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The Definitive Handbook of Business Continuity Management

Author : Andrew Hiles
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With a pedigree going back over ten years, The Definitive Handbook of Business Continuity Management can rightly claim to be a classic guide to business risk management and contingency planning, with a style that makes it accessible to all business managers. Some of the original underlying principles remain the same – but much has changed. This is reflected in this radically updated third edition, with exciting and helpful new content from new and innovative contributors and new case studies bringing the book right up to the minute. This book combines over 500 years of experience from leading Business Continuity experts of many countries. It is presented in an easy-to-follow format, explaining in detail the core BC activities incorporated in BS 25999, Business Continuity Guidelines, BS 25777 IT Disaster Recovery and other standards and in the body of knowledge common to the key business continuity institutes. Contributors from America, Asia Pacific, Europe, China, India and the Middle East provide a truly global perspective, bringing their own insights and approaches to the subject, sharing best practice from the four corners of the world. We explore and summarize the latest legislation, guidelines and standards impacting BC planning and management and explain their impact. The structured format, with many revealing case studies, examples and checklists, provides a clear roadmap, simplifying and de-mystifying business continuity processes for those new to its disciplines and providing a benchmark of current best practice for those more experienced practitioners. This book makes a massive contribution to the knowledge base of BC and risk management. It is essential reading for all business continuity, risk managers and auditors: none should be without it.

Business Continuity Management

Author : Michael Blyth
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PRAISE FOR Business Continuity Management Few businesses can afford to shut down for an extended period of time, regardless of the cause. If the past few years have taught us anything, it's that disaster can strike in any shape, at any time. Be prepared with the time-tested strategies in Business Continuity Management: Building an Effective Incident Management Plan and protect your employees while ensuring your company survives the unimaginable. Written by Michael Blyth—one of the world's foremost consultants in the field of business contingency management—this book provides cost-conscious executives with a structured, sustainable, and time-tested blueprint toward developing an individualized strategic business continuity program. This timely book urges security managers, HR directors, program managers, and CEOs to manage nonfinancial crises to protect your company and its employees. Discussions include: Incident management versus crisis response Crisis management structures Crisis flows and organizational responses Leveraging internal and external resources Effective crisis communications Clear decision-making authorities Trigger plans and alert states Training and resources Designing and structuring policies and plans Monitoring crisis management programs Stages of disasters Emergency preparedness Emergency situation management Crisis Leadership Over 40 different crisis scenarios Developing and utilizing a business continuity plan protects your company, its personnel, facilities, materials, and activities from the broad spectrum of risks that face businesses and government agencies on a daily basis, whether at home or internationally. Business Continuity Management presents concepts that can be applied in part, or full, to your business, regardless of its size or number of employees. The comprehensive spectrum of useful concepts, approaches and systems, as well as specific management guidelines and report templates for over forty risk types, will enable you to develop and sustain a continuity management plan essential to compete, win, and safely operate within the complex and fluid global marketplace.

Business Continuity Management Second Edition

Author : Dominic Elliott
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Since the publication of the first edition in 2002, interest in crisis management has been fuelled by a number of events, including 9/11. The first edition of this text was praised for its rigorous yet logical approach, and this is continued in the second edition, which provides a well-researched, theoretically robust approach to the topic combined with empirical research in continuity management. New chapters are included on digital resilience and principles of risk management for business continuity. All chapters are revised and updated with particular attention being paid to the impact on smaller companies. New cases include: South Africa Bank, Lego, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter; small companies impacted by 9/11; and the New York City power outage of August 2003.

Business Continuity Management

Author : Andrew Hiles
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Discover new ideas and inspiration to build world-class Business Continuity Management from this masterwork that distills Hiles' wisdom about what works and why from 30+ years' experience in 60+ countries. First published in 1999, the new 4th Edition of Hiles' classic is the most international, comprehensive, readable exposition on the subject. It now includes: New or revised sections: New, extensive chapter on supply chain risk – including valuable advice on contract aspects. Horizon scanning of new risks. Fresh perspectives. Multilateral continuity planning. Impact of new technologies, including mobile computing, cloud computing, bring your own device, and the Internet of things. Extensive, up-to-the-minute coverage of global/country-specific standards, with detailed appendices on ISO 22301/22313 and NFPA 1600. BCP exercising and testing. Helpful discussion on issues relating to certification professional certification. New revealing case studies and vivid examples of crises and disruptions – and effective response to them. Updated action plans and roadmaps. Proven techniques to win consensus on BC strategy and planning. Hint of the future – what's next for BCM? Demonstrates step-by-step how to build and maintain a world-class BC management system and plan. Shares field-tested tools and hard-won insights about what works and why. Chapter learning objectives, case studies and real-life examples, self-examination and discussion questions, forms, checklists, charts and graphs, glossary, index. 520-page book + hundreds of pages of Downloadable Resources, including project plans, risk analysis forms, BIA spreadsheets, BC plan formats, exercise/test material, checklists, and a variety of editable models, templates, and spreadsheets. Instructional Materials coming soon including valuable educational tools, such as syllabi, test bank, slides – for use by approved adopters in college courses and professional development training.

