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Caledonian Structures in Britain

Author : J.E. Treagus
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This volume deals with those sites selected as part of the Geological Conservation Review (GCR) within the southern British part of the Caledonides, that is, the paratectonic Caledonides - a Caledonian terrane without strong and pervasive deformation and metamorphism, such as occurred further north. This orogenic belt formed by long and complex processes of earth movements between 500 and 380 million years before the present (?late Cambrian to mid-Devonian times), and has been classic ground for geologists for two hundred years. It is perhaps no accident that James Hutton in 1795 chose to illustrate his geostrophic cycle (and unconformity) with three visually explicit examples of the deformation wrought on Lower Palaeozoic rocks by Caledonian events. The former Caledonian mountain chain, which can be seen today in fragmented pieces in Scandinavia, Britain and Ireland, and North America, was ultimately the result of the collision of two continental plates and the closure of a former ocean, Iapetus. Some of these fragments, including those in Scandinavia, southern Britain, and the Republic of Ireland and the Maritime Provinces of Canada, are thought to have lain on the south side of the ocean before collision: the rest of North America, northern Ireland, and Scotland are thought to have lain north of the former Iapetus.

Caledonian Structures in Britain

Author : J E Treagus
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This book deals with those sites selected as part of the Geological Conservation Review within the southern British part of the Caledonides - a Caledonian terrain without strong and pervasive deformation and metamorphism, such as occurred further north.

Synthesis of the Caledonian Rocks of Britain

Author : D.J. Fettes
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The Advanced Science Institute on which this publication is based took the somewhat unusual form of a geological field symposium held during late August 1984. It was designed to demonstrate to experienced earth scientists from the North Atlantic area the full range of geological phenomena encountered in the British Caledonian rocks. The ASl travelled from South Wales to the far northwest of Scotland by the route shown on the map and in doing so examined sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks from Pembrokeshire (Dyfed), Cardigan (Ceridigian), Snowdonia, Anglesey, the English Lake District and the Southern Uplands and Highlands of Scotland. Thus the fifty or so participants in the ASl studied the geological history and major structures of rocks exposed on either side of the supposed Lower Palaeozoic Iapetus Ocean the British sector of which closed to the south of the present Southern Uplands. Wales (1-5) afforded insight into the nature of the late Precambrian basement of England and Wales and the relationship of sedimentary and volcanic cover sequences to this basement. The Ordovician sequence in Wales is a sample of the volcanic rocks typical of a marginal basin, and were examined in Pembrokeshire and Snowdonia. The English Lake District (6) displays rocks from an island arc also of Ordovician age.

Great Britain

Author : J. B. Mitchell
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Originally published in 1962, this volume comprises a series of essays on British geography by various authors. Covering both human and physical areas, the text provides an insight into the astonishing geographical variety of Britain. The respective themes of the essays are accordingly very different, portraying the essential variety of the subject matter. This is a fascinating book that will be of value to anyone with an interest in British geography and the development of geographical models.

The History of Geoconservation

Author : Cynthia V. Burek
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This book is the first to describe the history of geoconservation. It draws on experience from the UK, Europe and further afield, to explore topics including: what is geoconservation; where, when and how did it start; who was responsible; and how has it differed across the world? Geological and geomorphological features, processes, sites and specimens, provide a resource of immense scientific and educational importance. They also form the foundation for the varied and spectacular landscapes that help define national and local identity as well as many of the great tourism destinations. Mankind's activities, including contributing to enhanced climate change, pose many threats to this resource: the importance of safeguarding and managing it for future generations is now widely accepted as part of sustainable development. Geoconservation is an established and growing activity across the world, with more participants and a greater profile than ever before. This volume highlights a history of challenges, set-backs, successes and visionary individuals and provides a sound basis for taking geoconservation into the future.

The Structure of British Industry

Author : Peter Johnson
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` an up-to-date and intelligible an account of large areas of British industry as you will find...It will be a valuable handbook for a variety of users: students and teachers(its prijmary audience), businessmen or coivil servants.' British Business

British Stratigraphy

Author : Frank A. Middlemiss
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This book is primarily intended to assist candidates studying geology for the Ordinary Level of G.c.E., and examinations of comparable standard, but it should also be found useful by the" reader requiring a rapid conspectus of the geological history of Britain, and as forming a basis for more advanced work. The scope of the subject matter necessitated a narrow and slippery path be tween over-simplification and excessive detail, but the balance adopted is based upon the experience of many years of teaching at all levels, and of examining for the London G.C.E. Board. The maps, combining outcrop dis tribution with palaeogeography, presented some difficulty, especially for periods of continuously changing geography, such as the Cretaceous. It was necessary in these cases to make an arbitrary choice of one small part of the period, the geography of which could be illustrated. Candidates are advised not to spend time learning every detail of the outcrop patterns, but to con centrate upon the main areas of outcrop. I am indebted to Mrs. Jean Fyffe for the cartographic work.

Caledonia Or an Account Historical and Topographic of North Britain from the Most Ancient to the Present Times

Author : George Chalmers
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Caledonia Or an Account Historical and Topographical of North Britain from the Most Ancient to the Present Times with a Dicitionary of Places Chrorographical and Philological

Author : George Chalmers
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Bombarded Britain

Author : Richard Stratford
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This book describes a search for geological evidence of meteorite impact structures in Britain. The statistics of impact structures indicate that Britain should have Phanerozoic impact structures up to tens of kilometres in diameter. A constant theme is the importance of atmospheric break-up of small asteroids and comets. These fragmenting bodies produce anomalously shallow craters with low rims and central peaks; three British structures of this type are identified. Analysis of fireball statistics implies that damaging fireball explosions occur over the British Isles on a time-scale of decades. On a time-scale of millennia, however, more damage is done by Atlantic impact tsunami. Contents: Impacts and Geology:A Curious OmissionOf Calculations and CratersThe Search for Impact StructuresThe Shetland CratersMidlands GeologyThe Ashby InlierCharnwood ForestThe Midlands Basin — A Cometary Impact Structure?The Herefordshire DomesThe Rochford Basin — A Digression into EssexFuller's Earth and Bagshot Sands — A Surrey Crater?Gabbro, Granite, and GrampiansOther Circular StructuresImpacts in History:Small Craters, Airbursts, and TsunamiDozmary Pool and Other CraterletsLevin–Bolt and BlastBritish Atlantis? Readership: Upper level undergraduates and post-graduate students in geology and planetary science. Keywords:Meteorite Craters;Terrestrial Impact Structures;Atmospheric Break-Up;British Geology;St Magnus Bay;Midlands Impact Structure;Woolhope Dome;Scottish Younger Gabbros;Dozmary Pool;AirburstsReviews:“In his search for bombarded Britain, the author delivers a master class in impact and air blast processes … I believe that Bombarded Britain is going to make an impact.”Astronomy Now