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Cardiovascular Pharmacogenetics

Author : Martin R. Wilkins
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The Human Genome Project was sold to the general public largely on the basis that a complete picture of the structure of human DNA would lead to new and better medicines. These medicines would be better because they would be tailored to individual patients, maximising the chances of a therapeutic response and mi nimising the risks of an adverse event. Taking the idea further, pundits have pre dicted that the time will come when we could carry our DNA on a card which could be read rapidly and enable the physician to choose the best drug. This is the future. This is pharmacogenetics. When the draft human DNA sequence was announced and scientists were as ked how this would help drug development, the example most frequently given was the debrisoquine model - where poor metabolisers of this hypotensive agent are exposed to higher plasma levels from a standard dose and at risk of collapse from excessive hypotension. This observation was made over 20 years ago and predated designs to sequence the human genome. Nonetheless, it raised aware ness of variation in drug metabolism and was correctly assigned to genetic poly morphisms affecting CYP2D6. Together with the discovery of pseudocholinestera se deficiency, it marked the birth of pharmacogenetics. The debrisoquine example is an interesting one and worthy of further analysis.

Pharmacogenetics and Individualized Therapy

Author : Anke-Hilse Maitland-van der Zee
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This resource provides thorough coverage of pharmacogenetics and its impact on pharmaceuticals, therapeutics, and clinical practice. It opens with the basics of pharmacogenetics, including drug disposition and pharmacodynamics. The following section moves into specific disease areas, including cardiovascular, psychiatry, cancer, asthma/COPD, adverse drug reactions, transplantation, inflammatory bowel disease, and pain medication. Clinical practice and ethical issues make up the third section, with the fourth devoted to technologies like genotyping, genomics, and proteomics. In the fifth part, chapters discuss the impact of key regulatory issues on the pharmaceutical industry.


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Pharmacogenetics, Volume 83, the newest volume in the Advances in Pharmacology series, presents a variety of chapters and the best authors in the field, with this release highlighting regulatory perspectives, the implementation of pharmacogenetics in everyday clinical setting, imaging in pharmacogenetics, pharmacoepidemiology in pharmacogenetics, epigenetics and micro RNA in pharmacogenetics, ethnicity in pharmacogenetics, pediatric pharmacogenetics, pharmacogenetics and adverse drug reactions, and cytochrome P450 pharmacogenetics amongst other important topics. This series presents an essential resource for pharmacologists, immunologists, and biochemists alike. Includes the authority and expertise of leading contributors in pharmacology as sourced from an international board of authors Presents the latest release in the Advances in Pharmacology series

New Research on Pharmacogenetics

Author : Linda P. Barnes
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The terms pharmacogenomics and pharmacogenetics tend to be used interchangeably, and a precise, consensus definition of either remains elusive. Pharmacogenetics is generally regarded as the study of genetic variation that gives rise to differing response to drugs, while pharmacogenomics is the broader application of genomic technologies to new drug discovery and further characterization of older drugs. Pharmacogenetics considers one or at most a few genes of interest, while pharmacogenomics considers the entire genome. Much of current clinical interest is at the level of pharmacogenetics, involving variation in genes involved in drug metabolism with a particular emphasis on improving drug safety. This new book presents leading-edge research in this dynamic field.

Cardiovascular Diseases

Author : Nikolaos Papageorgiou
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Cardiovascular Diseases: Genetic Susceptibility, Environmental Factors and Their Interaction covers the special heritability characteristics and identifying genetic and environmental contributions to cardiovascular health. This important reference provides an overview of the genetic basis of cardiovascular disease and its risk factors. Included are important topics, ranging from lifestyle choices, risk factors, and exposure, to pollutants and chemicals. Also covered are the influences of Mendelian traits and familial aggregation and the interactions and interrelationships between genetics and environmental factors which, when compared, provide a sound understanding of the interplay between inherited and acquired risk factors. The book provides a much needed reference for this rapidly growing field of study. By combining the latest research within the structured chapters of this reference, a better understanding of genetic and environmental contribution to cardiovascular disease is found, helping to substantiate further investigations in the field and design prevention and treatment strategies. Provides an overview of the genetic basis of cardiovascular disease and its risk factors Reviews several large population-based studies which indicate that exposure to several environmental factors may increase CVD morbidity and mortality, exploring the plausibility of this association by data from animal studies Reflects on future studies to help understanding the role of genes and environmental factors in the development and progression of cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular Genetics and Genomics

Author : Dan M. Roden
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This comprehensive and concise presentation of genetic factors in cardiovascular disease and their response to therapy consolidates knowledge of this high-interest and emerging topic. Covering broad areas of contemporary genomic medicine and specific cardiovascular diseases, this book is a must for anyone seeking to better understand this rapidly developing field.

Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases

Author : Jadelson Andrade
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The present book reveals the importance of preventive medicine in cardiology and public health, addressing the lack of a broad discussion of this topic in the current literature. It examines the most important risk factors for different cardiovascular diseases, discussing them in detail from a clinical standpoint and presenting important information from a preventive medicine perspective. Further, specific chapters discuss the burden of cardiologic risk factors in special contexts, such as in women, child and adolescents, and in low-income populations. Lastly, a number of conditions that are often overlooked in terms of their cardiological impact are discussed, such as Chagas disease, rheumatic cardiomyopathy and post-traumatic stress disorder. Cardiovascular diseases are still the major cause of death in the world, even though they are considered preventable clinical conditions. The increased prevalence of some risk factors for cardiovascular diseases is an important concern for cardiologists around the world. On the other hand, primary prevention programs have proven their efficacy concerning some known and treatable risk factors, such as with hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, diabetes and smoking, but still need to be made more of a priority in public health. Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases is a book intended for multi-disciplinary audience and aimed for all professionals who are willing to face the challenge of cardiovascular prevention

Advances in Cardiology

Author : Kanu Chatterjee
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This book presents the most recent advances in the field of cardiology, with emphasis on cardiovascular pathophysiology and new diagnostic and therapeutic techniques used for the management of patients with cardiovascular disease. Divided into ten sections, the book examines different aspects in the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease, including key advances in interventional cardiology, innovations in technology, and advances in pharmacotherapy. Implantable cardiac devices and atrial fibrillation are discussed in depth. Edited by internationally recognised Professor Kanu Chatterjee from the University of Iowa and the University of California San Francisco; and Professor Phillip A Horwitz from the University of Iowa, this comprehensive reference includes nearly 350 images and illustrations to enhance learning. Key points Comprehensive guide presenting recent advances in cardiology Emphasis on pathophysiology and new diagnostic and therapeutic techniques In depth coverage of implantable cardiac devices and atrial fibrillation Edited by internationally recognised US experts, Prof Kanu Chatterjee and Prof Phillip A Horwitz

Principles of Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics

Author : Russ B. Altman
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"This book is intended to introduce the field of phamacogenetics and pharmacogenomics to health care professionals. It brings together the latest informaiton about how human genetics impacts drug response phenotypes. It is written to enable the reader toundestand the current knowledge and challenges to the field"--Provided by publisher.


Author : Islam A. Khalil
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Pharmacogenetics is the study of the effects of individual genetics on drug responses. This book provides an overview of the current state of the pharmacological genetic aspects of these treatments. It discusses drugs with genetic information to support product labeling, clinical guidelines, or significant mechanical effects. Pharmacogenetic studies have also allowed us to better understand the pharmacology of medications used to treat neurologic and psychiatric disorders. This book also reviews the current state of the science and potential clinical utility of pharmacogenetic markers for these treatments. Furthermore, it highlights the in silico approach as a promising tool for further research on experimental pharmacology.