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Congressional Serial Set

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Competing Ideologies in Greek Culture Ancient and Modern

Author : Evy Johanne Håland
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By using both modern and ancient sources, this volume explores the relationship between official religion and popular belief in Greece, as illustrated by the relations between competing ideologies, or the relationship between ideology and mentality. It shows that the communicative aspect of the religious festival is central, and allows the reader to get to know other sides of Greece than the picture that today dominates the news resulting from the economic crisis with which the county has struggled for several years.

Senate Journal of the Legislative Assembly of the State of Kansas

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Catalog of Copyright Entries Third Series

Author : Library of Congress. Copyright Office
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The Asian Trade Revolution

Author : Niels Steensgaard
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In this work Neils Steensgaard combines an analytical economic approach with detailed historic scholarship to provide an imaginitive and important analysis of a central incident in modern world history. The event is the breaking of the Portuguese monopoly on Asian trade in the seventeenth century by English and Dutch mercantile interests. This change the author demonstrates, was not simply the triumph of the new powers over the old. Rather, the Dutch--English victory heralded a structural change in international trade: the triumph of entrepreneurial capitalism over the older economic mode of the "peddler-merchant." Professor Steensgaard's study is divided into two major parts. The first examines the economic and political structure of the seventeenth century institutions in the Near East, Portugal, England, and the Netherlands. The author demonstrates that the rise to preeminence of the English and Dutch East India Companies over the Portuguese "State of India" was the result of the superior economic and bureaucratic organization of the former. The eclipse of Portuguese power in general, the author argues, is best understood as an institutional failure–an inability to adapt to changing patterns and demands of economic life. The second part of Professor Steensgaard's study provides a detailed historical account of an important event in the fall of the Portuguese trading empire–the loss of the city of Hormuz in 1622. Hormuz, located at a strategic point at the entrance of the Persian Gulf, was a central port city on the Asian trade route. It fell to an English and Persian force. The author demonstrates why this event exemplifies the Portuguese institutional weaknesses that are discussed in the first part of the book.

Sources for the History of British India in the Seventeenth Century

Author : Shafaat Ahmad Khan
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This book, first published in 1926, is neither a catalogue of libraries and record offices, no is it a selection of transcripts from the English and Indian archives. The object of the undertaking is two-fold: in the first place, it aims at supplying a critical analysis of essential data for the study of seventeenth-century British India; in the second place, it aims at bringing within one purview all the materials lying scattered in various record offices. Every important document has been subjected to a close and careful scrutiny, and references have been given to printed works that throw further light on the subject.

The English Factories in India 1637 1641

Author : Sir William Foster
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Statistics of the Foreign Trade of India by Countries

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Thoroughbred Record

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Travels in India

Author : Jean-Baptiste Tavernier
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In 1676, Jean-Baptiste Tavernier (1605-89), French merchant, traveller and pioneer of trade with India, published an account of his journey through India. This two-volume translation, published in 1889 by Irish geologist Valentine Ball (1843-94), includes a biographical sketch of the author, notes and appendices. Tavernier begins his tale with the declaration that 'I came into this world to travel.' As well as most of Europe, he visited large areas of Turkey, Persia and India (where he acquired the great gem, now known as the Hope Diamond, which he sold to Louis XIV), and sailed to Java. Volume 2 continues his history of India, and describes Hindi and Muslim religious practices; Tavernier then continues to the Dutch territories in the East Indies and returns home on a Dutch ship via St Helena. Tavernier's interest in the details of everything he saw makes this work a fascinating read.

The New Encyclop dia Britannica Prop dia

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The Directory of U S Trademarks

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Off Colour

Author : Jackie Kay
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These poems explore illness, sickness and health, past and present, in a dynamic and original way. They examine not just the sick body, but the sick mind, the sick society, the sickness of racism and prejudice. Here are fresh voices, black people from Britain's past, the voice of a dying Sunday, the voice of a woman dying at the hands of the immigration authorities. The book grapples with obsessions: teeth, death, sex, colour, health. It is a book for our troubled times, both strange and funny. A virus runs through the book, attacking other poems. The finger is on the pulse in Off Colour.Off Colour is now out of print but all the poems in the collection are included in Darling (2007).