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Author : Brigitte Harries
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"Discusses how to choose and care for a puppy, including diet, training, behaviors, housing, grooming, exercise, and vet care"--Provided by publisher.

The Ultimate Guide to Raising a Puppy

Author : Victoria Stilwell
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The ultimate guide to puppy-care from the host of the hit TV show It's Me or the Dog. Victoria Stilwell's bestselling canine care guides have helped hundreds of thousands of owners across the world raise happy and healthy dogs. Now, the world-renowned dog trainer and TV presenter is back with The Ultimate Guide to Raising a Puppy - the definitive guide to puppy care and training. Rejecting dominance-based and traditional training techniques, Victoria promotes positive reinforcement techniques to help you raise and train a happy and healthy puppy. Packed with essential knowledge and advice, you'll learn all you need to know about being a puppy owner. If you want your puppy to develop into a happy, well-behaved and friendly adult dog, this is the guide you need.

How To Train My Puppy Puppy Care Book for Kids Children s Dog Books

Author : Pets Unchained
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Now that you know how to best care for your puppies, the next thing on the list is knowing how to train them. Training your puppy will help you to spend less time cleaning after them. A trained puppy will make a great play buddy. You can complete your puppy’s training on your own. Make use of this informative resource today!

Caring for My New Puppy

Author : John Bankston
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Format : PDF, ePub
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What age is the right age to have your first pet? Everything a youngster needs to know about owning and caring for a new puppy is explained in this book including easy-to-understand instructions about daily care, cleaning, feeding and maintaining for one of most popular pets in North America.

Puppy Care Training

Author : Julia Barnes
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DOGS. The more you know about your pet, the better you'll be able to provide the care and attention he requires for a healthy and happy life. The pet friendly guides offer advice on every aspect of care. Ages 9+

Puppy Care

Author : Kim Dennis-Bryan
File Size : 84.94 MB
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Includes advice on what different breeds look like, how often a puppy should eat, and ways to help a puppy get all the exercise he needs--all illustrated with warm loving photography that encourages nurturing.

Care for Your Puppy RSPCA Pet Guide

Author : RSPCA
File Size : 30.91 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Published in association with the RSPCA, the UK’s leading animal welfare charity, this practical family guide is full of expert advice on how to choose a puppy and how best to look after it.

Caring for Your Puppy

Author : Bruce Fogle
File Size : 84.39 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The step-by-step series that brings expert advice at an affordable price.

Care for a Puppy

Author : Michelle Medlock Adams
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Puppies come in many sizes, from tiny teacup breeds to sprawling Saint Bernards, and their personalities can vary just as widely. Find out how to choose the best puppy for your family and how to take care of it once it arrives. Then arm yourself with the Top Ten Reasons I Need a Puppy, and see if you can convince your parents you’re up for the job of owning a canine.

How to Care for Your Pet Dinosaur and Your Imaginary Dog

Author : Ron Barrett
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Provides instructions in the acquistion, care, and feeding of weird pets such as dinosaurs, bacteria, clothes, moths, and imaginary dogs.

You and Your Puppy

Author : James DeBitetto
File Size : 69.16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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First published in 1995, this authoritative book has helped nearly 40,000 families raise healthy, content pets. Packed with illustrations and photos, it explains how to keep puppies healthy, put them through basic training, correct behavior problems, and integrate them into family life. Since the initial publication, coauthor Sarah Hodgson has become the media's favorite puppy expert--a dog trainer who writes for The New York Times, appears on the Rosie O'Donnell Show,"" the ""Today Show,"" and other programs, and even helped Katie Couric choose a puppy.""

Caring for Your Dog

Author : Bruce Fogle
File Size : 63.3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Every dog owner's complete veterinary home reference Expert and accessible advice from the world's best-selling practicing vet Practical Advice on all aspects of looking after your dog, from raising a puppy through to care in old age Detailed and Authoritative Coverage of canine disorders and diseases Comprehensively Illustrated in Full Colour with specially commissioned anatomical diagrams, photographs, feature boxes and diagnostic charts Essential First-Aid techniques for all emergencies, from burns to poisoning

The Complete Guide to Puppy Care

Author : Mark Evans
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Explains everything an owner needs to know about caring for a puppy in its first twelve weeks, including exercise, feeding, toilet training, leaving the dog at home, and veterinary services.

A Puppy Jubilee

Author : T. C. Hannon
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A Puppy Jubilee By: T. C. Hannon Ryan loves dogs. When his neighbor Mrs. Woodbridge adopts a rescue puppy, he’s super excited to play with the new pup. They play every day after school. And when Mrs. Woodbridge has to go out of town, she asks Ryan if he will take care of the puppy for her. Ryan says yes—but taking care of a dog all by himself is a lot harder than just playing. Eventually, Ryan learns the responsibility to care for the puppy, even if he faces lots of challenges along the way. Based on the author’s experience interning with a veterinarian and taking care of her own dog, A Puppy Jubilee also contains great tips for dog care and safety!

