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Greek Dystopia in British Women Travellers Discourse

Author : Dimitrios Kassis
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Greece has always occupied a prevalent position in European philosophy. During the Enlightenment, the Greco-Roman culture gained a new impetus, which paved the way for the surge of the Grand Tour and established Italy as a popular travel destination amongst European travellers who yearned to be in close communion with its ancient sites. Unlike Italy, Greece still posed a challenge to the average travel writer, since it functioned as a bridge between Europe and the Orient. The gradual shift of focus from Neoclassical ideals to Northernism, which conveniently conformed to the nation-building Anglo-Saxon paradigm, marked a parallel reversal of cultural order, which resulted in the view of Greece as a land of piracy and banditry, conditions which intensified its perception as the Oriental Other and led British intellectuals to associate the Greek nation with nearby countries on various levels. Considering the parallel emergence of the “pseudosciences”, which venerated the image of the Nordic race and persistently viewed other nations as the Other, Greece was automatically placed as an alien culture in the light of Social Darwinism. During its war of independence, Greece became the subject of ardent political and cultural debates, which favoured its autonomy from the Ottoman yoke, yet undermined its complete transformation into an independent state. The focal point of this book is British women travellers’ perceptions of Greece and the Orient from the late-eighteenth century until the late-Victorian era. The construction of a Greek dystopia will be explored in relation to the historical background that fuelled the negative conceptualisation of the Greek nation as mongrel, unruly, indolent and perilous to the British imperialist agenda. This book, therefore, sheds light on British women travellers’ efforts to subvert patriarchal authority and engage in predominantly male activities, during which they are purposefully or unconsciously led to several misconceptions regarding the Greek cause.

Gamle Norge and Nineteenth Century British Women Travellers in Norway

Author : Kathryn Walchester
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‘Gamle Norge and Nineteenth-Century British Women Travellers in Norway’ presents an account of the development of tourism in nineteenth-century Norway and considers the ways in which women travellers depicted their travels to the region. Tracing the motivations of various groups of women travellers, such as sportswomen, tourists and aristocrats, this book argues that in their writing, Norway forms a counterpoint to Victorian Britain: a place of freedom and possibility.

Women Travellers in Colonial India

Author : Indira Ghose
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Drawing on long-neglected travel writings by British women in India, this study looks at different aspects that women focus on as opposed to men, particularly in their encounters with Indian women in the zenana. Located at the cross-roads of feminist theory and colonial discourse theory, the book examines the power relations inscribed into the traveller's gaze.

Black Lambs Grey Falcons

Author : John B. Allcock
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During the 19th century the Balkan countries became the subject of a rather romantic fascination for the public at large. This vision of the area has been created in large measure by the writing of women travelers such as those represented in this volume. The achievements of these women are quite remarkable: in many cases their travels were adventurous, and even dangerous, reaching into parts of the countryside which were remote and hardly known to outsiders. Not only as travelers but also in the fields of medical and military service, scholarship and education, journalism and literature, did these women contribute in very significant ways to the expansion of women's horizons and to the attempt to gain greater freedom for women in society in general.

British Women s Travel to Greece 1840 1914

Author : Churnjeet Mahn
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Beginning with the publication of the first Murray guidebook to Greece in 1840 and ending with Virginia Woolf's journey to Athens, Mahn offers a genealogy of British women's travel literature about Greece. Her fascinating and historically contextualized study examines first-hand accounts by archaeologists, ethnographers, journalists and tourists as she charts women's renderings of Modern Greece through a series of discursive lenses.

Canada and the British World

Author : Phillip Buckner
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Canada and the British World surveys Canada's national history through a British lens. In a series of essays focusing on the social, cultural, and intellectual aspects of Canadian identity over more than a century, the complex and evolving relationship between Canada and the larger British World is revealed. Examining the transition from the strong belief of nineteenth-century Canadians in the British character of their country to the realities of modern multicultural Canada, this book eschews nostalgia in its endeavour to understand the dynamic and complicated society in which Canadians did and do live.

Gender Geography and Empire

Author : Cheryl McEwan
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This title was first published 2000: This text is intended to draw together two important developments in contemporary geography: firstly, the recognition of the need to write critical histories of geographical thought and, particularly, the relationship between modern geography and European imperialism; and secondly, the attempt by feminist geographers to countervail the absence of women in the histories. The author focuses on the narratives of British women travellers in West Africa between 1840 and 1915, exploring their contributions to British imperial culture, teh ways in which they wer empowered in the imperial context by virtue of both "race" and class, and their various representations of West African landscapes and peoples. The book argues for the inclusion of women and their experiences in histories of geographical thought and explores the possibilities and problems of combining feminist and post-colonial approaches to these histories.

Women Writing Greece

Author : Vassiliki Kolocotroni
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Women Writing Greece explores images of modern Greece by women who experienced the country as travellers, writers, and scholars, or who journeyed there through the imagination. The essays assembled here consider women's travel narratives, memoirs and novels, ranging from the eighteenth to the late twentieth century, focusing on the role of gender in travel and cross-cultural mediation and challenging stereotypical views of 'the Greek journey', traditionally seen as an antiquarian or Byronic pursuit. This collection aims to cast new light on women's participation in the discourses of Hellenism and Orientalism, examining their ideological rendering of Greece as at once a luminous land and a site crossed by contradictory cultural memories. Arranged chronologically, the essays discuss encounters with Greece by, among others, Lady Elizabeth Craven, Lady Hester Stanhope, Lady Montagu, Lady Morgan, Mary Shelley, Felicia Skene, Emily Pfeiffer, Eva Palmer, Jane Ellen Harrison, Virginia Woolf, Ethel Smyth, Christa Wolf, Penelope Storace and Gillian Bouras, and analyse them through a variety of critical, historical, contextual and theoretical frames.

