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Career Planning Development and Management

Author : Jonathan P. West
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Substantial literature has emerged on the subject of career planning, development, and management. Academic research by economists, educators, political scientists, psychologists, and sociologists has made the study of careers in organizations an important interdisciplinary focus in the social sciences. This proliferation of materials has resulted from a growing concern with such career issues as quality of life, job opportunities for minorities and women, economic downturns, career mobility, and the changing success ethic. This annotated bibliography, first published in 1983, seeks to bring together in a single volume significant academic research from various disciplines.

Career Planning and Succession Management Developing Your Organization s Talent for Today and Tomorrow 2nd Edition

Author : William J. Rothwell
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This timely guide explains how businesses can effectively integrate and coordinate career and succession planning programs to meet the personnel demands of the future. • Examines career development in a much broader manner than is traditionally the case by focusing on both the personal and professional development planning needs of employees • Demonstrates how employees who are given tools and organizational guidance necessary to plan their development will usually be more successful in meeting their career aspirations • Expands on the organization's role in establishing career development programs to answer the question of who is responsible—the organization, the employee, or both • Includes cutting-edge research by leading consulting firms such as BlessingWhite, Manpower Group, and DDI • Offers content that will be equally valuable to students, practitioners, and academicians

Career Planning and Development

Author : Steven Garnesby
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Career planning and development e-book will not just describe generic concepts like: job search, career building process etc. It is intended to help you finding your dream job by explaining two important stages: career planning and career development. It has been divided in 5 chapters. The first two chapters are describing the career planning steps. The last 3 chapters take care of the career development stage. 1. How to Create a Plan? You want the job of your dreams, right? Right. Therefore, you need to take action. However, in order to succeed, you need a career development plan. But what is career planning? This chapter will show you how to create the perfect career plan template for reaching the job of your dreams. It will be based on your skills, values and it will also take into consideration the things you need to develop or improve. Your strengths will be highlighted in this planning. By mixing all of the above factors, your career goals will be set and you will also learn how to benefit from each opportunity it may appear. 2. How to Choose the Correct Path? After the stage in which the career development planning has been started, you will have a clear image of your career path. This chapter shows you how to advance on this road-map. Several important concepts are being explained here: job advancement, lateral moves inside the organization you are already part of, promotion plans etc. 3. How to Build a Network of Professionally Related Contacts? This is a very important stage in your career development plan. The people inside this network will help you advancing on your career path. Therefore, it is very important to have a network of professional contacts. This chapter will provide you with valuable information on how to include this in your career planning, how to create and maintain this network and, also, how to benefit from it. 4. How to Build a Productive Relationship with Your Manager? Your manager is a very important factor when it comes to career planning. Even if your career development plan has included moves outside of your current company, your manager's feedback will always be valued. Learn how to develop a good business relationship with your manager and how to benefit from it, in terms of career development. 5. How to Manage the Annual Performance Review? Even if this doesn't sound very attractive, you should consider it a great opportunity to discover your work results, your areas of improvement and, also, the opportunities you could benefit from. This chapter will teach you how to get the most out of the annual performance review and, also, from other performance appraisals. Your career planning and development depends on this important stage! This career planning & development e-book has been created for all the people which are constantly looking to improve their business abilities, they are in a constant job search process or, simply they just want to smoothly advance on their career path. Career planning and development are the most important factors on the road to success.

Career Development in Organizations

Author : Douglas T. Hall
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The cultural and organization contexts of careers; Individual career development processes; Organizational career management programs; Perspectives on current and future study of career development.