Business Continuity Management in Construction

Author : Leni Sagita Riantini Supriadi
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This book provides an understanding of Business Continuity Management (BCM) implementation for local/international construction operations, with a primary focus on Indonesian construction firms as an illustrative example. It reviews the whole spectrum of work relating to organizational culture (OC) and the institutional framework (IF) as one of the key ways for companies to evaluate and implement BCM in construction operations. Once readers have acquired a sound understanding of BCM, OC and IF linkages in construction firms, the lessons learned can be extended to other companies. This is facilitated through a systematic assessment framework presented in the book using a Knowledge Based Decision Support System (BCM-KBDSS), which allows these companies to evaluate their current status quo with respect to BCM, OC and IF, and then make informed decisions on how and to what extent BCM should be implemented in their operations. As such, the book offers a unique blend of theory and practice, ensuring readers gain a far better understanding of BCM implementation in the construction industry.

ISO 22301 2019 and business continuity management Understand how to plan implement and enhance a business continuity management system BCMS

Author : Alan Calder
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ISO 22301:2019 and business continuity management – Understand how to plan, implement and enhance a business continuity management system (BCMS) walks you through the requirements of ISO 22301, explaining what they mean and how your organisation can achieve compliance. It is an essential companion guide for those working in business continuity.

Business Continuity and Risk Management

Author : Kurt J. Engemann
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As an instructor, you have seen business continuity and risk management grow exponentially, offering an exciting array of career possibilities to your students. They need the tools needed to begin their careers -- and to be ready for industry changes and new career paths. You cannot afford to use limited and inflexible teaching materials that might close doors or limit their options. Written with your classroom in mind,Business Continuity and Risk Management: Essentials of Organizational Resilience is the flexible, modular textbook you have been seeking -- combining business continuity and risk management. Full educator-designed teaching materials available for download. From years of experience teaching and consulting in Business Continuity and Risk, Kurt J. Engemann and Douglas M. Henderson explain everything clearly without extra words or extraneous philosophy. Your students will grasp and apply the main ideas quickly. They will feel that the authors wrote this textbook with them specifically in mind -- as if their questions are answered even before they ask them. Covering both Business Continuity and Risk Management and how these two bodies of knowledge and practice interface, Business Continuity and Risk Management: Essentials of Organizational Resilience is a state-of-the-art textbook designed to be easy for the student to understand -- and for you, as instructor, to present. Flexible, modular design allows you to customize a study plan with chapters covering: Business Continuity and Risk principles and practices. Information Technology and Information Security. Emergency Response and Crisis Management. Risk Modeling – in-depth instructions for students needing the statistical underpinnings in Risk Management. Global Standards and Best Practices Two real-world case studies are integrated throughout the text to give future managers experience in applying chapter principles to a service company and a manufacturer. Chapter objectives, discussion topics, review questions, numerous charts and graphs. Glossary and Index. Full bibliography at the end of each chapter. Extensive, downloadable classroom-tested Instructor Resources are available for college courses and professional development training, including slides, syllabi, test bank, discussion questions, and case studies. Endorsed by The Business Continuity Institute (BCI) and The Institute of Risk Management (IRM). QUOTES "It's difficult to write a book that serves both academia and practitioners, but this text provides a firm foundation for novices and a valuable reference for experienced professionals."--Security Management Magazine "The authors...bring the subject to life with rich teaching and learning features, making it an essential read for students and practitioners alike." – Phil AUTHOR BIOS Kurt J. Engemann, PhD, CBCP, is the Director of the Center for Business Continuity and Risk Management and Professor of Information Systems in the Hagan School of Business at Iona College. He is the editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Business Continuity and Risk Management Douglas M. Henderson, FSA, CBCP, is President of Disaster Management, Inc., and has 20+ years of consulting experience in all areas of Business Continuity and Emergency Response Management. He is the author of Is Your Business Ready for the Next Disaster? and a number of templates.

Validating Your Business Continuity Plan

Author : Robert Clark
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Business continuity planning is a process of continual improvement, not a matter of writing a plan and then putting your feet up. Attempting to validate every aspect of your plan, however – particularly in a live rehearsal situation – could create a disaster of your own making.Validating Your Business Continuity Plan examines the three essential components of validating a business continuity plan – exercising, maintenance and review – and outlines a controlled and systematic approach to BCP validation while considering each component, covering methods and techniques such as table-top reviews, workshops and live rehearsals. The book also takes account of industry standards and guidelines to help steer the reader through the validation process, including the international standard ISO 22301 and the Business Continuity Institute’s Good Practice Guidelines. In addition, it provides a number of case studies based on the author’s considerable experience – some of them successful, others less so – to highlight common pitfalls and problems associated with the validation process.

Disciplines Disasters and Emergency Management

Author : David A. McEntire
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Disasters such as the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the Indian Ocean Tsunami, and Hurricane Katrina illustrate the salience and complexity of disasters. Both scholars and practitioners therefore agree that we must take a more proactive and holistic approach to emergency management, which should logically be derived from a sound understanding of the academic literature and the most pressing concerns facing professionals in the field today. Disciplines, Disasters and Emergency Management reviews what is known about catastrophic events from the standpoint of various academic areas of study. The introdu.

Business Continuity Management

Author : Dominic Elliott
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Business Continuity Management (BCM) is broadly defined as a business process that seeks to ensure that organizations are able to withstand any disruption to normal functioning. This exciting and fully comprehensive new text tackles the issue of BCM from both a theoretical and empirical perspective. It examines concepts from corporate strategy, information systems and crisis management in order to critique current practice and redefine the dominant IT and facilities management models which have traditionally been used to understand the BCM process. The text: *outlines a clear methodology for guiding the development of continuity plans *offers an alternative, business-based perspective to the dominant disaster recovery and traditional contingency planning viewpoints *provides a clear definition of BCM and 'best practice' from a business perspective *includes analysis of the challenges encountered when implementing BCM *Features illustrative case material.