Wayward Women

Author : Jane Robinson
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Robinson presents some three hundred and fifty woman travellers, mostly British or American, and examines the almost one thousand books they produced. Spanning sixteen centuries, she reveals a fascinating body of literature, full of insight, wit, and courage.

Writes of Passage

Author : James Duncan
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Writes of Passage explores the interplay between a system of "othering" which travelers bring to a place, and the "real" geographical difference they discover upon arrival. Exposing the tensions between the imaginary and real, Duncan and Gregory and a team of leading internationa contributors focus primarily upon travelers from the 18th and 19th Centuries to pin down the imaginary within the context of imperial power. The contributors focus on travel to three main regions: Africa, South Asia, and Europe - wit the European examples being drawn from Britain, France and Greece.

Oriental Panorama

Author : Reinhold Schiffer
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British Asian Muslim Women Multiple Spatialities and Cosmopolitanism

Author : F. Bhimji
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This book analyzes the cosmopolitan lives of British Asian Muslim women. Drawing on interview and online data, the book debunks stereotypical assumptions and explores the multiple and meaningful links that British Asian Muslim women establish within and outside their communities.

Britain and the Muslim World

Author : Gerald MacLean
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Based on papers presented at an international three-day conference, sponsored by the British Academy and held at the Institute for Arab and Islamic Studies at the University of Exeter in April 2009, this collection of essays provides a comprehensive and accessible synthesis of the most advanced specialist and scholarly knowledge to date concerning historical perspectives on relations between Britain and the Muslim World. Ranging from the early-modern period to the present day, the essays collected here represent work by leading writers and scholars from relevant fields—history, international relations, economics, religion, law, art history and design, film studies, and sociology, as well as literary and cultural studies. These essays explore the historical impacts of cross-cultural encounters between Islam and Britain by variously addressing the question of how relations between Britain and the Muslim world in the past have brought us to our current situation and, in some cases, by proposing directions for necessary further consideration and research.

Victorian Women and the Economies of Travel Translation and Culture 1830 1870

Author : Professor Judith Johnston
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Both travel and translation involve a type of journey, one with literal and metaphorical dimensions. Judith Johnston brings together these two richly resonant modes of getting from here to there as she explores their impact on culture with respect to the work of Victorian women. Using the metaphor of the published journey, whether it involves actual travel or translation, Johnston focusses particularly on the relationships of various British women with continental Europe. At the same time, she sheds light on the possibility of appropriation and British imperial enhancement that such contact produces. Johnston's book is in part devoted to case studies of women such as Sarah Austin, Mary Busk, Anna Jameson, Charlotte Guest, Jane Sinnett and Mary Howitt who are representative of women travellers, translators and journalists during a period when women became increasingly robust participants in the publishing industry. Whether they wrote about their own travels or translated the foreign language texts of other writers, Johnston shows, women were establishing themselves as actors in the broad business of culture. In widening our understanding of the ways in which gender and modernity functioned in the early decades of the Victorian age, Johnston's book makes a strong case for a greater appreciation of the contributions nineteenth-century women made to what is termed the knowledge empire.

Loving Against the Odds

Author : Elizabeth Russell
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The essays collected in this volume include a selection of those presented at a conference in the Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain, in 2002. They highlight the existence of a European network of women's writing which became a valuable source of consciousness-raising, not only for European women writers, but also for their readers. The main theme running through the essays is love: women loving against the odds and transcending all kinds of obstacles. Does love speak a common language or is it inevitably linked to social mores and individual experience? Does desire work in the same way? Do love and desire have the power to subvert dichotomous thinking and motivate real change? The texts studied in this volume are both fictional and factual, from plays and novels to diaries, letters and drama performances. The countries the essays travel through, and the languages they encounter, all contribute to forming a magic web of connections, solidarities and ideas that truly cross boundaries.

Travellers to the Middle East from Burckhardt to Thesiger

Author : Geoffrey P. Nash
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An invaluable compendium of writing on the Middle East including extracts from canonical and less well known travellers' works.

Unfolding the South

Author : Alison Chapman
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A radically new version of Anglo-Italian cultural relations in the late Romantic and Victorian periods that corrects traditional male-centred accounts.

Ladies of the Grand Tour

Author : Brian Dolan
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Drawing on journals, letters, and diaries, the author presents a portrait of the life and times of eighteenth-century women who broke the constraints of a male-dominated society and embarked on an odyssey of self-discovery.

British Travellers in Holland During the Stuart Period

Author : C. D. Van Strien
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The book discusses the form and contents of seventeenth- and early eighteenth-century travel journals and correspondence together with other aspects of tourism, such as transport, accommodation and sightseeing. It contains annotated texts by Edward Browne and John Locke written while on tour in Holland.

Reader s Guide to Literature in English

Author : Mark Hawkins-Dady
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Reader's Guide Literature in English provides expert guidance to, and critical analysis of, the vast number of books available within the subject of English literature, from Anglo-Saxon times to the current American, British and Commonwealth scene. It is designed to help students, teachers and librarians choose the most appropriate books for research and study.