Strategic Career Management

Author : Jane Yarnall
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Organizations need to develop and retain their talent, and managing careers in a strategic fashion is critical to achieving this. This book takes a practical approach to help you make strategic career management work both for the talent you want to retain and for the organization they work in. It will help you to: - Improve your strategic career management - Improve employee retention - Develop a business case for careers - Design and develop critical processes to support your strategy - Explore best practice examples from other organizations - Evaluate your progress Other titles in the HR Series: Organization Design (Stanford) Transforming HR (Reddington, Williamson and Withers) HR - The Business Partner (Kenton and Yarnall) The Changing World of the Trainer (Sloman) publishing March 2007 Change, Conflict and the Corporate Community (Kenton and Penn) publishing June 2007

Career Planning and Development

Author : International Labour Office
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Contemporary Issues in Career Planning and Management Development for Middle Managers

Author :
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Human Resource Management

Author : Gurpreet Randhawa
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The Present Book Provides A Comprehensive View On Human Resource Management. It Would Be An Ideal Textbook For Mba/M.Com./Pgdm And Other Postgraduate Courses. Beginning With Introductory Perspectives Of Hrm And Its Evolutive Aspects, The Book Elucidates In An Easily Comprehensible Manner The Concepts Of Human Resource Planning; Job Analysis And Collection Of Job Data; Job Design; Recruitment; Selection And Barriers To Effective Selection; Psychological Testing And Interviews; Placement And Induction Procedure; Training And Management Development; Techniques And Problems Associated With Performance Appraisal; Career Planning; Promotions, Transfer And Demotions; Employee Compensation; Incentives, Benefits And Services; Industrial Relations And Disputes; Employee Grievances; Employee Welfare, Safety And Health; Collective Bargaining; And Global Human Resource Management. The Book Is The First Of Its Kind As It Provides: " Learning Objectives In The Beginning Of Every Chapter." Numerous Exhibits And Examples That Would Help Sustain The Interest Of Readers." Key Terms And Questions Following Each Chapter." A Small Hr Dictionary In The End Of The Book.Surely, The Book Will Provide A Rewarding And Refreshing Experience To Its Readers.

Career Planning and Career Management as Correlates for Career Development and Job Satisfaction

Author : Abdul-Gakeem Satira
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Strategic Approach to Human Resource Management

Author : Tapomoy Deb
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The Present Book Is The Most Authentic Presentation Of Contemporary Concept, Tools And Application Of Human Resource Management. All The Latest Developments In The Arena Have Been Incorporated. It Remarkably Differs From The Books On The Subject Written In A Conventional Manner As It Does Not Attempt To Rediscover Personnel Management Under The Garb Of Human Resource Management. A Separate Chapter On Strategic Human Resource Management Is The Uniqueness Of This Book. Attempt Has Been Made To Provide For The Ambitious Students And The Inquisitive Scholars A Comfortable, Genuine And Firm Grasp Of Key Concepts For Practical Application Of Human Resource Management Techniques In Actual Business Organisations. Review Questions Have Been Provided At The End Of Each Section To Help The Students Prepare Well For The Examination. In Its Description Of The Entire Conceptual Framework Of Human Resource Management, Care Has Been Taken To Avoid Jargons Which Usually Obscure A Work Of This Kind. Another Speciality Of The Book Is That It Can Be Used As A Textbook By Students And As Handbook By Hr Managers And Practitioners. It Will Be Highly Useful For The Students Of Mba/Mhrm/Mpm/Mlw/Msw In Hrm And M.Com. Courses Of All Indian Universities.

Career Management

Author : Xiaona An
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The role of the Individual the Manager and Employer in Career Development

Author : Katarzyna Szydlowska
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Academic Paper from the year 2016 in the subject Leadership and Human Resource Management - Recruiting, grade: 80%, , language: English, abstract: This paper will highlight the role of the individual, manager and employer in career development. Firstly, I will explain, what the career development is in general. Secondly, I will emphasize, which abilities and attitude should show an individual and how crucial is the career planning in respect of the development. Furthermore, I will analyse the manager’s role in this process. I will adduce aspects such as commitment, coaching and mentoring, which are essential in manager’s contribution. Moreover, I will stress that role of employee relies on providing with opportunities such as trainings and creating the positive environment. In conclusion, I will emphasize that individual, manager and employer have to collaborate and be cohesive in vison of career development.

