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Brilliant Copywriting

Author : Roger Horberry
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If you’ve ever struggled to craft a persuasive message that really hits the spot you’ll know it’s harder than it looks. Wouldn’t it be helpful to have an expert on hand to give you tips and tricks? Someone who could pass on their knowledge and know-how? Someone who told you how the professionals really do it? Well, that’s exactly what this book does for aspiring copywriters. Think of it as a rocket-assisted launch for your writing career. Brilliant Copywriting is packed with practical techniques to help anyone who works with words to improve their writing. It lifts the lid on the world of professional copywriting to reveal the trade secrets of top-notch practitioners. It’s the book every copywriter wants when they start out, full of facts, details and insights that normally take years to acquire. It will also be invaluable for anyone who works with words in pretty much any industry.

Power Guesting Insider Secrets To Profit From Being A Great Podcasting Guest

Author : Heather Havenwood
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Podcasting is in a nutshell is a way for you to share your experience, knowledge and stories to gain authority with a new audience. But, there are tricks, tips and secrets to make your podcasting more profitable. In this book by Heather Havenwood and Rob Anspach you’ll discover… •How to share your personal story, not your resume. •Why controlling the conversation does not work. •How to share your failures in a compelling way. •Maximizing your experience. •How to have podcast hosts say YES to you easily & effortlessly •How to evolve and grow as a podcasting guest •Understanding your ROI •Pitching yourself •How to brand YOU •And much more After being interviewed over 350 times, Heather shares her podcasting experience to help you be engaging, compelling and to drive more traffic to you.

How to Write Copy That Sells

Author : Ray Edwards
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This book is for everyone who needs to write copy that sells – including copywriters, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. Writing copy that sells without seeming “salesy” can be tough, but is an essential skill. How To Write Copy That Sells supplies specific copywriting techniques for everything from email marketing, web sites, and social media, to traditional media ads and direct mail.

Persuasive Copywriting

Author : Andy Maslen
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"We ordered coffee, cut open a human brain and discovered the secret of persuasive copywriting." A chance encounter with a neuroscientist showed Andy Maslen that his belief in the power of emotion was founded on hard science. Over coffee, the two discussed brain anatomy and the reason-defying power of human emotions. Andy's subsequent research led him to realize that the way people think and feel hasn't changed since the time of cavemen. We make decisions on emotional grounds and rationalize them later. Persuasive Copywriting takes you deep inside customers' brains. You'll learn the relationship between selling and storytelling, and the market-tested techniques that get people to engage with, and be persuaded by, your copy. Use it to modify people's behaviour by tapping into their deepest psychological drives. Gain copywriting confidence: This course-in-a-book explains the neuroscience behind our appetite for stories. It demystifies advanced copywriting skills with examples, exercises and tips. And it helps you hone your skills with easy-to-use tools included in the book, and online... Features 13 real-world case studies; 25 psychological copywriting techniques; 75 practical exercises;125 words and phrases that trigger emotions ;125-question copywriting quiz All help you improve your copywriting skills and perfect the emotion-driven sale. Who should buy Persuasive Copywriting? Junior copywriters can use it to catch up with their more experienced peers. Senior copywriters can use it to stay ahead of the game. Now you can employ this powerful psychological approach. This enjoyable book helps you find the right tone of voice, avoid common copywriting traps and tap into customers' deepest drives. You'll find yourself writing enjoyable, compelling copy that stands out in today's cluttered marketplace. Andy has achieved amazing results for his clients by focusing on stories and their deep connection to customers' needs and wants. With this book by your side, you can too.

The Copywriter s Handbook

Author : Robert W. Bly
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The classic guide to copywriting, now in an entirely updated third edition This is a book for everyone who writes or approves copy: copywriters, account executives, creative directors, freelance writers, advertising managers . . . even entrepreneurs and brand managers. It reveals dozens of copywriting techniques that can help you write ads, commercials, and direct mail that are clear, persuasive, and get more attention—and sell more products. Among the tips revealed are • eight headlines that work—and how to use them • eleven ways to make your copy more readable • fifteen ways to open a sales letter • the nine characteristics of successful print ads • how to build a successful freelance copywriting practice • fifteen techniques to ensure your e-mail marketing message is opened This thoroughly revised third edition includes all new essential information for mastering copywriting in the Internet era, including advice on Web- and e-mail-based copywriting, multimedia presentations, and Internet research and source documentation, as well as updated resources. Now more indispensable than ever, The Copywriter's Handbook remains the ultimate guide for people who write or work with copy. "I don't know a single copywriter whose work would not be improved by reading this book." —David Ogilvy

Copywriting Bullet Guides

Author : Tina Konstant
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Open this book and you will Compose great copy Engage your audience Persuade brilliantly Build sales

The Living Age

Author :
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Creating Multimedia Presentations

Author : Douglas E. Wolfgram
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Written by an industry expert, this book offers extensive insight into the world of multimedia creations--Wolfgram shows how to build powerful applications while avoiding the most common pitfalls. Includes a special version of Gold Disk Software's award-winning Animation Works Interactive multimedia authoring software for Windows.


Author :
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Vols. for 1981- include four special directory issues.

