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Brain Edema XV

Author : Yoichi Katayama
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More than 60 papers written by internationally recognized experts cover the broad spectrum of brain edema. The main topics treated are: ischemia & hemorrhage, trauma (experimental and clinical), cerebral hemorrhage, tumor, hydrocephlaus & intracranial pressure (ICP), neuromonitoring & neuroimaging, treatments, blood brain barrier, and miscellaneous.

Brain Edema XIV

Author : Zbigniew Czernicki
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The XIV International Symposium on Brain Edema and Brain Tissue Injury took place in Warsaw, Poland, on 11–14 June 2008. Two prominent members of the International Society for Brain Edema: Dr. Igor Klatzo and Dr. Julien Hoff have passed away after the last 2005 Symposium in Ann Arbor, USA. Dr. Igor Klatzo was actually the founder of the Society, and the Advisory Board decided to commemorate Dr. Igor Klatzo by introducing a lecture named after him to be given at the Symposium. Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Reulen has been honored to give the frst Igor Klatzo lecture entitled “Bulk Flow and Diffusion revisited, and Clinical Applications”. This volume contains 65 out of the 104 papers presented at the Symposium as lectures or posters. The topics of the Symposium were similar to those discussed at the previous ones. Many discussions focused on clinical work especially diagnosis, subarachnoid hemorrhage, hydrocephalus, and traumatic brain injury. Diagnosis and therapy, including surgical methods, have also been verifed. Much attention was drawn to the application of decompressive craniectomy in the treatment of posttr- matic intracranial hypertension. The pathomechanisms of brain edema and tissue injury studied in experimental models have been also presented.

Radiotherapy in Managing Brain Metastases

Author : Yoshiya Yamada
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This book provides a radiotherapy perspective on the management of brain metastases with case-based discussion. This management has been rapidly evolving in the face of changing technology, progressing systemic therapy, and paradigm changes that all impact practice. These changes can be difficult, and this text gives a practical approach to help practitioners and trainees understand these changes and incorporate them into their practices. The work has two main sections: Clinical and Technical. The clinical section has chapters that address all aspects of radiation therapy for brain metastases, including integrating advances in surgery and drug treatments. The technical section focuses on the “how to” aspects of treatment, including treatment planning and delivery. This is an ideal guide for practicing radiation oncologists and trainees.

Proceedings of the XV Symposium Neuroradiologicum

Author : Mutsumasa Takahashi
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Since 1939, the Symposium Neuroradiologicum has been held every 4 years in various cities throughout the world. Great neuroradiologists such as Taveras, Du Boulay, Greitz, Lindgren, and DiChiro have been among the presidents of the previous symposia. The XV Symposium Neuroradiologicum was held in Kumamoto from 25 September through 1 October 1994. More than 1,200 participants gathered to discuss the most recent developments, including interventional neuroradiology, functional imaging, MRI contrast media, new techniques in MRI, iodinated contrast media and other advances. The communications are presented in this book. Special lectures held by Drs. Dillon, Harwood-Nash, and Picard are included. This book covers the most recent advances in neuroradiology.

Intracranial Pressure and Brain Monitoring XV

Author : Beng-Ti Ang
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This volume showcases recent high-quality work relating to the pathophysiology, biophysics, monitoring, and treatment of traumatic brain injury and hydrocephalus that was presented at the 15th International Symposium on Intracranial Pressure and Brain Monitoring (ICP), held in Singapore in November 2013. The included papers derive from experts in neurointensive care, physiology, physics, engineering, and neurosurgery who have made important contributions in this translational area of research. All were selected from among oral and oral-poster presentations following a rigorous peer-review process involving the ICP Board members, and their focus ranges from the latest research findings and developments to clinical trials and experimental studies. This collection of papers from ICP 2013 continues the proud tradition of publishing key work from the ICP symposia and will be of interest for all who wish to stay abreast of recent advances in the field.

