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Building a Diaspora

Author : Eliezer Ben Rafael
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This book investigates the Russian-speaking Jews who recently settled abroad: a million in Israel, half a million in the USA and 200.000 in Germany. A comparative work by an international team of researchers, it delves, in “true time”, into the making of an exemplary contemporary transnational diaspora.

Building Diaspora

Author : Emily Ignacio
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Emily Noelle Ignacio explores how Filipinos have used the Internet's subtle, cyber, but very real social connections to construct and reinforce a sense of national, ethnic, and racial identity with distant others.

The Hadrami Diaspora

Author : Leif O. Manger
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"A fascinating subject, based on extensive fieldwork and excellent case studies of diaspora communities."---Christopher Davison, Centre for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, Durham, UK The Hadramis of South Yemen and the emergence of their diasporic communities throughout the Indian Ocean region are an intriguing facet of the history of this region's migratory patterns. In the early centuries of migration, the Yemeni, or Hadrami, traveler was both a trader and a religious missionary, making the migrant community both a "trade diaspora" and a "religious diaspora." This tradition has continued as Hadramis around the world have been linked to networks of extremist, Islamic-inspired movements---Osama bin Laden, leader of Al Qaeda and descendant of a prominent Hadramis family, as the most infamous example. However, communities of Hadramis living outside Yemen are not homogenous. The author expertly elucidates the complexity of the diasporic process, showing how it contrasts with the conventional understanding of the Hadrami diaspora as an unchanging society with predefined cultural characteristics originating in the homeland. Exploring ethnic, social, and religious aspects, the author offers a deepened understanding of links between Yemen and Indian Ocean regions (including India, Southeast Asia, and the Horn of Africa) and the emerging international community of Muslims.

Building Institutional Cooperation Between the Diaspora and Homeland Governments in Africa

Author : Awil Mohamoud
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Building Strategic Partnerships for Development

Author : María Elizabeth Rodríguez
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The New African Diaspora in North America

Author : Kwadwo Konadu-Agyemang
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Learners who cannot decode alphabetic script have been left out of the SLA research enterprise, at considerable cost to our understanding of the human capacity for language learning. This book offers research evidence documenting the significant impact of low literacy skill on adolescents' processing of oral L2 input and acquisition. Together with a large body of closely related research in cognitive psychology, the findings lead to a startling conclusion: cognitive skills that have beenassumed to be universal human traits appear instead to be a product of learners' experience with alphabetic print literacy.

Developing a Road Map for Engaging Diasporas in Development

Author : Dovelyn Rannveig Agunias
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State governments recognize the value diaspora populations bring to development efforts worldwide. Since 2007, the Global Forum on Migration and Development has examined ways to highlight policies and programs that can magnify the resources, both human and financial, that emigrants and their descendants contribute to development. This handbook continues that effort on the basis of earlier investigations by the book's collaborating institutions, the academic and policy literature, consultations and in-depth interviews with government officials and nongovernmental actors, and input by 62 national governments. The handbook is divided into three major parts. Each part gives concrete examples of policies and programs that have been effective, and pulls out both useful lessons and common challenges associated with the topics at hand. The pivotal question now facing many policymakers is not so much if diasporas can benefit their countries of origin but how they do so and what kinds of government policies and programs can foster these relationships.

Return Migration and Nation Building in Africa

Author : Adele Galipo
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Return migration has received growing levels of attention in both academic and policy circles in recent years, as the African diaspora's role in contributing to the development of their country of origin has become apparent. However, little is known about the lived experiences of those who come back, and even less about the ways in which their return shapes socio-political dynamics on the ground. This book aims to unpack the complexities of migrant transnational experiences as situated in global political and economic processes. In particular, the book takes the case of the return of skilled and educated Somalis from Western Europe and North America, in an attempt to recast the idea of diaspora return and transnational ethnography in a more political light, and to show how these returnees are both subject to and generative of important political conditions that are transforming Somaliland society. Overall, the book captures the complexities of the migrant's position, showing that "return" is rarely permanent, and that success comes from perpetuating the transnational stance. This book will appeal to scholars of migration, diaspora, development and African studies, as well as to those interested in the Somali case specifically, the third biggest community of refugees in the world.

Brain Drain and Capacity Building in Africa

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The Making of the African Diaspora in the Americas 1441 1900

Author : Vincent Bakpetu Thompson
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Diaspora Jews and Judaism

Author : J. Andrew Overman
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Building God s House in the Roman World

Author : Ronald Nelson Smith Chair in Classics and Christian Origins L Michael White
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"[White's] judicious blend of archaeological remains, textual evidence, religious philosophies, and Roman social history... An enthusiastic, well-written presentation measured with erudition and sound research."-- Classical World.


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The East Indian Diaspora

Author : East Indian Diaspora Committee. First International Academic Conference on Indians in the Diaspora
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Sociology of Diaspora

Author : Ajaya Kumar Sahoo
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Aufstieg und Niedergang der r mischen Welt Principat v

Author : Hildegard Temporini
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Diasporas and Development

Author : Jennifer M. Brinkerhoff
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The authors of this book focus on three core issues - the responses of diasporas to homeland conflicts, strategies for mobilizing effective homeland investment and the positive role of direct diaspora participation in development efforts.

African Renaissance

Author :
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The Korean Diaspora

Author : Hyung-chan Kim
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Institutionalising Diaspora Linkage

Author : Tasneem Siddiqui
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