Citizen Soldier Handbook 101 Ways Every American Can Fight Terrorism

Author : Michael Mandaville
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"Citizen Soldier Handbook: 101 Ways for Every American to Fight Terrorism" is a How-To Guide for Americans to fight the greatest threat to Western Civilization - Radical Islam. Terrorists declared every man, woman and child to be a target. We have no choice but to become Citizen Soldiers. The Handbook's Five sections - Morale, Intelligence, Physical Training, Mental Training and Action - encourage Americans of all backgrounds, ages, and skills to do their part against Radical Islam. The Citizen Soldier Handbook is a Call to Arms in the spirit of Citizen Soldiers - at Lexington and Concord firing the 'Shot Heard Round the World' - brighten the glow of Freedom from the Torch of Liberty. --- ..". Citizen Soldier Handbook puts this power into the citizen's hands with knowledge about the threat of Radical Islam, how to empower yourself and how to use media to stop the threat of Radical Islam in the age of Information Warfare. This book will inspire you...." -John Ziegler Radio Show Host & Author "The Death of Free Speech" "We are engaged in a great war of Ideas - Freedom versus Tryanny, Democracy versus Islamic Totalitarianism. The weapon of ... is Information. As a writer, I understand the power of Ideas, Information and Humor. The Citizen-Soldier Handbook will help and inspire you, your friends, family, coworkers, fellow Americans to get the word out in dozens of ways." -Burt Prelutsky Former WGA President & Author "Conservatives Are from Mars, Liberals Are from San Francisco: 101 Reasons I'm Happy I Left the Left" "The Citizen-Soldier Handbook is an invaluable resource... at once an exhaustively researched compendium of strategies and a stirring reaffirmation of the meaning of citizenship, it is a clarion call to action in a time when too many have been lulled into a false sense of complacency." -Harry Stein - Author of "How I Accidentally Joined the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy (and Found Inner Peace)' and is a Contributing Editor to "City Journal" ..".this is more than a handbook. It is a call to action. In this age of information and internet warfare, everyone can be a Citizen Soldier and everyone can join the fight. The Citizen Soldier Handbook will show you the way." -Brandon L. Millett Chairman and Co-Founder, "The GI Film Festival," Washington D.C. The Citizen Soldier Handbook's Five Sections has 101 Actions (even more if you include subheadings ) urging Americans to take action in their Lives, Communities and the World to fight Radical Islam. Morale - Believe in the Greatness of America and Fight For Her Intelligence - Learn about Radical Islam, its Roots, Adherents, Beliefs and Dangers Physical Training - As Physical Beings, We Must Be in Shape to Take Action Mental Training - Steel Yourself for the Mission Ahead. Take Action - Take Action With Suggestions, Ideas, Techniques, Methods and Resources, Organizations and More.... This Book is a Match to Light The Torch of Freedom that You - America's Citizen Soldier - Must Hold High to Stop the Encroaching Darkness. The Fight Is Yours."

Understanding the Copywriter

Author : Donald Stuart Kreger
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Communication Arts

Author :
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Printers Ink

Author :
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The Night Olivia Fell

Author : Christina McDonald
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‘A stunning debut that kept me guessing until the final, heartbreaking twist’ Claire Douglas ‘Addictive, twisty and beautifully written’ Alice Feeney * * * * * A fast-paced and action-packed thriller, full of twists and turns you won’t see coming. It is the most gripping suspense mystery you’ll read this year.

Advertising for the Advertiser a Client s Guide

Author : Eric Webster
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Author : Pat Schleger
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Hans Schleger was a key figure in the history of graphic design. He pioneered the concept of corporate identity and his work has been hugely influential for subsequent generations of designers. Born in Germany into a Jewish family at the end of the 19th century, Schleger began his career in Berlin working for a film company called Hagenbeck, for whom he designed publicity material and some of the film sets. In 1924 he went to New York and was one of a handful of European emigre artists and designers who brought the Modernist approach to American advertising. Returning to Berlin in 1929, he worked for the English advertising agency, Crawfords, as Art Director, emigrating to England after Hitler came to power. He worked in London until his death in 1976.

The Complete Advertising and Marketing Handbook

Author : Herschell Gordon Lewis
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This remarkable manual tells you what to do and what to avoid when working with all types of media, from the most traditional to the newest (and woefully misunderstood) electronic media. Lewis offers tips on letter-writing, using testimonials, positioning and loyalty programs, making small-space ads pay, and effective fund-raising.

Asian Branding

Author : Ian Batey
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"Written by Ian Batey, the creator of the Singapore Girl and Asia's most respected practitioner in the field this book is your essential resource for building a brand with staying power in Asia. Batey crusades a massive global marketing war in which Asian "

Swedish Graphic Design 2

Author : Monika Sarstad
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On the Art of Writing Copy

Author : Herschell Gordon Lewis
File Size : 83.56 MB
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What Are You Planning to Write? YOU HAVE IT ALL RIGHT HERE Everything You Need to Write More Powerful, More Profitable Copy It's the MasterWork by the World's Master Copywriter. If you have any interest in the power of the written word or any control over what those words are supposed to accomplish…you're about to choose the right book. Herschell Gordon Lewis, internationally recognized as the number-one copywriter in the world, has made this book his magnum opus. In these pages, you'll find: How to write ""killer"" e-mail copy. How to avoid spam filters and still sell with power. Simple, effective rules for letter writing. When to use envelope copy and what to say. How broadcast copy differs. Why some of the old rules don't work any more. How to write an effective guarantee. It's all here for you in simple, straightforward language. TWO HUGE BONUSES! Bonus 1: Here are hundreds of examples, some excellent and some so stupid you'll wonder how they ever made it into print, on the air, or through the computer. Bonus 2: Here are more than 100 specific rules copy professionals use to grab and sell readers, viewers, and listeners. Far and away the most complete, most comprehensive, and, yes, the most useful handbook and guide to copywriting ever published, this will be the most thumbed-through book on your shelf because by any criterion it's The Bible of Copywriting. Enjoy it. Use it. Profit from it.