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Building Competence in School Consultation

Author : Daniel S. Newman
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School psychologists consistently indicate that consultation is a crucial component of their duties but that they lack sufficient opportunities to develop their corresponding knowledge, skills, and confidence during graduate training. Building Competence in School Consultation directly addresses the need for practical, comprehensive consultation training, including support materials, for school psychologists, counselors, and other professionals working in schools. Drawing from evidence-based approaches as well as experienced instructors’ real-world toolkits, these essential perspectives and activities approach the standard and less common challenges of the school consultant role. Written by two leading experts in consultation, this book brings school psychology research directly to graduate students and both novice and experienced practitioners, providing invaluable context, reflection activities, videos from fellow consultation experts, and resources that translate academic findings into skills ready for immediate use.

A Practical Guide to Building Professional Competencies in School Psychology

Author : Timothy M. Lionetti
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Designed as a research-based yet matter-of-fact guide for beginning and future scientist-practitioners, A Practical Guide to Building Professional Competencies in School Psychology skillfully augments the reader’s training, supervision, and experience by providing a framework for honing essential skills in the field. This reader-friendly, evidence-based text encourages the continuing development of expertise in communication and collaborative skills, diversity awareness, technical knowledge, and other domains critical to building and maintaining an ethical, meaningful practice. Each chapter in this must-have volume examines a core area of expertise in depth, and provides checklists (linked to competencies set out in NASP’s Blueprint III) and the Development and Enhancement of Competencies Assessment Form are included to enable readers to gain a more complete understanding of their professional strengths and needs. The skill sets covered include: Developing cross-cultural competencies. Evaluating students with emotional and behavioral problems. Assessing student skills using a variety of approaches. Preventing and intervening in crisis situations. Consulting with families, colleagues, and the community. Facilitating mental health services in the school setting. A Practical Guide to Building Professional Competencies in School Psychology provides an invaluable set of professional development tools for new practitioners and graduate students in school psychology.

School Based Consultation and Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Author : Elizabeth L. W. McKenney
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School-Based Consultation and Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder examines the preventive and remedial powers of consultation for indirectly supporting the needs of youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), through collaborating with their parents and educators. Given the unprecedented numbers of students with ASD in schools, and the variety of evidence-based interventions currently available, consultation helps ensure appropriate service delivery across the range of student functioning. Focusing on foundational knowledge and skills that school consultants need to incorporate ASD service delivery into their research and practice, this text addresses consistent and effective service delivery for students with ASD to optimize their positive academic, behavioral, adaptive, and social communicative outcomes. Highlighting relevant cross-cultural research throughout its chapters, the book concludes with a section on future directions in the field that includes areas for improvement in meeting the needs of diverse students, families, and schools.

Introduction to School Psychology

Author : Matthew K. Burns
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The discipline of school psychology has been shaped over the course of its existence by a series of professional and scientific controversies, and by how researchers and practitioners have responded to those controversies. Should there be an entry-level degree requirement for school psychologists? What should a school psychologist's role be with regard to student mental health? Should school psychologists work outside of school settings? Designed for students entering school psychology training programs, Introduction to School Psychology: Controversies and Current Practice examines the debates that have influenced the nature and scope of the profession, and that continue to do so today. This edited textbook is divided into five sections, the first of which describes current practices. The second offers coverage of ethics and relevant legal concerns for school psychologists; cultural competence; and consultation. The third section provides readers with the theoretical foundations of practice and includes a brief chapter on theoretical orientations. The fourth and largest section of the book examines the controversies that shape practice, presenting chapters on idiographic and nomothetic approaches; diagnostic frameworks; assessment and treatment of behavioral disorders; and much more. The final section of the book focuses on contexts and the future of the profession, with chapters on practice in urban and rural communities, technology, and the Futures Conferences.

Building Competence in Classroom Management and Discipline

Author : Annette M. Iverson
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With an emphasis on Ecological theory, while incorporating the principles of Positive Behavior Support, and Problem-Solving/Functional Behavioral Assessment, this book addresses classroom management theory and strategies for three age groups: early childhood, middle school, and secondary school. As in prior editions, the goal of this book is to broaden and deepen future teachers' understanding of the behavioral problems they are likely to encounter, as well as the solutions they are likely to find effective.Current trends in education are thoroughly explored and analyzed; and, research-based strategies are drawn from the full spectrum of management styles: behavioral, cognitive behavioral, social learning, and humanistic.For future teachers of pre, middle, and secondary school students in tomorrow's classrooms.

