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Building Open Relationships

Author : Liz Powell
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Have you read "that book" on non-monogamy and still wondered "But how do you actually DO this?" Are you totally great on the theory of open relationships, but feel like you don't know how it works in practice? Join Dr. Liz Powell, psychologist, speaker, and coach, as she draws from her education, research, and life experience to bring you Building Open Relationships. This new book is an all-inclusive guide to beginning and maintaining your non-monogamous life, no matter where you fall under the non-monogamous umbrella. Complete with worksheets, discussion starters, examples, and hard-won lessons (i.e. my mistakes), this book will give you all the tools you need to be more successful in non-monogamy.

The Smart Girl s Guide to Polyamory

Author : Dedeker Winston
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No one likes a know-it-all, but everyone loves a girl with brains and heart. The Smart Girl's Guide to Polyamory is an intelligent and comprehensive guide to polyamory, open relationships, and other forms of alternative love, offering relationship advice radically different from anything you'll find on the magazine rack. This practical guidebook will help women break free of the mold of traditional monogamy, without the constraints of jealousy, possessiveness, insecurity, and competition. The Smart Girl's Guide to Polyamory incorporates interviews and real-world advice from women of all ages in nontraditional relationships, as well as exercises for building self-awareness, confidence in communication, and strategies for managing and eliminating jealousy. If you're curious about exploring group sex, opening up your current monogamous relationship, or ready to “come out” as polyamorous, this book covers it all! Whether you're a seasoned graduate, a timid freshman, or somewhere in between, you'll learn how to discover and craft unique relationships that are healthy, happy, sexy, and tailor-made for you. Because when it comes to your love life, being a know-it-all is actually a great thing to be.

Clima Design

Author : Gerhard Hausladen
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Open Deeply

Author : Kate Loree
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Author : Alex Smith
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The Essential Guide for Young Couples Looking to Explore Open-Relationships! A book written by a young couple, researched with young couples, for young couples. We're part of a new generation redefining what it means to be in a committed relationship. In Monogamish, we examine couples in non-polyamorous relationships, relations that are interested purely in outside sexual play, without the extra commitments. You'll get a peak behind closed doors, to see what it takes to have a successful, committed monogamish relationship. Not only that, you'll learn how young, monogamish couples are meeting people these days, and skip all the mistakes they've made along the way. The Foundations In this book, we lay the groundwork for building a strong, solid relationship with your partner that allows you and your partner to explore outside your relationships. We cover: * Communication * Trust * Ethics in Open-Relationships * Developing Rules and Boundaries As well how to prepare for the eventual bumps in the road, safe sex practices and more! Meeting Other People! We're children of the Internet. With the handful of options out there from hookup at to online dating sites, we go through and show you how to: * Build and craft a great online profile. * How to discuss your relationship with people you're interested in * How to cold approach strangers offline * And, most importantly, how to protect your privacy This is THE Ethical Non-Monogamy book for our Generation!


Author : J. J. Beckman
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Infinity: A Guide to Open Relationships: is a no nonsense look at the inner workings of an open relationship. Written by JJ Beckman, one half of a real life active open relationship, it takes readers through the ups, downs, ins and outs of the open relationship model.Everything outlined in Infinity is based on Beckman's personal relationship(s) and research. It documents his successes and failures as well as obstacles that he was able to avoid. It is an unambiguously honest first hand assessment of an open relationship. The writings themselves were originally intended to be a communication medium between Beckman and his wife. In Infinity they have been presented as a framework to follow for partners interested in “opening up” or for individuals interested in joining an already established open relationship. Infinity presents readers with the necessary information to make an informed decision about open relationships. It shows the differences and benefits of being “open” in contrast to that of a “traditional” monogamous relationship.Topics discussed include passion & respect, managing, jealousy, privacy & honesty, flexibility & sacrifice, rules, safe sex and infidelity. Also, described in detail, the primary/ secondary open relationship model and the roles of those involved. Throughout, Beckman shares his personal experiences as a guide to help others open and enjoy their relationships as well as edify them on the potential dilemmas that they may encounter.Infinity is perfect for couples thinking about opening up, individuals considering a secondary role or for anyone curious about the dynamics of an open relationship lifestyle. It is a clear road map of pitfalls to avoid and joys to consider a on your path to building a beautiful and fulfilling open relationship.

The Internationalisation Maturity of the Firm

Author : Krzysztof Fonfara
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In the 21st century, even small firms can reach customers located in different, often remote, parts of the world. In fact, internationalisation has become a common phenomenon that affects the majority of companies worldwide. Recent research emphasises that there are numerous determinants of a company’s competitive advantage in the international business environment, including product quality, price, and market knowledge. Much less attention, however, has been paid to the role of business relationships. The task of determining the impact of business relationships on performance poses a considerable challenge. In the book, business relationships are operationalised by a set of characteristics and determinants which influence a company’s competitive advantage. The contributors here refer to these characteristics and determinants as components of the company’s internationalisation maturity. It is argued that a higher level of internationalisation maturity increases the firm’s performance. The book includes both conceptual discussions on the role of firms’ business relationships in the internationalisation process and results of extensive empirical studies. In order to verify the concept of a firm’s internationalisation maturity, a mixed methodology was used, combining quantitative (almost 300 companies) and qualitative (40 case studies) research. As such, the book provides useful insights for academics, students of management and international business, and business practitioners.

