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Carthusian Spirituality

Author : Dennis D. Martin
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In the fourteenth, fifteenth, and sixteenth centuries, the Carthusians filled the role played in the tenth and eleventh centuries by the Cluniac network, in the Twelfth century by the Cistercians, and in the thirteenth century by the Franciscans and Dominicans: Western Christendom's most outstanding professional intercessors before God's throne. Founded in the late eleventh century, a few years before the Cistercians, the Carthusians grew very slowly during their first two centuries but were highly respected from the beginning.

The Westminster Dictionary of Christian Spirituality

Author : Gordon S. Wakefield
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Ecumenical in character, this comprehensive and authoritative dictionary is the achievement of scholars of international standing--Anglicans, Roman Catholics, Baptists, Presbyterians, Quakers, Methodists, Lutherans, and others....The articles are nondogmatic and scholarly....The main emphasis is thematic--the entries represent types, schools, and subjects. Articles that refer to non-Christian religions...are included insofar as they have influenced Christianity. The unifying theme of the dictionary is that it seeks to illumine ways in which women and men have responded to God in prayer and living...

First Initiation Into Carthusian Life

Author : Carthusian
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Carthusian spirituality and wisdom have a great attraction for our age. The goal of Carthusian life is union with God in Love. A union as profound and continual as is possible in this life. It has its source in God who is the first to call us to intimacy with Him. The Carthusian's life, the Carthusian's love, is a response to that Love - cultivating solitude, silence, poverty, chastity, obedience, fraternal charity, spiritual reading, study, work and, above all, prayer. Prayer of adoration, praise and intercession. This book is written as a guide to help the beginner during his first months in the Charterhouse. It is a practical introduction for the aspirant to the Carthusian life, providing guidelines of orientation to help during the first steps in solitude as well as essential themes of spiritual formation. Following the young monk, listening in complete openness to God who speaks in the depth of his heart, the reader outside the monastery can gain an insight into this powerful spirituality and the silence of a heart in love. Other books of classic Carthusian spirituality published by Gracewing include The Call of Silent Love, Early Carthusian Writings, Interior Prayer, The Prayer of Love and Silence, They Speak by Silences, The Way of Silent Love and The Wound of Love.

Dictionary of Christian Spirituality

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In recent decades Christian spirituality, spiritual formation and spiritual theology have become important concepts in the global evangelical community. Consequently, an accessible and reliable academic resource is needed on these topics—one that will offer a discerning orientation to the wealth of ecumenical resources available while still highlighting the distinct heritage and affirming the core grace-centered values of classic evangelical spirituality. The Dictionary of Christian Spirituality reflects an overarching interpretive framework for evangelical spiritual formation: a holistic and grace-filled spirituality that encompasses relational (connecting), transformational (becoming), and vocational (doing) dynamics. At the same time, contributors respectfully acknowledge the differences between Reformed, Holiness, and Pentecostal paradigms of the spiritual life. And, by bringing together writers from around the world who share a common orthodoxy, this reference work is truly global and international in both its topical scope and contributors. Entries give appropriate attention to concepts, concerns, and formative figures in the evangelical tradition of spirituality that other reference work neglect. They offer a discerning orientation to the wealth of ecumenical resources available, exploring the similarities and differences between Christianity and alternate spiritualities without lapsing into relativism. The Dictionary of Christian Spirituality is a resource that covers a wide range of topics relating to Christian spirituality and is biblically engaged, accessible, and relevant for all contemporary Christians.

The Wound of Love

Author : A. Carthusian
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This volume provides background information on the Carthusian Order, including letters from St. Bruno, its founder, and a reflection on Bruno's continuing significance today. (Catholic)

The SCM Dictionary of Christian Spirituality

Author : Gordon S. Wakefield
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This dictionary attempts to give direct access to the development of Christian Spirituality. It is a series of pieces written by experts to provide instant, accurate and thought-provoking information of high scholarship.

English Spirituality

Author : Gordon Mursell
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This wide-ranging historical survey provides an indispensable resource for those interested in exploring, teaching, or studying English spirituality. In two stand-alone volumes, it traces history from Roman times until the year 2000. The main Christian traditions and a vast range of writers and spiritual themes, from Anglo-Saxon poems to late-modern feminist spirituality, are included. These volumes present the astonishing richness and variety of responses made by English Christians to the call of the divine during the past two thousand years.