Building Social Competence in Children

Author : Lilian G. Katz
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Grade level: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, k, p, e, i, t.

Strategies for Building Multicultural Competence in Mental Health and Educational Settings

Author : Madonna G. Constantine
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"A must-read book for all mental health professionals wanting to keep up with today's most important clients...practical, concrete, hands-on details from firsthand experts on ethnic populations." —Richard Suinn, PhD, Colorado State University, Past president (1999), American Psychological Association The rich mosaic of racial and ethnic diversity defines our society now more than ever. For students and professional psychologists, this translates into a critical need to address a range of cultural diversity issues, as well as potential biases. Recently, the American Psychological Association (APA) recognized the importance of cultural competence for psychologists through its adoption of its Multicultural Guidelines. Applying those guidelines to real-world practice is both complex and challenging. Only one text brings it all into sharp focus: Strategies for Building Multicultural Competence in Mental Health and Educational Settings. Edited and written by renowned multicultural experts, this informative guide is full of concrete strategies and case examples, all geared toward achieving the goal of culturally competent practice. Chapter by chapter, it uses a variety of practice modalities in various settings to help all mental health professionals increase their familiarity and compliance with the APA Multicultural Guidelines. Beginning with a useful summary of the APA guidelines, Strategies for Building Multicultural Competence in Mental Health and Educational Settings covers the guidelines' relevance to: Individual and group counseling Couples and family counseling Career counseling with people of color Independent practice settings Multicultural consultations and organizational change Academic mental health training settings Clinical and hospital settings College counseling center settings Elementary and secondary school settings This timely reference also considers building multicultural competence around indigenous healing practices; in clinical supervision contexts; and in culturally sensitive research. Taken together, the book is a much-needed blueprint for making culturally informed decisions, explaining how the multicultural initiatives you implement today can he'p shape the field's future.

Effective School Consultation

Author : George M. Sugai
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This practical text provides special educators with strategies they can actually use in collaborating with other professionals and parents. The authors cover such topics as when to ask for help and when to refer and offer readers a compilation of the best practices to follow for effective consultation and collaboration. Designed primarily for special educators who work with other educators in planning, implementing, and evaluating education programs for students with learning and/or behavior difficulties, this text provides a systematic approach to the skills of consultation. The authors approach, prescriptive case consultation, emphasizes modifying teacher behavior and classroom environments, using social learning principles to assist consultees, and applying a direct approach to intervention selection and decision-making. Unlike other texts that focus more on the process of consultation, this text focuses on practical skills, including: * How to choose an appropriate intervention * How to use change in client behaviors as a measure of consultation and intervention success. * How to collect useful assessment data, including published assessment instruments, functional analyses, curriculum-based measurement, and ecological assessment. * How to identify and analyze problems * How to implement and monitor basic building, classroom, and individual behavior management strategies * How to manage meetings, communicate with others, prepare written communications, and work on specific problem situations

Program Evaluation in Gifted Education

Author : Carolyn M. Callahan
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These readings offer critical guidance in the development of assessment instruments for gifted programs.

Handbook of Education Training and Supervision of School Psychologists in School and Community Volume II

Author : Judith Kaufman
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Published with the sponsorship of the Trainers of School Psychologists, this two volume handbook examines the essential tenets of the school psychology profession, critically reviews training and practice issues, and evaluates how traditional and changing skills and issues translate into meeting the needs of children and the systems that serve them. Volume II extends the discussion of the training of school psychologists from Volume I to an examination of issues critical to the practice of school psychology, focusing on the roles of the supervisor as trainer in different contexts. Each chapter raises issues for university training in a manner that facilitates the dialogue between university and field trainers. This volume also considers issues of professional development, credentialing, and developing a professional identity, topics that predominate in practice settings yet are typically not addressed in any school psychology text. It concludes by offering recommendations on how the collaboration between university and field-based education can be further improved in the future to anticipate and meet the needs of the next generation of professionals and the children in their care.

Prevention and Consultation

Author : A. Michael Dougherty
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This sixth book in the Prevention Practice Kit provides an introduction to evidence-based prevention in psychology. Counselors, psychologists and mental health workers in schools, government agencies, community settings, and in private practice are increasingly expected to select evidence-based practices and programs, and to document the effectiveness of the care they provide. The book addresses the types of questions that may be most pertinent to counselors, psychologists, and other mental health workers who are engaged in prevention and interested in understanding evidence-based programs.

