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Bunny Buddhism

Author : Krista Lester
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The cuteness of bunnies meets the wisdom of Buddhism in this irresistible, inspirational guide, based on a popular Twitter feed of the same name. Whether you're a fan of cute bunnies or a devotee of the comforting wisdom of Buddhist thought (or both), this delightful and deceptively simple book will offer insights, surprises, and joy. Based on a popular Twitter feed these heartfelt observations have attracted a loyal following. A bunny who is happy and peaceful brings joy wherever he hops. What the bunny mind dwells on, the bunny becomes. Simple things can be extraordinary to the bunny who chooses to see them. One must hop carefully, for every hop has the potential to cause pain. The wise bunny knows the carrot will not hop to him. The wise bunny hops even when the way is unclear. With 500 inspiring entries and 40 adorable illustrations, the book will be a gift, a touchstone, and a gentle guide to hopping along the wise path of life.

Rabbits for Food

Author : Binnie Kirshenbaum
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Master of razor-edged literary humor Binnie Kirshenbaum returns with her first novel in a decade, a devastating, laugh-out-loud funny story of a writer’s slide into depression and institutionalization. It’s New Year’s Eve, the holiday of forced fellowship, mandatory fun, and paper hats. While dining out with her husband and their friends, Kirshenbaum’s protagonist—an acerbic, mordantly witty, and clinically depressed writer—fully unravels. Her breakdown lands her in the psych ward of a prestigious New York hospital, where she refuses all modes of recommended treatment. Instead, she passes the time chronicling the lives of her fellow “lunatics” and writing a novel about what brought her there. Her story is a brilliant and brutally funny dive into the disordered mind of a woman who sees the world all too clearly. Propelled by razor-sharp comic timing and rife with pinpoint insights, Kirshenbaum examines what it means to be unloved and loved, to succeed and fail, to be at once impervious and raw. Rabbits for Food shows how art can lead us out of—or into—the depths of disconsolate loneliness and piercing grief. A bravura literary performance from one of our most indispensable writers.

Naked Tarot

Author : Janet Boyer
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Spiritual adventurers are burning for truth, hungry for ways to affect and improve their destiny. Tarot can deliver, but most books offer impractical, confusing, irrelevant and regurgitated card interpretations, causing seekers to throw up their hands to say “I just don’t get it!” The good news? No Golden Dawn snooze-fest or Crowley catatonia in the book you’re holding. With raw simplicity and outrageous honesty, author Janet Boyer presents helpful, hilarious and relevant advice that will forever change how you see the cards, and finally equip you to understand, and read, the Tarot. No punches pulled. No sugarcoating. It’s time to be forearmed, forewarned and foresighted. It’s time to get…naked. '...a hard hitting, belly-laugh inducing, no nonsense guide to Tarot.' Jenne Perlstein

Buddhism in the Light of Christ

Author : Esther Baker
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Buddhism's influence is growing in the West, as seen in the widespread use of Buddhist mindfulness apps in people's attempts to unwind, or the casual use of words like nirvana and karma that have crept into the English language. Whether we meet it in the East or West, what is Buddhism? What is at the heart of its teachings? How does Buddhism differ from Christianity, and are they compatible? Through a collection of true short stories and testimonies, Buddhism in the Light of Christ--a sequel and companion to Esther Baker's first book, I Once was a Buddhist Nun--takes an insightful look at some core Buddhist beliefs and practices, and then reflects on them from a Christian viewpoint and biblical understanding. Esther tackles important questions such as: How does the Buddhist goal nirvana and God differ? and Is Buddhism a form of idolatry? Her responses reveal a penetrating understanding that helps to unravel and demystify the true nature of Buddhism. Buddhism in the Light of Christ also includes helpful suggestions on how to share Jesus with Buddhist friends, as well as important considerations regarding discipleship once a Buddhist has come to know Christ.

