, and the best seasons and times for carrying out projects.

Common Herbs for Natural Health

Author : Juliette De Bairacli-Levy
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Common Herbs for Natural Health is an essential herbal for the newcomer to the expert. Juliette de Bairacli utilizes her Gypsy wisdom and decades of studying herbs and healing to create a book filled with natural remedies and recipes. What a treasure! Her respect and love for the plants, the earth, and the medicinal knowledge garnered from people of all ethnic origins is powerful, practical, and sensible. My gardens and personal health are already benefiting from this intelligent and tender book.