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Popular Buddhism in Japan

Author : Esben Andreasen
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With a foreword by Prof. Alfred Bloom. This completely new study of Japanese Shin Buddhism offers a valuable combination of historical development, carefully selected readings with commentaries and illustrations. Widely welcomed both for its scope as course work reader and as a general introduction to the subject.

Buddhism Buddhism in China East Asia and Japan

Author : Paul Williams
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This eight-volume set brings together seminal papers in Buddhist studies from a vast range of academic disciplines published over the last forty years. With a new introduction by the editor, this collection is a unique and unrivalled research resource for both student and scholar. Coverage includes: - Buddhist origins; early history of Buddhism in South and Southeast Asia - early Buddhist Schools and Doctrinal History; Theravada Doctrine - the Origins and nature of Mahayana Buddhism; some Mahayana religious topics - Abhidharma and Madhyamaka - Yogacara, the Epistemological tradition, and Tathagatagarbha - Tantric Buddhism (Including China and Japan); Buddhism in Nepal and Tibet - Buddhism in South and Southeast Asia, and - Buddhism in China, East Asia, and Japan.

Discourse and Ideology in Medieval Japanese Buddhism

Author : Richard K. Payne
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The medieval period of Japanese religious history is commonly known as one in which there was a radical transformation of the religious culture. This book suggests an alternate approach to understanding the dynamics of that transformation. One main topic of analysis focuses on what Buddhism - its practices and doctrines, its traditions and institutions - meant for medieval Japanese peoples themselves. This is achieved by using the notions of discourse and ideology and juxtaposing various topics on shared linguistic practices and discursive worlds of medieval Japanese Buddhism. Collating contributions from outstanding scholars in the field of Buddhist Studies, the editors have created an important work that builds on preliminary work on rethinking the importance and meaning of Kamakura Buddhism published recently in English, and adds greatly to the debate.

Buddhist Spirituality

Author : Takeuchi Yoshinori
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Of all the great religions, it is Buddhism that has focused most intensively on that aspects of religion that we call spirituality. No religion has ste a higher value on states of spiritual insight and liberation, and none has set forth so methodologically and with such a wealth of reflection the various paths and with such a wealth of reflection the various paths and disciplines by which such states are reached. The aim of the volumes on Buddhism is to survey the entire tradition both chronologically and geographically in the varieties of its historical forms and in the great diversity of its teachings.

Death and the Afterlife in Japanese Buddhism

Author : Jacqueline Ilyse Stone
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"For more than a thousand years, Buddhism has dominated Japanese death rituals and concepts of the afterlife. The nine essays in this volume, ranging chronologically from the tenth century to the present, bring to light both continuity and change in death practices over time. They also explore the interrelated issues of how Buddhist death rites have addressed individual concerns about the afterlife while also filling social and institutional needs and how Buddhist death-related practices have assimilated and refigured elements from other traditions, bringing together disparate, even conflicting, ideas about the dead, their postmortem fate, and what constitutes normative Buddhist practice." "Death and the Afterlife in Japanese Buddhism constitutes a major step toward understanding how Buddhism in Japan has forged and retained its hold on deathrelated thought and practice, providing one of the most detailed and comprehensive accounts of the topic to date."--BOOK JACKET.

Buddhism and the Arts of Japan

Author : Richard B. Pilgrim
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Japanese Rinzai Zen Buddhism

Author : J2rn Borup
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"Japanese Rinzai Zen Buddhism" gives a new perspective on contemporary Japanese Zen Buddhism. Ideas, ritual practices, temples and interactions between the clergy, the laity and the institution are investigated as living representations of a unique and yet common Japanese religion.

A Cultural History of Japanese Buddhism

Author : William E. Deal
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A Cultural History of Japanese Buddhism offers a comprehensive, nuanced, and chronological account of the evolution of Buddhist religion in Japan from the sixth century to the present day. Traces each period of Japanese history to reveal the complex and often controversial histories of Japanese Buddhists and their unfolding narratives Examines relevant social, political, and transcultural contexts, and places an emphasis on Japanese Buddhist discourses and material culture Addresses the increasing competition between Buddhist, Shinto, and Neo-Confucian world-views through to the mid-nineteenth century Informed by the most recent research, including the latest Japanese and Western scholarship Illustrates the richness and complexity of Japanese Buddhism as a lived religion, offering readers a glimpse into the development of this complex and often misunderstood tradition

Japanese Buddhism

Author : Charles Eliot
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Written by Sir Charles Eliot (1862-1931) one of the great scholars of Eastern religion and philosophy, this book provides an in depth account of the history of Buddhism in Japan.

Foundation of Japanese Buddhism

Author : Daigan Matsunaga
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Japanese Temple Buddhism

Author : Stephen Grover Covell
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Stephen Covell addresses fully contemporary Buddhist life and institutions - topics often overlooked in the conflict between the rhetoric of renunciation and the practices of clerical marriage and householding that characterise much of Buddhism in today's Japan.

