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Breath of the Absolute

Author : Mooji
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The Manifest and Unmanifest are one Dialogues with Mooji "You wake up each day from the dream; but to be free, you must also wake up from the waking state." - Mooji In Breath of the Absolute, Mooji invites you to take a fresh look at yourself. Of all the subjects debated within the scope of human interest, the one undisputed fact is that we exist. What is not questioned is: As what do we exist? In this book, Mooji will push your mind beyond conceptual bickering into the pulsating clarity of the Unthinkable.

On Being You

Author : Michael Vincent
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"I came into this body with no-thing: without my name, my mind, my ego and without any material thing. It is assured that I will leave this body with no-thing. What is the nature of this "I" which existed before all these things were attached to it........? What is the nature of this Consciousness, this Awareness, that existed as "I" before entering this body? Who is this "I" that I am? Who amongst us will dare to ask.....?" If you would reflect on "Who am I?" in your search for Self Realisation this small volume may be the invitation you seek and the map you require on your personal journey. The travelling may not be easy as you are invited to drop all the masks and kick away the crutches. But as the fog lifts and the clouds clear away you will become aware that the Realisation of True Self is the essential factor rendering as decoration and side show all other activities pursued in life. You have within you all that is required and membership of this club is guaranteed with endless benefits......

Wisdom From The World s Greatest Gurus

Author : Prometheus Worley
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True transformation and Self-actualization start from within. Even brilliant successful geniuses like Steve Jobs understood the transformational power of this truth and credited the wisdom of wise Guru Yogananda for much of his success throughout his life. Wisdom From The World's Greatest Gurus: Imagine Transforming Your Life, One Thought At A Time is a beautifully full-colored concise self-help compendium of the thoughts, quotes, aphorisms, and sagely musings of just a few of the world's most popular contemporary wise Gurus. "The people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones that do." -Steve Jobs The first of its kind, sure to become one of the best books to read this year as well as a #1 best Road Trip book to read while traveling, this eye-catching, thought-provoking text combines the powerful wisdom of several of today's most influential wise sages with various prescriptive yoga sequence illustrations. Using dozens of exciting, full-colored, detail-rich graphics, we recast the complex dialogue of Yogic wisdom into a variety of easy-to-understand infographic formats. Leaving no stone unturned, as a bonus, Wisdom From The World’s Greatest Gurus: Imagine Transforming Your Life, One Thought At A Time also includes the wisdom of the two foundational seminal classics of eastern Yogic and Meditative philosophy, best seller’s The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali & The Bhagavad Gita, for even deeper contemplative thought and reflection. Creating the amazing lifestyle you've always wanted through self-help and self-development is truly possible, and the brilliance of these wise sages can help you make that dream a true reality. Just look at what Yogananda's wisdom did for Steve Jobs...imagine what this wisdom could do for you! Dynamic, insightful, and powerfully influential; these enlightened spiritual teachers range from: Sadhguru Gurmukh Mooji Ram Dass Yogananda Mirra Alfassa J. Krishnamurti Their words of wisdom, when contemplated upon, possess the incredible transcendent power to change and radically transform lives. For Prometheus Worley, their words of wisdom opened up the doors of wealth, health, healing, abundance, prosperity, and a brand-new world of unlimited possibilities. For millions of others, their words of wisdom have transformed nations, inspired new ways of thinking, and have changed the very fabric of our world. It is here, within the context of singular thought and contemplation in which Wisdom From The World's Greatest Gurus: Imagine Transforming Your Life, One Thought At A Time makes its mark, introducing timeless sagely wisdom in a new fun & refreshing way to a future-focused, higher consciousness seeking, technology-driven new generation.