Brain Edema XI

Author : A.D. Mendelow
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Brain edema is found in a wide variety of clinical disorders including stroke, intracerebral haemorrhage, subarachnoid haemorrhage, head injury, brain tumors and hydrocephalus. This volume brings together clinical and basic scientists from all over the world. Their expertise in the understanding of brain edema and shifts in brain water compartments has led to a further significant step in our understanding of those diseases characterized by brain edema. This book has also drawn on the expertise of the International Advisory Board of the Brain Edema Society, who have carefully summarized each section, thus providing an easy-to-read summary of the latest advances in each subject. The book is therefore much more than a collection of papers: it represents a critical appraisal and puts each paper into modern scientific context. The greatest advances have come from the rapid development of modern imaging techniques, especially with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Imaging can now produce "water maps” and "metabolic profiles” that bring brain metabolism and water content right into every clinic with access to MRI. This book provides the background knowledge to understand these pathophysiological changes.

Brain Edema XII

Author : T. Kuroiwa
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Brain edema is a simple phenomenon – an abnormal increase of brain tissue volume by the increase of brain tissue water content. However the etiology is not simple and relating to a wide variety of neurological disorders including ischemia, trauma, tumor, hemorrhage and hydrocephalus. It is still a major cause of death in the neurological/neurosurgical ward. This volume is an up-to-date report on progress in brain edema research, diagnosis and treatment, including papers presented at the 12th International Symposium on Brain Edema and Brain Tissue Injury in 2002. Major topics include molecular biology and blood-brain barrier disorders, ischemic and traumatic brain edema, imaging and diagnosis of brain edema, treatment and radiation effect. Various papers in the rapidly growing fields of neuroimaging and molecular medicine are also included.

Brain Edema

Author : Jorge Cervós-Navarro
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Kirk s Current Veterinary Therapy XV E Book

Author : John D. Bonagura
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Written by today s leading experts, Kirk's Current Veterinary Therapy, Volume XV keeps you completely current with the latest in disease management for dogs and cats. It uses a clear and practical approach to medical disorders; the typical chapter includes both a brief guide to diagnosis and a detailed discussion of therapy. You ll gain quick access to information such as critical care; infectious, toxicologic, and dermatologic disorders; and diseases of the gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, respiratory, urinary, reproductive, neurologic,and ophthalmologic systems. From editors John Bonagura and David Twedt plus hundreds of expert contributors, Kirk's Current Veterinary Therapy enhances your skills in evidence-based treatment planning. "For the practitioner who wants to keep abreast of current therapies for a wide range of topics, ... CVT is the perfect reference ." Reviewed by: Ryan Ong, WAVES Veterinary Hospital on behalf of Australian Veterinary Hospital, March 2015 Authoritative, easy-to-read coverage includes a brief approach to diagnosis with detailed discussions of the latest therapies. An organ-system organization and a convenient index make it easy to find solutions for specific disorders. Treatment algorithms help you manage patients with difficult medical problems. A handy Table of Common Drugs, updated by Dr. Mark Papich, offers a quick reference to dosage information. 365 illustrations depict the pathophysiologic basis for therapy or show the management of a defined condition. A companion website includes valuable information still relevant from CVT XIV, an index, and drug formulary, all fully searchable; a collection of 300 images; references that link to PubMed; and clinical references on laboratory test procedures and interpretation, normal reference ranges, conversion tables, and more. Concise chapters are only 2-5 pages in length, saving you time in finding essential information. Expert contributors and editors provide scientific, up-to-date coverage of clinically useful topics, including broad, traditional, and controversial subjects. References indicate related material from earlier volumes of Kirk’s Current Veterinary Therapy. NEW chapters cover the most important, emerging information on current diagnostic, treatment, and preventive challenges in today’s veterinary practice. A new section on feline and canine nutrition covers important issues in nutritional health. 50 new chapter authors join hundreds of expert international contributors, all of whom are leading authorities in their fields. NEW! Availability as Pageburst ebook allows you digital access to this volume along with your library of other Elsevier references.

Advances in Perinatal Medicine The Proceedings of the XV European Congress of Perinatal Medicine

Author : F. Cockburn
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This is a large, all-inclusive reference volume of 67 chapters documenting the very latest experimental and clinical advances in perinatal medicine by world-class experts in the field. It covers fetal anomalies, intrauterine growth and parturition, maternal and infant nutrition, the very low birthweight infant, ultrasound for fetal and neonatal assessment, environmental influences on the embryo and fetus, maternal disease and pregnancy outcome, pre- and perinatal diagnosis and management of inherited metabolic diseases, protection of the fetal/infant brain, investigation and treatment and outcome for fetal abnormalities, perinatal nursing care and perinatal transport, perinatal medicine and professional education in Europe, perinatal cardiorespiratory support, ethics and audit and medicolegal aspects of perinatal practice in Europe, prevention of preterm deliveries, fetal and in-fant learning and behavior, biotechnology and perinatal research, surfactant replacement therapy, and matters of special controversy. Includes bibliographic references and index.

