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Carl Nielsen s Voice

Author : Anne-Marie Reynolds
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This book offers a comprehensive account of Carl Nielsen as a composer, viewed from the point of a musicologist with an international background and with considerable insight into Danish language and culture. Anne-Marie Reynolds examines a large portion of Carl Nielsen's songs, both in relation to his own production and in a broader cultural/historical context. This is also the first time in the reception history of Carl Nielsen that an in-depth analysis of his songs is presented. In addition to this analysis, the author provides a stylistic comparative examination of the songs, as well as two of his most important works the first symphony and the opera Masquerade. This is done to demonstrate that the opposition between Carl Nielsen as a composer of songs and Carl Nielsen as the composer of "great" works is only a seeming opposition. The book which is the result of a collaboration with Niels Krabbe, head of the Carl Nielsen Edition at The Royal Library will be published simultane

Carl Nielsen Studies

Author : David J. Fanning
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These volumes provide a forum for the spectrum of historical, analytical and aesthetic approaches to the study of Nielsen's music from an international line-up of contributors. In addition, each volume features reviews and reports on current Nielsen projects and an updated Nielsen bibliography...

Unlocking the Doors to the Worlds of Guaman Poma and His Nueva cor nica

Author : Rolena Adorno
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Honored by UNESCO’s Memory of the World designation, Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala’s Nueva corónica y buen gobierno (1615) rewrites Andean history in accordance with the author’s goals of reforming Spanish colonial rule in the continent-spanning viceroyalty of Peru. Housed at the Royal Library of Denmark since the 1660s, brought to international attention in 1908, and first published in facsimile in 1936, the autograph manuscript has been the topic of research in Andean ethnology and related disciplines for several decades. Now, on the eve of the 400th anniversary of Guaman Poma’s composition of the Nueva corónica, a renowned group of international scholars has focused fresh attention on the work, its author, and its times. Accomplished Andeanists such as R. Tom Zuidema, Frank Salomon, Jan Szeminski, and Regina Harrison are joined by other notable and younger scholars to explore Andean institutions and ecology, Inca governance, Spanish conquest-era history, the transformations of native and European sources in Guaman Poma’s hand, and his multilingual artistic dexterity. The relationship of the manuscript to Fray Martín de Murúa’s chronicles and a critical analysis of claims about the Nueva corónica’s authorship round out the volume.

Carl Nielsen Collection

Author : Kongelige Bibliotek (Denmark)
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Carl Nielsen is generally considered to be Denmark's greatest composer. His works cover the full range of musical genres: symphonies and operas, chamber music, pieces for piano, and songs. Whereas in Denmark Carl Nielsen is especially loved for his Danish songs and the opera Maskarade, internationally he is primarily known for his instrumental music. Collecting, cataloguing and organising the musical manuscripts of this composer has been carried out for the benefit of the Danish and international music community.

Carl Nielsen and the Idea of Modernism

Author : Daniel M. Grimley
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A critical re-evaluation of the music of Carl Nielsen which examines its context and relationship to musical modernism..

Layers of Musical Meaning

Author : Finn Egeland Hansen
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This book is a radical attempt to explain musical meaning as the complex fabric of tension and relaxation resulting from the courses of the individual musical elements: e.g. rhythm, where the musical tension manifests itself by the opposition between strong and weak beats - or harmony, where the chords of the tonal cadence generate courses of tension and relaxation. It is strongly emphasized that the total structure of contributors to the web of tension/relaxation, in short, the musical style, is constantly changing, and it is an error to believe that any musical way of articulation is eternal: new ways of expression arrive and others drop out gradually - precisely as with ordinary language. This consideration, however, implies that too many and radical changes over a short period of time are foredoomed to go over the head of the ordinary listener. The radical modernism of the 1950s illustrates how composers in their endeavour to wipe the slate clean in order to start from scratch largely failed. Attempts at semantic interpretations of music are rejected. Such interpretations belong to the private sphere and cannot be scholarly supported. No hermeneutic interpretation, however elaborate, can claim higher truth value than another.

Of Chronicles and Kings

Author : John Bergsagel
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This volume collects the proceedings of a symposium on the manuscript Kiel, University Library S. H. 8 A. 80, which contains the earliest copy of the so-called “Roskilde Chronicle” as well as the complete monastic Offices and Masses of the Danish saint Knud Lavard. Thirteen scholars offer a variety of analyses of the manuscript, including studies of the crusades and crusaders in the liturgy, kingship and sanctity in the lives of British and Scandinavian saints, and the writing of patriotic history.

Innovation Through Co operation

Author : Esko Häkli
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LIBER, the principal association of research libraries in Europe, was founded in 1971, under the auspices of the Council of Europe. The driving force behind the new association was a small dedicated group of European librarians, led by Jean-Pierre Clavel, Director of the Bibliothèque Cantonale et Universitaire, Lausanne. Their goal was to give European research libraries, national and university, a distinctive and compelling voice in the international library community. The chosen name LIBER (Ligue des Bibliothèques Européennes de Recherche) was redolent of both books and freedom. This history, covering the years from 1971 to 2009, documents a unique period in European history. The continent of Europe was divided into two separate blocs of West and East with very few contacts between librarians and scholars; in the late 1980s came the sudden collapse of Communism in Central and Eastern Europe and its consequences for libraries; and, thereafter, there arrived a ?new dawn? of renewed contacts between librarians and restored co-operation between research libraries across the whole of Europe leading to the robust research network that is being built today. The book also charts the revolution in information technology in European research libraries and its profound effects on how libraries serve their users. In this process, LIBER has played an active role in encouraging and developing a strong network of research libraries across Europe and in fostering positive co-operation among European research libraries. The author is the eminent Finnish national and university librarian and scholar Professor Esko Häkli, himself a former president of LIBER. He has meticulously researched the history of LIBER in a period of profound social and political change in Europe. From this rich background, he has woven an engrossing and yet contemplative account of LIBER's early struggles and successes in its mission to give European research libraries a distinctive voice.

Nazism and the Radical Right in Austria 1918 1934

Author : John T. Lauridsen
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Part of the "Danish Humanist Texts and Studies" series, this work presents a comparative analysis of the two most important radical right-wing movements in Austria during the inter-war period: Heimwehr and NSDAP. It examines the movements from their emergence until they respectively came in to the power apparatus (Heimwehr) and forbidden (NSDAP).

Nielsen Symphony No 5

Author : David Fanning
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This book focuses on the definitive work by Carl Nielsen - Denmark's greatest composer.