The Theory and Practice of School Consultation

Author : Michael J. Curtis
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School Violence

Author : John L. Mica
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Witnesses: Nelba Chavez, Admin., Sub. Abuse and Mental Health Serv. Admin.; William Modzeleski, Safe and Drug Free Schools Program, U.S. DoE; Charlie Condon, att. gen., S. Carolina; Gary Walker, Nat. Dist. Att. Assoc.; Reuben Greenberg, police chief, Charleston, SC; Kevin Dwyer, Nat. Assoc. of School Psychol.; James Baker, Inst. for Leg. Action, Nat. Rifle Assoc.; Jan Gallagher, Amer. School Counselor Assoc.; Bill Hall, super., Volusia Cnty. Schools, FL; Gary Fields, super., Zion-Benton Township H.S., IL; Clarence Cain, teacher, Crisis Resource, Maury Elem. School, Alex., VA; and Anthony Snead and Jeffrey Schurott, officers, Brag Corps, George Mason Elem. School.

Conjoint Behavioral Consultation

Author : Susan M. Sheridan
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This reader-friendly second edition of Sheridan and Kratochwill’s important work offers innovative applications of CBC as an ecological, evidence-based approach. In this new edition, the authors combine best practices in consultation and problem-solving for interventions that promote and support children’s potential, teachers’ educational mission, and family members’ unique strengths. A step-by-step framework for developing and maintaining family/school partnerships takes readers from initial interviews through plan evaluation. Practical strategies illustrate working with diverse families and school personnel, improving family competence, promoting joint responsibility, and achieving other collaborative goals.

Sixth Annual Building Tomorrow Today Alberta Regional Consultation for Career Development May 3 5 2000 Edmonton Consultation Proceedings

Author : Bryan A. Hiebert
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Consultation Collaboration and Teamwork for Students with Special Needs

Author : Peggy Dettmer
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Consultation Competencies in Rehabilitation Counselor Education

Author : Stephen Anthony Zanskas
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The School Psychology Licensure Exam Guide Second Edition

Author : Peter S. Thompson, PhD
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ìThis guide is direct and practical. You will find out exactly where you are weakest in knowledge so that your studying can be most directed. I exceeded the NASP passing score AND the national average on my first try at the praxis 400 exam-- using this book as my 'Bible' (and I am "only" a Specialist level sch. psych).î ì[I] used this book and passed with a 720. [I]t's straightforward, and the practice test was useful -- recognized several questions on the actual exam from the practice test.î ìThis book was very helpful in preparing for the Praxis II: School Psychology Test. It not only gave general studying guidelines, but also went through bullet points of all of the most important information to study for each section of the test.î Fully updated, this concise and easy-to-use guide gives students preparing to take the PraxisTM Test in School Psychology--required for licensure by most US states and the National Association of School Psychologists--an accessible content review with two complete sample exams. The guide encompasses all of the content areas appearing on the examóData-Based Decision Making, Research-Based Academic Practices, Research-Based Behavioral and Mental Health Practices, Consultation and Collaboration, Applied Psychological Foundations, and Legal, Ethical, and Professional Foundations. Review content is presented concisely and efficiently, allowing students to focus on the most relevant information. Written by a practicing school psychologist and field-tested with school psychology students, the guide describes the test in a conversational and accessible style and offers helpful tips on how best to study for and take the exam. This Second Edition has been expanded and updated to include: New legal considerations that directly impact the practice of school psychology Coverage of Response to Intervention (RTI) New assessment procedures Current developments in school neuropsychology issues New intervention practices Updated practice exams with new questions that reflect recent exam changes An in-depth answer key providing rationales for correct and incorrect answers New sidebars with insider tips and pointers

The Psychiatric Consultation

Author : Werner Max Mendel
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Building Academic Success on Social and Emotional Learning

Author : Joseph E. Zins
File Size : 57.4 MB
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In this groundbreaking book, nationally recognized leaders in education and psychology examine the relationships between social-emotional education and school success—specifically focusing on interventions that enhance student learning. Offering scientific evidence and practical examples, this volume points out the many benefits of social emotional learning programs, including: building skills linked to cognitive development, encouraging student focus and motivation, improving relationships between students and teachers, creating school-family partnerships to help students achieve, and increasing student confidence and success.