The Trouble with Buddhism

Author : Robert M. Ellis
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This book is a critique of Buddhism by a philosopher with about 20 years' experience of practising Buddhism. It attempts to judge Buddhism by the standards of its own key insight of the Middle Way. This book argues that Buddhism has often abandoned the Middle Way and allowed dogmatic metaphysical assumptions to take its place. The Buddha criticised appeals to metaphysics, yet many of the trappings of traditional Buddhism are built on it - whether these are karma and rebirth, the revelations of the enlightened and their scriptures, dependent origination, the interpretation of the Four Noble Truths, alienated idealisations of love, or rituals that celebrate metaphysics rather than insight. This is not a purely negative book, but an attempt at a balanced appraisal of Buddhism with praise as well as criticism. In the West we have an opportunity to evaluate Buddhism anew and reform it so that it best applies its own insights.

A Catalog of 16mm Films 1 2 Inch Video Cassettes and Other Media

Author : State Library of Iowa. Audio-visual Section
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The Bunny Book

Author : John D'Hondt
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This strange book could become a classic of literature that deals with AIDS, physical suffering, and loss. It's the 'Moby Dick' of bunnies, all right -- their scientific and anthropological history, their mythic and psychic manifestations, and most of all their starring role in children's books. In 'The Bunny Book' cuteness and cosiness come to represent a hopeless longing for safety and resolution.

Living Buddhism

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Sync My World

Author : Rodney St.Michael
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Why do you have autism, schizophrenia or bipolar disorder? Why are you gay or lesbian? Find out the astrophysical cause of these conditions, and learn how to manage conflict among these Five Elements to improve your life! Part 3 of 3 in a series.

Create Your Own Religion

Author : Daniele Bolelli
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“One of the most refreshing, humorous, and radically honest books about practical and comparative religion this reviewer has ever come across.”—Library Journal (starred review) Create Your Own Religion is a call to arms—an open invitation to question all the values, beliefs, and worldviews that humanity has so far held as sacred in order to find the answers we need to the very practical problems facing us. Writer, philosopher, and professor of comparative religion, Daniele Bolelli, leads the reader through three thousand years of mythology, misogyny, misinformation, and the flat-out lies about “revealed truth” that continue to muddle our ability to live a peaceful life, free of guilt and shame and the ultimate fear of death. “Our worldviews are in desperate need of some housecleaning,” says Bolelli. “We enter the 21st century still carrying on our backs the prejudices and ways of thinking of countless past generations. What worked for them may or may not still be of use, so it is our job to make sure to save the tools that can help us and let go of the dead weight.” “With a cheerful, good-natured smile, Daniele Bolelli torpedoes the often luxurious but spiritually leaky battleships that sail under the various flags of the world’s organized religions.”—Tom Robbins, New York Times bestselling author “Daniele Bolelli is in the house. Minds will be blown. Lives will be changed.”—Joe Rogan, comedian and podcast host “Bolelli’s direct confrontation with dogma without giving an inch and without prescribing a new dogma is about as fresh as it gets.”—Mike Vallely, skateboarder, musician, and actor

State Library of Iowa Media Catalog

Author : State Library of Iowa. Audio-Visual Section
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"This Catalog is divided into two sections: Section One--16mm films; Section Two--a Topic Index of all 16mm films included in the Catalog. A separate Catalog includes all 1/2" VHS videotapes in the State Library's collection.

Rabbit Trail

Author : Tricia Pimental
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It's the 1950's, and Irish Catholic Tricia Williams is surviving childhood in Brooklyn, New York, watching Leave It to Beaver and hanging out at Gino's Pizzeria. Though the family scene is short on security, she's got friends and faith. Twenty years later, the surging sexual revolution is in full swing, and her obsession is "breaking away." She's abandoned the Church, and now in a hurry to leave home, makes a daring move to Los Angeles. It's a strange city, and Tricia soon realizes it might not be the start of something big, but bad. It's not the obsessive apartment-hopping or even her unique job-a-month plan that's the problem. What she's really looking for are spiritual roots, and she's about to get entwined in a weird web of Buddhism, Mormonism, Hinduism, and New Age practices that will keep her wandering a Rabbit Trail for decades, until one charismatic man unlocks the secret for her.

Human Values and the Environment

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Books in Print

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Retail Catalogue of Standard and Holiday Books

Author : McClurg, Firm, Booksellers, Chicago
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American Book Publishing Record

Author :
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Best books for children

Author : Catherine Barr
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Variety s Complete Home Video Directory

Author :
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Best Books for Children Preschool Through Grade 6

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IES Report

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