Cyclop dia of the Practice of Medicine

Author : Hugo Ziemssen
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XVIth International Symposium on Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism

Author : Kyuya Kogure
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Intensiv und Notfallmedizin neue Aspekte

Author : Werner F. List
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Cerebrovascular Disorders and Stroke

Author : Murray Goldstein
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Handbook of Clinical Neurology

Author : P. J. Vinken
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Cyclop dia of the practice of medicine v 20 1881

Author : Hugo Ziemssen
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Brain Edema IX

Author : Umeo Ito
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The first international symposium on brain edema was held in Vienna/ Austria in 1965 followed by altogether eight meetings since. The most recent was organized in Y okohama by the Department of Neurosurgery of the Musashino Red Cross Hospital, Tokyo. The continuing interest of both, clinicians and experimental scientists alike may be attributable to the fact that brain edema is a common denominator of many cerebral disorders, which under acute conditions threatens life and weIl-being of afflicted patients. Although progress in understanding as weIl as treatment can be recognized since 1965 many problems remain, particularly concerning the control of brain edema under acute conditions, as in trauma or ischemia. A quantum leap was the distinction of the cytotoxic and vasogenic brain edema prototypes as advanced by Igor Klatzo, providing for transition from a morphological to functional understanding now. The recent brain edema meetings were certainly benefiting from developments of both, molecular neurobiology on the one hand side and functional brain imaging at an ever-increasing resolution on the other, such as magnetic resonance imaging orpositron emission tomography. The international symposium in San Diego 1996 may witness further breakthroughs, hopefully also of effective treatment modalities. The symposium in Y okohama was dedicated to the "Legacy of 28 Years of Brain Edema Research" as a reminder of accomplishments as weIl as remaining challenges.

Brain Edema

Author : Donlin M. Long
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Drain s PeriAnesthesia Nursing E Book

Author : Jan Odom-Forren
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Drain's Perianesthesia Nursing: A Critical Care Approach, 6th Edition is the most comprehensive book on the market specifically tailored to perianesthesia nurses. The book features five distinct sections – the PACU, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, nursing care, and special considerations. Nursing and pharmacologic interventions are integrated with in-depth coverage of pathophysiology. This edition expands coverage of evidence based research and adds a new chapter on care of the obese patient undergoing bariatric surgery. Written by Jan Odom-Forren, an expert in the anesthesia and post-operative fields, Drain's Perianesthesia Nursing is also an excellent study tool for ASPAN certification. Five separate sections provide coverage including the PACU, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, nursing care, and special considerations. An overview of essential PACU concepts section covers issues such as patient safety, evidence-based research, and legal/ethical considerations Anatomy and physiology chapters cover physiologic considerations for each body system Pharmacology chapters cover basic principles as well as types of anesthetic agents such as intravenous anesthetics and regional anesthesia, including the physiology of action and the appropriate nursing interventions to prepare you for common situations in the PACU. Nursing care chapters cover assessment, patient education, complications, pain management, and care of specialty-surgery patients. A section on special considerations covers the care of patients of different ages and those with conditions such as malignant hyperthermia, substance abuse, and cardiac arrest. Coverage of current policies and issues affecting perianesthesia nursing practice includes patient safety, infection control, managed care implications, pain management, and bioterrorism. Nursing and pharmacologic interventions are integrated with in-depth coverage of pathophysiology for a comprehensive look at disease and treatment. NEW Evidence Based Research boxes are added to all the chapters in Section IV and Section V. NEW! Care of the Obese Patient Undergoing Bariatric Surgery chapter discusses the challenges that weight-loss surgery presents to the patient and perianesthesia nurse. Streamlined format includes an overview, chapter summary, and references for each chapter. More than 275 illustrations show key concepts and principles of care. Updated The Changing Health Care System and Its Implications for the PACU chapter includes content on healthcare reform. Revised Patient Safety and Legal Issues in the PACU chapter includes content on patient safety. Expanded Evidence-based Practice and Research and Bioterrorism and Its Impact on the PACU chapters include coverage of new developments and practices.

Advances in Neurology

Author :
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