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British Midland Airways

Author : Charles Woodley
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British Midland Airways existed under different identities for over 70 years, during which time it grew from a flying training school into a scheduled transatlantic airline operating wide-bodied Airbus aircraft. With the prime routes dominated by British Airways and its predecessors, it had to diversify, and one product of this was its “instant-airline” concept, which saw its Boeing 707 aircraft flying in the liveries of many African and Middle Eastern companies. Later in its life, British Midland Airways felt confident enough to go “head to head” with British Airways on the UK domestic trunk routes. The acquisition of a major financial stake by Lufthansa in 2009 led to membership of the prestigious Star Alliance partnership, but even the German national airline could not find a way to stem accumulating losses, and, in 2011, the carrier was absorbed into British Airways. With over 140 images, this book charts the rise and fall of British Midland Airways.


Author : Keith McCloskey
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Airwork Ltd/Airwork Services, now owned by VT group plc, has a long and distinguished history. It played an important role in defence support services to the RAF, Fleet Air Arm and overseas air forces, as well as in the development of civil aviation. Created at Heston in 1928, it maintained Whitley bombers and de Havilland Tiger Moths in the 1930s and established the precursors of the post-WW2 airlines of Egypt, India and Rhodesia. Post-war it was the first airline to be awarded a troop flying contract and expanded into civil aviation, developing flights to Africa and the US. The main independent airline in the 1950s, it became part of British United Airways in 1960, also establishing many airlines around the world, including Deutsche Flugdienst (Condor), Misr-Airwork (Egyptair), and the Sudanese National Airline. Here Keith McCloskey presents the first history of this important airline and reveals its impact on aviation history.

Literature and Culture in Modern Britain Volume 1

Author : Clive Bloom
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The first in a three-volume sequence, this book covers the period between 1900 and 1929, providing a perceptive and thorough analysis of British literature within its historical, cultural and artistic context. It identifies the crucial, interwoven relationships between literature and the visual arts, modern poetry, popular fiction, journalism, cinema, music and radio. Much factual detail and a literary chronology guide the reader through the text.

EU Aviation and Flight Safety Regulations Handbook Volume 1 System Provedures and Important Regulations

Author : IBP, Inc.
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2011 Updated Reprint. Updated Annually. European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Handbook

The British Abroad Since the Eighteenth Century Volume 1

Author : Xavier Guégan
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This book considers the British travelling beyond their isles over the last three hundred years, and through a range of interdisciplinary perspectives reflects on their taste for discovery and self-discovery both through the exploration – and exploitation – of other lands and peoples.

Kites Birds Stuff Over 150 Years of British Aviation Makers Manufacturers Volume 1 A to C

Author : P. D. Stemp
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A history of pioneers and companies of Great Britain. From the early years to the modern day. A comprehensive study of old and new aircraft. ( Already being used in various aviation museum archives }.

Britain s Airlines

Author : Guy Halford-MacLeod
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Born of Adversity

Author : Guy Halford-Macleod
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Guy Halford McLeod tells the story of Britain's other airlines in their formative years.

The American Economy A Historical Encyclopedia 2nd Edition 2 volumes

Author : Cynthia L. Clark
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A compelling compilation of short entries, longer topical essays, and primary source documents that chronicles the historical development of the United States from an economic perspective. • Over 600 A–Z entries on key ideas, initiatives, people, and events in the history of U.S. economic policy • 31 in-depth essays on core economic issues and trends • A separate primary source section that includes 32 important treaties, key political speeches, and more relating to the American economy from the Articles of Confederation period through the Obama Administration • Easy-to-use tables of economic data designed for quick reference • Extensive cross-referencing • A bibliography of significant materials relating to all aspects of the American economy

Isaiah Berlin Volume 1

Author : Sir Isaiah Berlin
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Isaiah Berlin is one of the towering intellectual figures of the twentieth century, the most famous English thinker of the post-war era, and the focus of growing interest and discussion. Above all, he is one of the best modern exponents of the disappearing art of letter-writing. 'Life is not worth living unless one can be indiscreet to intimate friends,' wrote Berlin to a correspondent. This first volume inaugurates a long awaited edition of his letters that might well adopt this remark as an epigraph. Berlin's life was well worth living, both for himself and for the world. Fortunately he said a great deal to his friends on paper as well as in person. Berlin's letters reveal the significant growth and development of his personality and career over the two decades covered within them. Starting with his days as an eighteen year old student at St. Paul's School in London, they cover his years at Oxford as scholar and professor and the authorship of his famous biography of Karl Marx. The letters progress to his World War II stay in the U.S. and finally, his trip to the Soviet Union in 1945-6 and return to Oxford in 1946. "Emotional exploitation, cannibalism, which I think I dislike more than anything else in the world." To Ben Nicolson, September 1937 "Valery delivered an agreeable but dull lecture here. He said words were like thin planks over precipices, and if you crossed rapidly nothing happened, but if you stopped on any of them and stared into the gulf you would get vertigo and that was what philosophers were doing." To Cressida Bonham Carter, March 1939 "I never don't moralize." To Mary Fisher, 18 April 1940 "I only feel happy when I feel the solidarity of the majority of people I respect with and behind me." To Marion Frankfurter, 23 August 1940 "Certainly no politics are more real than those of academic life, no loves deeper, no hatreds more burning, no principles more sacred." To Freya Stark, 12 June 1944 "Nobody is so fiercely bureaucratic, or so stern with soldiers and regular civil servants, as the don disguised as temporary government official armed with an indestructible superiority complex." To Freya Stark, 12 June 1944 "My view on this is that you will not find life in the country lively enough for persons of your temperament. Life in the country in England depends entirely on (a) motor cars (b) rural tastes. As you possess neither, it is my considered view that apart from a weekend cottage or something of that sort, life in the country would bore you stiff within a very short time." To his parents, 31 January 1944 "This country is undoubtedly the largest assembly of fundamentally benevolent human beings ever gathered together, but the thought of staying here remains a nightmare." To his parents, 31 January 1944 "I am a hopeless dilettante about matters of fact really and only good for a column of gossip, if that." To W. J. Turner, 12 June 1945 "England is an old chronic complaint: every day in the afternoon in the left knee and the left leg below the kneecap, tiresome, annoying, not bad enough to go to bed with, probably incurable and madly irritating but not necessarily unlikely to lead to a really serious crisis unless complications set in." To Angus Malcolm, 20 February 1946