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Bury the Innocent

Author : Linda Patenaude
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FODDER TO CHEW ON covers topics of interest to almost everyone: The battle of Armageddon is at least seven years away according to Scripture. (Contrary to what you may have heard.) A look at the human spirit and cloning humans is sure to be thought provoking. A tongue-in-cheek look at the virtuous woman may change your opinion of that lady of Proverbs Chapter 31. The comments on the male species are revealing. There are over twenty chapters. The insight into human nature and the gentle humor will make you smile at times. All of the chapters will speak to you. And God gets all the glory.

Bury the Ghost

Author : Patricia Huckle
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A terrible tsunami struck the idyllic South Pacific islands the afternoon Carla Kennedy and Daniel Briggs made love for the first time. The skiff they'd been rowing across the bay on their way home from school had broken into countless pieces, but Carla had managed to cling tightly to a small piece of its timber decking in her desperate struggle to survive, refusing to surrender it even after she'd been rescued. She woke, bewildered and lost, suffering amnesia and, unknown to her at the time, pregnant. An elderly couple, Joshua and Hazel Kaplan, volunteer workers in the aftermath of the disaster, took pity on her, opening their hearts and home to the teenager. In time, she became Rebecca Kaplan, and was lovingly cared for by her surrogate parents who educated her and willingly filled the role of grandparents to her baby daughter, Jenna. Daniel searched endlessly for his love, hurt and angry at his mother's admonition to, "Bury the ghost and get on with your life." He moved to Australia to study medicine and, even though he eventually married and had a family, he was constantly haunted by memories of his childhood sweetheart. Bury The Ghost follows the lives of these two young people and their battles to cope after being so tragically separated.

The Innocents

Author : Richard Barre
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Winner of the 1996 Shamus Award for Best First PI Novel! There are seven of them. Children—innocents—whose long-buried remains are uncovered by a flash-flood. No one knows who could have committed such a crime. Clues are scarce, and with the media turning the story into a law enforcement nightmare, time is short. Only Wil Hardesty, a private eye who has more in common with the case than anyone knows, is willing to push hard enough—and dig deep enough—to find the cruelest of killers. The killer of The Innocents … Praise for THE INNOCENTS … “Author Richard Barre kicked off his Wil Hardesty series with this smart, psychologically nuanced first novel, which garnered a 1996 Shamus Award. The plot is gripping, the dialogue sharp, and the villains very villainous indeed, but the character of Wil Hardesty is what separates this mystery from the rest of the pack. More than just another private-eye-with-a-troubled-past, Hardesty is both complicated and flawed, a very real human who brings a lifetime’s worth of pain, passion, and guilt to bear on solving this crime.” —Publishers Weekly “Sober, understated, intense.” —Kirkus Reviews “Up-close and personal narrative…nicely convoluted plot.” —Library Journal “Crisp, street-smart dialogue; a likable protagonist; and very nasty villains…a solid debut.” —Booklist “Impressive.” —San Francisco Examiner “Excellent…the writing is so good.” —The Oregonian “Walking in the shadows of everyone from Ross Macdonald to Lawrence Block, Barre still manages to find something original to say. The book’s strength comes from the chances it takes…fresh characters…clever plot twists.” —Chicago Tribune “Hardesty is remarkably evolved as a character in his first outing. [He] could be you or me or a neighbor, a person trying hard to survive a few of life’s dirtier tricks. He has stature.” —The Plain Dealer (Cleveland) “Barre delivers…an engrossing mystery that moves quickly in prose that is as sleek and muscular as its protagonist. This first outing easily handles, then transcends, the genre requisites for a lively, intense read. Reserve a long evening for this one…it delivers the tension and pace that readers demand.” —Santa Barbara News Press “One of the best mysteries of the year.” —Firsts Magazine “The Innocents is a truly powerful and moving novel, going beyond the private eye genre as only the best authors do. Let’s hope that is only the first of a long and significant series.” —Otto Penzler, Mysterious Press “Barre is a skilled writer, an uncanny observer and comes equipped with an uncommonly good ear for dialogue. Wil Hardesty, is a most welcome addition to the pantheon of private detectives.” —Ross Thomas, author of Out on the Rim “A truly powerful and moving novel…an intriguing world of mystery, deceit and murder. Richard Barre is a skilled writer and The Innocents is a gripping story.” —Michael Connelly, author of The Fifth Witness “A great read. Barre has a great command of all the elements—plot, character, and individual scenes. I suspect and hope that Wil Hardesty will be around crime fiction for many novels to come.” —James Crumley, author of Dancing Bear “Will Hardesty is a man with a lot of pain and a lot of pride, a man with a mission: a man you should meet. In a world of fake and fabrication, The Innocents is the real thing.” —Stephen Greenleaf, author of False Conception “The Innocents is a powerful novel…of action and suspense that is, in the end, a voyage of self-discovery.” —Michael Collins, author of Crimes and Misdemeanors

Unwrapping the Innocent s Secret

Author : Caitlin Crews
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Their desire haunts him… Will her revelation reunite them? Billionaire Pascal prides himself on his rigid control. So it infuriates him beyond belief that he can’t forget Cecilia, the sweet and innocent woman who saved his life…or the forbidden passion they shared. This Christmas, he’s determined to forget her—until they suddenly come face-to-face! Seeing Pascal again blindsides Cecilia. She gave him more than her innocence during their explosive encounter—she gave him a piece of her heart. Their still-searing chemistry is startling! As is Cecilia’s stunning baby secret…

The Identity in Question

Author : John Rajchman
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First published in 1996. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Divine Origin of Christianity Indicated by Its Historical Effects

Author : Richard Salter Storrs
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[Ten lectures delivered before the Union Theological Seminary, New York, and the Lowell Institute, Boston].

The Bloomsbury Anthology of Aesthetics

Author : Joseph J. Tanke
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Drawing from ancient, medieval, modern, and contemporary sources, this textbook offers a comprehensive and systematic historical overview of aesthetic theory.

The Day of the Innocents

Author : Luis Villarreal
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The Use of the Burial Service as Required by Law

Author : Thomas Stuart Lyle Vogan
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Concise Study of Basic Theology vol X

Author : Henry Epps
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