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Brother in Ice

Author : Alicia Kopf
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Kopf--the young Catalan writer to watch--explores the unknown: both in the polar regions and in her family

Ice caves of France and Switzerland

Author : George Forrest Browne (bp. of Bristol.)
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The Saturday Review of Politics Literature Science and Art

Author :
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The Confidential Correspondence of Napoleon Bonaparte with His Brother Joseph

Author : Napoleon I (Emperor of the French)
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Ice Hockey Brother Like a Normal Brother But Cooler

Author : Sunny Rizco
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Ice Hockey Brother Like A Normal Brother But Cooler/h3>

Our Continent

Author :
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Kings of the Ice

Author : Andrew Podnieks
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Chronicles the history of the sport from its beginning in the 1800s, when it was played by English soldiers on the ice-bound lakes of Nova Scotia, through the Depression, into the age-of-rage in the 1960s, to contemporary times, when the Stanley Cup becam

Ice Cream Field

Author :
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Vol. 32 [no. 10] constitutes "Souvenir edition and year book for 1939."

Boys Life

Author :
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Boys' Life is the official youth magazine for the Boy Scouts of America. Published since 1911, it contains a proven mix of news, nature, sports, history, fiction, science, comics, and Scouting.

Wild Goose Brother Goose

Author : Mel Ellis
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Knud Rasmussen s Posthumous Notes on East Greenland Legends and Myths

Author : Knud Rasmussen
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Federal Trade Commission Decisions

Author : United States. Federal Trade Commission
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Brother of the Hero

Author : Лев Абрамович Кассиль
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A Russian schoolboy imagines his namesake, an aviator and national hero, to be his own brother, but this fancy, which has inspired him to work hard at school and to become a hero to his own classmates, presents a real conflict and time of decision when his "brother" come to visit the village.

Fire on Ice

Author : Eric Lindros
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The youngest member of the victorious Canada Cup and hard-driving Olympic hockey teams takes readers behind the scenes for a look at what it takes to make the grade. Fire On Ice is funny, frank, and filled with emotion--the story of a remarkable young man striving to achieve his dream. Features material never before revealed and sensational new photos.


Author : G. A. Menovshchikov
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These 35 stories were first written down by the Russian educator and linguist, Georgiy A. Menovshchikov during his years of teaching in Chukotka beginning in the 1930s, and are taken from Menovshchikov's 1988 volume, , published in the Soviet Union. They describe a shared history of hunting, trade, and a tradition of oral folklore. Transliterated from the Cyrillic into the Latin alphabet and then translated into English by Christopher Koonooka (Petuwaq), each story appears in Siberian Yupik and English. On the accompanying audio CD, Koonooka reads six of the stories in Yupik.

My Brother the King

Author : Edward H. Cooper
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Ice Cream Trade Journal

Author :
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Ice Pick

Author : John Baldwin
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A beautiful WAC officer attempts to save her brother, an injured World War II Air Corps hero, from an involuntary, experimental frontal lobotomy

They Killed the Ice Cream Man

Author : George Larmour
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My brother John Larmour was a police officer in the RUC. On 11 October 1988 he was off-duty and looking after my family-run ice cream parlour, Barnam's World of Ice Cream. I was on holiday in Spain with my wife and two young daughters at the time. John was shot dead that night by the IRA. A teenage couple were also in the parlour and the gunmen callously opened fire on them too. One of the guns they used had been taken from a murdered soldier. The other was a police-issue pistol that had been used in other killings. My brother's brutal murder has been gently immortalised in a poem, "The Ice-Cream Man", by award winning poet, Michael Longley. His thoughtful words brought a degree of comfort to my Mum and Dad, who died of broken hearts. My brother, like all police officers, lived with constant danger. He knew that. But he couldn't have known the complexity of the story that would unfold after his death. My search for the truth behind John's murder started on that fateful night in October 1988. Wrangling with the police and the 'cold case' Historical Enquiries Team raised suspicions, not lightly dispelled, of collusion. The more I learned the more I came to suspect that recruiting and protecting an agent, a "Super Tout" inside the upper echelons of the IRA, was more important to some of John's police colleagues than catching his killers. This is my story.

The Letters of Vincent Van Gogh to His Brother 1872 1886

Author : Vincent van Gogh
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