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Green Tea

Author : J. Sheridan Le Fanu
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"Sheridan Le Fanu is one of the indispensable figures in the history of Gothic and horror fiction. While a number of his sensation and mystery novels were popular with mid-Victorian readers, it was in shorter forms that he truly excelled and most showed himself an innovator in the field of uncanny fiction. Tales such as Carmilla and Green Tea prompted M. R. James to remark, 'he succeeds in inspiring a mysterious terror better than any other writer'. This landmark critical edition includes the original versions of the stories later collected in the superb In a Glass Darkly, along with equally chilling tales spanning the length of Le Fanu's career, from 'Schalken the Painter', a pioneering story of the walking dead, to 'Laura Silver Bell', a haunting exploration of the dark side of fairy lore. Aaron Worth's introduction discusses the paranoid, claustrophobic world of Le Fanu's fiction, placing the stories both the context of the author's long career and in the pantheon of writers of the uncanny"--

30 GHOSTLY TALES Sheridan Le Fanu Edition Madam Crowl s Ghost Carmilla The Ghost and the Bonesetter Schalken the Painter The Haunted Baronet The Familiar Green Tea

Author : Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
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This carefully crafted ebook: "30+ GHOSTLY TALES - Sheridan Le Fanu Edition: Madam Crowl's Ghost, Carmilla, The Ghost and the Bonesetter, Schalken the Painter, The Haunted Baronet, The Familiar, Green Tea…” is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. Joseph Thomas Sheridan Le Fanu (1814-1873) was an Irish writer of Gothic tales and mystery novels. He was a leading ghost-story writer of the nineteenth century and was central to the development of the genre in the Victorian era. M. R. James described Le Fanu as "absolutely in the first rank as a writer of ghost stories". Table of Contents: Green Tea The Familiar Mr Justice Harbottle Carmilla The Ghost and the Bone-Setter The Fortunes of Sir Robert Ardagh The Drunkard's Dream Strange Event in the Life of Schalken the Painter A Chapter in the History of a Tyrone Family The Haunted Baronet Madam Crowl's Ghost Squire Toby's Will Dickon the Devil The Child That Went with the Fairies The White Cat of Drumgunniol An Account of Some Strange Disturbances in Aungier Street Ghost Stories of Chapelizod Wicked Captain Walshawe, of Wauling Sir Dominick's Bargain Ultor de Lacy The Vision of Tom Chuff Stories of Lough Guir The Evil Guest Laura Silver Bell The Murdered Cousin The Mysterious Lodger An Authentic Narrative of a Haunted House The Dead Sexton A Debt of Honor Haunted Pichon and Sons, of the Croix Rousse The Spirit's Whisper What Was It?

At the Earth s Core

Author : Edgar Rice Burroughs
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In a hair-raising adventure story that takes place hundreds of miles beneath the earth's surface, two explorers come upon the savage, primordial realm of Pellucidar where chilling reptilian monsters dominate with a high degree of intelligence and communicate through extra-sensory means, while human beings are treated as inferior creatures.

Antique Pewter of the British Isles

Author : Ronald F. Michaelis
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Gardening on Sandy Soil in North Temperate Areas

Author : Christine Kelway
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Best Thinking Machine Detective Stories

Author : Jacques Futrelle
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A collection of unique detective stories starring the famed Thinking Machine, Augustus Van Dusen, whose incredible mind solves seemingly impossible problems

The Great Chess Automaton

Author : Charles Michael Carroll
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Children Write Poetry

Author : Flora J. Arnstein
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Formerly entitled : "Adventure into poetry"

Passionate Journey

Author : Frans Masereel
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Against the Grain

Author : Joris-Karl Huysmans
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This classic novel pushed 19th-century literary decadence to its limits. Introduction by Havelock Ellis.


Author :
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Twenty two Authentic Banquets from India

Author : Robert H. Christie
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Ballet Music

Author : Humphrey Searle
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Soviet Chess Championship 1941

Author : Михаил Моисеевич Ботвинник
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Mammals of the Southwestern United States with Special Reference to New Mexico

Author : Vernon Bailey
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Author : Max von Boehn
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Chronicles the design, construction details, and other features of idols and dolls from prehistoric to modern times

The Upani ads Ch ndogya Upani ad Talavak ra Kena Upani ad Aitareya Upani ad Kau tak Upani ad V jasaneyi Upani ad

Author : Friedrich Max Müller
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Campers Guide to Woodcraft and Outdoor Life

Author : Luis M. Henderson
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Weaving is Fun

Author : Alice Violet White
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Complete instructions for simple looms, different materials, patterns, finishings, 4-shaft loom for more advanced work. Weave sandals, slippers, mats, bags, scarves, rugs and tapestries. 154 illustrations.

Theory and Practice of Piano Construction

Author : William Braid White
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