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Bulgaria at the Crossroads

Author : Jacques Coenen-Huther
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Bulgaria at the Crossroads

Popular Music in Contemporary Bulgaria

Author : Asya Draganova
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On the crossroads between the cultural influences of perceived global models and local specificity, entangled in webs of post-communist complexity, Bulgarian popular music has evolved as a space of change and creativity on the edge of Europe. An ethnographic exploration, this book accesses insight from music figures from a spectrum of styles.


Author : Annie Kay
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Historical Dictionary of Bulgaria

Author : Raymond Detrez
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This third edition covers Bulgarian history through a chronology, an introductory essay, appendixes, an extensive bibliography, and over 700 cross-referenced entries on important people, politics, economy, foreign relations, religion, and culture. This book is an access point for students, researchers, and general readers.

Smart Analysis of Tourism Policy Efficiency in Bulgaria for the Period 1980 2017

Author : Ivanka Vasenska
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The purpose of this study is to determine the role of tourism in the economy of Bulgaria. In this paper, we present the history of the Bulgarian tourism industry trends from the beginning to its contemporary policy patterns. We apply an econometric methodology consisting of unit root test, cointegration analysis, linear regression, correlation analysis, Granger causality test and 3-D visualizations by IBM Watson Studio based on the statistics for the period 1980-2017. Exploring the link between tourism and the economic development of Bulgaria, the tourism – led - growth hypothesis about Bulgaria is validated for the post-communism period. Our findings show that a relationship between tourism and Bulgaria’s economic development exists. We can conclude that tourism is in part an endogenous growth process.


Author : Jonathan Bousfield
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This guide to this little known but deeply rewarding country, includes comprehensive accounts of all the sights from the capital Sofia to the time-warped villiages and wayside monasteries. It includes practical advice on outdoor pursuits - the best hikes, ski centres and Black Sea beaches - plus a run-dwon on all the folk festivals and informed commentaries on Bulgaria's turbulent history.

Civil Society in Southeast Europe

Author :
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Since the fall of communism in 1989 Southeast Europe has been a site of far-reaching societal transformation, much of it marked by political crisis, economic upheaval, ethnic tension, and bitter war. The book comprises articles investigating the history and development of civil society in post-communist Southeast Europe. How is civil society to be grasped, what are the historical factors shaping the civil societies of the region?, what is the function of civil society in the transition to democracy and a market-economy?, and what are the prospects for the future development of the civil societies of the region in an age of globalization?, –these are just a few of the major questions addressed in this collection of articles. Many of the authors are social scientists, philosophers, and activists from the region, offering first-hand critical analysis of the state of civil society in Southeast Europe and suggesting theoretical and practical strategies for the future course of its development. The aim is to provide the reader with insight into the complex challenges that face the civil societies of the region.

Zwischen Amnesie und Nostalgie

Author : Ulf Brunnbauer
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Routledge Handbook on the Governance of Religious Diversity

Author : Anna Triandafyllidou
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This book critically reviews state-religion models and the ways in which different countries manage religious diversity, illuminating different responses to the challenges encountered in accommodating both majorities and minorities. The country cases encompass eight world regions and 23 countries, offering a wealth of research material suitable to support comparative research. Each case is analysed in depth looking at historical trends, current practices, policies, legal norms and institutions. By looking into state-religion relations and governance of religious diversity in regions beyond Europe, we gain insights into predominantly Muslim countries (Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia), countries with pronounced historical religious diversity (India and Lebanon) and into a predominantly migrant pluralist nation (Australia). These insights can provide a basis for re-thinking European models and learning from experiences of governing religious diversity in other socio-economic and geopolitical contexts. Key analytical and comparative reflections inform the introduction and concluding chapters. This volume offers a research and study companion to better understand the connection between state-religion relations and the governance of religious diversity in order to inform both policy and research efforts in accommodating religious diversity. Given its accessible language and further readings provided in each chapter, the volume is ideally suited for undergraduate and graduate students. It will also be a valuable resource for researchers working in the wider field of ethnic, migration, religion and citizenship studies.

State and Society in Post Socialist Economies

Author : J. Pickles
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State and Society in Post-Socialist Economies focuses on the reform economies of post-socialist Europe. It looks at how various projects of communism that emerged in have been and are still being dismantled and recomposed by alternative visions, institutions and practices of capitalist market economies and democratic polities.