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Brief Therapy and Eating Disorders

Author : Barbara McFarland
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Not only does the author present a framework for conducting the first and second sessions, but also details specific strategies and techniques for working with more clinically challenging cases. Throughout the book, actual case examples and transcripts of interviews are included to illustrate the process.

Advanced Brief Strategic Therapy for Young People with Anorexia Nervosa

Author : Giorgio Nardone
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This important new book details a strategic and systemic model for short-term therapy with adolescent sufferers of anorexia nervosa, a psychopathology that seduces patients into starvation as doctors and family look on with increasing desperation. Supported by the successful treatment of hundreds of cases over the past 30 years, the book is the culmination of a long-term intervention programme developed at the Strategic Therapy Centre of Arezzo, Italy. It begins by outlining the range of different eating disorders, before identifying the specific characteristics that adolescents with anorexia present. The variations of the pathology are then discussed. Not all patients present with the same symptoms; some sufferers over-exercise while others binge eat or self-harm. Substance abuse is also common, either with diuretics or chemicals; others self-induce vomiting. The therapeutic strategy will, of course, differ for each patient. Accessibly written throughout, the book concludes with two cases studies – complete with full transcripts – which illustrate the therapeutic process that allowed the patient to change their patterns of thinking, and the accompanying behaviours. An insightful and invaluable work on this vital topic, the book will be essential reading for any professional working with adolescents presenting with anorexia, as well as the families of sufferers.

The Creative Therapies and Eating Disorders

Author : Stephanie L. Brooke
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Creative Therapies with Eating Disorders is a comprehensive work that examines the use of art, play, music, dance/movement, drama, and spirituality to treatment issues relating to eating disturbance. The author's primary purpose is to examine treatment approaches which cover the broad spectrum of the creative art therapies. The collection of chapters is written by renowned, well-credentialed, and professional creative art therapists in the areas of art, play, music, dance/movement, and drama. In addition, some of the chapters are complimented with photographs of client art work, diagrams, and.

Solution Focused Brief Therapy in Schools

Author : Johhny Kim
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Since the publication of the First Edition, there have been several advances on the research on Solution-focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) in schools. This Second Edition contains updates on how to apply SFBT to specific problem areas that school social workers frequently encounter. Each chapter has been updated and expanded to provide to incorporate a Response to Intervention approach (RtI) in many of the clinical "SFBT in Action" chapters. The authors also utilized results from the second national school social work survey, conducted by a team led by Dr. Kelly and currently in press at School Mental Health Journal and Social Work, to identify several targeted school-related problems that school social workers encounter in their work and demonstrate how to use solution-focused techniques for them. Despite being places with tremendous challenges for students and staff, schools are also places of solutions, strengths, and successes. This practical guide shows school social workers how to harness the solutions; filled with case examples, key points to remember, guidelines for reviewing resaerch, sample dialogue, and best practice tips, this book gives readers the essential tools to begin incorporating SFBT into their practice immediately.

Eating Disorders A Reference Sourcebook

Author : Raymond Lemberg
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Eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa pose a grave danger to the health of thousands of Americans each year. This sourcebook brings together in a single volume an extensive amount of information and resources regarding the diagnosis and treatment of these potentially life-threatening conditions. This volume is a substantially updated and expanded version of Controlling Eating Disorders with Facts, Advice, and Resources (Oryx, 1992).

Eating Disorders

Author : Raymond Lemberg
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Offers a collection of articles which discuss the causes, symptoms, health and psychological effects, and treatments of eating disorders, and provides a directory of facilities and programs designed to help people with these disorders.

The Essential Handbook of Eating Disorders

Author : Janet Treasure
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This is a concise paperback version of the authoritative and comprehensive Handbook of Eating Disorders, Second Edition, focusing on the most practical elements from that volume. Ideal for the individual practitioner, this selection of chapters concentrates on the main therapeutic approaches in use, including cognitive behavioural treatments, interpersonal psychotherapy, family interventions, dialectical behaviour therapy and drug treatments. Indispensable for those working in the eating disorders field, such as clinical psychologists, child psychologists, family therapists, psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, social workers and occupational therapists. The Essential Handbook of Eating Disorders will also be of interest to researchers, lecturers and those in training in the field.

Nutrition Counseling in the Treatment of Eating Disorders

Author : Marcia Herrin
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Most eating disordered patients believe themselves to be experts on the subject of nutrition, therefore the job of effective patient counseling becomes even more challenging. This book presents both nutritional and physiological information in a thoroughly detailed manner. The compilation of concepts, techniques, and alternatives makes the book unique in style and content. Addressing the food, weight, and nutrition issues that must be tackled in the treatment of eating disordered individuals, this text will give professionals the necessary information for effective patient counseling.

The Role of Brief Therapy in Attachment Disorders

Author : Lisa Wake
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The Role of Brief Therapy in Attachment Disorders provides a comprehensive summary of the range of approaches that exist within the brief therapy world, including Cognitive Analytic Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing, Ericksonian Therapy, Neurolinguistic Psychotherapy, Provocative Therapy, Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, and Self Relations Therapy. Historically, many of the founders of these therapies commenced their psychotherapy careers as psychodynamic or systemic therapists, and have changed their allegiance to briefer therapies, viewing these as more respectful and offering greater potential for assisting the client to change through an outcome-oriented approach.

Schema Therapy for Eating Disorders

Author : Susan Simpson
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Options can be limited for those who do not respond to standard eating disorder treatments. Schema therapy is one of the new exciting frontiers in the treatment of this clinical population, offering a much-needed model that integrates both developmental and deeper level personality factors. Schema Therapy for Eating Disorders is the first book of its kind, guiding clinicians to deliver the schema model to those with entrenched or enduring eating pathology, and in turn encouraging further clinical research on this approach to treatment. Written by an international team of leading schema therapy experts, and with a foreword by Wendy Behary and Jeffrey Young, this book draws on their clinical knowledge and research experience. Comprehensive and practical, this book introduces the rapidly growing evidence base for schema therapy, outlines the application of this model across eating disorder diagnostic groups, as well as individual and group modalities, and explores practical considerations, common challenges and the therapeutic process. The book includes detailed case examples, which provide a theoretical and practical basis for working with therapist-client schema chemistry and transference, and outlines methods of ensuring therapist self-care in the face of difficult and often long-term work. Innovative and accessible, this fresh look at the treatment of eating disorders will be an invaluable resource for clinicians in the field.