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Proceedings of the California Burrowing Owl Symposium

Author : John H. Barclay
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Florida Burrowing Owls

Author : Betty Gilbert
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This book depicts the everyday life of the burrowing owls. It details their family unity living conditions and trials to survive in our modern world. I hope you will enjoy reading and learning about these unique, precious owls lives as much as I enjoyed all the days I spent taking pictures of them.

Burrowing Owls

Author : Melissa Hill
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Burrowing Owls

Author :
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When you think "bird nest," you think tree, correct? Not for these little owls! Burrowing owls make their homes underground. Learn more about these pint-sized predators with full colour photos, range maps, and carefully levelled text.

Burrowing Owls

Author : Rob Palmer
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Photographer Rob Palmer has a passion for birds of prey and has traveled across the North American continent in pursuit of images that capture their amazing beauty and behaviors as the go about their lives in their natural environment. In this book, he has collected nearly two-hundred of his favorite shots of burrowing owls as they go about life in the wild. From grown owls in flight to youngsters hamming it up and exploring life beyond the nest, you'll enjoy a virtual tour of the lives of these mesmerizing birds. Palmer also provides explanatory text to help you identify burrowing owl behaviors and understand what it takes to get shots like these. Whether you are an owl lover or an aspiring bird photographer, you'll love this book!

Buffy the Burrowing Owl

Author : Betty Gilbert
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?Betty Gilberts delightful story about South Floridas beloved pint-sized owls introduces her readers to one of her favorite birds. His name is Buffy, and through Gilberts engaging narrative and remarkable photographs, we are given an intimate and fascinating peek into Buffys family life. We watch as Buffys parents decorate their burrow to disguise it and protect it from predators. We look on as Buffy and his siblings venture out of the burrow for the first time. And we learn about what burrowing owls eat, as well as how they sleep, play, and stay clean. This is a book that will capture the imagination of children of all ages, but more important, it teaches young readers to appreciate and respect a species that has somehow managed to survive among humans in an urban environment as development continues to encroach on its natural habitat. After many years as a wildlife biologist, studying animals, birds and their habitats, I retired and relocated to South Florida in 2003, never imagining that I would soon find myself a willing participant in a research study of Cape Corals favorite feathered resident, the burrowing owl. Although the Fish and Wildlife study had already begun when I arrived on the scene, it wasnt long before I was totally caught up in the project. Each spring we banded a few hundred owls and also observed nesting productivity. From what I have learned over the years conducting research alongside other biologist, I can assure readers that Betty Gilberts portrayal of a burrowing owl familys day-to-day life is informed and accurate. A little history about Buffy, also known as C-3: Buffy was originally captured and banded at a nest on the corner of Country Club Blvd. and SE 35th Terrace in Cape Coral, Florida, on May 11, 2002, along with a sibling that was banded with a Red B-3. Buffys sibling was recaptured on June 19, 2002. Buffy was later seen on August 13, 2002, but was not seen again after that date. As with most young owls, Buffy may have moved on somewhere to establish his own burrow. Buffys parents were never captured or banded. Unfortunately, burrowing owls face many hazards in life and most dont live more than two or three years. Buffys dad apparently passed away in the spring of 2005 and was replaced by a new male. This new male was originally captured as a youngster on May 2, 2004, at a burrow a few blocks south of Buffys nest site and outfitted with a Blue band B-V. When Buffys dad died, this male moved up to the burrow and was captured there on April 16, 2005. He was recaptured at that burrow in February 2006. As I thought about that location, I remembered that recently a burrow on the very next street was flooded earlier this spring, 2008, and three owl chicks had to be rescued from the high water. Following the rescue, I had to put in a new burrow a little higher up from the swale area to protect the family from further floods. The pair of adult owls moved right in to their new home and are there today. Since Buffys home was only a few hundred yards away, my wife and I decided to go see if Buffys original home might still be on that corner. To our dismay a new house stood on the lot where Buffy was born and grew up. But as we drove up 35th Terrace, we noticed two new burrows are being used by descendants of Buffys family. Owls stay in one burrow for life unless they are forced to build a new home somewhere else, and most owls that have to build somewhere do so nearby. We would like to think that it was Buffys family we helped out during the heavy rains in April 2008, and that they and their offspring will continue to live in the neighborhood for years to come.

My Little Book of Burrowing Owls My Little Book Of

Author : Hope Irvin Marston
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Fron the parents' preparation of the burrow to the hatching of seven hungry babies that learn to hunt, fly, and survive in a sometimes dangerous world.

A Stratified Random Survey for Burrowing Owls on the Weyburn 62E and Regina 72I Map Areas

Author : Dale G. Hjertaas
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The Burrowing Owl has been designated as a threatened species by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada. Although Albertaand Saskatchewan are the heart of their range in Canada, field surveys todetermine population status were confined to the Saskatoon region. Thisreport provides a statistically valid estimate of size of the Burrowing Owlpopulation in southeastern Saskatchewan, estimates rates of occupancy ofsuitable habitats, and presents habitat preferences and other informationrelevant to their management. A mail questionnaire and instructions for thesurvey are also included.

My Little Book of Burrowing Owls

Author : Hope Irvin Marston
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A painted turtle goes about its daily life, finding food and seeking to survive the winter.

Population Genetics of Migratory and Resident Burrowing Owls Athene Cunicularia Elucidated by Microsatellite DNA Markers

Author : Nicole M. Korfanta
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