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Can Democracies Fly in Space

Author : W. D. Kay
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Examines the workings of the U.S. space program, its early successes and more recent problems, and relates them to the machinations of the American democratic system.

Yearbook on Space Policy 2014

Author : Cenan Al-Ekabi
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The Yearbook on Space Policy, edited by the European Space Policy Institute (ESPI), is the reference publication analysing space policy developments. Each year it presents issues and trends in space policy and the space sector as a whole. Its scope is global and its perspective is European. The Yearbook also links space policy with other policy areas. It highlights specific events and issues, and provides useful insights, data and information on space activities. The first part of the Yearbook sets out a comprehensive overview of the economic, political, technological and institutional trends that have affected space activities. The second part of the Yearbook offers a more analytical perspective on the yearly ESPI theme and consists of external contributions written by professionals with diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise. The third part of the Yearbook carries forward the character of the Yearbook as an archive of space activities. The Yearbook is designed for government decision-makers and agencies, industry professionals, as well as the service sectors, researchers and scientists and the interested public.

NASA s First 50 Years

Author : Steven J. Dick
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"Fifty years after the founding of NASA, from 28 to 29 October 2008, the NASA History Division convened a conference whose purpose was a scholarly analysis of NASA's first 50 years. Over two days at NASA Headquarters, historians and policy analysts discussed NASA's role in aeronautics, human spaceflight, exploration, space science, life science, and Earth science, as well as crosscutting themes ranging from space access to international relations in space and NASA's interaction with the public. The speakers were asked to keep in mind the following questions: What are the lessons learned from the first 50 years? What is NASA's role in American culture and in the history of exploration and discovery? What if there had never been a NASA? Based on the past, does NASA have a future? The results of those papers, elaborated and fully referenced, are found in this 50th anniversary volume."--Introduction.


Author : Albert A. Harrison
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The stars have always called us, but only for the past forty years or so have we been able to respond by traveling in space. This book explores the human side of spaceflight: why people are willing to brave danger and hardship to go into space; how human culture has shaped past and present missions; and the effects of space travel on health and well-being. A comprehensive and authoritative treatment of its subject, this book combines statistical studies, rich case histories, and gripping anecdotal detail as it investigates the phenomenon of humans in space—from the earliest spaceflights to the missions of tomorrow. Drawing from a strong research base in the behavioral sciences, Harrison covers such topics as habitability, crew selection and training, coping with stress, group dynamics, accidents, and more. In addition to taking a close look at spacefarers themselves, Spacefaring reviews the broad organizational and political contexts that shape human progress toward the heavens. With the ongoing construction of the International Space Station, the human journey to the stars continues, and this book will surely help guide the way.

Annals of Air and Space Law

Author : Nicolas Mateesco Matte
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Proceedings of the Founding Convention of the Mars Society

Author : Robert Zubrin
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Issues in Science and Technology

Author :
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NASA the Exploration of Space

Author : Roger D. Launius
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Chronicles the history of the U.S. space program

NASA and the Space Industry

Author : Joan Lisa Bromberg
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In NASA and the Space Industry Joan Lisa Bromberg explores how NASA's relationship with the private sector developed and how it works. She outlines the various kinds of expertise public and private sectors brought to the tasks NASA took on, describing how this division of labor changed over time. She explains why NASA sometimes encouraged and sometimes thwarted the privatization of space projects. And she describes the agency's role in the rise of such new space industries as launch vehicles and communications satellites.

Design Methodologies for Space Transportation Systems

Author : Walter Edward Hammond
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Accompanying CD-ROM contains ..." some oversize figures and tables, resources for systems engineering and launch ranges, and a compendium of software programs."--Page 4 of cover.

Business and Economic History

Author : Business History Conference
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Technology and Culture

Author :
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Constructing America at the Peripheries

Author : James A. Spiller
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Official Military Historical Offices and Sources The Western hemisphere and the Pacific rim

Author : Robin Higham
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Making official history from all over the world accessible, this volume and its companion complement and bring Robin Higham's 1970 classic work, Official Histories, up to date. Each chapter, written by the staff of the relevant historical office, gives both historiographical background and information on the volumes published by that office. Covering the Western Hemisphere and the Pacific Rim, this volume provides a plethora of information, as does the companion volume on Europe, Russia, Africa, the Middle East, and India Buried in official history volumes is a lot of fine and useful history, and official volumes deserve to be perused. This book will make those histories available to scholars and graduate students and will be especially useful to those concerned with military, social, and diplomatic history as well as medicine.

Journal of Space Law

Author :
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Government Executive

Author :
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Democracy Declassified

Author : Michael P. Colaresi
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Recent scandals like WikiLeaks and Edward Snowden's disclosure of NSA documents have brought public debates over government accountability and secrecy bubbling to the surface. How can modern democracies balance the need for privacy in delicate foreign policy matters with the necessity of openness in gaining and maintaining the trust of citizens? Democracies keep secrets from potential enemies and their citizens. This simple fact challenges the surprisingly prevalent assumption that foreign policy successes and failures can be attributed to public transparency and accountability. In fact, the ability to keep secrets has aided democratic victories from the European and Pacific theatres in World War II to the global competition of the Cold War. At the same time, executive discretion over the capacity to classify information created the opportunity for abuse that contributed to Watergate, as well as domestic spying and repression in France, Norway and Canada over the past forty years. Therefore, democracies face a secrecy dilemma. Secrecy is useful, but once a group or person has the ability to decide what information is concealed from a rival, citizens can no longer monitor that information. How then can the public be assured that national security policies are not promoting hidden corruption or incompetence? As Democracy Declassified shows, it is indeed possible for democracies to keep secrets while also maintaining useful national security oversight institutions that can deter abuse and reassure the public. Understanding secrecy and oversight in democracies helps us explain not only why the Maginot Line rose and the French Republic fell, or how the US stumbled but eventually won the Cold War, but more generally how democracies can benefit from both public consent and necessary national security secrets. At a time when ubiquitous debates over the issue of institutional accountability and transparency have reached a fever pitch, Democracy Declassified provides a grounded and important view on the connection between the role of secrecy in democratic governance and foreign policy-making.

Organizational Behavior

Author : Meshack M. Sagini
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In a nutshell, organizational behavior may be defined as the study of the evolutionary theory, structure, processes and behavioral paradigms. Organizational behavior is as old as the evolution of ancient social organizations. Throughout history, the evolutionary development and adaptation of the organization has been influenced by the increasingly ceaseless growth of knowledge in technology, leadership, theory, communication, strategy, motivation, cultural diversity, decision making and control. Organizational Behavior is Meshack Sagini's account concerning what, how, and why organizations are organized in a classical manner, which does not enable them to function effectively. In order to address the challenges of the new millennium, Sagini provides an interdisciplinary, comparative, and historical account for their postmodern restructuring and reengineering.

The Future of the Government university Partnership

Author : Gary D. Krenz
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Index to Canadian Legal Periodical Literature

Author :
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