Behold the Buddha

Author : James C. Dobbins
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Images of the Buddha are everywhere—not just in temples but also in museums and homes and online—but what these images mean largely depends on the background and circumstance of those viewing them. In Behold the Buddha, James Dobbins invites readers to imagine how premodern Japanese Buddhists understood and experienced icons in temple settings long before the advent of museums and the internet. Although widely portrayed in the last century as visual emblems of great religious truths or as exquisite works of Asian art, Buddhist images were traditionally treated as the very embodiment of the Buddha, his palpable presence among people. Hence, Buddhists approached them as living entities in their own right—that is, as awakened icons with whom they could interact religiously. Dobbins begins by reflecting on art museums, where many non-Buddhists first encounter images of the Buddha, before outlining the complex Western response to them in previous centuries. He next elucidates images as visual representations of the story of the Buddha’s life followed by an overview of the physical attributes and symbolic gestures found in Buddhist iconography. A variety of Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, and other divinities commonly depicted in Japanese Buddhism is introduced, and their “living” quality discussed in the context of traditional temples and Buddhist rituals. Finally, other religious objects in Japanese Buddhism—relics, scriptures, inscriptions, portraits of masters, and sacred sites—are explained using the Buddhist icon as a model. Dobbins concludes by contemplating art museums further as potential sites for discerning the religious character of Buddhist images. Those interested in Buddhism generally who would like to learn more about its rich iconography—whether encountered in temples or museums—will find much in this concise, well-illustrated volume to help them “behold the Buddha.”

Buddhism in the Life and Thought of Japan

Author : Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki
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Presenting Japanese Buddhism to the West

Author : Judith Snodgrass
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Japanese Buddhism was introduced to a wide Western audience when a delegation of Buddhist priests attended the World's Parliament of Religions, part of the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago. In describing and analyzing this event, Judith Snodgrass challenges the predominant view of Orientalism as a one-way process by which Asian cultures are understood strictly through Western ideas. Restoring agency to the Buddhists themselves, she shows how they helped reformulate Buddhism as a modern world religion with specific appeal to the West while simultaneously reclaiming authority for the tradition within a rapidly changing Japan. Snodgrass explains how the Buddhism presented in Chicago was shaped by the institutional, social, and political imperatives of the Meiji Buddhist revival movement in Japan and was further determined by the Parliament itself, which, despite its rhetoric of fostering universal brotherhood and international goodwill, was thoroughly permeated with confidence in the superiority of American Protestantism. Additionally, in the context of Japan's intensive diplomatic campaign to renegotiate its treaties with Western nations, the nature of Japanese religion was not simply a religious issue, Snodgrass argues, but an integral part of Japan's bid for acceptance by the international community.

Buddhism and the State in Sixteenth Century Japan

Author : N. McMullin
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The author reassesses the reasons for Nobunaga's attacks on the Buddhist temples and explores the long-term effects of his activities on the temples and on the relation between Buddhism and the state. Originally published in 1985. The Princeton Legacy Library uses the latest print-on-demand technology to again make available previously out-of-print books from the distinguished backlist of Princeton University Press. These editions preserve the original texts of these important books while presenting them in durable paperback and hardcover editions. The goal of the Princeton Legacy Library is to vastly increase access to the rich scholarly heritage found in the thousands of books published by Princeton University Press since its founding in 1905.

Ancient Buddhism in Japan

Author : Marinus Willem De Visser
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Icons and Iconoclasm in Japanese Buddhism

Author : Pamela D. Winfield
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Pamela D. Winfield offers a fascinating juxtaposition and comparison of the thoughts of two pre-modern Japanese Buddhist masters, Kukai (774-835) and Dogen (1200-1253) on the role of imagery in the enlightenment experience.

The Essentials of Buddhist Philosophy

Author : Junjirō Takakusu
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By the eleventh century a.d. Hinayana flourished in Ceylon, Burma, Siam and Cambodia; Mystic Buddhism developed in Tibet; Mahayana grew in China. In Japan the whole of Buddhism became the living and active faith of the mass of the people. The present study relates to Japanese Buddhism, as in Japan alone the whole of Buddhism has been preserved. The author presents Buddhist Philosophy in an ideological sequence, but it is not the sequence in the development of ideas; it is rather the systematization of the different schools of thought for the purpose of easier approach. Divided into fifteen chapters, the book deals with different schools of Buddhist Philosophy. The author has grouped these schools under two heads: (1) the schools of Negative Rationalism, i.e. the Religion of Dialectic Investigation, and (2) the schools of Introspective Intuitionism, i.e. the Religion of Meditative Experience. The author treats these schools in most scientific and elaborate way.

Esoteric Buddhism and the Tantras in East Asia

Author : Charles Orzech
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This volume, the result of an international collaboration of forty scholars, provides a comprehensive resource on Esoteric Buddhism and the Tantras in their Chinese, Korean, and Japanese contexts from the first few centuries of the common era to the present.

Jodo Shinshu

Author : James C. Dobbins
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This work combines the biography of the founder of Shin Buddhism with a detailed study of the complex development of the religion, from its simple beginnings as a small, rural primarily lay Buddhist movement in the 12th century to its rapid growth as a powerful urban religion in the 15th century.