Late Medieval Carthusian Spirituality and the Written Word

Author : Belinda Sneed Egan
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They Speak by Silences

Author : A. Carthusian
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The thoughts contained in this book were from the pen of one who, in the silence of the Charterhouse, had already arrived at the summits of the spiritual heights, and dwelt there unceasingly. Souls who have reached such perfection in this life are rare; not so rare, however, are those who ardently aspire thereto. It is chiefly for such as these - to encourage and help them to arrive at those same heights - that these thoughts have been preserved and collected. They Speak by Silences was first published in French in 1948, and has since allowed Carthusian wisdom and spirituality to reach the widest possible audience. This new, and widely requested edition carries on the tradition. It will provide material for daily reading and reflection for newcomers to Carthusian spirituality and, equally, for those who have already discovered the riches it has to offer. Not everyone can experience that same recollection that exists in a Charterhouse, but they must not be afraid to set aside as far as possible at least some moments, however short, for recollection and to give some time to Him Who is within them. It is in that silence that He speaks to us, and bids us listen to Him. Other books of classic Carthusian spirituality published by Gracewing include The Call of Silent Love, The Prayer of Love and Silence and The Wound of Love.


Author : Philip Sheldrake
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Engagingly written by one of the world’s leading scholars in this field, this comprehensively revised edition tells the story of Christian spirituality from its origins in the New Testament right up to the present day. Charts the main figures, ideas, images and historical periods, showing how and why spirituality has changed and developed over the centuries Includes new chapters on the nature and meaning of spirituality, and on spirituality in the 21st century; and an account of the development and main features of devotional spirituality Provides new coverage of Christian spirituality’s relationship to other faiths throughout history, and their influence and impact on Christian beliefs and practices Features expanded sections on mysticism, its relationship to spirituality, the key mystical figures, and the development of ideas of ‘the mystical’ Explores the interplay between culture, geography, and spirituality, taking a global perspective by tracing spiritual developments across continents

Spiritual Writings

Author : Denis (the Carthusian)
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Renowned in his day as a mystic and theologian, Denis was born in 1402 in the Belgian province of Limburg which formerly comprised in the county of Hesbaye; died 12 March, 1471. His birthplace was Ryckel, a small village a few miles from Saint-Trond, whence ancient writers have often surnamed him Ryckel or à Ryckel. Sometimes called â??the last scholasticâ??, he penned over 150 works. This is the first complete English translation of his most significant spiritual writings: â??Contemplationâ??, â??Prayerâ??, â??Meditationâ??, â??Fountain of Light and the Paths of Lifeâ??. amd â??Monastic Professionâ??. He was also known as the â??last of the Schoolmenâ??, devoted to prayer, avid reader whose favorite author was Pseudo-Dionysius. Author of commentaries, sermons, and theological and philosophical treatises. He died on the 12 March 1471.

The Call of Silent Love

Author : A. Carthusian
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A vocation is an extremely mysterious reality. The call of God is not something extrinsic; it penetrates to the most intimate centre of the heart. We are what we are on account of this call. The Call of Silent Love is a profound and eloquent examination of the twin themes of vocation and discernment in which the father-master speaks about the nature of a calling, and the interanl and external struggles, the discernment of spirits and the overall framework in which we live our lives. 'The reader is faced with a rare and compelling account of Carthusian spirituality that is simple, sustaining and inviting - to every Christian.' (The Tablet) Other books of classic Carthusian spirituality published by Gracewing include The Prayer of Love and Silence, They Speak by Silences and The Wound of Love.

Encyclopedia of Monasticism

Author : William M. Johnston
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First published in 2000. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

When Silence Speaks

Author : Tim Peeters
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True solitude is a rare experience in today’s busy world. For many people it has negative connotations, but for the Carthusian monks it is a blessing. They have given up everything in order to share in the desert experience of Jesus and to continue the ancient traditions of the Desert Fathers, who searched for God in the realms of silence.When Silence Speaks uncovers the deep spiritual foundations on which this remarkable and mysterious order of hermits has built for more than nine centuries: solitude and silence, separation and simplicity, contemplation and prayer, asceticism andperseverance. It includes an anthology of the original spiritual literature of the Carthusian tradition, the testimonies of monks who still follow the Carthusian way today, and a selection of photographs that provide a rare window into their world away from the world.‘To understand what is almost incomprehensible,’ writes author Tim Peeters, ‘we will take a walk with Saint Bruno and the Carthusian monks. We will climb into the high mountains of the Chartreuse massif near Grenoble [in France] where the origins of the order are situated. We will watch over the walls of the monasteries and enter into the cells and the hearts of the monks. And we hope you will taste something of the ultimate goal of this solitary and silent life: God, who speaks when the Carthusian listens and keeps quiet.’The original Dutch version of this book received the award for Religious Book of the Year in Belgium. It has also been published in French and Italian.