Complete Puppy Care

Author : Amy Shojai
File Size : 58.21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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YOUR PUPPY BIBLE! A definitive guide for adopting puppies, puppy health care, pet first aid, dog behavior information and positive training how to advice from pet expert Amy Shojai. Packed with veterinary medicine facts, dog health and care how-to tips, and fascinating information and advice. The perfect holiday puppy gift for dog lovers! Learn about: Choosing puppiesPuppy training & potty trainingDog languageDog breeds versus rescue dogsSolving puppy behavior problemsPuppy foodPuppy grooming how to tipsLure training and clicker trainingIntroduce puppies to dogs, cats, babies and kidsLatest veterinary medicine recommendationsHow to recognizing common health issues, and what to doFirst aid and home remedies that save you money--and your puppy's life!More than two-dozen SQUEE! cute puppy picturesCanine legends, mythsWeird & Wacky answers to why puppies drink from the toilet, why dogs act guilty, reasons dogs hump your leg, and more! Categories include: training puppies, puppy care, dog care and health, veterinary medicine, behavior, puppy training book, dog breeds, dog first aid

Puppy Love You and Your Puppy s Journey

Author : Pamela Blaco
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The goal of Puppy Love is to provide you with the skills and understanding you'll need to train your puppy so that he grows into a self-confident, well mannered, well adjusted, mature dog.

Dogs The Ultimate Care Guide

Author : Matthew Hoffman
File Size : 90.1 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Thousands of expert tips provide dog owners with the information they need to give their pet a good home and happy life

Shape and Care Your Puppy s Life

Author : Alex Grey
File Size : 78.2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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You Don't Need to Be Dr. Dolittle to Know What Your Puppy's Trying to Tell You Your kids wanted a puppy so much that you finally gave in and got the little fluffball. Now what? Unless you have the innate talent to influence a dog telepathically, you'll surely come across issues like pee on the carpet, chewed up sandals (yes, the $200 pair!), nighttime howling, drooling, and the likes. Pups are cute, loyal, and charismatic, but they also make a big mess. Having a dog at home isn't that easy; after all, there will be a brand new creature that's vulnerable and entirely dependent on you. The sooner you get started with dog training and wellbeing practices, the happier everyone is going to be. There are tons of urban legends related to dog care and training Should you use a shock collar, or is it barbaric? Should you show your pup who's the boss or focus entirely on positive reinforcement? Should you be the leader of the pack or spoil your brand-new pet rotten? The more you look for dog training and wellbeing information online, the more confused you're going to get. You don't need all of the complex, theory-based, nonsensical dog care guides out there. The right approach is practical, intuitive, and straight to the point. It relies on a very simple, but little known, secret that you can master in just a few steps. In The Puppy Guide, you will discover: How to get along with your dog from day one - a secret that professional dog trainers don't want you to know The one thing you should do the moment you meet your brand new puppy Strategies for preventing sleepless nights and potty training disasters 6 commands every dog can learn in just 15 minutes per day Picking the best food for your dog without spending a fortune on premium brands Puppy health and happiness: making sure everything's working properly from nose to tail The trick to never having to worry about dog behavioral problems like biting, humping, separation anxiety and chewing Ways your dog is speaking to you and how to understand the language The amazing role dog psychology plays in establishing the bond between pet and owner And much more! You don't need a training certificate or a vet diploma to make sure your pet is properly trained, happy, and healthy. Interacting with your dog is a two-directional process. If you are observant enough, you will know what needs to be done in each situation. In addition, learning how to read the signs will make every single activity a major success. Whether you're teaching your dog to play dead, or you're having them protect your home, you will come out triumphant by personalizing your approach. Becoming a dog whisperer is not about abilities you're born with. If you want to master the secrets to communicating with your dog and taking good care of him, scroll up and click the "Add to Cart" button now.

Dog Care for Puppies

Author : Vanessa Charbonneau
File Size : 62.11 MB
Format : PDF
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Everything puppy parents need to care for and raise your new family member Bringing home a brand new puppy is an exciting adventure--but between potty training, playtime, and proper nutrition, puppies can be quite a handful. Dog Care for Puppies will help make your dog's early days fun and enriching, providing all the information you need to give your new best friend the best start in life. Dog Care for Puppies provides guidance on feeding your puppy a balanced diet, introducing them to new experiences, and teaching them how to socialize with kids and other furry friends. Take a look at popular toys and treats and learn the ins and outs of dog park etiquette. Dog Care for Puppies also offers basic training tips and grooming advice to keep your puppy's hygiene in tip-top shape. Dog Care for Puppies includes: Puppy primer--Take the lead with a distilled deep dive into dog care, including how to plan for your pup's arrival, what to expect during each stage of growth, how to read dog body language, and more. The home vet--Get info on canine health care, including advice on vaccinations, common parasites, breed-specific issues, and when to call the vet. Proven techniques--From crate training to dealing with separation anxiety, you'll find tips, tricks, and proven dog care techniques to help you praise and raise a wonderful, well-adjusted pup. With help from Dog Care for Puppies, you'll find everything you need to nurture the health and happiness of your new puppy.

Raise Your Puppy To Be A Wonderful Dog

Author : Pete Campione
File Size : 41.22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Pete Campione shares his 25 years of experience with raising, training, and nurturing puppies. The puppy's first year is the most important one. Pete guides you through the critical steps of socialization, introduction, training, and housebreaking. Pete covers the 25 most important puppy topics. Follow this book and you are well on your way to having a wonderful dog.