Collaborative Leadership

Author : David Archer
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We all live in an interconnected world and for business leaders the last decade has seen a dramatic rise in the speed and scale of this interdependence. But while increased connectivity is inevitable, increased collaboration is not. To succeed in today’s environment, leaders need to be able to build relationships, handle conflict and to share control in order to promote effective collaboration where it is needed most. Archer and Cameron have been working in this field for over 10 years and were amongst the first business authors to define and explain Collaborative Leadership in their 2008 book. This 2nd edition draws on interviews, examples and additional cases studies of the new collaboration challenges that leaders face such as; working together to deal with the consequences of financial contagion in the Eurozone or elsewhere, responding to the growth in use of social networks by their staff and customers, and managing global supply chains to reach new growth markets. This fully revised, updated and re-structured text provides an easily accessible ‘how-to’ guide for leaders in today’s interconnected world. It will give both experienced and aspiring leaders the techniques and confidence to manage complex collaborative relationships in a sustainable way. It also acts as a guide for leadership development professionals, coaches and consultants who have to build leadership and collaboration capability within organizations.

Successful Freelancing for Web Designers

Author :
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It didn't work out as you expected, did it? The freelancing life was supposed to give you more time with the family and free you from that incompetent boss. You even assumed you would be better off financially. Instead, you are working longer hours and are under constant stress, worrying about various aspects of your business. It has to stop. If you are thinking of freelancing or are close to surrendering to your workload, then this eBook (eBook#2) will be a treasure chest for you. Realizing that you have made the same mistakes as many before you can be a relief. Read up on how to pitch like a pro and handle your finances properly. Get precious tips on a key issue in freelancing: communication with clients and partners. Compelling marketing strategies will brighten your future, win contracts and make your business profitable. This eBook proves that the hand picked content within, culled from the past two years on Smashing Magazine, makes even more sense when put into context. It has been worth a pot of gold to all those who have already read it. So, make your freelance business successful with minimal investment! TABLE OF CONTENTS - Basic Skill Of Freelance Web Designers - Communication with Clients & Partners - Marketing - Convincing Strategies For Freelancers - Contracts & Pricing

Building Buyer Relationships

Author : Daragh O'Reilly
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Early Years Teaching and Learning

Author : Denise Reardon
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Covering all routes to early years teaching, this essential textbook provides students and practitioners with everything they need to know to deliver outstanding Early Years practice. Previously titled Achieving Early Years Professional Status, this new edition is completely revised to include recent research and practice guidance for those studying: - Early Years Teacher Status - Teach First Early Years - Early Years Educator - Early Years PGCE New case studies, illustrating best practice, make this text highly relevant for experienced professionals teaching and leading practice in Early Years settings and schools, and anyone interested in helping Early Years children learn and develop. Journal articles linked to each chapter are available at

Social environmental Relationships in Open and Closed Offices

Author : Yvonne Alice Wathen Clearwater
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Enriching Student Teaching Relationships

Author : Grant Clothier
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Dropping Your Guard

Author : Charles R. Swindoll
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In this updated version of his best-selling book, Swindoll poignantly and honestly portrays the need for authentic love and transparency. In a world that focuses on images, sound bites, and quick impressions, we have forgotten how to really know one another. Many of us recoil from true intimacy. Author Charles Swindollw writes,"Full self-disclosure is something we tend to avoid at all costs. In fact, we are prone to keep people out of our private worlds by wearing masks?not physical masks?but psychological ones." For example . . . The "I'm tough" mask hides weakness and fear. The "I'm holy" mask hides our struggle with temptation. The "I can handle it" mask hides bewilderment and hurt. Removing your masks and relinquishing your defenses are essential aspects of the Christian experience. And Dropping Your Guard portrays Bible teacher Chuck Swindoll at his best, delving into the treasures of God's Word to reveal strategic principles for building open and genuine relationships. Chuck Swindoll says,"My desire is that our Lord will open your eyes to the value of authentic relationships, and that His Spirit will free you to be vulnerable as you drop your guard with others in the family of God. I assure you, the result is worth the effort."


Author : Barbara Jo Brothers
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Couples: Building Bridges shows therapists how to successfully apply basic principles of human interaction and communication to help facilitate intimate connections between people. Using the approaches in this book, you will see how the bridge between couples materializes naturally as a result of the combination of respect, truth, careful observations, awareness, and shared information. Contributors in Couples: Building Bridges encourage therapists to bring their own behavior into awareness--to see themselves as the major instrument of change in the therapy process and to recognize that work must begin with themselves before starting to work with couples. However, the book stresses that therapy is not something performed on a couple but rather a process geared toward increasing the range of choice of behavior for clients. Therapists working with couples or with individuals seeking therapy concerning their intimate relationships will find Couples: Building Bridges a valuable reference for promoting healthy, open relationships.

Proceedings of IVth International Symposium on Improving the Performance of Supply Chains in the Transitional Economies

Author : Peter J. Batt
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The Youth Ministry Resource Book

Author : Eugene C. Roehlkepartain
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Cover subtitle: Your instant reference guide for youth ministry facts, resources, and research.

Look Japan

Author :
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Understanding People

Author : Walton C. Boshear
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The Courageous Follower

Author : Ira Chaleff
File Size : 39.32 MB
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A guide to being an effective follower and relating to leaders in a positive and productive manner offers five methods to become an active employee--assume responsibility, serve well, challenge leaders, participate in transformation, and prepare to separate. $30,000 ad/promo.