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Caesar s Messiah

Author : Joseph Atwill
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Was Jesus the invention of a Roman emperor? The author of this ground-breaking book believes he was. Caesar's Messiah reveals the key to a new and revolutionary understanding of Christian origins. The clues leading to its startling conclusions are found in the writings of the first-century historian Flavius Josephus, whose War of the Jews is one of the only historical chronicles of this period. Closely comparing the work of Josephus with the New Testament Gospels, Caesar's Messiah demonstrates that the Romans directed the writing of both. Their purpose: to offer a vision of a "peaceful Messiah" who would serve as an alternative to the revolutionary leaders who were rocking first-century Israel and threatening Rome. Similarly, Caesar's Messiah will rock our understanding of Christian history as it reveals that Jesus was a fictional character portrayed in four Gospels written not by Christians but Romans.

Unveiling the Messiah in the Dead Sea Scrolls

Author : Margaret S. King
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The author is convinced that the early Byzantine Church deliberately cut out sections from an historic text to conceal the truth about the crucifixion of a man they were promoting as their Messiah. She solves the mystery by reconstructing the deleted sections. King pieces together what happened in Jerusalem during the trial and attempted crucifixion of the real Messiah and shows that the key passages that were tampered with are actually the missing link that connects the Dead Sea Scrolls to the New Testament Gospels. Using those passags and the history of the period, she identifies the figures mentioned in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Christ and Caesar

Author : Seyoon Kim
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The slogan "Paul and the Empire" is much in vogue in New Testament scholarship today. But did Paul truly formulate his gospel in antithesis to the Roman imperial cult and ideology and seek to subvert the Empire? In Christ and Caesar Seyoon Kim first examines five epistles of Paul exegetically and shows how the dominant anti-imperial interpretation is actually difficult to sustain.Next he examines the Lukan writings (Luke-Acts) to see how Luke talks about the encounters of Paul and other gospel preachers with Roman imperialism. Kim explores why it is that Luke makes no effort to present Christ's redemption as materialized in terms of political liberation. Finally, Kim compares the exaltation Christologies of Luke, Revelation, Paul, and Hebrews and inquires about the hermeneutical possibility of developing a political Christology in our present-day context.

Christ and the Caesars

Author : Ethelbert Stauffer
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A Christian universalist, Stauffer believed and professed that God's irresistible grace would eventually save all people, and that divine punishment, while real, was a remedial measure meant to bring about salvation. Much of Stauffer's writing (including Christ and the Caesars) is based on his extensive research into the way Roman sources influenced early Christianity. He died in 1979, at the age of 77, in Erlangen, Germany. Book jacket.

Binding of Isaac and Messiah The

Author : Aharon (Ronald E.) Agus
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The author provides an interpretation of the words of Jews living during the intertestamental period and through the third century, including several hassidim. A hermeneutics grounded in the perception of early Rabbinic texts as sharing in events rather than as linguistically autonomous is used. The phenomenology of Jewish martyrdom is read as an acting-out of the Binding of Isaac. The search leads into the question of the bindingness of the La. The The religious soul’s passion for the revelation of Law is followed out in its path of temptation to martyrdom. A grand drama of sacrifice and messianic yearnings is thereby unearthed.

The Caesars and Other Papers

Author :
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The Caesars and Other Papers

Author : Thomas De Quincey
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The Caesars Essenes and other papers

Author : Thomas De Quincey
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The Greatest Story Ever Forged

Author : David Hernandez
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Is God fact or fiction? This is the question that has been the subject of debate for millennia, oftentimes leading to violence, as we have seen in the countless religious wars throughout the course of history, including the Islamic and Christian wars of today. The Greatest Story Ever Forged discusses this question, and outlines the fabrications giving birth to these monotheistic religions, their early developments, and how they have tyrannized the West and Middle East for these many centuries. Though there have been many defenders of the faith, David Hernandez shows how these religions have infinitely caused more damage to man than any good they have ever been credited for having done. This is what he calls ''the Curse of the Christ Myth,'' which derives from ''the big lie'' as propounded by the inventors of the Christ Myth, who battled as fiercely among themselves as they did against their detractors or non-believers. These include everyone from the Jews to the Pagans to the Gnostics to the heretics, and any form of ''infidels'' in an effort to establish their ''true'' religions.

The C sars

Author : Thomas De Quincey
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