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Broken Promises of Globalization

Author : Shahidur Rahman
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Broken Promises of Globalization: The Case of the Bangladesh Garment Industry contributes to the contemporary debate on the limits and possibilities of globalization to the global south. It examines how a Least Developed Country is dealing with both domestic and external pressures in its response to neo-liberalization.

The Global Auction

Author : Phillip Brown
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For decades, the idea that more education will lead to greater individual and national prosperity has been a cornerstone of developed economies. Indeed, it is almost universally believed that college diplomas give Americans and Europeans a competitive advantage in the global knowledge wars. Challenging this conventional wisdom, The Global Auction forces us to reconsider our deeply held and mistaken views about how the global economy really works and how to thrive in it. Drawing on cutting-edge research based on a major international study, the authors show that the competition for good, middle-class jobs is now a worldwide competition--an auction for cut-priced brainpower--fueled by an explosion of higher education across the world. They highlight a fundamental power shift in favor of corporate bosses and emerging economies such as China and India, a change that is driving the new global high-skill, low-wage workforce. Fighting for a dwindling supply of good jobs will compel the middle classes to devote more time, money, and effort to set themselves apart in a bare-knuckle competition that will leave many disappointed. The authors urge a new conversation about the kind of society we want to live in and about the kind of global economy that can benefit workers, but without condemning millions in emerging economies to a life of poverty. The Global Auction is a radical rethinking of the ideas that stand at the heart of the American Dream. It offers a timely expos? of the realities of the global struggle for middle class jobs, a competition that threatens the livelihoods of millions of American and European workers and their families.

The Broken Promises of America G Z

Author : Douglas Fitzgerald Dowd
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This is the next People's History of the United States

Globalization and State Power

Author : Joel Krieger
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Religion and Globalization

Author : John L. Esposito
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A unique and in-depth introduction to religion in the modern world, Religion and Globalization includes coverage of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, East Asian religions, and new religious movements. It addresses such questions as: How do these various religions change as theyare brought into contact with each other by the forces of globalization? and How are ancient traditions modified to accommodate the realities of the 21st century? Focusing on the diverse ways that humans have been religious in the past and are religious today, the book examines the changes thatbegan with the Scientific Revolution and how those changes have shaped these religions as they are practiced today. Ideal for courses on religion and globalization or religion and politics, Religion and Globalization includes sixteen custom maps, key terms at the end of each chapter, a glossary, andtimelines of important events each religious tradition.

Globalization and Culture at Work

Author : Stuart C. Carr
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Behaviour at work can no longer be stereotyped as global or local – modern or traditional – with very little in-between. Instead work behaviour is a complex interplay between Global and Local values. It takes place in a Glocality. Thus individual achievement co-exists with group aspirations, pay diversity takes place in a social context, teamwork reflects cultural narrative, and labour mobility is bound by community bias. Globalization and Culture at Work: Exploring their Combined Glocality breaks new ground by exploring such glocalities, and the implications they create for managing human potential better. The volume is essential reading for researchers, managers, culturalists and consultants of work behaviour alike.

Corporate Globalization

Author : Albrecht Rothacher
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This book sets out to examine the question: Are there alternatives to US models of corporate governance for global players? Based on well-grounded concepts of distinct national and regional corporate cultures, created by different patterns of communication, negotiation and organisation, 20 corporate histories -- 10 from Asia and 10 from Europe -- are reviewed. Among these global players -- operating in different sectors, like aviation, telecommunications, electronics, household appliances, steel, automotives, food & beverages, confectionery, retailing, finance, advertising, and branding -- the persistence of national corporate cultures clearly emerges. Corporate globalisation will never become uniform. Companies that ignore the strength of national ways of doing and organising their business will do so at their peril. Most strikingly this happens during cross-cultural mergers, which almost inevitably will fail if done in a centralist fashion. Only those companies that are aware and respect the persistent strength of the different national traditions of production, trading and marketing will succeed.

Globalization and the Post Creole Imagination

Author : Michaeline Crichlow
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An interdisciplinary argument that the concept of cultural creolization must be expanded to encompass cultural productions by vulnerable populations living in situations of modern power inequalities anywhere in the world.

Globalization and Its Impact on Pakistan

Author : Rana Eijaz Ahmad
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Globalization and Local Practice

Author : Timothy Kevin Marjoribanks
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Globalization Strategic Culture and Ideas

Author : Balbina Hwang
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The Broken Promises of America at Home and Abroad Past and Present A F

Author : Douglas Fitzgerald Dowd
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"As I could say also of Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn: there's no one in my life from whom I've learned more than my friend and mentor Douglas Dowd. I have been strengthened in my determination to help make good our country's so-far broken promises." --Daniel Ellsberg "A master reference work by a guy who personifies everything that is great about America."--Robert McChesney With 160 entries from arrogance to zoos, Douglas Dowd puts the U.S. back in its cage. The ultimate primer and reference work on what has gone wrong in our country. Biographical sketches from Kissinger to Sacco and Vanzetti, combined with solid analysis of horrific deeds provides the reader with an education like no other. This is a must-have reference work that's as entertaining as it is profound. From racism to violence, from militarism to power, Dowd's entries provide an education by provocation. "The bitter truth is that although we have had every opportunity to become a truly wonderful society, we have failed to shed our past faults and are now evolving toward something the opposite of wonderful: The gap between our realities and our ideals, despite important changes now and again, widens to resemble the Grand Canyon."--from the preface A professor of economic history at Johns Hopkins University in Italy and also at the University of California, Douglas F. Dowd has written over 10 books critical of capitalism, including Capitalism and Its Economics: A Critical History, The Twisted Dream: Capitalist Development in the United States Since 1776, and Understanding Capitalism: Critical Analysis From Karl Marx to Amartya Sen.

New Zealand journal of environmental law

Author :
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Globalization Demystified

Author : Severine Mushambampale Rugumamu
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"Globalization Demystified is a study that offers a critical re-examination of Africa's perverse integration into the global capitalist system. It presents a historical analysis of how various encounters between structurally unequal economies, societies and institutions have continuously shaped the continent's past and contemporary plight of exploitation, marginalization, exclusion and abject poverty for the majority of its people."--BOOK JACKET.

Black Reparations in the Era of Globalization

Author : Ali AlʼAmin Mazrui
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Faith in a Global Economy

Author : Rob van Drimmelen
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The Christian belief that God became incarnate in Jesus Christ to share the human condition with us challenges any absolute division between the spiritual and the material. To pray for daily bread and forgiveness of debts is to recognize that economics cannot be separated from faith. Yet this link is not an easy one to maintain. While the suffering of the poor and the devastation of the environment may anger us, the bewildering complexity of the global economy tempts us to conclude that economics must finally be left to the experts. This "primer for Christians" addresses the paralysis created by seeking simple answers to today's complex economic issues. Drawing on his experience in banking and economics as well as the ecumenical movement, the author provides lucid explanations of the major ideas, forces and realities of the global economy today.

Advertising the Global Economy

Author : Katherine Marie Johnson
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The Philippines

Author : James B. Goodno
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The Atlantic

Author :
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Green Alternatives to Globalization

Author : Michael Woodin
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Written by two of the UK Green Party's most inspirational figures, this book is an accessible and concise statement of the Green alternatives to economic globalisation. Arguing that globalisation increases poverty, undermines democracy, and destroys the environment, the authors demonstrate the urgent need for a new approach - economic localisation - that is based on the Green principles of equity, ecology and democracy. Michael Woodin and Caroline Lucas show how economic localisation could be adopted and applied to help solve many of the current international crises, including climate change, trade and development, agriculture, and international security.