Nicholas of Cusa A Companion to his Life and his Times

Author : Professor Morimichi Watanabe
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This work is a guide to the life, thought and activities of Nicholas of Cusa (1401-1464), the great fifteenth-century philosopher, theologian, jurist, author of mystical and ecclesiastical treatises, cardinal and reformer. It is intended not only for advanced scholars, but also for beginners and those simply curious about a man who has been called 'one of the greatest Germans of the fifteenth century' and a 'medieval thinker for the modern age'. The book provides a series of detailed but readable essays on ideas, persons, and places, a work developed over the course of nearly three decades. First, it contains articles on the important events and concepts that affected Cusanus--philosophical, religious, intellectual and political. Then it turns to his precursors and contemporaries, both friendly and critical. These include philosophers, theologians, politicians, and canon lawyers. And third, the book follows the footsteps of the man from Kues and examines various sites where he lived, studied, or visited. Because the author has also visited many of these sites, he can contribute personal observations to enliven the journey. To add to the book's usefulness as a resource and reference tool, each entry is followed by a bibliography containing both recent and older works. The purpose of the volume is to gain a greater appreciation of Cusanus and his legacy by striving for a total view of his thought and experience instead of narrowly focusing on specific philosophical, theological or intellectual ideas, or certain periods of his activities in isolation from other facets of this compelling figure.

The Theology of the Carthusian Life in the Writings of St Bruno and Guigo I

Author : Gordon Mursell
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Early Carthusian Writings

Author : Saint Bruno
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A collection of key texts from early Carthusian writing in the IIth and 12th Centuries. St Bruno: Letter to his Carthusian sons at the Chartreuse, The Letter to Raoul le Verd, Profession of Faith. Bl. Guigo, fifth prior of the Grande Chartreuse: Letter on the solitary life. Guigo II, ninth prior of the Grande Chartreuse: The scale of the cloister. Other books of classic Carthusian spirituality published by Gracewing include The Call of Silent Love, Interior Prayer, The Prayer of Love and Silence, They Speak by Silences, The Way of Silent Love and The Wound of Love.

Promised Bodies

Author : Patricia Dailey
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In the Christian tradition, especially in the works of Paul, Augustine, and the exegetes of the Middle Ages, the body is a twofold entity consisting of inner and outer persons that promises to find its true materiality in a time to come. A potentially transformative vehicle, it is a dynamic mirror that can reflect the work of the divine within and substantially alter its own materiality if receptive to divine grace. The writings of Hadewijch of Brabant, a thirteenth-century beguine, engage with this tradition in sophisticated ways both singular to her mysticism and indicative of the theological milieu of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. Crossing linguistic and historical boundaries, Patricia Dailey connects the embodied poetics of Hadewijch's visions, writings, and letters to the work of Julian of Norwich, Hildegard of Bingen, Marguerite of Oingt, and other mystics and visionaries. She establishes new criteria to more consistently understand and assess the singularity of women's mystical texts and, by underscoring the similarities between men's and women's writings of the time, collapses traditional conceptions of gender as they relate to differences in style, language, interpretative practices, forms of literacy, and uses of textuality.

Carthusian Prayer and Hugh of Balma s Viae Sion Lugent

Author : Patricia Ann Guinan
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Central to our understanding of thirteenth-century spirituality, Hugh of Balma's Viae Sion Lugent's influence on Carthusian spirituality through the Middle Ages has often been obscured by debates over the authorship of the manuscript. Dr. Guinan's study explores the essence of Balma's work within the context of Carthusian life and ideals, and his influence on later Carthusian spirituality. Grounded in a thorough exploration of Carthusian history, organization, customs and spirituality, the study follows Balma's emphasis on the triple way toward union with God-purgative prayer, illuminative prayer, and unitive prayer. Comparing his work with that of earlier thinkers such as Tertullian, Cyprian, Origen, and Gregory of Nyssa, Guinan also explores thoroughly Balma's influence on spirituality in England, France, Germany, and Spain from the fourteenth to the sixteenth centuries. An important contribution to Carthusian studies and mysticism, this study constitutes an excellent introduction to Balma's life and thought. TEXT IN ENGLISH

Analecta Cartusiana

Author :
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