Career Management Career Planning

Author : Richard Williams
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Management Development Series

Author :
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Career Development Programs in the Workplace

Author : Lynn Slavenski
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Career Development

Author : Kimberly McDonald
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Career Development: A Human Resource Development Perspective offers a strategic framework that demonstrates the role of career development within the human resource function. It goes beyond conventional interventions and includes key topics such as diversity, work–life balance, and ethics. Historically, the career development literature has been viewed either from the perspective of the individual (how to build a career) or from an economic perspective (how an organization benefits from developing employees). In this book, McDonald and Hite bring together the strengths of both traditions, offering an integrated framework for career development. The theoretical foundation expands on the counseling literature by incorporating the literature from human resource development and related fields. The application section reflects on the wide range of ages and working options that characterize the current and future workplace. The final section of the book addresses career development issues such as managing a diverse, global workforce; ethics; and work–life balance. This book will help prepare human resource development students, scholars, and practitioners to develop and maintain successful career development programs, and to foster more innovative research that advances the discourse.

International Encyclopedia of Hospitality Management

Author : Abraham Pizam
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The International Encyclopedia of Hospitality Management is the definitive reference work for any individual studying or working in the hospitality industry. This new edition updates and significantly revises 25% of the entries and has an additional 20 new entries. New online material makes it the most up-to-date and accessible Hospitality Management encyclopedia on the market. It covers all of the relevant issues in the field of hospitality management from both a sectoral level: Lodging, Restaurants/Food service, Time-share, Clubs and Events as well as a functional one: Accounting & Finance, Marketing, Strategic Management, Human Resources, Information Technology and Facilities Management. Its unique user-friendly structure enables readers to find exactly the information they require at a glance; whether they require broad detail which takes a more crosssectional view across each subject field, or more focused information which looks closely at specific topics and issues within the hospitality industry today.

Managing Careers in Organizations

Author : Daniel C. Feldman
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Career stages and life stages; Occupational choice and job choice: entry from the individual's perspective; Recruitment and selection: entry from the organization's perspective; Socialization, training, and organization; Early-career issues; Middle-career issues; Late-career issues; Career planning and management.

Developing Human Resources

Author : Christopher Mabey
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Developing Human Resources is aimed at managers wishing to understand their role in human resource strategy. In a clear, succinct way the authors cover the skills and techniques required to design and implement an effective HRD policy. In addition, they tackle the important tasks of team building, recruitment and change management, as well as the role you play in motivating and appraising your staff. Real examples and case studies are used throughout to illustrate points in a practical context. Developing Human Resources is designed to provide the underpinning knowledge and understanding required for any competency-based management course. It is based upon the Management Charter Initiative's Occupational Standards for Management NVQs and SVQs at Levels 4 & 5. It is particularly suitable also for managers on Certificate and Diploma in Management programmes, including those accredited by BTEC. Rosemary Thomson and Dr Christopher Mabey are both lecturers in human resource management at the Open Business School. Series adviser: Paul Jervis The Institute of Management is the leading management institute in the UK and the largest in Europe. The institute embraces all levels of management from management students to senior executives. It offers a unique range of services for all management disciplines, enabling managers to develop themselves throughout their careers. If you would like to hear more about the benefits of individual or corporate membership, please contact: Dept HM Institute of Management Cottingham Road Corby NN17 1TT 0536 204222

Human Resources and Their Development Volume I

Author : Michael J. Marquardt
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Human Resources and their Development is a component of Encyclopedia of Human Resources Policy, Development and Management in the global Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS), which is an integrated compendium of twenty one Encyclopedias. The Theme on Human Resources and their Development provides the essential aspects and a myriad of issues of great relevance to our world such as: Human Resources and their Development; Major Issues in Human Resource Development; Elements of Planning Strategies for Human Resource Development; Human Life Systems, Diversity and Human Development; Human Development and Causes of Global Change; Consequences of Global Change for Human Resource Development. These two volumes are aimed at the following five major target audiences: University and College Students, Educators, Professional Practitioners, Research Personnel and Policy Analysts, Managers, and Decision Makers and NGOs.