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Canadian Parliamentary Guide 2019 0

Author : Grey House Canada
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An indispensable guide to government in Canada, Canadian Parliamentary Guide provides information on both federal and provincial governments, courts, and their elected and appointed members.

The Health Care Professional s Guide to Cultural Competence E Book

Author : Rani Srivastava
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UNIQUE approach looks at populations the way health care workers encounter them, not by ethno-cultural/religious labels. Accessible writing style relays information in a balanced and concise manner for undergraduate and graduate students as well as health care Professional’s. Multidisciplinary perspective is provided by authors who represent a variety of health disciplines and cultural identities, who may be educators or practitioners, each presenting complex ideas in understandable ways and controversial ideas in a transparent way. Cultural Considerations in Care and Cultural Competence in Action boxes integrate theory into practice and invite critical self-reflection. Teaching and learning tools include learning objectives and key terms at the beginning of each chapter, plus end-of-chapter group activities, review questions, and more.

The Canadian Parliamentary Guide

Author :
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OECD Rural Policy Reviews Linking Indigenous Communities with Regional Development in Canada

Author : OECD
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Canada’s Constitution Act (1982) recognises three Indigenous groups: Indians (now referred to as First Nations), Inuit, and Métis. Indigenous peoples make a vital contribution to the culture, heritage and economic development of Canada. Despite improvements in Indigenous well-being in recent decades, significant gaps remain with the non-Indigenous population. This study focuses on four priority issues to maximise the potential of Indigenous economies in Canada.

The Canadian Parliamentary Guide and Work of General Reference for the Dominion of Canada

Author : Ernest J. Chambers
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The Statesman s Yearbook 2023

Author : Palgrave Macmillan
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Now in its 159th edition, The Statesman's Yearbook continues to be the reference work of choice for accurate and reliable information on every country in the world. Covering political, economic, social and cultural aspects, the Yearbook is also available online for subscribing institutions.

The Canadian Parliamentary Guide and Work of General Reference for Canada the Provinces and the Northwest Territories

Author : Arnott J. Magurn
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The Refugee in International Law

Author : Guy S. Goodwin-Gill
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The status of the refugee in international law, and of everyone entitled to protection, has ever been precarious, not least in times of heightened and heated debate: people have always moved in search of safety, and they always will. In this completely revised and updated edition, the authors cast new light on the refugee definition, the meaning of persecution, including with regard to gender and sexual orientation, and the protection due to refugees and those affected by statelessness or disasters. They review the fundamental principle of non-refoulement as a restraint on the conduct of States, even as States themselves seek new ways to prevent the arrival of those in search of refuge. Related principles of protection—non-discrimination, due process, rescue at sea, and solutions— are analysed in light of the actual practice of States, UNHCR, and treaty-monitoring bodies. The authors closely examine relevant international standards, and the role of UNHCR, States, and civil society, in providing protection, contributing to the development of international refugee law, and promoting solutions. New chapters focus on the evolving rules on nationality, statelessness, and displacement due to disasters and climate change. This expanded edition factors in the challenges posed by the movement of people across land and sea in search of refuge, and their interception, reception, and later treatment. The overall aim remains the same as in previous editions: to provide a sound basis for protection in international law, taking full account of State and community interests and recognizing the need to bridge gaps in the regime which now has 100 years of law and practice behind it.

Animals as Legal Beings

Author : Maneesha Deckha
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"In Animals as Legal Beings, Maneesha Deckha critically examines how Canadian law and, by extension, other legal orders around the world, participate in the social construction of the human-animal divide and the abject rendering of animals as property. Through a rigorous but cogent analysis, Deckha calls for replacing the exploitative property classification for animals with a new transformative legal status or subjectivity called "beingness." In developing a new legal subjectivity for animals, one oriented toward respecting animals for who they are rather than their proximity to idealized versions of humanness, Animals as Legal Beings seeks to bring critical animal theorizations and animal law closer together. Throughout, Deckha draws upon the feminist animal care tradition, as well as feminist theories of embodiment and relationality, postcolonial theory, and critical animal studies. Her argument is critical of the liberal legal view of animals and directed at a legal subjectivity for animals attentive to their embodied vulnerability, and desirous of an animal-friendly cultural shift in the core foundations of anthropocentric legal systems. Theoretically informed yet accessibly presented, Animals as Legal Beings makes a significant contribution to an array of interdisciplinary debates and is an innovative and astute argument for a meaningful more-than-human turn in law and policy."--

Braver Canada

Author : Derek H. Burney
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The world is changing - geopolitically and economically - at an alarmingly fast pace. Populism, protectionism, and authoritarianism are on the rise. Braver Canada analyzes these and many other global shifts, offering provocative prescriptions for both the public and the private sectors. Reviewing the foreign policy challenges, achievements, and missteps of the Justin Trudeau government, Derek Burney and Fen Hampson argue that the country's leadership must craft a new approach to global affairs based on a solid grasp of current and emerging global political and economic realities. They focus on competitiveness, trade, energy, environment, and immigration and refugee issues, also discussing a recalibration of relations with China and India. Expanding on the ideas and policy recommendations in their previous book, Brave New Canada, which called for Canada to diversify its economic ties outside the United States, they note how the global and regional environment has shifted dramatically in recent years. A timely and compelling analysis, Braver Canada lays out the challenges for Canada in a rapidly changing, turbulent world and the strategies required for future prosperity.